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May 5, 2021


Mind blowing palace

National school prince is a girl Episode 8 to 11

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🤴🤴National School Prince Is A Girl🧏🧏

Author : Warring Young Seven

Chapter8 Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s First Official Encounter 1


Meanwhile, Chen Xiaodong didn’t forgo the mission that Mrs. Fu had left with him on the phone. “Young Master, if you really need money, just get better grades on your tests, and Madam will give you a big red packet. Playing PC games all day in the room puts far too much strain on your eyes, and you didn’t like to play PC games before, did you? Young Master, I’m not trying to encourage you, but getting closer to Young Master Qin by playing PC games is quite a nice idea. But Young Master Qin is a god in the national league. Even if you practiced another ten years, you still wouldn’t be able to reach him.”

“Are you implying that I’m playing games because of that Young Master Qin?” Fu Jiu took a sip of some soy milk, lifted her eyebrows, and asked, “Who gave you such a wrong impression?”

Chen Xiaodong’s heart ached, and he shook his head. “Young Master, you’ve already come so far. You can fool Old Wang, but you can’t fool me. I’ve been in the Fu family for three years now; how would I

still not know you? Men aside, since when have you lost sleep and appetite for something?”

Fu Jiu: “…”

“Young Master, just admit it.” Chen Xiaodong looked very serious as he said, “As long as you promise Madam to improve by one rank, I promise I won’t sell you out.”

Forget it, she wouldn’t explain anymore; the more she did, the more complicated it got.

The deal to progress by one rank was not bad. Fu Jiu lazily held her jaw. “What was my rank from last time?”

Chen Xiaodong: “Dead last.”

Fu Jiu went silent, and after a while, she said, “Are you sure my mum only asked me to move up by one rank?”

“Yes, Madam said that if you rank second-to-last this time, she will reward you.” Chen Xiaodong looked so firm!

“She’s absolutely my real mother. Deal.” Second-to-last was easy, alright? Even if she sucked at physics and chemistry, there was still English and math—the strong suits of a hacker.

Chen Xiaodong started to worry after seeing her agree so decisively. “Madam also said that if you rank second-to-last through bribery, there’d be no rewards.”

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrow. “Why would I bribe, isn’t violence better?”

“Young Master, stop kidding already. You can’t even fight girls, so how can you fight boys.” Chen Xiaodong laughed loudly, patting Fu Jiu on the shoulder like Song Xiaobao[1]!

Fu Jiu raised her eyes and put down the wooden chopsticks in her hand slowly as she looked at him coldly.

Chen Xiaodong froze instantly. Why did he feel such a strong murderous

intent from Young Master?

This was unscientific!

But, it was truly frightening!

Fu Jiu didn’t do anything to him. After all, this kid had been nice to her.

To be honest, exactly how weak was she in the past that she was not even able to hold her own against girls? Such a good figure was totally wasted.

No matter what, Fu Jiu still went to school with her pretty face. Wearing the black and white school uniform, she threw her school bag over her shoulder in a very cool fashion. Under the bright sunshine, this young man’s overly fair skin was like milky-jade bamboo—transparent and distant.

Many people in school stopped in their tracks and started to look.

“Do you guys feel as if Fu Jiu has changed into someone else?”

“He feels… so handsome!”



Chapter9 Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s First Official Encounter 2


Upon hearing people complimenting her, Fu Jiu turned her head as her lips curled into a smile. “Thanks, you are very pretty too.”

Well, it was hard to describe it precisely… but that smile was really flirty!

The girls who were addressed covered their faces instantly. They were burning hot!

Chen Xiaodong, who was behind Fu Jiu, looked like he had seen a ghost. “Young Master… Did you just flirt with those girls?”

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow. “Is there any problem? They are very cute.”

“Didn’t you say that you were born to like men?!” Chen Xiaodong lowered his voice.

Fu Jiu casually asked back, “What does that have to do with me flirting with cute girls?”

Chen Xiaodong: “…” He actually had no words to refute her!

But, when did Young Master learn how to flirt with girls? You used to hate girls and wanted to run for the hills whenever you saw them.

Look at you now!

Simply a master at picking flowers[1]!

Fu Jiu didn’t care about what other people thought of her, especially her deskmate Jiang Feiyang. Even his eyes widened after seeing her brand new attitude towards other girls!

What was the matter with this little wimp?

Thinking of stealing others’ girlfriends?

There was fire burning in Jiang Feiyang’s eyes, and he looked like he was going to create trouble again.

Fu Jiu carelessly threw her school bag down and looked at him with one hand in her pocket.

