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National School Prince Is A Girl Episode 31 to 35

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🤴🤴National School Prince Is A Girl🧏🧏

Author : Warring Young Seven

Chapter31 Before A Gay Meetup, Are You A Boy Or A Girl?



Qin Mo’s eyes became deeper, and he didn’t reply for a moment.

Fu Jiu wasn’t in a hurry either. She sat on her chair, tapping her chin with her fingertip, and looked at that chat box.

After about five seconds, a word finally popped up.


Qin Mo typed that.

Fu Jiu was going to ask about the details such as where, when, and how to contact him, but she was interrupted by the other party.

“I’m still in a meeting, let’s talk about the details later.”

He sounded like he was ordering her, replying in such a cold tone without the slightest bit of warmth.

But… he replied to her in the middle of a meeting.

The Almighty really paid attention to her, right?

Fu Jiu curled her thin lips playfully. “Awesome, I’ll wait.”

Qin Mo glanced over that “I’ll wait,” and closed his computer.

The secretary was behind him, and shock was written all over his face.

Did he see it wrongly?

Why did he have the impression that CEO Qin smiled just now?!

When Qin Mo returned to the meeting room, all the higher-ups quieted down at once.

But what did the CEO do during those ten minutes of absence? The curiosity was killing them!

It seemed like he was playing games?

Since when did games become so appealing?!

Qin Mo didn’t pay them any attention. He slowly walked to his expensive armchair made of genuine leather and crossed his legs slightly. His grand aura was extremely suppressing and shocking.

“Go on.”

With that, all of the management gathered themselves and concentrated.

“CEO Qin, from this season’s gaming report, there are fifty companies in the whole city…”

The murmurs in the meeting room faded.

In the Fu residence, Fu Jiu was sitting in front of her laptop. She figured that meetings could take some time, especially evening meetings. They wouldn’t wrap up so quickly.

She gamed for two rounds and got a FC. Then she got ready for a shower with a towel in her hand.

Things can wait after my shower.

On the other end, Qin Mo finished his meeting and reopened his silver notebook computer.

His secretary was standing still beside him. He didn’t dare to speak up or move, but he couldn’t control his eyes.

Although his CEO was at present a sacred existence in the world of electronic gaming nowadays, his CEO had never chatted with anyone while gaming!

What… happened today… This was the second time… he was seeing his CEO typing for the second time now?

“Still there?”

This was what their CEO sent.

But the other party seemed to be AFK.

No reply.

Their CEO didn’t move. He just sat there with his legs crossed and his eyes on the screen.

Is the CEO… going to wait for the other party?

The secretary felt shocked again!

Who the hell was that person who’s interesting enough to make the CEO wait?

“I’m here, I’m here, I was taking a shower.” Fu Jiu saw the notification light as soon as she got out of the shower. She typed with one hand and dried her hair with the other as she replied.

Droplets of water dripped down from her cropped hair. They slid along the side of her androgynous face and seeped into her white shirt. That picture right then and there was extremely appealing.

Qin Mo sat in the huge meeting room, and when he saw the reply, he asked bluntly, “Are you a boy or a girl?”

Fu Jiu paused, and her eyes blinked slightly. “Male.”

After replying, Fu Jiu added another sentence, “What? Almighty Qin, don’t tell me you have a crush on me?”

Hearing that, his cold and lonely black eyes burned up with terrifying flames.

The secretary behind him couldn’t help but cough out severely!

This… this person is ballsy!


Chapter32 Give You a Taste of Liking Someone!


This… this person isballsy!

Wouldn’t CEO simply slaughter him in his rage?

Secretary Liang planned to go home early, but now he changed his mind and stayed.

Seeing his CEO getting teased was way more interesting than watching TV shows.

Unfortunately, just as he made this decision, Qin Mo took his notebook laptop and said to him in an indifferent voice, “Secretary Liang, since you enjoy company drama that much, please stay here and work overnight. I will come back to check on the results tomorrow.”

Secretary Liang: “…” CEO, you can’t do this to me!!!

Qin Mo pressed on the elevator’s button, walked into the break room on the rooftop, and lifted the corner of his mouth. A smile blossomed, like an eternal ice flower in the north pole.

Fu Jiu sent over a “?” after not seeing a response.


