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National School Prince Is a girl Episode 321 to 325

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National School Prince Is A Girl
Chapter 321: Still Afraid

Unexpectedly, the Almighty brought her towards a corner and looked back at her. In a soft voice, he asked, “Are you still afraid?”



Fu Jiu didn’t react for a moment.

But, by chance, she remembered her own stupid little expression just now.

Then, in accordance with the Almighty’s words, she immediately said, “Kicking that person was nothing serious, but after seeing too much blood just now, I feel a little dazed all of a sudden.”

Qin Mo stopped walking and turned his head to look in her direction.

The distance between the two people became so close that even the Almighty’s breathing seemed to hit her face.

At the time, Fu Jiu was thinking that he might have seen through her lies.

But she only saw the man raise his hand and wipe her face with his typical indifference, and like a big brother, he advised, “Then don’t look at the blood. It’ll just be a waste of eye drops.”

Fu Jiu: “…Is this logic even correct…”

But whatever the Almighty just said, Fu Jiu thought about how she luckily remembered the events just now while wearing that dazed expression of hers.

Otherwise, with the Almighty’s smarts, he would have probably treated her differently.

After returning back to the room, the Almighty really administered the eye drops for her once again.

Although the tingle this time was not as strong as it was earlier, she still felt bitter.

After administering the eye drops on her, the Almighty directly turned the lights off, then he went back to his own side of the bed.

Fu Jiu didn’t ask why. She closed her eyes, but she could still hear the rustling.

According to Fu Jiu’s character, she would definitely want to unlock that one doubt that was always lingering in her heart.

But it was just too unrealistic if she were to ask him directly, “Brother Mo, have you ever been to Fifth Avenue?”

Then the Almighty might just notice something, and she would end up exposing herself.

Therefore, asking questions was a skill.


Now that she was alive under the identity of Fu Jiu, she should just let go of the things in the past, at least for now.

Because currently, she had found some things that she prioritized more than catching those hideous people.

Those things included letting He Honghua enjoy a happy life, treating her friends well, and entering the national tournament with the Almighty and the others to fight against the competition together shoulder to shoulder.

Fu Jiu didn’t know who the person was that said, in this world, crimes cannot be eradicated.

Just as there is light, there is always shadow.

Actions comes from the heart. When people are cruel to others, it must be because they want to protect their important ones.

If not, they would not steal, insult, prick, and scheme.

Little by little, these actions change into the darkness, which will eventually become devils.

She had met too many cases in her previous experience—people who committed crimes regardless of gender or age.

Even high school students could still smile proudly after bullying the people in their school.

Even middle school students could still pretend to be very poor after stealing things.

Not to mention some adults.

However, the truth always makes people feel tired or sick.

When you gaze into an abyss, the abyss also gazes right back at you.

Those words have always been so reasonable.

Once upon a time, Hoshino was worried about her for a long time.

He was worried that she wouldn’t be able to control herself and would punish those criminals in other ways.

In fact, even Fu Jiu herself was afraid that she would become unscrupulous and just kill the people that she wanted to kill off in her mind.

This was just like her earlier state today, which was very cruel and vicious.

The Almighty was really someone who could find ways to stop her.

As Fu Jiu thought of this, she turned her head and smiled, and her mind was more relaxed.

Chapter 322: Come and Sleep Here

If the Almighty was that person, it would have mattered less.

Because in the eyes of that man, she would always be a woman.

But right now, she was a boy.

As she thought about it, Fu Jiu lay down on the bed.

According to her deductions, the identity of Fu Jiu gave her great protection.

So she must not let the Almighty know that she was a girl.

If the Almighty was indeed that person, considering his method of doing things, then he must have already investigated her the first time.

Thinking in this way, after knowing that she was an expert in hacking when he saw her in the game, it made sense that the Almighty went after her to catch her.

Was it simply because she could play games?

Fu Jiu was left with a lingering question.

If it wasn’t due to the game, then did the Almighty instead harbor doubts because she was Spade Z?

That would explain why he always targeted her whenever he talked to her.

Besides, he’d always appreciated her.

After checking out her background, he had probably discovered that Fu Jiu herself hadn’t been to Fifth Avenue and was just a high school student who just happened to be Spade Z.

Hence, what a good identity to be a high school student.

