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National School Prince Is A Girl Episode 66 to 70

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National School Prince Is A Girl

66 Almighty Qin Said No More Flirting at The Company!


At the top floor of the Qin Group, in the massive office, Secretary Liang clearly saw his CEO’s finger pause while he was texting.


Why was his indifferent facial expression starting to turn nasty too?


Just what… happened?


Secretary Liang subconsciously thought about the online dating commotion…


Qin Mo was still looking at that text as he raised his eyebrows. “The Qin Group is no place for you to flirt around.” The fingers he used for texting exerted extra strength, and his gaze was still so frigid. “Understand?”


Fu Jiu saw the words he texted back. Popping her lollipop in her mouth, she replied coolly, “Don’t worry, Almighty, there’s no one more handsome than you here. If I do flirt, I’ll flirt with you because you’re the big fish.”


Big fish?


Who would like to be described in such a way?


Did a biology teacher teach this guy Chinese or something?


Qin Mo’s fingers tightened, and a cold beam of light swept through his eyes.


Secretary Liang was standing beside him and only thought the way his CEO looked at the phone screen was like he was looking at a dying animal. He even made a bystander tremble from the bottom of his heart.


So what did that person on the other side of WeChat do this time to piss the CEO off?


CEO was obviously in a bright mood this morning. Why did his mood… turn cold all of a sudden?


Qin Mo opened the door of the conference room with one hand while sending a message with his other. He then raised up his head and looked at Secretary Liang with his deep pool-like eyes. He sounded chilly as he said, “Pass my order to the team. If anyone flirts at the company in the future, I will deduct his pay. ”


“Hah? Ok!”


After Secretary Liang had taken note of the order, he felt baffled.




All the team members were intensely training their gaming skills to prepare for the upcoming city competition, and everyone was staying in the company. Who would have the spare time to flirt?


Moreover, they were a bunch of boys. Just who should they flirt with?


At the very least, they still needed a few girls to flirt with.


At that moment, Fu Jiu was still sitting on the cold bench, looking at the message Almighty Qin just sent over. She lifted the corner of her mouth, and her fingers were dancing on the phone. “Go have your meeting first, I’m fine here. I should be able to pass.”


There was no need to trouble a god with trivialities. Almighty was for her to make money with. She couldn’t just use him for a fling without a thought.


Even though this god had promised to meet up with her after the meeting, Fu Jiu still saw this as a tiny contest which she could pass easily.


Besides, didn’t Manager Feng intend to sign her this whole time?


He would let her pass no matter what.


She knew that the other party didn’t have time to reply anymore, so Fu Jiu casually put her phone away and quietly waited for her number to be called.


The boy’s face tuned all red next to her. “I-I-I am not pretty, I-I-I-m average. ”


“You look better without the glasses.” Fu Jiu turned to him, her silver hair catching the light. “You have a good foundation.”


The boy got little shy. “Th-th-th—anks.”


“No problem. ” Fu Jiu reached her hand out to put all the computer parts into her bag.


The boy asked again, “Wh-wh-which area are you in?”


“For Hero, you mean? Zone C.”


The boy widened his eyes abruptly, and he lowered his voice mysteriously. “Th-th-that Spade Z is in Zone C, do-do you-you-you know about him?”


Chapter67 Manager Puts Obstacles in Fu Jiu’s Way


Fu Jiu coughed without saying a word. Well, should she say that she knew him or that she did not?

The boy’s eyes were shining as he continued stuttering, “He-he-he’s awesome. I heard that he was coming to the internal signing event too. I-I-I really want to see what he looks like!”

Fu Jiu paused and laughed. “Why do you care so much about a newbie?”

“He-he-he’s no newbie!” That boy’s expression turned agitated. “I-I-I think he’s godly! I-I-I really like him!”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu lifted her arm and patted that boy’s shoulder. “Thanks.”

The boy didn’t get it. Why did he thank him?

Just as he was contemplating over it, someone came out from the inside, looking like he had just gone through an interrogation. He was being led around by a manager.

