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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

National school prince is a girl Episode 4 to 7

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🤴🤴National School Prince Is A Girl🧏🧏

Author : Warring Young Seven

Chapter4 Direct Face Smacking, Cool!



With that smile, all the girls who came over to watch felt that their hearts inexplicably began beating irregularly.

The ones giving her trouble were acting differently, especially the girl Huo Siyu who was leading the others. She narrowed her eyes and looked at Fu Jiu with deep disdain. “I warned you the last time. Stay away from Young Master Qin. You really should’ve listened, but I didn’t expect you to still not learn your lesson. You even dared to come to this canteen. Do you want to be splashed with water again?”

She had long been unhappy with this nouveau riche, and the thought of someone like him having a crush on her Prince Charming made her stomach turn!

“Drag him to the restroom! Today I will make it clear to him where he is and isn’t allowed to go to.”

Huo Siyu was famous for being a bully at school. She usually used such measures to bully those whom she didn’t like so badly that they couldn’t even speak up about it.

It was said that someone’s head was shoved into the toilet.

Now Fu Jiu was in real trouble!

Sigh, he just got out of the hospital,

and he was now going back in again so soon. It’s pretty sad if you think about it.

As people were thinking like this, they saw Fu Jiu kick Huo Siyu to the floor by lifting her leg while one of her hands was in her pocket.


Everything happened so fast that people couldn’t even clearly see how she did it.

When Huo Siyu fell on the floor, all of her organs were hurting. Likely, in her disbelief, her anger reached its peak. “You, you pervert, actually daring to kick me!”

While being cursed at like that, Fu Jiu calmly opened the bottle of water in her hand and walked towards her. Her other hand was still inside her pocket, and her thin lips were curled slightly. “All that you did to me, I’m returning it back to you.”


As Fu Jiu finished speaking,a full bottle of mineral water was poured onto Huo Siyu’s head!

Huo Siyu was shocked at first, and then she went completely crazy. “Fu Jiu! Just wait! You think School Hunk Xiao Xiang would let you out of this? Everyone in school is disgusted by you to the point of throwing up. He hasn’t beaten you up only because of how disgusted he is with you!!”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu laughed slightly, bent her waist halfway, extended one of her hands out, and patted Huo Siyu’s face lightly. She looked very handsome. “What’s the big deal, Sis. Listen, I’m always available to torture you.”

“You!” Huo Siyu felt the urge to kill again!

“Shh.” Fu

Jiu pressed on her pale lips with her index finger. “I’m not a very nice person, so don’t keep on pushing me to beat someone up. Also, even if I like men, I won’t like that Young Master Qin you are talking about. If he wants a battle, anytime is fine by me.”

Fu Jiu said this like she was dropping a bomb, before she walked out of the canteen like nothing had happened.

How should it be said? Noisy places were not her cup of tea.

After she left, two lanky figures showed up one after the other on the second floor of the canteen. It had the best view, but it was not a place that anyone could go to. One was leaning on the rails. Tipping his chin at the tall shadow behind him, he said in a deep, meaningful voice, “That person used to chase after you, saying that he will marry nobody but you. But at the beginning of the school year, he said that he would never like you even if he likes men. Question for the Eldest Young Master Qin, how do you feel?”

The one who was called out by his name was tall and stood straight. He had a handsome face, and he was leaning on the huge floor-to-ceiling windows with his long legs slightly crossed. Looking at the book in his hand with his head low, the whole view of the school was shimmering brightly behind him.

Hearing that, he didn’t say anything. He only raised his eyes up a little, and he looked in the direction of Fu Jiu…


Chapter5 Keeping a School Male God?


“Young Master, are you alright? Young Master?”

Just as Fu Jiu arrived downstairs, she saw her little butler Chen Xiaodong chasing after her breathlessly. The anxiety in his eyes was obvious and sincere.

“Are you hurt? Did Huo Siyu, did it happen again…”

Fu Jiu didn’t let him finish and said, “I hit them back.”

“What?!” Chen Xiaodong thought his ears were muffled after running all the way here, so he asked with difficulty, “Young, Young Master, you didn’t get beaten up?”

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrow.”Do I really look like someone who was beaten up?”

But the thing is, you were beaten up!

Chen Xiaodong murmured inwardly. He noticed that his young master had been different ever since he woke up.

First was his temperament—super attractive. Of course, not to Huo Siyu and her gang…

“Did you see Young Master Qin just now?” Chen Xiaodong asked cautiously.

