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National School Prince Is a girl Episode 301 to 305

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Chapter 301: Kiss?

Of course, Fu Jiu saw Qin Mo’s movements. Even though she was completely covered up from her nose down, she could still see.

Therefore, she could see the Almighty’s facial expressions perfectly.

Looking at how sullen he was, Fu Jiu suddenly felt like teasing him a little, so she adjusted her scarf and turned to the side to look at the high school kids who were gathered around them. She curled her lips up and looked handsome and flirtatious as she teased, “You want to see us kiss?”

She already looked handsome enough when she had her face half-covered, let alone when she had her face completely exposed.

Even the girls from Tokyo couldn’t stand that temptation.

Plus, what the young man just said was too provocative!

If they understood him correctly…

If they wanted to see them kiss, they would do it for them?

Is that so?

Those two high school girls were about to pass out from excitement, but before that, they expressed their thoughts firmly and nodded heavily to say yes.

Qin Mo’s aura became colder when he heard what the young man had just said. With one hand in his pocket, he looked at Fu Jiu so coldly that he could freeze and shatter Fu Jiu with his gaze.

Fu Jiu was never scared of the Almighty when he was like this, so she curled her thin lips up and tugged on the man’s collar. In a charming, wild, and intimate gesture, with one of her hands specifically pinching Qin Mo’s chin, she turned her handsome face and was about to kiss him!!!

They were so close to each other, and anyone who was looking at them could feel the intimacy in the air!

The girls went nuts!

Live! It’s a live version of a mind-blowing kiss scene!


No, why are you stopping!

Kiss him! KISS!

Of course, Fu Jiu wouldn’t kiss him for real.

She had been pressured by the Almighty for so many days, so she missed his black face when he was completely angry with her.

But this time was different…

The Almighty didn’t even move the slightest bit. He didn’t back away either!

If not for her self-control, she really would have kissed him already…

The Almighty’s really cunning…

He’s not getting angry even when he’s being teased and flirted with now?

But Qin Mo didn’t have any plans or schemes this time.

Even he didn’t know why he hadn’t broken the young man’s wrist already…

Instead, he let him inch in like this until he was extremely close.

Fu Jiu smelled sweet, like candy, and when the scent wafted towards him, he didn’t want to shy away at all; he wanted more of it.

On the left side of his face, he could still feel the soft touch of her fox fur hood when she tilted her head slightly. Even that feeling was so subtle that he should be able to simply ignore it… But he still felt it so deeply.

Qin Mo’s mood still became gloomy and cloudy, especially when the young man’s lips almost landed on his.

Qin Mo knitted his eyebrows heavily and shifted his gaze down to look at that guy. “On the count of three, take your paws back… One…”

Fu Jiu didn’t move since the Almighty’s grim expression was rare nowadays. “Brother Mo, don’t get angry. You don’t look handsome when you are angry.”

“Three.” Obviously, Qin Mo wouldn’t count every number out loud. After the countdown, he pulled the young man’s hood down with great strength using his right hand.

Right after that, he turned his body, and their lips were almost pressed together!

When they were only three centimeters apart, he paused, and with a cold smile, he said, “This is how you kiss someone. If you want to learn, big brother can teach you.”

Chapter 302: Qin Mo Really Wants a Kiss

It was probably because they were too close to each other.

In an instant, Fu Jiu felt that this was not a friendly position. On the contrary, this felt extremely dangerous.

Especially when the man was talking, his breath would hit her lips, proving that the Almighty was serious.

Luckily, he didn’t lose his senses from anger.

After he had finished, he moved his hand away from her head.

Qin Mo’s fair and pretty face still looked regal and distinguished, and his eyes looked inexplicably deep.

But they were talking from up close. Plus, at that angle, their faces were partially blocked, so from an outsider’s perspective, it looked like they had done things they shouldn’t have done just now.

“Help me, help me, my nose is about to bleed!”

Girls who had dirty minds all acted alike no matter where they were from.

Fu Jiu paused and then looked to the side with a faint smile. She said with a voice completely filled with regret, “Nothing happened, so there’s no need for a nosebleed.”

Did the girls really buy that?

Of course not!

