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National School Prince Is A Girl Episode 71 to 75

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🤴🤴National School Prince Is A Girl🧏🧏

Author : Warring Young Seven

Chapter71 CEO Qin Is Enraged. You Told Him to Leave, Who Do You Think You Are?!



Manager Li was still acting like nothing had happened, so he sighed deeply. “What else? Secretary Liang, I’m not sure who recommended this No. 19 to come to the internal signing. You might not be aware what he’s like, but he was extremely lame and didn’t follow the rules, so I told him to leave.”

Nobody knew why, but the atmosphere in the exam room instantly froze because of a certain someone.

Secretary Liang looked towards his CEO.

That extremely beautiful face was covered with a cold frost that he had never seen before.

And that voice was so horrifyingly low that each and every word made people’s hearts palpitate from fear. “You said, you told him to leave?”

“Yes, CEO Qin.” Manager Li laughed sycophantically. “That prodigal son was no good. I’m really glad I asked him to leave before you arrived.”

Qin Mo laughed and directly walked up to him. He picked him up by his collar, and his eyes were so cold that they could freeze someone to death. “Who do you think you are, asking my contestant to leave?”

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“Boss, CEO Qin, I, I…” Manager Li tried explaining.

The first one who went crazy over this was actually Feng Yi. He could tell from the Almighty’s words that the one who left was freaking Spade Z!!!

That Spade Z he wanted to sign so badly was told to leave by this Old Li. He didn’t want to believe his own ears!

“Old Li, why the hell did you do that!”

Manager Li clearly knew that VP Feng was his only hope at this moment, so he hurriedly said, “I asked him to test his hand speed, but he refused to. He tore up his result sheet, saying that he didn’t want to join our club!”

Qin Mo didn’t believe his explanation, so he raised his hand up and called out to a contestant. “You tell me, what happened?”

That contestant didn’t expect that his idol would call him up. He stood up to answer excitedly, “No. 19 finished the hand speed test the fastest, but Manager Li insulted him by saying that he was showing off, asking him to not be so full of himself and to redo the test. When No. 19 heard that, he tore the result sheet into pieces on the spot and said… said that if the club would hire someone like Manager Li, he’d rather not join.”

That contestant tried with great difficulty to finish the entire story because he saw how Qin Mo’s eyes kept getting colder and colder as he listened, until his eyes finally turned into what appeared like deeply frozen pools of water. He looked like he was going to kill someone.

Feng Yi was listening on the side. He didn’t expect the whole process would be like this. He looked up at Manager Li, and his hand was quivering in rage. “You, you, you… I asked you to keep an eye on the tests, not to make trouble for me!”

Qin Mo didn’t bother speaking further. He dragged that Manager Li by his collar directly to the front of that computer!

He was a third generation child of a military family. He was never gentle, and now, he was showing his iron-blooded harshness to the extreme.

“Look for yourself what his hand speed was. He can be arrogant all he wants!”

That Qin Mo was so scary.

The nobility and indifference he carried while doing business had disappeared.

His eyes were full of bloodthirsty viciousness.

Manager Li was trembling all over. “Boss, CEO Qin, I didn’t mean to, I really didn’t mean to.”

“You told him to leave? Who do you think you are?” Qin Mo forced him down with one hand in his pocket, sounding tremendously cold as he said, “Didn’t you want to know who recommended him to the internal signing?”



Chapter72 Almighty Qin Asks Where Was Fu Jiu, She’s Eating Hot Pot



Qin Mo left him there after saying that.

His words contained no warmth. Manager Li was completely stunned, and his body started to severely tremble. His face was right next to the computer screen, and he slumped into the seat. He didn’t get his senses back even after Qin Mo was long gone. He was scared sh*tless.

He knew that his career was over. There was no need for CEO to say this out loud; he knew that he was going to get fired, and that there was no future left for him in Jiang City anymore!

Why… Why was that prodigal son recommended by CEO Qin?!

At the same time, Fu Jiu’s hand speed showed up on all the computer screens in the room.

Everyone was shocked to see that kind of result, and an unbelievable uproar erupted!

More than 90%!

Everyone quieted down instantly.

Shock, astonishment, and surprise swept the entire exam room!

