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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

National school prince is a girl Episode 16 to 20

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🤴🤴National School Prince Is A Girl🧏🧏

Author : Warring Young Seven

Chapter16 Made CEO Qin Stumble, Keep Looking!




“Spade Z left this too? Because he knew that we were looking for him?” That’s why he was being all sassy?

The cat-like young man carefully observed his Captain’s face, and in the end, he didn’t dare ask any further questions.

Fatty nodded slightly. He didn’t even dare to look up at his boss.

At this moment, Qin Mo’s cold and vicious eyes had the color of the ocean in a dark night—dangerous and deep!

From the day he was born, he had always had his way. Those who actually made him stumble…

“Keep looking.”

There was no warmth in his words, causing all the bodyguards’ nerves to tighten!

All the school heads fell into chaos!

At the same time, in the corner of the stairwell, Fu Jiu disconnected the cell phone hotspot on her laptop. She looked up and a smile emerged at the corner of her mouth. “K.O!”

Those who were looking for her must be so angry now.

With this thought in mind, the smile on Fu Jiu’s face blossomed even more.

She enjoyed being disliked, and she made things difficult for those who did so…

However, without her iPad, she needed to buy parts to assemble a small laptop

as soon as possible; otherwise, doing any work would always feel inconvenient.

After all, it was still about making more money.

As for that Huo Siyu, she would deal with her later when she actually had the time.

Fu Jiu stuffed her phone into her pocket. With a lollipop in her mouth, she stretched her wrist and successfully blended in with the people who were standing in line to get lunch. She had turned back into that most unwelcomed high school student.

However, Fu Jiu’s plan wasn’t realized.

As soon as she finished eating lunch, the guidance director called her to the office.

Fu Jiu’s eyebrows knitted together. Those people were unlikely to have found her. Then why was she called out?

In the office, there was another person aside from the guidance director. He was in his forties, and he was wearing Armani and a big golden watch on his wrist. He turned furious as soon as Fu Jiu walked in. Who else could he be aside from her slag father?

“Mr. Fu.” The guidance director took a look at Fu Jiu and disdainfully said, “I feel bad for always calling the honorable you to come here, but your son’s actions are such a disgrace to our school’s reputation! Why would a nice normal young man like men and pounce over crazily! That was CEO Qin for Christ’s sake! Is that someone he can mess with however he wants?”

Fu Zhongyi’s chest was already filled with rage, and after hearing CEO Qin’s name on top of all that,

his face changed. He raised his hand up with extreme anger in his eyes, wishing he could hit Fu Jiu. “Why do I have a disgraceful son like you!”

“Dad, don’t be like this. Big Brother didn’t mean to.” The one who stopped Fu Zhongyi was his illegitimate daughter Fu Xue’er.

Fu Xue’er got her looks from her mother. She appeared innocent and pretty, but she was full of schemes.

Fu Jiu had already experienced her tricks a long time ago. She seemed to be on her side every time, but in fact, the more she said the angrier Fu Zhongyi was with her.

“Didn’t mean to? He doesn’t have control over himself then?” Fu Zhongyi’s eyes cooled down as he looked at Fu Jiu.

The Fu family had no need for such a disgraceful thing who liked men!

Not to mention, he had messed with the Qin family this time, which would probably affect his business.

Fu Zhongyi then thought about his youngest son. Both were his biological sons, so why was there such a huge difference?

Since this disgraceful thing wasn’t up to it, don’t put the blame on him as a father!

“Since you can’t change this disgusting habit of yours, you are no longer my son from this day forth!”


Chapter17 Fu Jiu, You Better Not Regret


Was he ending his father-daughter relationship with her?

Fu Jiu’s eyes were cold, and she only threw one word at Fu Zhongyi: “Whatever.”

“Fine!” Fu Zhongyi was breathing heavily, and he turned his head towards the guidance director. “Teacher, you heard him; I no longer need to clean up his mess. Whether the school wants to expel him or persuade him to quit, none of it is my concern anymore!”

Chen Xiaodong heard this when he arrived. He looked waveringly at Fu Jiu.

Fu Jiu acted normally and replied in a low voice, “I do hope you won’t regret what you said today.”

“The thing I regret the most is having a disgraceful thing like you and marrying that mother of yours!” Fu Zhongyi left after slamming those words down. He was so angry that his neck turned red.