Just as Qin Mo sat beside the floor window and reopened his notebook, he saw this message.

He slowly replied, “I am not interested in guys, but if you are a girl, I will give you a taste of how I like someone.”

He typed “like” with extra strength!

It was absolutely not anything innocent.

Fu Jiu understood the hidden message and felt heat burning in her cheeks.

In order to not spoil the relationship before their meeting, Fu Jiu cleverly switched topics, “So, at what specific time will you be free tomorrow, morning or afternoon?”


Another one-word message. Fu Jiu mused to herself that this man was a man of few words unless she upset him.

Fu Jiu looked at her watch. “Then let’s meet after school. My last class will finish at 6 p.m. I can be at that Lan Ning Cafe around University A at 6:15 p.m., be there or be square.”

With that, Fu Jiu went offline.

To her surprise, there came another message, which was not so warm. “Hold on a sec.”

“Hm?” Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow.

Qin Mo’s eyes were indifferent. “Why do you want to meet up?”

“Well, it does kind of bother me being chased like that.” Fu Jiu sent this over, putting down her towel and waiting for a reply. Of course, she couldn’t say the true reason online.

Qin Mo only replied, “Heh.”

He was rather cold. Obviously, he didn’t buy that at all.

Then he added, “Give me your contact info.”

Fu Jiu was thinking about that too. She didn’t want to give him her cell phone number, so she gave him her WeChat ID: “SPADEZ”

“Got it,” the other party replied again, and this time, without any punctuation.

The words were truly like the person himself, so arrogant.

It seemed that this Almighty CEO wasn’t interested in talking to her any longer.

After all, girls were more popular in the world of games.

However, she had seen him already.

She would just ask for Qin Mo once she arrived at the cafe.

What if Almighty Qin got a VIP room or something and didn’t give out any information?

That was fine; she would just use WeChat.

After she had figured that all out, Fu Jiu turned off her laptop and went to bed. She didn’t have her phone with her, so she didn’t know that at this time, three friend request notifications popped up on her phone, waiting to get her confirmation…

On the rooftop of Qin Corporation, outside the ceiling-to-floor window, the whole city was lit up at night, which was reflected inch by inch in Qin Mo’s eyes.

He held the wine glass with one hand and looked at his phone screen. His eyes turned cold bit by bit…

Still not confirmed?

Nice, very nice!

Just watch how he would fix “him” up well tomorrow when they met!



Chapter33 Before A Gay Meetup, Fu Jiu Flirts With Girls


The next day, Fu Jiu took her purse and was about to head out in her school uniform.

“Young Master, wait, wait, wait!” Old Driver Wang was still eating his fried bread stick. “I’m starting the car right now, I’m taking you to school.”

Young Master woke up even earlier today than yesterday?

“No need, I’ll skateboard there.” Fu Jiu stood at the gate and pointed at the skateboard under her foot.

Old Driver Wang made an ‘ah’ sound and said, “You’re not riding in the car anymore?”

“No need, Uncle Wang. Don’t wait for me at the gate later on. It’s autumn now, and it’s getting colder. You are already too old for such chilly weather, I will be fine by myself.”

Fu Jiu’s figure had long disappeared as she was saying this, leaving her voice faintly lingering in his ears.

Old Driver Wang fell into shock right there.

Young Master… was caring for him?

Fu Jiu had been outrageous before; Old Wang knew that the best.

He thought that Young Master acted well recently and only became thoughtful to get some extra pocket money from Madam.

But to his surprise, Young Master had really changed.

He had changed into someone who warmed a person’s heart.

8 a.m. in the morning was when the school was the most crowded.

Various kinds of luxurious limousines were parked and crammed at the gate.

This was nothing strange at Jiang City No.1 Middle School.

Because most of the kids who went there were from rich families, along with the fact that they were at the age where they loved to show off and compete, they got their drivers to send them to school.

Then, a handsome human figure flew by in the narrow path between the rows of limousines!

It was a blur; one could only see that eye catching cropped silver hair.

That blur was Fu Jiu. Her left leg was on the skateboard, and she was wearing pure black headphones. Her uniform was fluttering with the wind because of her leg’s movements, showing a bit of the fair skin on her waist. That figure was so pretty that many girls wanted to take out their phones and snap a picture.