Even if they practiced for a lifetime, they wouldn’t be able to achieve this kind of hand speed!

Who was No. 19?

Everyone was extremely curious as they asked around!

But his profile was in the trash can now… What an incredible slap to the face!

Qin Mo stormed out of the room. His back emitted a freezing cold aura, and Secretary Liang’s and Feng Yi’s faces turned pale white from fear.

Especially Feng Yi.

He was the one in charge of this internal signing.

Who knew that his subordinate would kick Spade Z, who was scouted by CEO, out of the door?

Disregarding the fact that CEO was mad, even he wanted to kill that b*st*rd Old Li.

Now, Secretary Liang didn’t even dare to mention CEO’s dinner appointment later. He just wanted to be invisible at ths moment.


Qin Mo stopped and took out his phone. He pressed on the screen and tilted his head slightly. “Where are you?”

Three very simple words. Was he messaging someone on WeChat?

Secretary Liang and Feng Yi shared a few looks and immediately realized that the one that the CEO was messaging was…

That evil fairy (Spade Z)!!!

At that moment, Fu Jiu was still checking out the hot pot store that the boy had talked about. She raised her eyebrow. “So this is the ‘ordinary’ hot pot store you were talking about?”

The only three Michelin star restaurant in the entire three northern provinces.

Aside from being rich, people still needed to have status and power in order to eat here.

Ordinary hot pot store?

There were fewer than ten similar restaurants in the whole entire world.

That boy smiled and scratched his hair. “What-what-what do you want to eat, I-I-I’ll go get it for you.”

“Meat, I’m a meat eater.” Fu Jiu didn’t look at the menu. She sat there with her crafty temperament and attractive smile. “I never thought that I would pick up a second generation rich kid from a silly contest.”

That boy started to stutter again, “I-I-I’m not rich myself! I-I-I can only take you to hot pot. I-I-I will treat you to better food when I make money!”

“Why are you so cute?” Fu Jiu blinked with a smile as she emitted flirting vibes using her entire body.


The boy blushed again. “You-you-you always talk like this?”

“Like what?” Fu Jiu watched a waiter serve the base of the hot pot, and she started to make her own dip sauce.

The boy nudged his glasses up a little. “F-F-Flirty.”

“This is what happens when you are handsome.” Fu Jiu rested one arm on the back of the chair. Her silver hair and black eyes brought about the aura of an evil fairy.

The boy paused and laughed. “That-that-that’s true. Wa-wa-wait a second, is your phone buzzing?”


Fu Jiu turned and took out her phone. It was from the Almighty, so she put the chopsticks in her mouth and started to reply.

“I picked up a little cutie at the contest, and he is treating me to hot pot. Are you done with the meeting?”


Chapter73 Young Master Qin, Lord Jiu’s First Partner


Qin Club.

That long, slim figure, which seemed to carry all the light and glow of the world, just walked in.

Aside from all the contestants who wanted to see their Almighty Qin, even the media also raised their cameras.

All this just proved how popular Qin Mo was.

He wasn’t in the entertainment industry, but he was even more popular than stars.

Except for Qin Mo, no one else could have such an impact.

That innate nobility, which could belittle everything else, made everyone want to cover their mouths and scream as soon as he appeared.

However, Feng Yi and Secretary Liang both knew that their CEO’s mood was frosty enough to kill, especially after he saw the phone screen.

They were not sure what the other person replied, but it made his eyes cool down completely!

Fu Jiu didn’t think she texted anything wrong, so she added, “You hungry? Come join us, it’s a pretty good place, and the little cutie is really nice.”

This guy needs to be disciplined so badly!

Qin Mo stood there, his fingers completely still. He wanted to take a deep breath, but this place was too crowded to do so, so he said stiffly, “Address!”

Fu Jiu blinked. Why did Almighty Qin sound a bit cold?

Did he get angry again?

She didn’t flirt with him, so why was he angry again?

Fu Jiu sat at the table. She propped her chin onto her left hand, and sent the address over with the other.

Qin Mo saw it and frowned. He told Secretary Liang to get a car.

When Secretary Liang heard the address, he realized that it was where the CEO was supposed to have a dinner appointment.

“CEO Qin, are we heading over now?”