The guidance director saw the situation and nudged his glasses up a little. He couldn’t even bear to have another word with Fu Jiu. “Go collect your things. Your qualifications would only fit a technical college anyway. The school will recommend you out of goodwill. Go, go!”

After that, he even waved his hand as if Fu Jiu was a pile of trash from a dirty ditch.

“Young Master.” Chen Xiaodong went up to her, worried sick.

Fu Jiu didn’t linger for long. She only curled up her lips and smiled as she walked to the classroom with her cold eyes, bringing along the notification of her dismissal.

Everyone in the school leaned on the rails and watched her pick up her textbooks and walk downstairs. There was pity and mockery, while some were taking pleasure in her misfortune.

The happiest among them was Huo Siyu. She laughed out loud with her arms crossed in front of her. “Such fast retribution. Some people simply have a death wish. Look at him, having no school to go to, getting what he deserves!”

“I heard it’s a technical college.” The people behind Huo Siyu started laughing, too. “Perhaps that’s where he belongs, with all the trashy students there. Hahaha.”

Hearing this, Fu Jiu stopped, and her body leaned forward all of a sudden!

After the last incident, Huo Siyu was scared of being beaten up by her, so she took a step back as she trembled.

However, Fu Jiu didn’t mean to hit her at all. Rather, she only said, “You really think nobody knows what you did?”

“Nonsense!” Huo Siyu had been bullying people for so long that she no longer knew what guilt was. She looked at Fu Jiu with vicious eyes!

Fu Jiu smiled shrewdly. “Guess I will have to post it online…”

This was the last thing Fu Jiu said before leaving the school.

Huo Siyu didn’t take that seriously at all. As a nouveau riche bumpkin whom his own father didn’t even want, what could he be capable of!

Today’s Chen Xiaodong was particularly quiet, as if he didn’t want to provoke his young master by saying anything else.

Fu Jiu was surprisingly relaxed, and her fingers were moving over her phone screen. There were a couple of videos of Huo Siyu pushing her saved on it…

“Young Master.” Before she exited the car, Chen Xiaodong had received a call. He turned and said to Fu Jiu, “Madam will rush home overnight for today’s incident. It seems like she hasn’t eaten anything yet, so once you see Madam in a bit, don’t quarrel with her.” Chen Xiaodong was afraid that saying more would make his young master resentful, so he only said one more thing with a low voice, “Madam has also been through a lot…”

“I know.” Fu Jiu put her phone down with insipid-looking eyes.

Chen Xiaodong thought that something was wrong with his ears!

“Young Master, what did you just say?”

Fu Jiu raised an eyebrow. “I said I know that Mom has been through a lot. What’s wrong with that?”

“No, nothing is wrong.” Yeah, right! Is that something even remotely close to what you used to say aboutMadam? Have you forgotten all about how you fought with Madam?!


Chapter18 Fu Jiu Was Furious


Fu Jiu knew very well that she had an estranged relationship with Mrs. Fu before.

After all, she still had the original host’s memory.

At the time, she didn’t know any better and felt very depressed about dressing up as a man.

She blamed it all on her mother, and said that it was the result of her mother’s greed for money.

Plus, her father would give her whatever she wanted, unlike her mother who controlled her every action and asked her to be wary of Fu Xue’er.

She didn’t listen and even said that her mother was the most vicious person in the world. She thought of everyone as evil!

Their mother-daughter relationship had been awkward ever since she was little, and it continued till she grew up.

No matter what Mrs. Fu said to her, she would only reply with a harrumph.

And Mrs. Fu was from the countryside, so she couldn’t really change certain things.

After Fu Jiu had gone to school, she looked down on her mother more and more because she would lose her temper without a reason, had absolutely no table manners, and was really loud.

Such acts made Fu Jiu lose face in front of her classmates.

She even thought that if her mother knew how to dress herself up like Fu Xue’er’s mother and if she wasn’t chubby like this, her father wouldn’t have left them.

More and more things surfaced on her mind, and Fu Jiu touched her forehead. She really used to be an a**hole.

When she entered the room, there was a middle-aged woman holding her phone with her chubby hand.

“Hi, Mr. Zhang? It’s me, Honghua, Fu Jiu’s parent. Can you pull some strings regarding my son’s incident? Yes, yes, yes, you are right. It is all my fault, I didn’t educate him well.”

Fu Jiu could hear the director’s voice over the phone. He was berating her mother like she was a foolish kid.

