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National School Prince Is a girl Episode 326 to 330

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Chapter 326: The Big Spade

Meanwhile, Cloud Tiger took another look at the picture on Weibo, and as he drank from his bottled mineral water, he said, “I have a close guess for this one.”

“You do?!” Lin Feng jumped up out of excitement, and he grabbed onto Cloud Tiger’s arm tightly as he asked, “Who? Who was it!”

Cloud Tiger looked down at the picture and glanced over at the fair collarbones of the other party. He knitted his eyebrows slightly and then zoomed in on the picture. “Be patient. Keep looking and you will find gold.”

“Why don’t you just tell me already if you know!” Lin Feng wanted to pull on his hair again out of sheer frustration!

Cloud Tiger then pulled his clothes on over his head. “Because I’m taking this as a great opportunity to train your slow brain. Here’s a little hint for you: Captain wasn’t sleeping alone last night.”

As soon as Lin Feng heard this, he gave up on getting an answer from Cloud Tiger.

Captain wasn’t sleeping alone?

How shocking!

“What gold is there to find?”

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Lin Feng touched his chin. He looked at the picture on Weibo with his big round eyes, but he simply couldn’t find any gold.

The only thing worth gold was Captain himself. Even though his face was blurred, that lighting enhanced his facial structure and produced a gentle shadow like the broken wing of an angel. Bathed in this sacred aura, he dazzled everyone’s eyes.

Who would be able to see anything else with THAT in the picture?

But this related to how people evaluated his intelligence, so it was a big deal to him.

Lin Feng completely buried his head into the picture and examined every inch of it!

He still couldn’t see anything!

But his being unable to see it didn’t mean that some clever couple fans couldn’t!

And, of course, those included Qin Mo’s longtime fans, who were extremely cunning.

“Little beauties, take a closer look. Don’t you find this picture strange?”

“What’s strange about it?”

“Look at this screenshot, and look at this arrow pointing to that lollipop on the bedside table, which also has a black ring and a small bottle of eye drops on top of it. Let’s set aside the issue of the eye drops first, and let’s talk about the lollipop and the black ring… The Almighty never wears any rings, okay? Even if he does now, and he happened to buy one that he likes a lot in Tokyo, how can we explain the lollipop? The Almighty hates eating snacks, not to mention eating a lollipop. You tell me… just whose lollipop is this?”

“I’m just a passerby with a tactful answer.”

“This is a whole bowl of dog food for a single dog like me. It’s still morning, and I’m not yet even completely awake. I can’t deal with all this damage right now, so I’m heading to work. And yes, the answer is tact!”

“Wait a second, brothers and sisters up there. Why don’t I understand? What do you mean?”

“It’s obvious. The owner of that lollipop shared the room with Almighty Qin last night, and he was also the one who took that picture… You should know it.”

“As a fan of Big Spade, I must say I totally get it!”

“Count me in as another person who also gets it!”

“My Big Spade is acting naughty again! This is all too sweet for me to handle!”

Some young fans were still confused, and some still believed that Almighty Qin took it himself and that there was no need to drag other people into this.

“Why do some of Spade Z’s fans always want to associate Spade Z with our Almighty Qin so badly?”

However, the truth was that it was Qin Mo’s longtime fan who shared this inference first, not Spade Z’s.

Obviously, their Almighty Qin was sleeping with Spade Z. There was nothing left to talk about further.

After all, they liked Qin Mo wholeheartedly, and they didn’t want to create trouble for him; therefore, they ignored this person who was trying to create conflict.

However, this person became infuriated because no one was giving her a d*mn, so she added, “You all look over here. Stop associating my Almighty Qin with Spade Z, understand?”

Chapter 327: Accomplice

Seeing this comment, Spade Z’s fans felt very uncomfortable, but after the incident last time, they became much calmer. Instead of arguing back, their first reaction was to go and ask the head fan for her opinion.

“Sister Turtle, what shall we do? Almighty Qin’s fans are accusing us of involving the Almighty again.”

Sister Turtle was the fan from before who had acted with prudence and rationality, and she replied decisively, “Don’t react for now. After this issue, we are even more certain that Big Spade has a strong bond with Almighty Qin, and Almighty Qin has always protected our Big Spade. If that’s the case, then we shouldn’t let other people and their words affect these two’s relationship. As for whoever took that picture, I believe we all have the answer to that. Big Spade is giving out candies today, so we should just be happy and accept them graciously. Don’t even bother with this kind of attention wh*re. Rather than damaging their relationship, we should all line up and mention Big Spade on Weibo just to tease him a little.”