Fu Jiu had seen that manager when she was getting her hard drives. He was the one with Fu Ximing at Computer City.

She narrowed her eyes at him.

The boy thought that she was interested in the manager, so he said in a low voice, “That-that-that is the team manager, in-in-in charge of the first round. Those guys who just walked out had a reference letter. I-I-I don’t have one, so I’m among the last to go in!”

Manager Li saw Fu Jiu too, and he couldn’t be happier. He raised up his wrist and checked the time on his watch. “The rest of you, please come in and pay attention. Don’t break any of the company’s computers.”

Club examination round one—hand maneuvering speed.

Of course, touch typing was the most basic skill.

All the players looked nervous.

Whether they could get into the strongest alliance team all depended on today’s challenge!

The club gave each one of them an account and allowed them to log into the games.

But the game they were logging into was not Hero, but QQ X5[1]!

It was used to test the speed of their hands and fingers.

Fu Jiu thought this was a good idea. After all, she had used X5 to train her fingers to enhance her hacking skills.

Therefore, QQ X5 wasn’t anything difficult for her.

However, Fu Jiu was accustomed to setting it on the highest level. This way, her fingers would be more flexible.

The office was full of clicking sounds coming off the keyboards all being hit at the same time!

After each round, the computer would show the player’s hand speed.

Each player could play for three rounds, and the best result out of three was picked.

Of course, the players could only see their own screens.

They didn’t know that among them, there was an abnormal player whose speed had reached 90%.

That abnormal one was of course our Lord Jiu.

Fu Jiu only played one round to be able to maintain a particular speed, so she stood up first and filled out the hand speed sheet, which she then handed over to that manager.

That Manager Li looked at her harshly. “The test has three rounds so you can get the best speed!”

“Each round would be the same for me,” Fu Jiu sounded calm, “And it’s up to me to decide on which result I submit, so it doesn’t violate any rule if I choose the result of the first round.”

Manager Li laughed coldly. He was deliberately creating trouble for Fu Jiu. “If I said you should do three rounds, then you do three rounds! Don’t think that your hand speed is fast enough just because you are the fastest among these players. Our club needs humble and talented game lovers, not arrogant show-offs like you. You want to show the examiner how good you are by handing in your result so early? Then you must have calculated incorrectly, because I never judge by what’s happening on the surface!”


Chapter68 Lord Jiu Tears the Report Sheet to Pieces


Fu Jiu wasn’t upset over these words. She simply responded quite plainly, “Then what do you expect me to do? I’ve already filled out the sheet.”

“Take your sheet back and do the test again.” Manager Li looked at him disdainfully and rudely threw the sheet back at Fu Jiu.

The boy who had talked to Fu Jiu looked at her worriedly.

Fu Jiu laughed. She then bent over and picked that sheet up.

The boy felt relieved after seeing that, and he wanted to drag her over for another test.

But to his utter surprise, Fu Jiu stood up, then raised up her hands. With a little strength, the sheet split into two!

Originally, there were only sounds of keyboards being struck.

But now, under Fu Jiu’s influence, everyone stopped playing, and after a moment, only the rustling sound of the sheet being torn up could be heard in the room.

After Fu Jiu tore the sheet into two, she placed the remains in front of Manager Li as a wave of excited discussion surged around her like a flood!

However, she didn’t seem to hear any of it. As she supported herself with one arm on the desk, her silver hair fell over her face, and she lowered her voice. “If the Qin Group has hired a manager like you, then I’d rather not be on this team.”

In a second, the exam room burst into an uproar!

Nobody dared to talk to the club manager like this!

Did he really not care about enrolling?

“You!” Manager Li had never been challenged like this. There was no retreat for him, and the rage on his face burned through his eyes. “Okay! Very nice! You are stubborn, huh? Then pack your things and get the f*ck out of here!”

Fu Jiu laughed coldly and didn’t say a word. She threw her bag on her back and walked straight out of the exam room. That view of her back was the coolest sh*t ever!