He said, “You people from the countryside don’t know how to educate your own kids. What do you expect me to do over such a big issue?”

In fact, everyone had their own dignity.

He Honghua, her mother, hated being called a person from the countryside the most.

Fu Jiu remembered that there was once a salesperson who had talked to her in such a belittling way.

He Honghua went directly up against that person. “What’s wrong with people from the countryside? Peasants earn money and support their families with their own hands. Did I give you less money or something? Did I treat you badly? Are you looking down on peasants? Go back three generations ago; weren’t your family peasants too?”

At that time, He Honghua was so confident like a heroine from some historical novel.

But now, in order to save her future education, He Honghua was being obsequious and apologizing throughout the phone call, saying yes to everything.

All for her…

Fu Jiu couldn’t quite grasp her feelings. She just walked over with one hand in her pocket, using her other hand to take away the phone from her mother’s hand.

He Honghua turned back and looked at her in shock.

At the other end of the phone, the director was still speaking in a teasing tone, “Well, it’s not actually completely hopeless for your son to come back to school. It’s just that this semester is half-done. You’d still need to go through many people at all levels. You peasants probably don’t understand this protocol, but schools are like this. Think about it, if you really want him back, then give out a few things and show your sincerity; not everyone can stay in good schools, right?”

Fu Jiu’s eyes chilled after hearing those words. A sharpness, which had never been seen before, showed up on her beautiful face. With her silver hair, she looked like a vampire royal at night. “You are right. We peasants don’t know your sh*t. But openly asking parents for bribes? Heh, Director Zhang, do you not want your job anymore or what?”


Chapter19 Fu Jiu, Let Them Come Beg Me!


The guidance director heard her words and instantly became enraged. “Okay, okay, okay! Fu Jiu, you win! Our school can’t educate students like you! You listen, even if your mother begs me, I won’t do anything! Rubbish like you can just go anywhere you want!”


He hung up.

He Honghua reacted with her hand was still grabbing Fu Jiu’s arm.

Even though Fu Jiu was a girl, she was 5’8” tall. She was taller than the short, chubby He Honghua by a whole head.

“You kid! Why are you acting so naively!” He Honghua was so anxious that she forgot to be angry. All she wanted was to bow her head down and make that phone call again!

Fu Jiu held her waist and spoke softly, “Mom, I don’t care about that school. You don’t need to be like this.”

He Honghua’s hand stopped in the middle of calling back. Her daughter hadn’t called her ‘Mom’ for a long time already.

She was not sure since when it started, but they immediately fought whenever they saw each other.

She knew that her daughter didn’t want to see her, and that she also didn’t want her showing up at her school.

Calling her ‘Mom’ like that and holding her—those were things of the past, many many years ago…

He Honghua almost couldn’t believe her own ears.

Fu Jiu smiled at her, then turned her head and said to the rest of the people, “My mother hasn’t eaten anything yet. Ask the maid to cook a few dishes and make some sweet potato congee.”

“Yes, Young Master!” Chen Xiaodong took the order and bolted for the kitchen.

In fact, he was shocked too!

When did Young Master ever care about Madam this much?

In similar situations before, Young Master would have only screamed at Madam.

After that, both of them would become really upset.

Throwing cell phones around and all of that was just normal.

But after Young Master returned from the hospital, he felt like he became… he became a good person!

He Honghua was still confused when she sat down. She found it surreal until Fu Jiu picked up some food and put it in her bowl.

He Honghua turned her head and looked at Fu Jiu’s messy silver hair. The hand that held her chopsticks was shaking.

She deliberately controlled her eating pace since He Honghua knew that her daughter didn’t like how she ate…

Fu Jiu turned her head. That face was overly handsome, and her gaze was on the rice that He Honghua picked up grain by grain. She knew.

Without saying a word, she picked up her bowl directly, mixed a dish into it with the chopsticks, and put two mouthfuls of rice in her mouth at once, causing her cheeks to become plump. She smiled at He Honghua, looking surprisingly cute. “Even the food tastes better when eating with Mom.”

When He Honghua looked at Fu Jiu, she couldn’t help but cover her mouth. Her eyes were very red.

Fu Jiu put down her chopsticks and sat next to her mother. She pulled her in by her shoulder and wiped away He Honghua’s tears. “Mom, I’m sorry for everything in the past. I won’t act like that anymore.”

Just those few words made He Honghua unable to calm herself down for a long time.

