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National School Prince Is A Girl Episode 86 to 90

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🤴🤴National School Prince Is A Girl🧏🧏

Author : Warring Young Seven

Chapter86 About to Canoodle?



When they heard what he said, Boss Li and Boss Zhang suffered a nasty shock.

They dazedly watched Young Master Qin stand up himself. He looked very smart and noble, wearing a well-cut suit with a black coat draped over his shoulder.

While still holding onto Fu Jiu with his hand, the man glanced at them, making them shiver from his cold gaze.

“Young Master Qin, what about our business today…” Boss Li still wanted to stop them from leaving.

Qin Mo laughed sinisterly. “Do you think I’ll like someone that my brother doesn’t?”

Just that one sentence left the two completely frightened. It felt like a chill had entered right into their bones.

“Young Master Qin, it’s a misunderstanding, Young Master Qin!” The two desperately wanted to explain, following him all the way from the inside to outside the restaurant, but they were stopped by bodyguards in black so that they couldn’t take even half a step further.

The two were worried. Licking their dry lips, they looked at Secretary Liang. “Secretary Liang, please help us persuade… Young Master Qin. We can change whatever he doesn’t like.”

Secretary Liang nudged his glasses and looked at his CEO who was holding the

youngster’s left hand. He was wondering when his CEO’s mysophobia was cured, but he also didn’t forget to deal with the two.

“Boss Li and Boss Zhang, CEO Qin is very keen, someone more viciously keen than anyone else. Your attitudes while drinking spoke volumes to him. I have a suggestion for the both of you. Don’t show up in front of him anymore… He is a person who protects those close to him.”

To even say things like ‘my brother,’ it appears that CEO is serious about protecting that youngster.

He was thankful towards these two for taking the blame, otherwise he might not have understood what his CEO meant.

Secretary Liang decided that he would do whatever Young Master Fu asked him to do from now on.

To annoy Young Master Fu was to annoy their CEO. And the result… as one could imagine, would be unimaginable.

After hearing what Secretary Liang had said, Boss Li and Boss Zhang stood still with ashen faces.

How they regretted their harsh tirade from before!

If they had they known that Young Master Qin cared about Young Master Fu so much, would they have shown him any contempt?

It was not like there was anybody in Jiang City who was

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unaware of Young Master Qin’s temper. Now, even if they were willing to drink a bottle of wine as an apology, he wouldn’t give them a second chance.

This business deal was off.

They were now praying that Young Master Qin could forget them soon. Otherwise, their companies were likely have to

discontinue their operations.

What did that useless scion do? How did he get Young Master Qin to protect him so much?

The fact that they knew each other was already odd. Young Master Qin was surprisingly really… really treating him as his younger brother!

If this news was released, it would send reverberations through the entire business circle!

Actually, Fu Jiu didn’t think that Qin Mo would do this much for her. Before, she just thought that “brother” was only a form of address.

“Why are you still in a daze? Get in the car.” Qin Mo opened the car door. The side of his face looked handsome, enriching one’s appreciation of him.

Secretary Liang was the one who was driving the car this time. The two were sitting in the back.

Fu Jiu caught Secretary Liang looking at her through the rear mirror more than once, so she winked with her left eye, an evil smile on her face.

Secretary Liang’s hand slipped, almost making the car swerve.

Qin Mo raised his gaze from the business magazine, frowning. He lifted his left hand and grabbed Fu Jiu by the back of her collar, and with that, the youngster’s face was leaning towards him…



Chapter87 Turned Gay?


Qin Mo kept his voice down and warned Fu Jiu seriously through his lovely thin lips, “Please don’t just flirt with anyone you meet.”

“I was merely greeting Secretary Liang,” Fu Jiu said, and she lazily leaned back into the seat with one arm bent behind her head, looking handsome as always.

Considering Fu Jiu’s flirting skills, Qin Mo didn’t believe a word he said. He threw a magazine to him and replied in a mild voice, “Just lower your head and read your magazine. What’s so nice about looking at an old man like Secretary Liang?”

Hearing that, Secretary Liang, who was in front of them, almost spurted out a mouthful of blood.

He was indeed not young!

But who had he offended that the CEO would dish out such vile words at him?!