If Manager Feng, who was currently on the plane, knew that this issue was resolved in such a manner, he would totally praise Sister Turtle’s style of doing things.

How insightful!

Most of Spade Z’s fans followed these instructions, but there were still a few who were saying things that would fuel the argument further.

But the most ridiculous thing came from this person.

Someone who claimed to be Spade Z’s fan came out and said, “Sorry, guys. My Big Spade was being neglectful. I now realize how much trouble this thing has caused for those of you who are Qin Mo’s fans. I promise that I will lecture all of Spade Z’s fans about this later.”

One person instantly responded to this Spade Z fan, “No worries, honey. Thanks for being understanding about the whole thing. XOXO.”

After seeing this, all of Spade Z’s fans flared up in anger!

What was happening?

What did their Big Spade do to warrant his apology?

That person was totally a little schemer. He was too sly and narrow-minded for his age. “I confess I had an attitude, but let me be clear about one thing: I like Spade Z too, but he doesn’t necessarily have to be associated and entangled with the Almighty all the time.”

“Yup, you are right!”

Sister Turtle realized that some of Spade Z’s fans had become accomplices and were acting in favor of the other side, so she immediately stopped the meeting and quickly voiced her thoughts on Weibo loudly.

Didn’t they claim that the picture was not taken by their Big Spade?

Sister Turtle shared Qin Mo’s Weibo post and mentioned Spade Z as she wrote: “Big Spade, please be more careful when you take pictures next time. You’re such a kid; you even forgot to take your ring and lollipop out of the frame. These traces can’t be more obvious…”

After seeing this comment being shared once again, that person who wrote the controversial post finally understood why Spade Z’s fans were saying that Spade Z was the one who took that photo of Almighty Qin. However, she had already said words that she had no way of taking back, so she pretended that she didn’t see anything because she had already gotten the attention she wanted.

A few of Spade Z’s young fans were still confused, and they replied to the other post, “Yeah, sorry. I thought you were the problem and accused you. I will go tell them the truth right now. You were right. Sorry sorry.”

“Thanks for clarifying for me. Otherwise, a Spade Z fan like me would really misunderstand you.”

“I’m a Spade Z fan too. At first I really couldn’t accept what you said, but after seeing this post, I find that you are quite honest, big brother.”

Sister Turtle wanted so badly to ask them, what on earth did that person clarify, and how was he honest at all?

But she held her thoughts back.

She had encountered this kind of situation before when she was writing for a website.

Sometimes, being powerful didn’t mean being able to conquer all.

So many people secretly carried evil

Chapter 328: Almighty Qin Was Awake

You could get yourself destroyed from your own kindness, because in this world, some people would always trust and fall for the deceptive words of others.

Although Big Spade didn’t know how to fabricate things, people from the opposition certainly knew how to.

Therefore, she refused to make the same mistake twice.

Especially when acting in defense of Spade Z, Sister Turtle needed to remain even more composed and win with her accumulated experience.

Fortunately, she wasn’t fighting this war alone.

There were several who focused on the passion Spade Z had brought to them, so as soon as she posted her comment, many people who truly liked Spade Z followed after her.

Together, they would show the world how powerful their existence was by posting comments one after another relentlessly!

“My Big Spade absolutely did that on purpose! He’s totally the one on top, so he obviously left those traces on purpose to show that he was the one who had slept with Almighty Qin!”

“What? He’s the one on top? Are you sure about that? Almighty Qin would not accept that.”

“I’ll sit here and and keep tabs on the Weibo updates while waiting for Almighty Qin to wake up!”

“That’s right. With Almighty Qin’s personality, there are two possibilities: Either the Almighty trapped Big Spade against the wall, or he directly slept with Big Spade.”


Just like this, the whole situation had turned a complete one hundred and eighty degrees.

A thick scent of indescribable intimacy permeated through the air.

Was that person still seeking attention by posting on Weibo?

Sorry, but those who really like Spade Z will not interact with you no matter what. If you’re begging for free popularity, take my stare and go figure it out yourself.

Lin Feng was still scared of the fact that Little Spade had slept with his captain.