“So cool! I thought he was too cool when he was getting interviewed yesterday! Now, with that skateboard, he’s even cooler!”

“What should I do, I feel like changing my dream lover already, Fu Jiu, Fu Jiu…”

As if Fu Jiu heard the girls talking, she turned her head and curled up the corner of her mouth.

In the blink of an eye, countless girls were awestruck…

Everyone changed the way they looked at Fu Jiu after the incident, especially that female student who didn’t come from a wealthy family—Xue Yaoyao.

Today was her first day back in school, and she took the initiative in requesting to be assigned to the same class as Fu Jiu.

When she saw Fu Jiu walking into the classroom, she abruptly raised the bun in her hands. “My mum made this herself. She, she gives you her thanks.”

Because of Xue Yaoyao’s actions, the whole class looked in Fu Jiu’s direction, which was followed by a big round of discussion.

“There’s no way Fu Jiu will eat her bun. What if that dirty stuff makes his stomach sick?”

“Exactly. Hey, is it possible that she has a crush on Fu Jiu?”

“Gosh, doesn’t she look at herself in the mirror, please. Look at that figure of hers, she’s simply a fat pig, but she still dares to fantasize about Fu Jiu?”

Hearing that, Xue Yaoyao bit her lip in embarrassment. She only wanted to thank him; she didn’t want to give him trouble.

But she forgot that she was a joke herself. With this point in mind, Xue Yaoyao wanted to retract her hands.

But to her utter surprise, that young man took off his headphones and turned around. Suddenly, he took a big bite of her bun with his snow white teeth. “Mmm… delicious, I actually haven’t had breakfast yet. Thanks.”

That voice still carried a sense of lethargic grace from just waking up not too long ago, adding to his smile that could melt the snow.

It was not just Xue Yaoyao; even the pretty girls in class couldn’t stop their hearts from speeding up…

[0]: Gay Meetup: in Chinese “Mian Ji”, meaning two male friends’ meet-up, for they act quite close, it gives a feeling to others that they may be gay and like each other romantically.


Chapter34 Stay in Contact, Young Master Qin Said, You Get in My Car Directly


Back then, Fu Jiu had no idea that her small, trivial gesture would make Xue Yaoyao swear that she would protect this young man.

Because, he protected her…

Fu Jiu didn’t feel that she did anything so moving.

It was just that, if someone thanked her sincerely, of course she would receive it with the same sincerity.

Although she was indeed a person with good looks, she didn’t like for anyone to judge others based on their looks or figures.

What’s wrong with being a little chubby in one’s teenage years, that’s normal!

Holding that delicious bun in her mouth, she went back to her seat. Fu Jiu switched her phone on. She was going to search for some studying hacks for physics; after all, physics had always been a pain in the butt for her.

However, before she could open the webpage, five WeChat friend notifications popped up.

The first one was normal, like the sender’s style. “This is Qin Mo.”

The other four were… relatively normal.

She had successfully stimulated the other side of Almighty Qin into coming out.

Every other message was a cold “heh” with an extremely frosty tone.

Well, Fu Jiu admitted that it was her fault this time. Not cool.

But then again, that man didn’t say that he would add her on WeChat.

Fu Jiu paused and clicked ‘Accept.’

Thinking of their meeting today and their impending cooperation, she replied with a sentence: “I went to bed last night and didn’t have my phone. I just saw your friend request.”

After replying, Fu Jiu subconsciously started to wait for an answer.

But class started, and there was still no reply at all from the other end…

As cool as Fu Jiu was, she soon forgot about all of that.

The physics teacher was lecturing while Fu Jiu frowned.

Was she the only person who found this subject ill-designed for human beings to study?

Without her tablet, class seemed to take forever.

Once sunset came, her phone buzzed under her desk.

Fu Jiu took it out and saw a voice message from Qin Mo.

“In class, can’t listen to it,” she replied quickly and simply.

No response again.

Fu Jiu didn’t care.

After three minutes, Qin Mo replied, “Meetup location has changed, I will wait for you at the school gate. You should know that my car is easy to find.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

She did know, but she was not the only who knew; everyone at school knew that high-end Hummer.

Not mentioning Jiang City, you couldn’t find another in the whole three northern provinces.

