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National School Prince Is a girl Episode 296 to 300

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National School Prince Is A Girl
Chapter 296: Almighty Qin Changes Room

Student Feng was very quick-witted.

What was happening?

What was wrong with this hotel in Tokyo?

Pushing the door open without the customer’s permission?

Feng Shang, who was dressed in his pajamas, complained internally. He didn’t expect that when he drew back his gaze from the bathroom and turned to look back, that he would see Almighty Qin slide one hand into his trouser pocket and walk straight towards him, playing with the room card he shouldn’t have been able to get with the other hand.

Feng Shang: …

He had been relying on the good upbringing of the Qin family.

Before entering the room, shouldn’t he knock on the door first?

The sound of water in the bathroom was still loud, steam heavily billowing.

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Fu Jiu didn’t know the situation here either.

From the moment that Qin Mo entered the room, Feng Shang’s hands froze and he acted as well-behaved as a mouse. “Captain… ” It was so late, so why did Almighty Qin come to their room?

“You behaved very well today,” Qin Mo praised suddenly with a mild voice.

Feng Shang heard this and felt very puzzled. What did he do to make Almighty Qin think that he behaved well today?

Student Feng was still puzzled. Qin Mo raised one hand and threw his room card into Feng Shang’s hand, “In order to reward you, I will give the single suite to you.”

Feng Shang looked at the room card in the center of his hand, stared with his round eyes, before mustering up the courage to uneasily contradict him, “I-I don’t want the award.”

He just wanted to sleep with the idol quietly, which Almighty Qin didn’t allow. Was this an award?

“Oh?” Qin Mo curled up his lips, with his beautiful and cold side profile. “Second Young Master, I don’t remember asking for your advice, but know that you can either go out by yourself or let people send you out.”

Every time Feng Shang heard Master Qin call him Second Young Master, his back would stiffen. This time, it was even more serious.

It was not because he didn’t want to sleep with the idol, but mainly because… mainly because… Almighty Qin’s pressure was too strong.

Finally Baby Feng couldn’t resist the frozen atmosphere anymore. He silently picked up his own clothes and walked towards the gate, turning his head to look back three times with each step.

The world was too unfair.

Why did he have to pressure people using force…

Two bodyguards in black also stood by the door.

It was obvious that Almighty Qin was just threatening him!

Baby Feng was really too sad. The pajama party he looked forward to all day was over just like that.

As for Qin Mo, he didn’t feel guilty at all.

After getting rid of the extra person in the room, Qin Mo took the business book and data line out of the hand of bodyguards and let them both exit.

Bodyguards looked at the very poor Student Feng in the corridor and looked at the handsome face of their Boss Qin.

They didn’t discuss the boss.

However, if Boss Qin always acted like this, wasn’t that too shameless?

The main reason that Boss Qin found, the reward… Was such a word suitable to be used here?

Second Young Master Feng was very poor, but even if it had been someone else, they still could not stand Master Qin’s pressure.

It slowly grew later in the night.

In the bathroom, Fu Jiu turned off the shower. After she wound new bandages around her body several times, she put her tank top on, then added a pure white sweater on over it, matching it with brown trousers. She looked very Korean in style, with her silver hair still dripping with water, her high, straight nose, and her thin, smiling lips. Her skin was so white that it looked like you could wring water from it.

She walked out looking like this. Originally, she wanted Baby Feng to get a towel for her. But her fingers paused when she raised her head.

Qin Mo was half-reclining on the bed. His long legs were crossed casually, on which there was a silver laptop resting. His profile was elegant and beautiful and his demeanor was still good. But his uniform and shirt collar was opened, which added an indescribable sex appeal…

Chapter 297: The Two Are together

At this point, he looked at her with his deep dark eyes. There was an exquisite languidness in his eyes, which could almost hypnotize people.

If the Qin Mo’s fans came in at this time, they would probably be fascinated by the way that their big god looked before he spoke.

He was handsome, but also dangerous.

Seeing him, Fu Jiu curled her lips, “Brother Mo, it is so late now. Why are you here? Where is baby Feng?”

Seeing the flush emerging on the youth’s handsome face due to her shower just now, Qin Mo slightly averted his eyes and replied lightly, “To give you instructions about how to improve your skill while playing games.”