He turned to Cloud Tiger and said, “Wait, Little Feng Shang was clearly the one who was supposed to sleep with Little Spade, so how did Captain get into the picture? Do you think that… the two of them did anything inappropriate last night? With Little Spade’s personality, he must have…”

“Even Little Spade fantasizes about Captain. It’s still okay because there are two obvious possibilities. First, he got completely beaten up and thrown out by Captain. Second, he was the one who was on the bottom; there’s no way Captain would be topped by him.” In Supreme Alliance, aside from the Almighty Qin, Cloud Tiger deserved to be called the best player, and he went straight for the throat of the problem. “But, Little Spade is really charming. It’s obvious that someone is protecting him.”

“Protecting? Are you talking about those Weibo comments?” Lin Feng was no blockhead either. “They really did a good job containing the situation. Otherwise, someone would have taken all the benefits and become popular from this.”

After saying that, Lin Feng became all excited again. “Little Spade is indeed Supreme Alliance’s clean stream of spring water, right? How come he can post on Weibo using Captain’s account? I’m sure Captain didn’t post this one himself, so how did Little Spade do it? Did he hack Captain’s account?”

“That’s unlikely.” Cloud Tiger tapped his phone. “Our team’s official account is quiet. In other words, Feng Yi knew about this, and there’s a huge possibility that Little Spade posted this with Feng Yi’s permission. Otherwise, do you think that someone who treats money as dear as life like Manager Feng would allow such a picture to leak out like this? He’s running away from the responsibility of it all, and he is scared that he will be paying his dues once Captain finds out.”

“That makes perfect sense!” Lin Feng patted his forehead. ” Aiyaya, then Little Spade is doomed. I can’t imagine how severely Captain will punish him, but I want to see it so badly!”

” Achoo! ”

After logging out of Hero’s page, Fu Jiu logged into Weibo again using Qin Mo’s official account. She unconsciously touched her nose with her long fingers, and her eyes paused as she was about to check out those countless comments.

A low, laughing voice slowly sounded from her left side.

“Why did you sneeze out of nowhere? Huh?”

That magnetic voice was so deep and low from just waking up, and it was as if one could taste the flavor of vivid intimacy from it…

Chapter 329: Exposed!

Fu Jiu turned, staring straight into a hypnotizing set of eyes that seemed to exude a sense of inviolability.

“Did you catch a cold yesterday, or are you feeling unwell somewhere?” The Almighty was still on the bed, his ears pressed against the pillow. His anime-like features were magnetising as dark wispy strands of hair landed on his forehead, the ends falling onto his lashes. Even the hotel air seemed more extravagant with his presence, emitting a light fragrance.

But… For him to be awake at this hour, things weren’t looking bright.

She had just replied to a message by Sister Turtle and was about to look at the other @s…

Alright, those weren’t all that important.

Her response was the main point, “With my good looks, of course I’m on top…”

She had originally assumed that the message would be drowned out by the sea of comments.

The Almighty might not be able to see it.

Since the Almighty wasn’t a fan of Weibo, he definitely wouldn’t scroll through all her replies.


Fu Jiu’s fingers paused momentarily before she shifted her phone naturally, “No, I’m good.”

“Eh?” Qin Mo arched a brow at her actions. He pulled his blanket aside, heading over.

Qin Mo was half-naked, exposing his perfectly defined abs and chest, the lines clear and imposing.

Fu Jiu had assumed that the Almighty wouldn’t be able to discover her posts despite his intelligence.


Qin Mo lowered himself, leaning over to press Fu Jiu’s arm. He was so close that it seemed as though he was about to fall onto her.

“Were you secretly using your phone while I slept?” He had a beautiful voice, but at this moment, it seemed shrouded in danger.

“What did I say, can you behave?” Qin Mo’s free hand tapped the corner of the youth’s eyes, “Don’t you still want your eyes, hmm?”

So it was the eye infection. Fu Jiu had originally assumed that he had really seen through something. “I still want them, but Brother Mo, I have to reply to messages, after all. For instance, the message by Baby Feng yesterday. You should know that Baby Feng is someone that needs to be taken care of. Now that Manager Feng isn’t around, I need to show him some more concern. His fragile heart would shatter if I didn’t reply to him the entire night.”

A chill ran through the depths of his eyes, “You do make some sense.”