Wouldn’t it be a bit too early?

It was not dinner time yet.

Qin Mo didn’t say anything and took the key from his hands. He sat in the driver seat—meaning, he was not taking anyone with him.

Secretary Liang didn’t have time to ask. He watched CEO grab the wheel with his long fingers as his black hair cascaded down and covered his deep black eyes.

A cool limited edition race car drifted in a smooth trajectory, racing into the avenue heading north!

It was like CEO was going to seek revenge rather than to have dinner…

Fu Jiu was lazily drinking tea at this time. Her long eyes flashed with light as she looked at the boy. “Someone I know from gaming is coming to join us in a bit. Is that alright?”

“Of-of course!” The boy couldn’t get rid of his stutter. “I-I’ll ask them to get one more dining set! We-we-we’ve been talking for so long, but I still don’t know your name?”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu looked up with a smile. “Fu Jiu.”

“Good-good name.”The boy earnestly tried to search for an appropriate word to compliment her, and he was blushing severely. “My-my-my name is Feng Shang, in-game-game name is Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure.”


Even someone as cool as Fu Jiu would laugh at this in-game name.

Not only was it a funny name, it was also actually a really famous player in Hero.

He had great maneuvering skills, loads of money, and one more thing—he was very talkative. Whenever he met a girl, he would say, “Hey babe, wanna join an uncle like me? Let uncle raid dungeons for you and take you flying!”

Fu Jiu didn’t expect that a strong figure in the game would be a pretty cute baby boy in real life… This… this was even more fantastic than her being Spade Z…


Chapter74 Almighty Qin Is Coming, Lord Jiu…


Feng Shang knew why Fu Jiu had this reaction. He embarrassedly scratched his head, and even his ears were red from blushing. “You, you probably think that I am very different from how I am in games. You-you-you should get used to it, my-my-my brother put a lot of money into my account for games, but not in real life, so-so-so I can only eat at my own hot pot store. You-you-you are the first person who didn’t laugh at my stutter, so-so-so I really want to be friends with you!”

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow and her eyes shimmered. “Your brother? You brother is Feng Yi?” After all, there were not many people who had this surname in Jiang City.

The cutie nodded and asked, “What-what-what’s your in-game name? We-we-we can play together later.”

“Take me raiding dungeons and take me flying?” Fu Jiu teased him by saying this because it was his motto in games.

When Feng Shang heard that, he blushed from head-to-toe.

Fu Jiu felt bad about teasing him too much. He was no Almighty Qin, who could deal with any situation coldly and arrogantly.

She thought about it and put down her chopsticks. She looked at Feng Shang and said, “I didn’t have time to tell you back at the club. I’m Spade Z.”

Feng Shang was dumbstruck!

Then, he pointed at her with his left hand and stuttered even more, “You-you-you are Spade Z?!”

“Yeah, Z is my code name,” Fu Jiu said something confusing.

Feng Shang didn’t get that. But!

Spade Z!

He said he was Spade Z!

The… the idol he had always wanted to meet, Spade Z!

Feng Shang didn’t know what to say. He raised his head up. “Idol, let me calm myself down for a few seconds.”

Fu Jiu laughed. “You’re not stuttering anymore?”

Feng Shang noticed that he wasn’t stuttering either. He just said all that so fluently because he was too shocked, okay!

After that, he thought of something and said, “That-that-that phony manager, he must-must-must be regretting it now. I-I-I saw you play games with Young Master Qin. He-he-he was out of his mind to treat you like that. Young Master Qin-Qin-Qin won’t let him get away with this!”

“No more about me. What about you, why didn’t you tell that manager that Manager Feng is your older brother?” Fu Jiu’s lips curled up lightly. “You don’t need to do the tests to get signed.”

Feng Shang paused and lowered his voice. “I-I-I’m not good enough to become a professional. I-I-I stutter, I don-don-don’t wanna get in because of my brother; I-I-I wanna do it on my own.”

“Then in that case, would you be interested in teaming up with me?” Fu Jiu put her finger on her chin and looked up at Feng Shang deviously. “And blow those people’s minds?”

Feng Shang was astonished. He looked up close at that beautiful face, which could drive countless girls crazy. Swaths of lights lit up in his eyes. “What should I do to blow their minds?”