Fu Jiu lazily stretched her waist. “No.”

“Thank goodness!” Chen Xiaodong took a deep breath.

Fu Jiu was confused. Why did all these people act like she would do something to Young Master Qin once she saw him? “So what if I did meet him?”

“I fear that you will hold onto his leg and not let go.” Chen Xiaodong looked at Fu Jiu morosely after speaking. “Young Master, did you forget what you did previously?”

It would have been okay if Chen Xiaodong did not bring it up. With his reminder, all the embarrassing memories rushed up to Fu Jiu’s mind.

Apparently, it had happened in this very canteen.

She fell in love with the back of Almighty Qin at first sight.

Then… she said she would make him her gigolo!!!

Fu Jiu wasn’t someone who became embarrassed easily, but now she wanted to cover her face up.

But she was a hacker queen; she needed to prove herself innocent. “The one who spoke about making him a gigolo wasn’t me.”

Chen Xiaodong had an expression that read: “Do you think all the students and teachers in the school are blind or something?”

He made it a point to advise Fu Jiu. “Young Master, listen to me, even if you like boys, it can’t be Young Master Qin. His background is something our Fu family can’t mess with! We are quite a few levels apart!”

“Okay.” Fu Jiu didn’t care.

Chen Xiaodong stopped and looked serious. He wanted to move her with real emotions. “Young Master, can’t you just like girls, please? Boss is already not satisfied with you about this. Not only did he cut off your pocket money, he also left you to your own devices at school. You might not get the company in the future, and it will be given to that pair of siblings being raised outside the family. Aren’t you worried, Young Master? For Madam’s sake, can you just stop liking men?”

Upon hearing that, Fu Jiu halted. A cold glint flashed in her eyes.

All the bad things she had done before were all reported to her father by that brother-sister duo.

At first, Fu Zhongyi was really nice to Fu Jiu. After all, Fu Jiu was his first legitimate “son.”

But later on, he got influenced by gossip and rumors.

Fu Zhongyi began disliking Fu Jiu more and more. When he heard that Fu Jiu might be gay, he almost cut off all of his financial support!

He no longer returned home and coldly put Mrs. Fu, who went through life’s ups and downs with him, aside.

Fu Jiu didn’t give a sh*t about a trashy guy like that at all.

Back then, Fu Zhongyi opened his company using her mother’s money.

Now that he had everything, he kicked away the person who had helped him just like that?

How could such an action be acceptable?

Since she had taken over this body, she would take back what belonged to them!


Chapter6 Hacker in Action and Meeting Qin Mo in Games


Now… she was most in need of electronic parts to assemble a laptop with high specs.

The one she had at home was still okay for playing games, but it would leave traces behind if it were used to hack websites.

So making money was of the utmost priority…

“What did you say? Making money?”

The driver was shocked when he heard what Chen Xiaodong had just asked. After he slammed on the brakes, they both turned and looked at Fu Jiu as if they were looking at an alien.

Fu Jiu had a can of cola in her hand. Her delicate eyebrows furrowed. “What? Is it so weird that I want to make money?”

“A little.” Chen Xiaodong wasn’t expressing his true feelings. It’s so freaking weird, alright! You used to spend 1000 RMB a day to show off your nouveau riche status. Anyone who saw that would have the urge to beat you up, and now you’re telling me that you want to make money? Are you joking?

Fu Jiu laughed lightly. “People change. I got so poor lately that I need to find something to do.”

“Young Master!” The old driver quivered and looked very excited. “If Madam heard you, she would definitely sleep soundly tonight.”

Fu Jiu took a sip of the cola. “My mum has business in the other provinces, so don’t bother her. It takes time to make money. Uncle Wang, please request a two-day absence for me from school. That will do.”

Driver Wang and Chen Xiaodong: “…” All this talk, but all you wanted was to ask for a leave of absence!

“Young Master, if you want to stay at home, you can say it directly. Don’t lie to us saying that you want to make money,” Chen Xiaodong murmured softly.

Hearing that, Fu Jiu sighed hopelessly.

She realized that no matter what she said, nobody would believe her.

After all, she was an nouveau riche who knew nothing. All she knew was how to chase after handsome guys!

But that was nice, too.

It could be a good disguise…

That night, on the second floor of Fu residence.

Through the mirror, a pair of fair hands could be seen moving swiftly over an old-fashioned keyboard.

Someone who played games could tell that this person had brilliant moves!