The more Fu Jiu thought about it, the more complacent she became.

As Qin Mo was lying on the other bed, he didn’t hear any noise at all on her side. He sat up with his long legs planted on the ground and asked in an indifferent voice, “Are you still afraid?”

Hearing Qin Mo’s question, Fu Jiu knew that the Almighty must have misunderstood something.

But if she said that she was not afraid at this point, she would really end up giving herself away.

“Yes, a little bit. A bloody picture always appears before my eyes.” Fu Jiu had to answer in this way.

She did indeed dislike blood. Only when she replied back did she realize that she had overexerted herself in the fight.

Fu Jiu could hardly imagine the consequences if the Almighty hadn’t pulled her into his arms and covered her eyes.

Was she about to crush that man’s internal organs?

Fu Jiu shook her head, as if trying to get rid of all these emotions.

The issue should have been a serious thing originally, but who could have expected that the Almighty would then say, “Come and sleep here if you’re too afraid.”

Fu Jiu was shocked.

She was not shocked because of that sentence, but because of the Almighty’s cold tone, which seemed to imply, “It’s only because you’re my little brother. Otherwise, I wouldn’t indulge anyone by allowing them to touch my bed.”

Fu Jiu shook her head decisively and said, “Brother Mo, my sleeping habits are not good. It’s good enough for me to know that you’re nearby.”

Go and sleep there?

Hehe, is he kidding?

Was it a trap for her?

The Almighty must be coaxing her like a baby again. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said something like, “Come and sleep here if you’re too afraid.”

Unfortunately, in Qin Mo’s eyes at that time, she was simply like a rebellious young boy who was trying to be brave.

Qin Mo was thinking of leaving the young man with some self-esteem, so he turned to the side and flicked on the lamp.

Fu Jiu didn’t open her eyes at this point, but she could feel the soft lighting.

How strange. There actually existed such a man in the world who was icy cold and black-bellied, but also gentle to the bones.

The prerequisite to see such a sight was to be his little brother.

Thinking about it, Fu Jiu couldn’t help but sigh in her heart.

The more she hid things from the Almighty, the stronger he would retaliate back once he knew her secret.

Hence, let the intensified training camp finish faster.

Although Tokyo was beautiful, staying in the same room was very dangerous!

Chapter 323: Untitled

The next day, the sky was not yet completely bright.

Fu Jiu was simply standing in the bathroom, and she started checking if there was something wrong with her.

After experiencing yesterday’s events, she became more vigilant.

She had the door locked, and as she faced the mirror, she bound the bandages around her body and then put on her sweater and her coat.

After washing her hair, it looked even fluffier.

When she pushed the door open, she only saw the face of the Almighty, who was sleeping peacefully.

She saw his appearance. He had two hands resting on his chest. The shadows that gathered around when his eyelashes hung down made him look extremely regal.

Thanks to having such good genes, the appearance of the Almighty actually looked like this.

Anyway, while the Almighty was sleeping, the business Fu Jiu had to attend to first was to take her phone out to have a look.

She still had not yet replied to Baby Feng’s message in WeChat from yesterday.

However, she never thought that once she had the phone in her hand, Baby Feng’s urgent call wouldn’t show up on the screen. Instead, it was his big brother, Manager Feng, that called.

Manager Feng said very straightforwardly, “Z, log in to your Weibo and post some pictures. Don’t learn from CEO Qin. That guy has abandoned his Weibo.”

Fu Jiu thought this over again, and she replied, “He doesn’t love to post, but I can post for him. What do you think?”

Manager Feng was still in the domestic airport and was planning to get on the plane to fly to Tokyo.

After dealing with things in Jiang City, he would definitely go to Tokyo to watch over this friendly match. Although it was called a friendly match, its meaning just changed completely once you thought about how it could make the country’s reputation collapse.

If they lose here, would they have the nerve to attend the national tournament?

Manager Feng only thought about this originally. Looking at the Wechat now, he immediately replied, “You’re posting for CEO Qin? Are you sure?”

“Of course. I already had the Almighty’s password from last time. Isn’t he just using the same password for the game?” Fu Jiu lay back on the bed lazily with a lollipop in her mouth and her phone in her hand. She thought she saw through him and his interests.