Fu Jiu: …So? Where on earth was baby Feng?

Wait, she had a very bad feeling.

“Until what time will Brother Mo guide me?” Fu Jiu combed her bangs back as her eyes narrowed a little. There was finally no more water dripping from her hair. But it was such an action that made her become even more attractive.

Under the bright lights, a faint halo was outlined around the side profile of the youngster. it was so clean that even the fluffy baby hairs could be seen.

Qin Mo returned his gaze to her. His eyes were so deep and dark that they looked like they were permeated with wine. “Until right before we go to bed. I’ll stay with you tonight,” he added in an indifferent voice.

Hearing this, Fu Jiu was about to say something more when she saw the man sit and wait for her to reply, seeming like he was watching to see what expression she would react with.

What a dangerous man this big god was!

She was most clear about this.

Sometimes the more you wanted to escape, more flaws would be exposed.

Fu Jiu hooked her lips up and pulled a light smile on her face, “That’s very kind of you, Brother Mo.”

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and directly passed the business notebook in his hand to the youth, who was saying and doing things inconsistent with what he expected.

Looking at her puffed up cheeks, there was an involuntary smile on Qin Mo’s lips.

Fu Jiu was confused, “Brother Mo, it seems that you’re in a good mood.”

“Yes.” Qin Mo didn’t deny it.

Fu Jiu became interested and asked, “Anything interesting? Can you share it with me?” Otherwise the atmosphere in the room was too serious, which would make it more likely for things to go wrong.

“Seeing your depression.” Qin Mo glanced at the youngster casually.


Fu Jiu decisively turned her head. She didn’t say a word, because it would meet the Almighty’s goal if she said anything. She also didn’t be depressed, because this was even more likely to reach the Almighty’s goal.

She was going to play games very brightly and brilliantly!

It really was very bright and brilliant of her.

She rapidly KO-ed one player at the very start.

The player was dumbstruck and only sent one sentence over, “Buddy, why are you so murderous? Can’t we play in a friendly way?”

Never had the Almighty played in a friendly way with her, so she didn’t reply but instead continued to kill.

Fu Jiu sat next to Qin Mo with her long legs crossed.

The single bed in the hotel was usually big enough for two people to sit separately.

After seeing the speed at which the youth KO-ed the other players, the smile on the corner of Qin Mo’s lips became even more prominent.

If Secretary Liang was there, he would definitely crumble.

Master Jiu hadn’t done anything except achieved a faster killing rate, so why did Boss Qin smile so happily!

It wasn’t until Fu Jiu almost reached the fourth person that Almighty Qin began behaving like he was guiding him on how to play games. He stretched out his right hand and put it directly over Fu Jiu’s hand on the mouse. There was an appealing light scent of tobacco from his thin lips as he said, “Here, pull back a little so that you can prevent sneak attacks from behind when you play team games.”

Fu Jiu could feel the deep breath in her ears. Instead of avoiding it, in the same instant it happened, she unleashed a big move!

Chapter 298: Almighty Qin dotes on Fu Jiu

It couldn’t be left unsaid that Qin Mo’s experience and skill really did make up for some of Fu Jiu’s deficiencies in a short amount of time.

And it was then that Fu Jiu realized that even if her hand speed was fast enough, she would encounter obstacles that the level of her account Spade Z was not high enough to surpass.

In fact, it was something that every team knew.

Even if they admitted that Spade Z was excellent, they didn’t think that they would lose to Spade Z in competitions.

They were professional teams and couldn’t be compared with new players,

it was not so easy to win the national competition.

Qin Mo had discovered the problem at the very beginning, which is why he agreed to kill monsters with Fu Jiu at that time.

Besides the fact that Fu Jiu looked pleasing to his eyes, the other reason was that killing monsters increased your level very quickly.

Certainly, playing ranking games also helped.

In fact, getting results there was very helpful in terms of leveling.

But if they just relied on the current method… they still couldn’t compete with the Xiang Nan Team.

Perceiving that Qin Mo had stopped, Fu Jiu turned her head with her eyes full of doubt.

When her soft silver hair dried, it became fluffy.

When Qin Mo saw the youth look at him like that, his eyes lightened again.

Before competing against the Xiang Nan Team, there was nothing important.

And there were no less than seven gaming contests.