“The e-sports competition is in ten days. The Qin Group’s official team members will come from those that signed up today… How about we win first?” Fu Jiu put her hand on Feng Shang’s shoulder with a very graceful gesture. Her fair skin was glowing, and there was a hint of evilness in the curve of her mouth.

Strands of silver hair drooped down and covered both her eyes, concealing her face slightly.

But even so, with that pose, she left one’s blood boiling with passion!

“Yes!” The cutie grabbed Fu Jiu’s hand. They looked like they had started a blood bond like two heroes!

Qin Mo walked in and caught this scene.

Fu Jiu had her hand on Feng Shang’s shoulder, and she was talking to him close to his ears, with a flirty smile on her mouth…

Chapter75 Lord Jiu Flirts with Almighty Qin


“Qin, CEO Qin,” the waiter said in such a small voice it was almost inaudible as he cautiously looked at the man who had just walked in.

Qin Mo looked at those two people in front of him. His back was so straight it was like a grand pine tree, causing people to feel not the slightest bit of warmth.

Those eyes were extremely dangerous. They were frozen like deep, ancient pools.

The waiter wanted to say something, but he realized that the incomparably regal man had already walked towards the window and grabbed that silver-haired young man’s collar with great force!


Fu Jiu didn’t know what was coming. She turned around, and her whole face was buried in Qin Mo’s chest. The cool mint scent coming from his ironed suit spread out and overwhelmed her senses…

Well, she didn’t need to guess to know that it was Almighty Qin who had come. Only he loved to grab her by the collar.

Fu Jiu looked up and her eyes met his. They were looking right back at her like two endless wells—incredibly emotionless and elegant.

“This pair of paws of yours is for playing games, not for flirting with men.” Qin Mo pinched Fu Jiu’s throat, and there was a sense of provocative seduction in his voice. “If I see you flirting with anyone else later, I will break your hands to save me trouble later.”

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow. “I wasn’t flirting, we were teaming up. And Almighty Qin, why do you care so much about me? Don’t tell me you are…” She smiled leisurely as she spoke. Then she moved closer to his ear and said slowly, “Jealous?”

Every man’s forbidden spot was his ears.

No matter how much self-control he had, Qin Mo was still a normal man.

More than anything, he couldn’t bear for his ears to be blown on like that.

He looked at the young man’s unique delicate face, which made his teeth grind. He had a youthful fruit candy scent. It was obviously a very likable face, but why did he want to strangle him every single time?

Fu Jiu was laughing, and she moved even closer. “Did I guess right?”

When she moved away, her face brushed against his, and it was so close that her light-colored lips touched his ears.

“Fu! Jiu!” Qin Mo grabbed her again with strength and pushed her right back into her chair. With his usual cold and domineering evilness, his thin lips puckered into a line. His fists tightened as he said in an extremely cold voice, “Keep your distance when you talk to me, I’m not gay. I won’t get jealous over you, so eat your hot pot.”

Fu Jiu touched her nose. “Are you really mad? Is it because I wasn’t there when you went to look for me after the meeting? Is that why you are mad at me? You can’t blame me for that. Your manager was too nosy. You know me, how can I take that kind of sh*t? I only didn’t punch him because it was your territory!”

“So you’re saying I should thank you?” Qin Mo sounded even colder.

On the side, Feng Shang was completely stunned. After all, he had only met Young Master Qin a few times, and he had never seen him treat anyone like this.

He wasn’t really being bad to his idol, but his eyes implied that he wanted to break his idol’s neck.

But… what did his idol do… He… he nearly kissed Young Master Qin’s ear?!

Did, did he want to die?

As his new teammate, he needed to speak up for his idol. Otherwise, Young Master Qin might really blacklist his idol!

“Young-young Master Qin, it-it-it was not Fu Jiu’s fault. That-that-that Manager Li picked on him and asked-asked Jiu Jiu to get out.”

Hearing that, Qin Mo raised his eyebrow and looked at Fu Jiu with a complicated expression on his face. His eyes were really warm. “Jiu Jiu? Heh, Lord Jiu, you’ve changed your name again? You’re not asking people to call you Lord Jiu now? Heh, Jiu Jiu…”



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