“He is shy, he must be shy now!”

“He looks handsome even when he is shy! He blushes when he lies! He’s the one on the bottom!”

Fu Jiu: “…”



Do I really look so much like the one on the bottom?

I’m the one on top, alright?

Under normal circumstances, she would definitely show her true prowess.

But the Almighty currently looked very unhappy from head to toe.

If she continued her little naughty actions, the Almighty would explode.

He would put her in a sack and throw her into a trash can.

Fu Jiu always knew when danger was lurking, so she didn’t do anything more. After all, there was a very big possibility that he might already have a girlfriend.

Her principle was not to flirt with people who already had girlfriends.

In the meantime, Fu Jiu acted nicely. Since she had an eye infection, she followed Qin Mo obediently. Her face was fair like a piece of jade. With her black coat, fox fur hood, and head of silver strands of hair, she looked like a prince walking straight out from a cartoon. The earring on her left ear was shimmering with a faint light.

Qin Mo wasn’t acting like himself.

His eyes were frighteningly dark.

Because he never expected that…

At that moment… He… He actually wanted to kiss him? He wanted to press his lips tightly onto those soft, thin lips in front of him!

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes. The hand in his pocket secretly tightened and then loosened up.

I’m just angry.

Facing this young man’s provocations.

I just couldn’t take it anymore. It’s normal.

After he had thought things through, Qin Mo’s eyes brightened up again. He stopped and turned back to look at the young man.

Fu Jiu instantly noticed that the Almighty was looking at her, and she curled her lips up into a smile.

This time, the Almighty didn’t let this flirty guy get away lightly, and he dragged him over all the way into the hospital.

After getting a queue number, he threw her onto the chair in front of the doctor like he was throwing out a bag of trash.

Fu Jiu fixed her back collar and looked at the stunned Japanese doctor. She smiled and said, “My brother is quite hot-tempered, and I spoil him too much.”

That doctor didn’t understand, but he acted like he suddenly understood everything!

Qin Mo was amused by his little brother, so he laughed out loud. He rubbed his hand against the young man’s head, and there was a familiar coldness in his soft smile. “Since you love your brother this much, you should pay for the doctor’s fee this time.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

The Almighty treated her this way knowing that she loved money dearly.

Where are his morals!

Chapter 303: Sweet Couple Candy!

The doctors in Tokyo were very careful, even though Fu Jiu only asked for some eye cream and eye drops.

That doctor still very conscientiously prescribed a lot of medicine for her, including those for getting rid of the inflammation.

As he was giving out more and more prescriptions, Fu Jiu’s face looked more and more dejected.

A bottle of eye drops would have easily solved her problems, but she ended up shelling out enough cash to buy a high-quality keyboard.

If not for the fact that the Almighty truly wanted to take her to hospital, she would suspect that he was digging a pit for her to fall into again.

But the Almighty still looked sincerely concerned.

Furthermore, he was really acting like a big brother. He was asking all kinds of questions with his clear voice.

The doctors in Tokyo loved these kinds of people who also treated minor illnesses carefully. He pushed his glasses up and said seriously, “Don’t play computer and phone games too much. Young people nowadays just love these kinds of electronics.”

No computers?

How’s that possible?

Losing her access to a computer was worse than quitting food for a hacker like Fu Jiu.

The Almighty would also never agree to this.

Their friendly match was going to be held in a couple of days.

But who knew that…

The Almighty would be hiding more surprises under his belt…

He sounded sullen, but he responded calmly, “Alright.”

That senior doctor respected him greatly and passionately reminded him, “Watch his diet too. He can’t eat beef or lamb. No spicy food either.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

How dare you ask a person who loves hotpot to stop eating beef, lamb, and spicy food!!!

Are you planning on starving me?

Most importantly, she had never seen the Almighty being this cooperative with someone.

He nodded seriously and sounded calm as he complied, “I will keep an eye on him.”

Just like this, after Fu Jiu had walked out of the hospital, she saw the incomparable darkness and hopelessness lying in wait for her for the next three days.