A powerful strike was launched!

Boss terminated, first-clear accomplished!

“F*ck! A professional gamer? How did this person pass the Ghost Boss stage?”

“He’s not a professional. I had spent some money to get someone to escort me across a tiny map. I didn’t expect that he would obtain the first-clear. I’m also freaking shocked, alright!”

“Where’s that person? I wanna hire him, what’s his name! Is his equipment kickass?”

“Eh, he has no equipment. Looks like a newbie who needs money.”

“Who are you lying to? Can a newbie get past the Ghost Boss?”

“It’s true. I just PM’ed him, and he just took on a team extermination job. Now he’s on his second run. Just wait for the game announcement.”

Just as his voice faded, another first-clear announcement was made across the server!

Then, for the third time, fourth time, fifth time… Tenth time!

The name Spade Z would show up atop the game screen every time!

Those operation skills were like computer effects; they made everyone’s blood boil!

In the professional alliance team, an adorable cat-like young man screamed excitedly, “Young Master Qin, take a look at this Spade Z! So cool, let’s poach him! We need him!”

Qin Mo turned, his legs crossed. His pitch black eyes and overly fair skin made him look like a vampire royal. His laidback and free temperament was even more elevated when he had on that alliance uniform. “Rookie?”




Young Master Qin Lifted His Eyebrow, Was He Rejected?


“He must be a rookie, but his skills don’t seem like a rookie’s at all. He got ten first-clears; Captain only had nine back then…” The cat-like young man changed the topic quickly. “But he is definitely no match against Captain. He’s not bad though. If we get him, along with Captain, our Supreme Alliance will be invincible!”

Qin Mo looked at the game figures on the screen. He didn’t say anything at first, but when he saw that person turn his weapon and devour everything around him with fire, he raised his eyebrow. “PM him.”

The cat-like young man’s eyes brightened up as he received the order. While holding a stuffed toy, he sent a friend request directly to Spade Z, aka Fu Jiu.

But to his utter surprise… Spade Z rejected his request!


The cat-like young man felt like he had taken a critical hit of ten million points of damage!

His in-game name was on it. How could it get rejected?

Now we need to clarify that the cat-like young man’s name was COCO. His in-game name was the same and he was ranked in the top ten of the nation!

But this was not the point. The point was that he was a famous professional godenon. Every time he live streamed, he would get millions of viewers, but this person even dared to reject his friend request?

“I’m gonna make him add me no matter what!” COCO, who had a head full of blond curls, logged into another account. “Captain, what’s your passcode?”

Qin Mo didn’t stop him, and a set of numbers came out as his thin lips moved slightly.

COCO logged onto the game page again. Just as he got onto the home page, the entire server exploded!

“What did I just see! A god! Sh*t, it really is a god!”

“AHHHH! Please enlighten me with the coordinates of the Almighty!”

“Seems like it’s set to private…”

Of course COCO would set the coordinates as private.

He would crash the server using his Captain’s account to log in!

Again, he sent a request to Fu Jiu.

COCO was holding that big white rabbit stuffed toy, feeling so full of himself. This time, he will kneel down before me and call me Big Brother!

Who would have thought that he was once again rejected?


Spade Z, what the heck do you want?!

COCO bit the rabbit’s ear out of fury. “Is he illiterate? Anyone who plays games would know Young Master Qin. The National League Contest was broadcast on both television and the internet for goodness’ sake!”

Qin Mo put down the physics textbook in his hand and put his right hand on the keyboard. He sent another friend request. “This is Qin Mo.”

Fu Jiu was still testing the flexibility of her fingers, but the friend requests kept popping up. Seeing that that person was so persistent, she casually freed one of her hands and replied with a lollipop in her mouth, “So what?”

And there was a rejection notification again. Only this time, there was one more sentence.

COCO saw the message and was utterly stunned. “He, what does he mean? He still rejects Young Master Qin despite knowing who he is?!”

Qin Mo narrowed his slender eyes as he became intrigued. The corner of his mouth was lifted up slightly.

No way? Young Master Qin smiled?

He must have seen that wrongly!

In order to distract himself, COCO snatched the keyboard back again. “Why aren’t you accepting the request if you know?!”

No reaction?



COCO felt like he was teased by something, and the one that teased him had disappeared before he even got rid of the itch!

“Young Master Qin…” COCO turned his head, the look on his face making him look like he had already lost the battle before it even started. How unfair.




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