Fu Jiu looked at this middle-aged woman whom she had always looked down upon. But her mother never gave up on her for that. She called herself an a**hole again inside…

The mother-and-daughter duo embarked on a new page of their story. He Honghua was overjoyed. She asked what Fu Jiu wanted with a red face, thinking she would buy anything for her.

Fu Jiu knew that even though He Honghua was in business, she wasn’t as rich as Fu Zhongyi.

Fu Zhongyi had fun having an affair outside the family, making it difficult for He Honghua to work around in the business world. People laughed at how boorish she was and how she couldn’t tame her own man. Additionally, with her background, things were harder for her than for others.

“Mom, I don’t need anything. It’s you who should be resting more since the business negotiations aren’t going so well.” Fu Jiu massaged He Honghua’s arms.

He Honghua felt warm in her heart after hearing her daughter’s words. She didn’t want to say things that would jeopardize the harmonious atmosphere, but she would be too worried if she didn’t say it.

“Jiu, I know you don’t like to study, but a man needs knowledge. Mom will try to think of a way to let you return to school. You…”

Fu Jiu interrupted He Honghua as she said every word clearly, “About this issue, Mom, you don’t need to look for anyone’s help. I will make them beg for me to return!”


Chapter20 Fu Jiu’s Real Power, Cool!


When that happened, it would all depend on her mood whether she returned or not…

He Honghua didn’t really pay attention to Fu Jiu’s words; she just thought that her daughter was comforting her.

But little did she know, Fu Jiu took action that very night!

“Young Master, where are you going this late at night?” Chen Xiaodong followed her worriedly. Whenever his young master was in a bad mood, he would go to clubs and get wasted.

Although Young Master didn’t say it out loud this time, who would be happy about being suspended from school?

He understood!

If Young Master went to the nightclub because of this, he wouldn’t tell Madam about it!

But to his surprise, his young master answered plainly, “Internet café.”

Internet café?

Chen Xiaodong was confused.

He saw Fu Jiu skillfully take out her ID and ask the owner to ready the machine for her. Then she put the headphones on, looking extremely handsome. “Go get some lollipops for me.”

“Hah?” Chen Xiaodong was still confused.

Fu Jiu put her wallet in his hands and turned away to switch the computer on. “Chocolate flavor and two bottles of water. I’m gonna stay here for the night.”

For the night?

In an internet café?

What did Young Master want to do here?

Chen Xiaodong was even more confused!

Fu Jiu swiftly hit the keyboard once he left.

She asked the owner to turn on the machine that charged 10 yuan per hour.

Many people wouldn’t understand, but internet cafés usually had specific computers with high specs for gaming purposes.

Having high processing power as a foundation, Fu Jiu hacked the school network in only ten seconds. All the files of the faculty showed up on her screen within a blink of an eye!

Using a search engine, she locked onto Director Zhang.

She then moved onto something else swiftly, hitting the keyboard with very skillful techniques. By using this computer as a leading machine to take advantage of the whole internet, with the addition of thousands of computers from other internet cafés all operating at the same time, her purpose was to work out a powerful virtual IP filter, all for the sake of finding the internet line of Director Zhang’s house!

Also on that day, computers in several internet cafés had coding issues!

People stood up and hit their keyboards randomly. “WTF! Owner, what the hell is happening? I can’t play games. Is there a virus?”

At first, all the owners thought it was a virus, but restarting didn’t work, so they called the technicians in!

The only computer in the internet café that was still working was Fu Jiu’s computer.

While everyone was getting mad, Fu Jiu had her headphones on. With that beautiful profile of hers and the strands of her silver hair that drooped down and covered her eyes, only her black piercing gaze shone with a cold glimmer in the dark.

Such a huge hacking mission definitely needed her to go around the security system.

Fu Jiu was still tapping the keyboard with the same dazzling flexibility. With one single hit on the enter key, Director Zhang’s internet IP was locked into her USB.

Then she hacked his phone through the internet. At last, all she needed to do was install a tiny little virus, and it was done… Bang!


Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes and pressed the distribute button. Amidst all the voices in the internet café, she put on her coat and her hat. She then stood up coolly. She didn’t forget to smile at the owner before she left. “Owner, thanks!”

The owner of the internet café didn’t have time to respond to her at all. He was still fixing the internet with his head buried in work.

Weirdly, before the technicians arrived, all the computers had started working again!

Freaking hell!

What was the matter?!



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