“Brother Mo, it’s really not that serious.” Fu Jiu wanted to convince the Almighty using logic. “It’s all because of the weather and the smog in Jiang City. It’s just a little infection. A few days of eye drops will fix it. The friendly match is coming, so I need to play!”

Qin Mo looked indifferent. He wanted to smoke a cigarette, but after hearing the word “infection,” he put that cigarette stick away. “I will play for you.”

The Almighty wasn’t originally going to play in that friendly match.

After all, it was just a friendly match.

There was no need for the Almighty to appear in it.

“No,” Fu Jiu refused crisply. “Compared to Brother Mo’s hands, my eye infection is nothing!”

Apparently, Qin Mo didn’t want to talk about his hands. “It’s just my left hand, not both of my hands.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

So did he mean that he was going to play with one hand?

Almighty, did you consider other people’s feelings when you said that?

The bright lights on the streets gradually dimmed.

There were fewer people on the streets when the two of them walked back. The shadows underneath their feet stretched out behind them.

When they were back at hotel, Fu Jiu’s phone rang. She took it out to check the notifications, but the Almighty snatched her phone away.

Fu Jiu looked back!

Qin Mo’s godly face was peaceful and calm, and as usual, his voice was as pure as fine ground ink as he exuded the aura of a businessman, “Did you forget what the doctor said just now? Paws off your games for these few days.”

He threw the phone on the bed as he was speaking and ripped his coat open. “Now, go apply the medication.”

Chapter 304: Applying Medication Sweetly

Meanwhile, Feng Shang was in his room all alone. He felt so sad about his idol not replying to him that he sent another voice message to his friend, Triple Nine Lollipop!

He needed to get his idol back!

No matter how shameless Almighty Qin was, if his idol insisted on sleeping with him, Almighty Qin would have to let him come back!

A notification sounded from WeChat, and Fu Jiu’s gaze landed on her phone.

Seeing the young man take a look at his phone, Qin Mo’s hands, which were taking the eye drops out of its packaging, paused. He then took the phone and turned it off with an indifferent expression.

Fu Jiu saw the screen die out altogether, along with that unread message notification. Internally, she could only silently murmur to Baby Feng, Sorry.

There were simply certain things in life that were totally out of her control.

Feng Shang felt that his text was like a stone that fell deep into the ocean.

He couldn’t help but feel frustrated. So his idol liked to sleep with Almighty Qin more?

But… What if his idol made a stupid mistake?

His idol said that if he did anything intimate with Almighty Qin, Almighty Qin would break his hands.

Feng Shang thought about it, but he couldn’t sit still anymore, and so, filled with hot-blooded passion, he decided to rescue his idol from the Almighty!

But as soon as he opened the door, he was stopped by two bodyguards dressed in black.

Feng Shang was stupefied. “Why-why-why are you still here?”

“Boss Qin asked us to stay here to keep Second Young Master safe.”

When that bodyguard said those words, he actually felt bad for Feng Shang.

But he couldn’t do anything. Their boss had always been eloquent with his words.

Feng Shang: “…”

You call this protection?

He was obviously being grounded!

Baby Feng withered. There was no way he could fight these two muscular men by relying on his little physique.

What did he do to piss Almighty Qin off? Why was he treating him like this?

In fact, Baby Feng was overthinking things.

With Qin Mo plugged into the equation, the reasoning was quite simple.

His little brother had to be in the same room as him.

Who else would his little brother share his room with aside from his big brother?

Qin Mo really poured a lot of energy into dealing with Fu Jiu’s issues.

Perhaps things were like what he said.

Since he took him in as his little brother, then he would protect him well.

Therefore, he didn’t feel disgusted about things like applying medication.

The only thing was that when people like Qin Mo touched any kind of medicine, their hearts couldn’t help but feel resistance.

But he also couldn’t stay there and watch the youth apply the medication by himself.

He brought the eye drops over and pinched the young man’s chin naturally.

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. What is happening?

“What’s on your mind? Just lift your head.” Qin Mo’s jade-like fingertips lightly tapped him.

Fu Jiu knew that having someone help her apply the medication was better. After all, everyone knew about the difficulty of using eye drops.

In cases of eye infections, the eye drops would cause stinging pain once they fall into the eyes, and if you were administering it yourself, you would blink unconsciously.