“That’s right.” Fu Jiu was starting to thank the gods, her intelligence still seemed to be in check despite the pressure that the Almighty was inflicting.

Fu Jiu indeed hadn’t shown any loopholes but her explanation…

Qin Mo wasn’t pleased.

Baby Feng, eh?

That sure was affectionate.

He seemed close to both Feng Shang and Xue Yaoyao.

The thought of Xue Yaoyao caused a frown to appear on his face. Even the Almighty himself wasn’t aware of his current expression.

“Brother Mo definitely won’t jeopardise your relationship with others,” Qin Mo added faintly as he took the phone from Fu Jiu’s hands. “What do you want to reply to him, I’ll do it for you.”

Fu Jiu: …No amount of intelligence on her part could have predicted such a progression of events, why couldn’t the Almighty act normally!

Qin Mo had originally intended to reply to Feng Shang, but the moment he reached for the phone, he saw the glaring reply on the lit up phone.

“With my good looks, of course I’m on top…”

Chapter 330: Giving out Sweets in the Morning

I’m screwed.

This was the only thought left in Fu Jiu’s mind.

The time seemed to have frozen for the two of them in the moment Qin Mo that took his phone.

After an awkward pause of half a second, Qin Mo looked over at the young man in the bed.

The young man was looking at him as well, and because of his overly pretty face, the more Qin Mo looked at him… the more he wanted to punish him.

“The one on top? You?”

Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows halfway and hooked his thin lips up into a smile. He remained standing at the bedside as he put his left hand down and laid it on the bed sheet.

Fu Jiu acutely felt the bed sink slightly from the Almighty’s action of pressing down.

Qin Mo bent over halfway and positioned his knees against the mattress. His legs looked ridiculously beautiful this way.

His majestic face loomed over her instantly without any warning. His eyes were deep and dark, and like blooming poppies, they carried a thick scent of inviolability.

The first rays from the morning sun landed on his solid features, making him look even more domineering.

The two of them were extremely close, and they were so close that Fu Jiu didn’t even have space to move around.

The Almighty was too cunning, and he simply cut off her escape routes.

This posture made her look like she was trapped under him, right under his waist.

That man’s distinctive minty tobacco scent washed over her from all directions.

He looked at her with those indifferent eyes of his. At that moment, it seemed like he was about to hunt, like a predator exuding a dangerous, tempting glow.

“Since you are so positive about being the one on top, then this big brother of yours shall give you more practice and show you who on earth is the stronger one on top—you or me.”

As he spoke, Qin Mo was ready to teach his rascal little brother a good lesson, and his first thought was to rip his clothes off.

Qin Mo’s actions alerted Fu Jiu.

“Brother Mo, I have something to say about this!” Fu Jiu backed away a little, but Qin Mo latched onto her wrist.

The Almighty acted like he didn’t care. “Really? You have something to say?”

“Even those who get eliminated while playing Werewolf have a chance to say their last words.” Fu Jiu put on a very serious face.

Qin Mo was intrigued. He actually wanted to see what this kid still had to say. Furthermore, he even used Werewolf as an example, so the Almighty lifted his eyebrows at the young man, gesturing for him to continue.

Whoever played Hero knew that offense was the best defense.

Fu Jiu moved forward and sat up straight to kiss Qin Mo’s right cheek, catching Qin Mo completely off guard. Her eyes were bright, and her silver hair was messy from just waking up. That devilish smile of hers appeared mischievous as she said, “Brother Mo, I just want to say that it’s still so early in the morning. Aren’t you afraid that I would actually misunderstand that you have a thing for me by trapping me against the wall like this? I just can’t help kissing you!”

Qin Mo didn’t expect this from Fu Jiu at all. He was so surprised that even his fingers froze. His mood sank, and his eyes darkened like water in a bottomless well.

Fu Jiu seized the opportunity to get herself out of her predicament. As she put one hand in her pocket, she pompously sighed with pity, “Brother Mo, what should I do? The moment I thought I just turned straighter, you ended up flipping my sexual orientation around again. This is bad. This is really bad.”

Qin Mo laughed out loud in exasperation, and the corner of his lip seemingly curled up. He stood up straight with his bare feet planted on the floor, looking like a god—a god who came down to earth from the sky.


With his right hand, he pulled Fu Jiu back in with a powerful yank!

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