This was enough for his little brother to practice.

He was only responsible for winning the contests.

If the other team members knew that Qin Mo thought like this, they would all spit out blood.

Did they really look like sandbags?

For practice?

Qin Mo had reached a certain level of doting on his little brother.

It had to do with the family upbringing of the Qin Family.

There was nothing else as important as protecting the people on their own side.

“Are you sleepy?” Qin Mo asked the youngster with his eyes flitting towards Fu Jiu.

The man’s voice was deep and sounded attractive, especially late at night.

Fu Jiu shook her head. She slid the mouse and at the same time gestured a number seven towards Qin Mo, which meant that she could compete for seven more games.

Looked at the youngster who worked so hard, Qin Mo’s eyes changed a lot. Actually, there was no need for him to work this hard as his brother…

But before he spoke, the phone next to him rang.

Fu Jiu thought it was about business, so she hinted for him to answer the phone with her eyebrows quirked.

However, Qin Mo himself was very clear that this ringtone, Castle in the Sky, was specially set for somebody.

He stood up and answered the phone, answering in a light voice, “Hello.”

“It took so long for you to answer my phone call, are you in a meeting once again?” The woman on the phone was beautiful, and not only was she beautiful, but also full of maturity and elegance that cannot be described. Whoever saw her would admire her temperament. She deserved to be a popular movie queen, and even at this age, her beauty from inside to out almost intoxicated people. But at this point all of her elegance was replaced by minor grumbling, and acting a little childish, she said, “Did you know that your aunt Wang has had a grandchild?”

“I know.” Qin Mo tilted his head and lit a cigarette.

“Only two words ‘I know’? Who the hell has caused your personality to become like this! Alas!” The beauty was helpless and she heaved a loud sign and said, “I want to have a grandchild too.”

Hearing this, Qin Mo raised his eyebrow and said, “You can ask your Mr. Qin to steal one for you, isn’t he right there?”

“Yes.” The beauty’s eyes lit up, “Do you want to speak to your dad and say something about your online girlfriend?”

“Online girlfriend?” Qin Mo asked indifferently.

Hearing the her son’s tone, the beauty knew that the talk had broke down…

Chapter 299: Like Puppy Love

But so what if their conversation failed?

They had already been so open about it.

She didn’t need to test the waters anymore!

“Son, the Qin family is not that conservative. You like to play games so much, and by now it’s normal to meet someone online. What does she look like? How old is she? From what family? It’s okay if she’s not from one of those families in our circle, as long as you like her, so why don’t you take her home to meet us someday? Your father and I can fly back anytime!”

The beauty said that and pulled on the man who was reading the magazine next to her. “Right?”

That man was completely dressed in a military uniform, and looked very distinguished. “Mm, yes, we can.”

Behind him, an aide-de-camp who was waiting and ready for an urgent departure: …

Qin Mo still had the phone in his hand. Both eyes were fixed on the young man who was playing games in bed. He became a little careless. “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“How’s that even possible! Son, you can tell me everything.” The beauty narrowed her eyes. “Even though I’m not as smart as you and your father, but I have the basic intelligence to know that something’s up if you are playing with your phone during meetings. This is completely unlike you. You even use voice messages now, you are totally in a relationship! And you’re acting like a little boy having his first crush. You have never had a girlfriend before, so you don’t know how to deal with this situation very well. You can talk with me, whoever you want to go after, mummy can give you suggestions, right? So, spill!”

Qin Mo took a drag on his cigareete and said lazily. “My beautiful Miss An, if I consider what you know, will I discover that when Secretary Liang follows me around, he is always calling you?”

The beauty was seen through. She lowered her voice and said to the man next to her, “What do I do, our son found out about it!”

“Parents have the right to keep an eye on their son.”

Qin Mo heard his father and lifted his eyebrows.

The beauty heard her husband and instantly regained her confidence. “Son, you are changing the subject! What does this mean, it means that you are hiding things!”

“I did meet someone online.” Qin Mo knew there had to be an end to this, so he simply admitted it. “But, he is a guy.”

“Guy?” The beauty heard this and looked completely disappointed. “Son, are you being serious right now?”

Qin Mo walked back and forth, his left hand in his pocket and his right hand holding the phone. He casually leaned on the headboard and looked down at the young man’s fluffy head. “You can go ask your spy, Secretary Liang.”