Manager Feng thought for a while. Considering CEO Qin’s indulgence towards Spade Z, posting for him should be okay, so he agreed decisively, “You post! Include pictures!”

Fu Jiu smiled lightly and answered, “No problem.”

I’ll include pictures. With the artistry of photography.

Presumably, the Almighty doesn’t like showing his face to the public, but it would be such a waste if Qin Mo’s fans couldn’t enjoy the benefits of seeing this unprecedented sleeping face.

And so, Fu Jiu got out of the bed on purpose, leaned her body in, and took photos of Qin Mo from right to left. By using the early morning light, which misted through to illuminate his beautiful profile, she only left one clear angle that could simply make people imagine how handsome the person in the photo was once they saw the picture.

Of course, she included that handsome and dignified sleep position.

Such an image of the Almighty was simply too pure, just like the the dawn blending together with the day.

Initially, Fu Jiu’s eyes were smiling. After seeing the photos she had taken, she paused for a moment.

There was no need for her to ask again.

She was almost sure that the Almighty was the person from that year because the angle at which his chin curved was highly consistent with her memories from three years ago.

She couldn’t see his face clearly, and so she had also once asked who this person was.

Now, she had the answer all of a sudden.

However, Fu Jiu also paused again for a moment.

Now that she had figured yesterday’s issue out, worrying over it was completely unnecessary.

And the main point was that she had recognized the Almighty, but he failed to recognize her… So it was all good.

In a good mood, Fu Jiu opened the official Weibo page and simply posted four words along with the photos she took just now: “Early morning’s sleeping face.”

Chapter 324: Beauty in the Prosperity of the World

At this moment, she needed to thank Manager Feng for his follow-up measures when Almighty Qin forgot his password for his official Weibo, because he had directly changed Almighty Qin’s password into his game password.

Thus, Fu Jiu’s work went so smoothly.

Of course, she had other ways to access and open his account.

As long as she took Almighty Qin’s business laptop, she could find the previous records and break down the code.

However, now that she had discovered that the Almighty was the person who had made her suffer a loss in the past, Fu Jiu would not leave any traces at all this time around.

The Almighty was extremely smart; thus, she needed to take some precautions.

But as soon as she shared the picture, all of Qin Mo’s fans exploded!

“WTF, what did I see! What did I see!”

“It’s still early in the morning. I just came here to clock in and check on Almighty Qin. I never imagined that Almighty Qin would post on Weibo, but what’s the meaning of this?! A picture? A picture of him sleeping? Hehe, I must be dreaming!”

“It’s the first time Almighty Qin has ever shared a moment. Wow, he’s so handsome! Why does Almighty Qin look so inviolable even when he’s sleeping? I am going to swing the other way!”

The man who was upstairs went crazy. “Take me along! I’m also swinging the other way!”

“Ohh, my nose is bleeding…”

Not only were Qin Mo’s fans like this.

The members who also got up early all felt muddled, and and they forwarded the post. “Captain, what’s wrong with you? Captain?”

“Horrible!” As soon as Lin Feng refreshed his Weibo, he shouted towards the bathroom, “Cloud Tiger, come on! Get out and see whether the captain suffered a concussion!”

Cloud Tiger walked out half-naked, wearing only a pair of black trousers. As such, the man’s abdominal muscles were perfectly shown, with steam floating around him. “What’s the matter?”

“Look at this picture.” While Ling Feng was being jealous about Cloud Tiger’s figure, he raised his mobile phone to let him have a look.

Cloud Tiger quickly looked up and also paused.

Captain… posted a picture?

On Weibo? And it’s also a picture of him sleeping?

“WTF! Does Supreme Alliance finally plan to use Qin Mo’s beauty to fight for territory?” This was posted by Black Kurosaki, who had placed third in the nationals. “This is unforgivable. Why does the world judge using faces! It’s unfair! It’s really unfair!”

Black Kurosaki also had the nickname big black fatty.

And as soon as people saw him talk, they were delighted.

There was a wise netizen who commented, “Behave well, big fatty. Don’t make trouble. Comparing his figure to yours, you’re bound to lose.”

“…” Big black fatty looked at his beefy arm and beer belly, and then he took a look at the man on the picture who could directly go to a magazine shoot. He felt that he was hurt thousands of times over!