And if you blink, the eye drops would go to waste, and you would have to do it all over again.

Thus, after hearing the Almighty’s words, Fu Jiu smiled and lifted her head. She languidly supported herself on the bed using her right hand and opened her eyes wide. She still looked handsome.

Her right eye’s infection was more severe. Qin Mo was examining her eyes very closely, so he could clearly see it.

Qin Mo remained standing. Applying the medication would be easier if he just bent over, so he moved in so he was closer to the young man’s handsome face.

He pressed on the young man’s right eyelid with his long finger. He forced the youth’s eye to open wide and squeezed out a drop of the medication into it.

Fu Jiu’s body shrank away involuntarily.

Qin Mo simply pressed on the young man’s head, and he said mildly, “Don’t move.”

Chapter 305: Almighty Qin’s Patience

“It feels so uncomfortable not to move,” Fu Jiu sighed, but she couldn’t fight against the Almighty.

Qin Mo didn’t listen to the youth and squeezed out a second drop into her right eye.

Fu Jiu didn’t move and felt the sting.

“If it hurts, it’s working,” Qin Mo said as he rubbed the youth’s head.

Fu Jiu let out a sound of acknowledgement. She didn’t want to make things difficult for the Almighty, because she knew that he wasn’t good at comforting people.

Actually, Qin Mo wasn’t willing to see the youth look like this.

He secretly resolved to make the young man eat more food that was good for his eyes.

So that he would never look all withered like this ever again.

The third drop was for her left eye.

Her left eye’s condition wasn’t that serious, so one drop was enough.

Then it time to apply the eye cream. Getting this in Tokyo was a miracle.

Her eyes would be completely covered once the eye cream was applied.

It was very sticky.

Fu Jiu wanted to open her eyes and see the lights and what not.

“Rest up and keep them closed.”

Qin Mo sounded indifferent while his fingers were massaging the corners of Fu Jiu’s eyes, so that she would feel better.

However, Fu Jiu was naturally more alert and guarded than others because of her profession.

She had never been unable to see things like this before.

Especially when she was still a hacker, she liked to see everything all the time.

And that was the reason why she could escape every single time all those years.

Except for Hoshino, she had met no one.

And trusted no one.

But ever since she was reborn, she had become different from before.

How should she put it into words?

She was more grounded now?

But this kind of endless darkness still gave Fu Jiu a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity.

That light scent of tobacco that her nose picked up… seemed to come from the Almighty.

That was the only thing that allowed Fu Jiu to discern his location.

Her heart was affected too.

Fu Jiu tried very hard not to touch that man who was inches away from her because she didn’t want to be accused of being flirtatious again. That would be so unfair.

And besides, she couldn’t see the Almighty’s eyes anymore right now.

She felt insecure about her identity, because she wasn’t sure if the Almighty would be able to notice something was wrong within this span of time.

Therefore, she couldn’t let her guard down even a single bit.


That deep, regal voice resounded.

Fu Jiu laughed. “Why would I be?”

“You back is stiff. You’re still saying you are not nervous?”

Fu Jiu then felt someone touching her head.

The Almighty said in a low voice, “Did you forget already? Your brother studied psychology.”

Fu Jiu admitted, “Okay, I am. It feels uncomfortable being unable to see things.”

Qin Mo lowered his eyes. He was looking at the young man who was complaining in front of him, and his mouth was curved into a half-smile, probably from amusement.

“Brother Mo, are you smiling?” Fu Jiu tilted her head, and her ears perked up.

Qin Mo simply responded with an “en” sound.

He was not trying to hide things at all. Fu Jiu felt that people who studied psychology were real conversation killers.

Just as she felt more and more uneasy, she felt something touch her ears. The sensation was cold, so she wanted to back away from it.

But he pulled her back.

They were headphones.

Why did he give her his headphones?

Qin Mo looked at the young man’s confused face. He then pressed the play button with his long finger and turned the volume up to the maximum level.

A lovely melody coming from the headphones instantly shattered all the darkness, and a perfect baritone resounded in her head. It was Eason Chan’s song, which was perfect for easing nerves…


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