Fu Jiu flipped open the magazine and browsed through it. She felt bored and turned to the other man, who looked noble even while he was just sitting. She asked, “Is there any book that’s filled with handsome men or cars?”

Upon hearing that sentence, Secretary Liang felt shocked once again.

Suddenly, something occurred to him!

It was that this disinherited scion, that man… He was gay!

Was it possible that CEO had… had been turned into a gay by him… No, definitely not!

Even if his young master didn’t like women, he wouldn’t like men either.

But what if it was true?


How could he forget that CEO has been dating an evil fairy in an online game recently, and the girl sent WeChat messages to him every day.

So, it was impossible for CEO to be gay.

How wild his imagination was! He snickered. However, just as Secretary Liang was about to let out a sigh of relief, he found his CEO pinching the teenager’s chin. His handsome face was close to the man. He looked like he was going to kiss him, breaking his style

of maintaining a distance from others all these years.

“I don’t care what your sexual orientation is, but once you join the team, casually flirting around with people is not permitted anymore. Besides, you’d better put those stupid things aside and only read business magazines. If you don’t shut up, I will throw you out.”

Aside from being filled with teeth-gnashing frustration, CEO’s tone was unthreatening, just as if he was disciplining a younger brother.


What did CEO say?

Join the team?!

It meant that the evil fairy who his CEO was specially looking for in the club today was… was that disinherited Young Master Fu?!

Was that the case?

No, he needed to confirm it!

He shouldn’t randomly guess!

How could his CEO’s unforgettable secret cyber lover be a man?!

“Young Master Jiu, how did you meet our CEO? To be honest, I was startled to see you just now.”

Fu Jiu also found the secretary to be a nice guy. With a magazine in her hands, she casually answered, “We met in a game. I took part in an internal competition organized by the Qin Corporation today, so Brother Mo came to see my performance.”

He was really that evil fairy!

At this moment, Secretary Liang could not express his inner thoughts anymore, and he just looked at the road straight ahead with his palms sweating.

Fu Jiu was driven home in this manner. Before getting off the car, she turned to the side to take the computer parts that she had just bought, revealing her smooth and white waist between her white coat and black belt. The way it twisted looked stunning.

Upon seeing it, Qin Mo, who was beside her, frowned a little and unconsciously loosened his tie. Finally, it was as though he could not bear it any further. He reached out to pull down the lower hem of her clothes, looking indifferently at Fu Jiu’s eyes, which turned around to meet his. Like a big brother, he coolly said, “It’s getting colder. Don’t always wear such short clothes. In addition, as a boy you are too white, so try to think of how you can make yourself look more masculine in the future.”


Chapter88 You Are Merely Pretty


My clothes… are not short, right?

Fu Jiu lowered her head to take a look at herself. Her coat was a normal size. Didn’t other boys dress in this way?

As for masculinity, she who was a real girl didn’t even need that.

Of course, she couldn’t casually say her thoughts out loud.

She just casually responded, “Got it.”

Seeing how the youngster didn’t take it seriously, Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. “Tomorrow, I will play tennis, and you will come together with me.”

“I still have school tomorrow.” Did Qin Mo forget that she was still a student?

Qin Mo said plainly, “After your class. As my little brother, you can’t always be like this.”

“Like this… like what?” Fu Jiu laughed, putting her hand on Qin Mo’s shoulder as she slowly approached. “Brother Mo, do you dare say I’m not handsome?”

Qin Mo removed the youngster’s hand and squeezed “his” chin with a little displeasure in his eyes. But his tongue was always sharp. “You are indeed beautiful, but not handsome at all. Come with me to do some exercise. Don’t always play games at home and make yourself look so tender.”

So it was her fault for having such good skin? Fu Jiu found out that Qin Mo really did regard her as his brother.

If… if he knew she was a girl, would he pinch her to death?

Fu Jiu glanced at that man, afraid of being found out. “Actually, I have something to do tomorrow…”

Qin Mo smiled with a hint of evilness and said overbearingly, “Keep your excuses to yourself. I will come to pick you up after class tomorrow.”

Fu Jiu: … It’s true that I can’t get away.