“Hahaha, don’t be sad, big fatty. Come and cry on uncle’s shoulders.” COCO had always liked to play online. When he heard that their captain posted a picture on Weibo, he rushed up to join in the fun.

Black Fatty: “…Go away!”

Of course, apart from these, there was a post that received a lot of attention because the person who shared it was none other than Xiao Jing, who was the captain of the team that had won the national championships. His comment was very consistent with his curtness. He just sent out a question mark.

By the way, there were also fans who wanted to ship Qin Mo and Xiao Jing together. When they saw Xiao Jing post on Weibo, they became crazier!

“Big Xiao, you should just admit it. Is it true that you only care about Almighty Qin?”

“Seeing the picture of Almighty Qin sleeping, you’re unable to control yourself. Right, that’s Big Xiao’s style.”

“Wait a moment. Uhh… Is it only me who wants to ask who took this picture…?”

Chapter 325: Who Posted the Picture?

Exactly. Who posted the picture?

Especially since it was taken at this angle and under this lighting. This person obviously knew that Almighty Qin hated showing his face in public; therefore, this person had purposefully blurred out his face. Only the Almighty’s strikingly beautiful facial structure could be seen, as well as his exquisite and noble temperament.

This picture of Almighty Qin sleeping was so ethereal that all of Qin Mo’s fans naturally neglected a very important problem.

After someone’s reminder, here came another wave of heated discussion!

“Little beauties, as a professional selfie taker who was born in 2018, let me tell you with confidence that there is no way one can take a selfie at this angle, not even with a selfie stick, unless… it was taken by someone else.”

“And even if Almighty Qin did take a selfie, he would never use a selfie stick.”

“To conclude the discussion from the upper two floors, this picture was one hundred percent taken by someone else! So, who is this person?”

“From the picture, we can easily tell that Almighty Qin was asleep. But that person was there while Almighty Qin was sleeping… Then who the hell is this person?”

“I have a huge tip-off. Isn’t Supreme Alliance training in Tokyo right now? I heard that they are sharing rooms. Go figure it out.”

“As far as I know, Almighty Qin would definitely have a room all for himself! My Almighty Qin is a total neat freak when it comes to sharing rooms with others, and the whole universe knows that!”

“Maybe it’s Manager Feng. That’s the only answer I can think of.”

“No way. Do you think that there’s any chance that Almighty Qin would actually open his door for Manager Feng to take a picture of him while he is sleeping? Almighty Qin would only give Manager Feng a cold smile and tell him to f*ck off, so there’s no way it could be him.”

That was right!

This was the very reaction that their captain would have!

Manager Feng acted like a little kitty in front of their captain. Perhaps he himself knew that he was no match for the captain in all sorts of ways.

Then, who was it?

At that moment, even Lin Feng, a team member, couldn’t figure out who took this picture.

According to their room arrangements yesterday, Captain did get a single room.

It was 8:20 in the morning… At this hour, who would dare to step into Captain’s room?

Only Student Feng, who was in the suite, instantly figured out who took the picture after seeing the Weibo post!

The one who took it could very possibly be… his idol!


Why did Almighty Qin take his place and role in every single possible way!

In his imagination, it was he who should have woken up with his idol in the morning light, posting selfie pictures together while freshening up!

His big brother gave him this assignment of posting on Weibo every day to amass popularity.

And now… Student Feng needed a moment to console himself in his deep sorrow!

On the other end, Fu Jiu logged out after posting that picture, and she sent an ‘okay’ to Manager Feng.

Manager Feng did see that post, but he didn’t reply.

He looked up in silence, and he saw that the gloomy sky was overcast and hazy outside of Jiang City Airport.

This had nothing to do with him anymore.

He was flying away.

So… Little Spade, good luck.

Fu Jiu thought that Manager Feng had boarded already after she didn’t see any reply come from him. She didn’t find it weird. Instead, after getting up, she directly pulled a lollipop from the bedside and put it in her mouth.

She heard that Hero had just released its mobile version, and she was thinking of downloading it and logging in to grind more.

In the meantime, all the fans on Weibo had turned into detectives of some sort!

Even the players from other teams could no longer contain their thirst for more gossip, so they texted Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was pulling his short hair, and he was trying to put on a nice face. “You all came to ask me, but how I wish I knew who this person is!”


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