Jiang Feiyang’s spirit was getting weaker and weaker, weaker and weaker… At last, he lowered his head and gave way to Fu Jiu.

“Heh,” Fu Jiu laughed out and sat on her chair. She took out a lollipop and put it into her mouth, looking very much like a foppish scion.

Jiang Feiyang’s hand on his desk tightened, but in the end he didn’t lash out, because he really wasn’t a match against this opponent.

How did that little wimp, who used to follow him around, turn into such a monster all of a sudden? This life was simply not livable anymore!

While the most handsome man in Class 013 was still troubled, the English teacher came in from outside.

Fu Jiu realized this was a subject that she was good at, so her fingers moved under the desk and took out a tablet and keyboard that she had already prepared.

The upright English textbook covered the tablet, and the keyboard was inside the desk. She knew how to touch type, so there was no need to even bend her head.

With a single click, she had logged onto the game server.

Before Fu Jiu went to the announcement column to take on job requests, she saw that the friend requests from last time were still there.

Qin Mo?

She wanted to reject it again, but Jiang Feiyang screamed out uncontrollably when he saw the tablet screen from the side, “Qin! Young Master Qin!”

This title was like a tornado that swept through the whole classroom.

“What did he just say? Young Master Qin?”

“Is Young Master Qin here?!”

“Not possible! Without a school invite, that male god won’t walk around inside the school. We don’t even see him more than twice a year, alright!”

“Then whose name did Handsome Jiang just call out?”

“No idea. What happened?”

Jiang Feiyang’s finger was pointing at Fu Jiu’s textbook, but it was actually pointing at the tablet beneath it. His lips were shaking, “Young Master Qin, he…”

“Teacher!” Fu Jiu stopped him before Jiang Feiyang could finish his sentence, and she looked at the podium. “Jiang Feiyang is disturbing the class by making random noises. He obviously doesn’t show any respect for the teachers or the rules.”

The English teacher was already so angry that blue veins bulged out of her forehead. Hearing Fu Jiu’s words, she said instantly, “Everyone else, study by yourselves for now. Jiang Feiyang, come with me to the office now!”

Jiang Feiyang was truly suffering from such a great injustice. Pointing at Fu Jiu, he said to the English teacher in a rush, “No, Teacher, it was him…”

“What about him?” The English teacher walked over and laid her eyes on Fu Jiu’s upright textbook.

Then, she raised her hand…


Chapter10 Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s First Official Encounter 3


Nothing was down there except for a ballpoint pen.

The English teacher narrowed her eyes, feeling fooled by the student named Jiang Feiyang.

Fu Jiu timed an innocent look on top of her dazzling handsomeness perfectly.

Upon seeing this, the anger in the English teacher’s heart burned as she turned towards Jiang Feiyang. “Not only do you not pay attention in class, you are now even planning on letting others take the blame for you? Get out right now!”

Jiang Feiyang didn’t understand how he ended up in such a state. That little wimp was playing games for goodness’ sake. How could he have acted so fast?

And… that was clearly Young Master Qin’s in-game name, wasn’t it?

Was he mistaken?

After sending away the person who was troubling her, Fu Jiu lowered her head and took the tablet out again.

But the frustrating thing was, with Jiang Feiyang’s scream just now, she clicked on the accept button by accident.

Just as Fu Jiu was about to delete the person from her contacts, she seemed to feel something, her black pupils shrinking abruptly.

Right after that, her mouth curved into a smile that was not really one.

“I didn’t expect that the day would come for someone to hunt me. Interesting.”

While Fu Jiu was talking, her fingers were swiftly moving and the page on the tablet changed in a split second.

The game was gone. All that was left were strings of code flooding into the screen nonstop!

Unlike the relaxed Fu Jiu, a gigantic figure of a fatty was sitting on the other end, hitting the keyboard like crazy and causing it to produce pa pa sounds. He then crashed onto the desk with his whole body, hitting the desk hard. “F*ck, he escaped!”

“What did you say? Escaped?” The cat-like young man took the live streaming headphones off, ignoring the millions of fans that were tuning in. He turned his head with shock on his face. “How did he escape from your hands? You are on the top of the hacker list in the nation, Fatty. Don’t joke like that, the Captain is here!”