“Go on in.” Qin Mo lit a cigarette and leaned against the car. His eyebrows lifted up as he was looking at her.

Fu Jiu hooked the corners of her lips up. “Okay then. Brother Mo, once you get home, send me a message through WeChat and let’s play a round of games.”

“Okay,” Qin Mo responded. He got in the car and left first.

Fu Jiu stepped into her house after seeing the race car disappear into the distance.

Someone appeared to have visited. The house was a mess, with things strewn across the ground.

Fu Jiu’s eyes cooled down instantly, and she asked Chen Xiaodong, “What is going on?”

“The players who had been in the company before took the rest of the players away. Now the company is empty. Madam was sad and, and…” Chen Xiaodong clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth. “They even laughed at her, saying she didn’t have the ability and she wouldn’t have a decent team at all.”

Fu Jiu lifted her hands and threw the things onto the sofa with a “pa” sound. She laughed coldly, “Who are they?”

“Liang Xuguang, Zhang Yinchao, and Nie Xu. These three people are all ranked. Back when they first joined the company, their abilities were not that excellent. Many companies didn’t want them. It was Madam who knew that they came from humble origins and could not bear to let them return. She paid great attention to developing them. Now, they have their own fans, and their skills have also improved, but they treated Madam like this. Young Master, actually it is not their leaving that makes Madam sad, but the betrayal from the people closest to her,” Chen Xiaodong said with his eyes turning red.

Fu Jiu went outside when she heard that. She put the coat that she had taken off before back on. Her silver hair was blown away by the chilly wind.

“Wait a second. Where are you going?” Chen Xiaodong trailed behind her.

Fu Jiu put the skateboard on the ground and kicked off forcibly. As her handsome and cold back disappeared, she only left two words behind: “Internet café.”


Chapter89 Face Slapping? Need Your Brother


To Control the Situation For You?

The weather turned chilly with the onset of autumn.

It was cold riding a skateboard outside.

When Fu Jiu entered the bar, she directly straightened up her collar.

The youngster was here when the machines broke the last time, so the boss of the internet café had a deep impression of Fu Jiu.

“Half an hour again this time?” The boss smoked a cigarette with his head down, busily doing something else. “No need for a deposit. That one is open, just go ahead.”

Fu Jiu found the boss interesting when she first met him, so she had come back to the same bar a second time. “It will be a little longer this time—until 12, so give me a good one.”

“Doing what? Playing computer games?” The boss lifted his head. His jawline looked quite cool.

“Hmm.” Fu Jiu’s mouth was half-frowning, and her eyes were still cold.

“Alright, No. 19 of Section A, what are you going to play? I heard that there will be a good team live streaming Hero. You can have a look.”

Fu Jiu smiled. “That is what I am going to watch.”

“Oh?” The boss didn’t seem to understand. He only felt that the youngster’s face looked extremely cold.

It was not a small café, but it did not take long for Fu Jiu to go down the rows and sit at her designated computer. She immediately switched on the computer and logged into the game. She then took a glance at the rankings.

Using a code injection, she directly locked onto the locations of the three.

In the past, Liang Xuguang; Zhang Yingchao, and Nie Xu all used nicknames while gaming, but after signing with companies, they now used their real names to attract more live stream fans.

Fu Jiu looked at the time on the computer. It was still half an hour before the live stream began.

The time was enough for her to breach the firewall outside.

Fu Jiu squinted her eyes.

Sounds of “Kaka, ta-dah..” could be heard.

A pair of nice and fair hands were gliding over the white keyboard, producing what sounded like a light piece of music with her percussive taps.

The boss of the internet café who came over with the lollipops that the youngster requested noticed her performance.

“Wow, your APM is pretty good, but what are you doing?”

Fu Jiu swiftly changed the window and went to the game page. She hooked her lips as she said, “Nothing. I just did some English homework.”

“Doing homework on the computer?” The boss thought that it was interesting, so he chatted with Fu Jiu much more, “You also play Hero. There are competitions in the café, and winners can get a bonus. Do you want to sign up?”

Fu Jiu dismantled a lollipop into her mouth and smiled lazily. “I can’t play well.”