That car and that red license plate all displayed his privileged noble status.

But if that was the case, she would have to get into his car in front of everyone…


Alright, dear Chen Xiaodong would go mad again…

“Okay.” She was fine with it.

Qin Mo tilted his head and saw the reply on his phone. He then sat up on his bed.

He had just woken up, and his bewitchingly dark eyes were still profound-looking. His white shirt was half open, and his manly, buff honey-colored chest peeked through. His electrifying v-line and every inch of his outline was lethally appealing enough that it simply made people’s noses bleed!

He tilted his head a little. His hair was perfectly trimmed, barely covering his eyes. Suddenly, he thought of something and replied again with a domineering tone, “Don’t switch off your phone.”



Chapter35 Complete Change of View! Fu Jiu!


Fu Jiu could even feel how cold the expression that man had when he replied was through the phone screen.

She really couldn’t switch off her phone now.

That would delay things…

It was several minutes past 5 pm. The Rooftop Team were all looking at the time with their heads together.

“Why isn’t CEO Qin here yet?”

“Seems like he waited for a WeChat reply till midnight, and he just woke up.”

“Whose WeChat reply would be this important?”

“No idea…”

As they were discussing, they heard a creaking sound and the door opened.

Qin Mo walked in with wide strides and his shirt half-open. His black hair seemed to be dyed by the wildest ink-black night, and he instantly shut everyone up with his icy coolness!

His body was just so alluring that many people stole a glance and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

COCO ran up. “Captain, you slept here last night? Was it too busy at the company?”

Qin Mo didn’t answer. He turned and pressed on the company phone on the table, “I need a new suit, bring it up now.”


Secretary Liang was very efficient.

Qin Mo took the jacket in his hands and put it on, fixing the sleeves with his hands and doing the buttons up one by one. He said slowly, “I’m meeting Spade Z.”



COCO and Fatty stood up from their chairs at the same time!


Like those meetings between online game buddies?!

This… this is too surreal!

“This guy is so cunning, is it a trap?!” COCO questioned.

Fatty agreed, “CEO Qin, bring more people with you! We can’t let him run away this time!”

“You think I wouldn’t have already figured it out if this is a trap? Or…”Qin Mo raised his eyes up without a thought, and there was an evil coldness emitting from the depths of his eyes. “Are you reminding me about the last time I was fooled?”

COCO and Fatty froze at the same time, and their scalps became numb with fear. “No… not that…”

Boohoo, CEO Qin is so scary today!


Meanwhile, the last class had begun at school.

Usually, at this time, everyone’s minds would no longer be focused on studying.

Everyone was looking at the time on their phones with their heads down.

Fu Jiu was no exception; after all, she had a meeting.

The English teacher also knew that they weren’t listening, so he wanted to liven up the atmosphere with some questions. He called Fu Jiu up.

“What kind of girl do you like?”

Everyone in the class knew that Fu Jiu ranked dead last every year during exams.

She couldn’t understand English at all.

Although the girls were intrigued by this question, they knew that Fu Jiu couldn’t answer.

Jiang Feiyang sat next to Fu Jiu, looking mockingly at her and getting ready for a good show!

Xue Yaoyao was worried. She took out her pen and poked at Fu Jiu’s back from behind, writing one word on the note—Beautiful.

As long as Fu Jiu answered with this word, she would pass this test.

But she feared that Fu Jiu didn’t even recognize this word.

The teacher was looking at her.

Fu Jiu laughed, opened her thin lips, and answered with extremely fluent English, “Do you think because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong!—I have as much soul as you,—and full as much heart! And if God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, I should have made it as hard for you to leave me, as it is now for me to leave you.”

She had a naturally beautiful voice, and now that she spoke with an authentic British accent, she enunciated those words slowly so that they were full of exotic magnetism.

Everyone in the class was intoxicated by her voice.

“This, this is…” The English teacher was very excited. “The exact line from Jane Eyre!”

“Teacher, it seems that you also like this book. Yes… The female lead in the book is my favorite type.” Fu Jiu, who was still smiling, winked her left eye at Xue Yaoyao, who was behind her.

The charm of that evil, seductive handsomeness made the hearts of the girls sitting behind her thump heavily…




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