The beauty heard this and knew it was over.

Why was it a guy?


“Son, how’s your sleep been recently?”

In fact, this was what the beauty cared about the most.

Qin Mo’s fingers paused and he looked at Fu Jiu. “Not bad, right now I have someone who accompanies me to sleep.”

“Accompanies you to sleep?” Beauty heard this and became utterly shocked, but when she finally reacted enough to ask further…

Qin Mo had already said, “Gotta go mum. Hanging up now.”

Beauty: …I’m so fed up with this! Why is my son always acting like this with me!

But who on earth is that person who can make my son let down his guard?

When business here was finished, she had to go meet that person!

Ever since that incident…

Her son had changed.

Even though it was hard to see from the outside.

She was his mother, and she knew her son the best.

He was never happy all these years…

Chapter 300: A Beautiful Couple

On this side…

Fu Jiu was still playing games, and she checked on Qin Mo from time to time.

At first, she didn’t understand why the Almighty needed to go somewhere else to answer the phone.

Now she knew that he didn’t want her to overhear his conversation.


But she had really good hearing, so she still managed to pick up a few things.

Beauty An?

This form of address was nothing like the way Almighty would normally call somebody.

And when he was speaking on the phone just now, the Almighty’s eyes obviously weren’t as indifferent as usual.

Although his eyes only had a little bit of gentleness in them, seeing it still felt weird.

Is it his girlfriend?

Fu Jiu was thinking with her head tilted.

When she regained her senses, she saw an unwrapped lollipop appear in front of her. Furthermore, it was chocolate-flavored.

The Almighty’s trick was to give her candies from time to time…

Fu Jiu would reap the benefits from it anyway. She looked to the side and simply wanted to put it inside her mouth.

But out of nowhere, the Almighty lifted her chin up instead.

Fu Jiu frowned. She wanted to avoid him, but she was caught in his gaze for a long time.

At that moment, her heart stopped.

Did he find out?

No way.

I didn’t do anything.

But his eyes were staring so deeply at her face that she couldn’t figure him out…

Fu Jiu felt numb all over her body. She felt that he was so close to her that she could even feel his breath on her face.

Time stopped, and everything seemed to be in slow motion.

The ticking sound of the clock melded with her heartbeat.

Fu Jiu was frantically trying to think of a way out.

Then she heard the man’s voice resound slowly and a little coldly, “What is wrong with your eyes?”

“Hah?” Fu Jiu reached out and touched her eyes. “An infection? Maybe I was looking at the screen for too long, so they became swollen?”

So he lifted her chin up for this. The Almighty really knew how to scare people.

But under normal circumstances, this manner of speaking could really distract a man.

Fu Jiu’s eyes being the way they were right now, Qin Mo grabbed a coat and shoved it into the young man’s hands. “Put it on. We are going to the ER.”

“You don’t go to the ER for an eye infection.” Fu Jiu considered eye infections normal. Eye drops would easily fix this problem.

But Almighty Qin didn’t take anyone’s rejection easily, especially when it concerned the young man’s health.

He dragged her over and put the coat on for her.

Fu Jiu saw that the Almighty was helping her dress, so she straightened up instantly to show that she could do it herself.

What if he ended up touching places that he should not touch?

Fu Jiu’s eyes were red, but they only looked like that when closely examination.

Only Qin Mo could see the difference.

Fu Jiu lowered her head and zipped up her coat. It had a fur hood, so she looked very bundled up.

But after they had come out of the hotel, Qin Mo looked back at the young man.

He put his own scarf around Fu Jiu’s neck for her.

Fu Jiu always felt that the Almighty dressed her up until she resembled a bear, even though Christmas had yet to arrive.

There was a hospital close to their hotel in Tokyo.

The distance was about 700 meters from their location, and they only needed to cross that brightly lit avenue which was lined by beautiful stores.

The two of them walked next to each other, and so many people on the street were staring at them for their outstanding looks.

Tokyo was a very welcoming place.

Sounds of surprise and amazement could be heard from here and there.

But what threw Qin Mo off-guard was the content of their conversations. “I have never seen such a beautiful couple before! They are perfectly matched with each other, and they have perfect heights. It must be so dreamy when they kiss!”



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