“It really is a pity. I saw your APM, it was not bad…” Shaking his head, the boss walked away. But there were doubts in his mind. Why did the English letters look strange and why were they mingled with numbers? Was he not able to catch up with the times because he didn’t go to the school for a long time?

When nobody was around, Fu Jiu pulled the code up again. As her silver hair slightly swayed, she directly invaded the live stream room.

She was about to take action when her mobile phone rang. It was a WeChat message from Qin Mo: “Where are you?”

“Internet café,” Fu Jiu replied without thinking twice.

Qin Mo sat on the office chair, and he lifted his eyebrows. “I meant, where are you in-game?”

“I can’t play today. I have something to tend to,” Fu Jiu typed quickly.

Qin Mo’s deep eyes sank. “Someone annoyed you again, so you went to the internet café to dispose of him? Just like with Director Zhang the last time?”

Fu Jiu turned her head and replied with a voice message, “Don’t say that, Brother Mo. I just want to play a game with others.”

“Who do you want to play with?” Qin Mo put down the contract with a faint smile on his face. After a second, he sent another line of text back, “Do you need me to control the situation?”


Chapter90 Wanting To Coach Lord Jiu On Playing Games?


As Fu Jiu watched the swiftly increasing number of views on the live streaming platform, her thin lips curled into a smile under her silver hair. “It would be so much better if Brother Mo could come…”

When Qin Mo heard that slightly deep voice on the other end, he knew something was up. He tilted his head and lit a cigarette. He struck the keyboard, logged into the game, and entered the code that the young man had given him. It automatically brought him straight to a live streaming platform.

There were three young men on the screen, all wearing new team members’ uniforms. They were conducting an online interview.

“We heard that the three of you just switched companies. Can you share with us your benefits this time? Fans all care about the welfare issues that you guys talked about last time on Weibo[1].”

Liang Xuguang was the most handsome one among them; therefore, he was the one speaking. He wore headphones and sat in front of the computer. When the camera turned to him, he smiled and said, “The new company is tens of times better than that deceptive company. Our fans can stop worrying about us now. We will perform better in games later on for everyone.”

“I heard rumors about that company as well; they are indeed not so good.” In order to get more exposure, the host didn’t give up the topic.

Liang Xuguang said yes and shrugged. “You can’t really do anything about it. The owner is from the countryside, so she’s incessantly loud and shouts all the time. Perhaps the people on the team couldn’t take it anymore, so they decided to leave.”

“A company can’t live long with a disrespectful boss.” The host shut her script and laughed. “But you guys are gonna take off and fly above the rest since you met such a great talent scout.”

Liang Xuguang laughed too. “I agree.”

“Okay, as the fans are waiting anxiously, let’s begin without further ado.” The host lifted the mood. “My colleagues were saying that the three of you are all high-ranking masters who have a lot of fans. The old company didn’t know how to promote you guys, so your careers didn’t take off. Now you can finally blow our minds away! It’s time for the godly contestants to log in. Fans, you can ask questions on the live streaming platform. Don’t forget to send gifts…”

As soon as the host finished speaking, the entire platform was flooded with text by someone.

It was Fu Jiu. She was wearing a pair of headphones, and her silver hair was shining. “Since you are gods, are you brave enough to entertain a live battle?”

How did such a message pop up?

This was not in the script!

The host frowned and looked towards the director’s direction subconsciously.

The director indicated for her to continue with a hand gesture.

What was even stranger was that they were not sure if the internet had gone kaput or not.

Their platform was being controlled by someone. The other fans couldn’t say anything at this time.

Therefore, that letter of challenge forcibly occupied the whole screen like a cold night in the mountains.

Nowadays, everyone knew the meaning of online live streaming.

Rejecting the challenge now would equal ruining their entire reputation before they even started.

They looked at that game ID. It was that of a newbie.

A brainless newbie, who didn’t know the heights of the sky and the immensity of the earth. Since he asked for a punch on the face, they would grant his wish.

Liang Xuguang tilted his head and opened up quite arrogantly, “Our dear fan, you appear like an amateur player who doesn’t really know the difference between professional players and amateur players. But it’s okay. Since you are bringing this up during the live streaming, we will feed your curiosity and coach you a little on playing games. Who do you want to battle with?”




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