The boy was sitting in his seat, silent. He looked at his hand speed and then the one on the next screen. Finally, he ground his teeth, grabbed his bag, and ran out with her!

“Tha-tha-that, wait!”

Fu Jiu heard a voice from behind, and she turned her head with her eyebrows lifted. “Why did you come out?”

“I-I-I saw you left, so-so-I didn’t want to stay anymore!” A big smile blossomed on that boy’s face. “Al-al-although I really wanted to get into the Qin Group, bu-bu-but, someone like me, who can’t even speak properly, will not get the training resources anyways. And-and-and that manager looked like a real phony. I-I-I don’t like that kind of environment. Pla-pla-playing games should be about pure pleasure, right!?”

Fu Jiu touched her nose. She felt a little guilty hearing all this. After all, she only played games to make money. Now, she was playing to get He Honghua’s company back.

Compared to this obedient baby, her motivation was really superficial.

“Sin-sin-since we don’t need to do the tests now, le-le-let’s go get some food!” That boy’s blushing face looked rather handsome. “I-I-I know a good hot pot place. I-I-I always used to think about going there with a gaming friend before. No-no-now, I didn’t think my dream would come true so fast!”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Why did she feel that this obedient baby resembled Almighty Qin in a certain particular characteristic.

Was it an illusion?

Godlike people like them all treated their gaming friends so well…

“Let’s go, but I don’t have money. This time’s on you, I will treat you next time,” said Fu Jiu, and she put her hand on that boy’s shoulder.

With that, the obedient baby blushed even more, looking really adorable as he nodded like a rattle drum. “My-my treat! I own that hot pot place.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Another rich second generation scion born with a silver spoon in his mouth!


Chapter69 CEO Qin Decided to Check on That Guy’s Test Result


The air pressure was low as usual in the conference room filled with a business atmosphere.

The marketing team was still reporting this year’s numbers with their nerves wound tight. They feared that if their CEO wasn’t satisfied, then his deeply frozen pool-like eyes would look in their direction!

Luckily, CEO was a little distracted today. He seemed to have other things on his mind as he was playing with his pure white phone the whole time.

“CEO Qin, this is about it.” The people from the marketing team were ready for criticism.



That was it? Everyone was not used to this reaction yet.

Qin Mo wasn’t really listening since statistics could always be fixed later anyway.

Rather, he was looking at the time. By now, that guy should be finished with his tests already.

After he was on the team, he would keep him by his side so that he would not flirt around.

With this in mind, Qin Mo curled the corner of his mouth a bit, and a smile emerged.

Some people from the management were stunned. Looking at that illusory smile on their boss’s face, their hearts were asking, So what kind of fortuitous day is it today… that CEO looks happy?

After ten or so minutes, Qin Mo raised his hand up and said emotionlessly, “Meeting dismissed. We’ll continue tomorrow.”

“Hah?” The head of the planning department hadn’t handed in his plan yet, but he was so ecstatic with CEO’s decision that he said happily, “Yes! Yes!”

Qin Mo stood up first. His straight legs were accentuated by his handmade suit pants. Moreover, with his natural demonic aura, once he was left the conference room, everyone behind him felt that the pressure over their heads disappeared immediately. They all felt extremely relieved as they clasped onto the tables. But… where was CEO going this time?

Secretary Liang shadowed Qin Mo while he held the meeting notes in his hands. “CEO Qin, your business dinner won’t start till 7 p.m. Isn’t it a bit too early to head out there? Do you want to take a rest first?”

“No, I’ll go to the club,” Qin Mo ordered as he got on the elevator.

The Qin Group’s building was right next to the club, so it was not far by foot.

Qin Mo didn’t tell Fu Jiu that the meeting was over. For once, surprising that guy by dropping in for a visit would be nice.

The secretary was surprised to hear that. “Go to the club? They are having an internal signing event today. CEO Qin wants to go check it out?”

Qin Mo didn’t explain and just harrumphed curtly.