Fatty wiped his face, and his eyes were bright from the excitement of meeting another master. He didn’t answer the cat-like young man but turned to Qin Mo and said excitedly, “CEO Qin, where did you find this guy? He’s amazing! His reaction is a little slow, and he noticed me a bit late. But after that, he was having a total blast. Hundreds of thousands of fake internet IDs sneaked in at the same time, completely masking the real data. Not only that, he even installed a non-decodable virus on my computer while he was wiping out all the traces! Amazing, simply amazing! I guess his computer doesn’t have high specs; otherwise, even I would not be able to break past his external environment.”

“Wait, Fatty, tell me what’s wrong with my computer first; why is the screen black, hah?” The cat-like young man bit the rabbit’s ear and didn’t understand a thing Fatty had just said.

Fatty gave an “oh” and explained rather simply, “The opponent installed a virus in your computer, and I can’t decode it.”

The corner of the cat-like young man’s mouth quivered. “Are you telling me that not only did we not hack him, he actually broke my computer instead?”

“Yeah, you could say that.” Fatty touched his chin in a rather profound manner.

The cat-like young man: “…” Why the hell are you acting profound for? Are you being proud at being counter-hacked!

Qin Mo took in everything that had happened like it was nothing. He extended his arm, put down his company documents, and casually crossed his long legs. The shape of his jaw created a smooth line as he said, “Tell me about the external environment which you broke into.”

“Hey, CEO Qin is brilliant; he always gets to the crux of the matter.” Fatty laughed, seemingly cunning. “I’ve already locked onto his general location—he’s right in this exact school!”



Chapter11 Fu Jiu Crashed Into Qin Mo’s Arms


In the classroom, Fu Jiu’s thin lips slightly opened up as she lightly said two letters out loud, “K.O.[1]”

She smiled slightly while stretching her wrist. She put down the upright textbook and went back to being that extremely regular and lame high school student again.

Nobody knew that she had just taken down a professional hacker!

In the middle of the third period, Fu Jiu was thinking about what to eat during her lunch break.

The school broadcast went on and out came an excited voice. “Everyone, in order to gather talents, your senior Qin Mo will come pay the school a visit on behalf of Qin Corporation…”

Before that person could even finish, all the students screamed out, “AHHHH!”

Qin Mo, a genuinely favored son of god, was born with a silver spoon. His family’s power spanned three provinces, and he dominated the gaming world.

He was usually mysterious, and he wouldn’t show his face even if he was at school.

He was either with the team or at the company. Young Master Qin had always been an existence that was too high to reach.

If people wanted to meet him in person, they needed to compete with tens of millions of fans to get the sense of being present during a live broadcast for some big gaming contest.

And now he was coming to the school for a visit?!

Happiness came so suddenly that all the students at No.1 Middle School couldn’t sit still anymore!

Only Fu Jiu stretched in her chair and thought to herself, Itseems we won’t be having classes in the afternoon. I will have time for another two rounds of games to make another 500 RMB.

In order to welcome Qin Mo, the roads covered by the shadows of the trees were all cleaned up, and the school heads were all wearing suits.

After half an hour, three or four military Hummers drove in. They were all raven black in color and had a very low-key, streamlined design, but their luxuriousness could not be mistaken.

“AHH!” Another round of screaming swept through the entire campus, and all the students excitedly swarmed in the same direction like bees.

Bodyguards dressed in black formed a line, keeping the people at bay. The crowd stood on their toes and tried hard to witness the splendor of the god incarnate.

Only Fu Jiu stood in the middle of the crowd indifferently.

She originally thought that she could stay in the classroom and make some side money while the school heads went to welcome the guest, but she didn’t expect that they would order a full gathering of everyone.

Just like what Chen Xiaodong had said, the family power of Young Master Qin exceeded the Fu family’s by several levels.

After all, he grew up in a military compound, and his grandpa was one of the founders of the country.

In fact, Jiang City’s No.1 Middle School had never lacked rich people.

Huo Siyu, who used to bully people a lot, was one of them.

In her eyes, Fu Jiu was and always would be a bumpkin who could never win center stage.

Therefore, she hated Fu Jiu even more because of the incident wherein she had been hit.

Huo Siyu didn’t know why this person suddenly became difficult to deal with. She guessed that he had found himself a teacher and had learned techniques at home.

But today, all of that was not important.

She would force him to make a fool of himself in front of everyone!

Huo Siyu cast her eyes on the warning line ahead and looked at Fu Jiu who was playing with her cellphone in front of her. Secretly, she stepped back. When nobody was paying attention.


She pushed Fu Jiu out viciously!

Fu Jiu was still thinking about what parts to buy in the afternoon, and defenselessly, her body bent forward and crashed straight into someone’s arms…

[1] K.O. – A hacker word, meaning successful hunt

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