Secretary Liang paused. “Please wait first. They don’t know CEO is heading over. I need to make a call, some of the contestants at the internal signing are CEO’s fans. You showing up like this will create too big of a commotion.”

“What kind of a commotion can ten or so people create?” Qin Mo raised his hand. As he pressed the elevator button, his unique black diamond sleeve button was displayed, giving his movements an additional air of luxury.

Secretary Liang had to put his phone away. CEO looked like he had his mind set on visiting today.

So odd… When VP Feng invited CEO over, he wasn’t interested at all, so why did he change his mind… Could it be!

Secretary Liang’s eyes blossomed. Was that evil fairy who CEO knew from online at this internal signing event?

It must be the case!

He would report this to Boss and Madam shortly. That person was real; CEO was definitely in love… And he had fallen deeply!


Chapter70 CEO Qin Went to Look for Fu Jiu, But…


As soon as Qin Mo walked into the club, he saw that his goofball manager was waiting for someone on his tiptoes.

Feng Yi was in fact waiting for someone, but that someone still hadn’t shown up yet. His eyes lit up when he saw the Almighty. “CEO, didn’t you say that Spade Z is gonna come today? Where is he? I’ve been waiting here for so long! I had to put on a disguise, so that the media won’t recognize me and request interviews from me. You know that… I’m pretty popular myself.”

Qin Mo took a look at Feng Yi’s head with a cap on, and he straightforwardly said, “So this is the result of your disguise—a dumb, silly fisherman?”

Feng Yi turned to Secretary Liang immediately. “Don’t I look good?”

Secretary Liang blinked.

Feng Yi was fed up with his young master’s vicious tongue, so he took his cap off. “Fine! Then where is Spade Z?”

“He’s in there taking the tests.” Qin Mo informed him and headed to the examination room.

The people at the club all backed away, covering their mouths after seeing his gorgeous godlike face.

Almighty Qin… actually came!!!

It seemed like a bomb had just exploded outside the club!

The third round of the test was happening in the exam room. They were logged into Hero to test their ability at raiding dungeons, and they were all using their own accounts.

Manager Li was still angry over Fu Jiu’s issue, and he said coldly while walking in circles, “Listen, if you want to play games then play games with the right attitude. Don’t learn from that black sheep who just left and think that just anyone can join the Qin Group. You…”

Before he could finish, he was stunned by the sight of the person standing at the door.


Why was he here!?

Manager Li saw that noble figure and instantly went up to him. “CEO Qin, I…”

Qin Mo didn’t even look at him. He directly walked in with a cold face, looking extremely distinguished in his neat suit.

Everyone in the room stopped moving and looked at him with their heads up. They couldn’t hide their excitement!

Almighty Qin!

They saw the living version of THE Almighty Qin!

Qin Mo didn’t get so popular just because of his good looks, but also due to his extraordinary maneuvering skills. One had to admit, he was not only the male god for all the girls, he was also the hero that so many players wanted to follow.

Now, with his presence here in this room, it would naturally create an uproar.

But Qin Mo just stood there, not really caring about anything or anyone. His eyes swept over the room and all the players. At last, he knitted his beautiful eyebrows together.

Why wasn’t he here?

Qin Mo lowered his head. He looked at his WeChat chat history for Fu Jiu’s number.

No. 19?

Qin Mo looked for that number, but he saw the seat was empty.

Secretary Liang knew his young master well enough. He soon understood his intention from his eyes, and he turned aside and asked, “Where is Contestant No. 19?”

Once the question was delivered, the examination room fell into thirty seconds of silence. All the players looked at one another, and their looks couldn’t have been more interesting.

No one dared to speak up, and everyone sneaked glances towards Manager Li.

Manager Li paused too. After all, he didn’t expect this question, so he was trying to find an excuse.

Qin Mo just stood there and narrowed his eyes.

Secretary Liang realized that his CEO was running out of patience, so he hurriedly asked again, “Speak up, what happened?”



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