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June 18, 2021


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National School Prince Is a girl Episode 141 to 145

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🤴🤴National School Prince Is A Girl🧏🧏

Author : Warring Young Seven

Chapter141 Lord Jiu and Almighty’s Teamwork



Therefore, after she had sent out this voice message, the players of the game fell dead silent.

Fu Jiu still held that lollipop in her mouth, but her hand, which was attacking a monster, paused. She quickly followed up by releasing another big shot, however, and her finger techniques were amazing.

All the other players weren’t as fast.

But at this very moment, the boss monster showed up and sent out a special finisher of fireballs towards the team.

Even a master player like <Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure> lost half of his HP with this attack. Luckily, he was good enough to retreat in the middle of it.

The rest of the players weren’t so lucky. They fell directly and died in nasty ways.

Usually, when a team only had three players left and one of them was dying, winning the game no longer possible.

But to everyone’s surprise, that silent Spade Z raised a sensational storm behind Fu Jiu by using <Whirling Sword Shadow>. That light was so bright that it covered the whole screen. The blinding silver glow caught people’s attention for a long time.

Fu Jiu, who was being protected by Almighty Qin, didn’t lose

any of her killing ability and jumped out from under his cover. Even the black armor was shimmering with silver lights, and he sent out a slaughterous, explosive attack!

People witnessed this magnificent teamwork under those dazzling special effects!

Handsome, wild, unstoppable!

The whole team were stunned by this scene. From their eyes, which were fixed on the screen, to their arms filled with goosebumps, they all felt shock like they never had before.

That technique!

That technique… was clearly Almighty Qin’s specialty: <Three Thousand Blade Cuts>!

How come Spade Z could release Almighty Qin’s premium technique?!

Who on earth was it that was using <Spade Z’s> account?!

Everyone had the same question.

But aside from questioning, they were more in shock, and that shock spread out from deep within their blood.

Although they had heard so many legends about Almighty Qin, he was already a god. With the top account that he was using, no matter what kind of techniques he used, there would always be a small, tiny voice inside people’s hearts saying that Almighty Qin’s prowess was inseparable from his account.

But now, these techniques were released from a new account!

It was even capable of releasing the most difficult <Three Thousand Blade Cuts>!

Even though that new account held

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the shiny King of the Newcomers badge, only a player who had been playing since Hero came out could release this kind of attack!

That was obviously Almighty Qin himself!

Except Almighty Qin, no one among all the professional teams could do it!

He could attack and defend at the same time!

There was

a saying “with three thousand blade cuts, the obliteration of ten thousand monsters.”

The computer screen was still blinking with a silver light, which was reflected in everyone’s eyes. Their pupils started to waver.

Right after that, all they could hear from their headphones was the deafening sound of a explosion!

The gigantic boss monster fell down, creating a thick layer of snow-like dust around it.

At the same time, <Spade Z>, <Qin Mo> and <Award You A Slap of Pleasure>—their names were hung high above on top of the server page. Three times in total, First Clear completed!

What was even more shocking was that their team also broke the records and became the team that completed a First Clear within the shortest time in history!


Chapter142 Attention to All Servers, Block Little Ripple!


The girl who had been talking bullsh*t before was now totally stunned!

Her hand on the mouse was still trembling from the shock.

The news about the team exploded thanks to all the players discussing it.

Everyone was talking about that supreme technique—<Three Thousand Blade Cuts>!

After the silver light had retreated from the screen, all team members were revived automatically.

At this time, Fu Jiu moved her body and typed a string of words: “I have told every single one of you at the beginning of the game to protect yourselves well, don’t let the monster kill you. Even though Spade Z didn’t save anyone, he didn’t lose any HP either. But you, Little Ripple, ran so far to attack the monster. I took the job, so I issue the commands. If I don’t say anything, then DO NOT move! You don’t even know these kinds of basic directions, are you playing Hero for the first freaking time?”

The female player felt like it was little unfair for her to be blamed like this. She still wanted to defend herself, but naturally, she acted cute when she spoke, “I was so afraid that the monster was gonna hurt you guys…”

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow. “Alright, even so, you moved of your own will and lost HP. It’s fine if you lose a little HP, you should just run back to the team. Why were you mocking others like that? Don’t you know that because of your blabbering, we almost lost the game?! Little Ripple, this lord is telling you now, don’t assume that you will still get out of this easily after pouring dirty water on another teammate! From now on, I won’t take jobs from any team Little Ripple is in!”

“Me neither!” After saying that, Feng Shang directly started to spread the news all over the server using his cash.

99 messages in total—the whole screen was bombarded by the same message. That kind of scene was really rare!

<Award You A Slap of Pleasure> published an announcement: “Attention to all servers, I won’t take jobs from any team that has Little Ripple in it from now on!”

The entire game world was shocked at this message!

<Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure> never made enemies in games; rather, he wouldn’t specifically block someone like that.

But even more astonishing were those 99 on-screen announcements!

Each announcement cost 100 yuan!

99 announcements in total, that was simply throwing away money!

“WTFFF! So f*cking rich!”

“Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure has always been rich like that, alright?”

“Mr. Nouveau Riche, I just want to tell you, I want to be your friend!”

“Am I the only one who cares about why Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure would send something like this?”

“I know! Inside information! You all saw the all-server First Clear that broke the record, right? Almighty Qin and my Spade Z led everyone to win that, and this Little Ripple didn’t listen to the directions and lost HP. Moreover, she even mocked my Spade Z, saying that he didn’t deserve the title ‘King of Newcomers’? What happened next? My Spade Z released an ultimate attack. Not only did he save all his teammates, he also blew up the whole scene! This slap to her face is a real insult!”

“What? Mocked my Spade Z? Does she think that all of us big Spade fans are fake?”

It was only for a moment, but this message stirred up a flood of a thousand people.

Although Spade Z just joined not long ago, he did grind countless battlefields to dust using supreme techniques, despite coming out as a normal player who didn’t have any training.

Therefore, <Spade Z’s> reputation was concrete and valuable in the world of <Hero>!

Those who played games with Spade Z and those who had watched his live streams all admired Spade Z deeply from the bottom of their hearts.

Once the reason why <Little Ripple> was being blocked was revealed, at least three Captains jointly voiced out to the server!

“Attention to all servers, never take jobs from teams that have Little Ripple!”


Chapter143 Fu Ximing Says That Spade Z Is Nobody!


The entire server exploded at once, because everyone knew that in Zone C, there were only these few strong teams!

If people wanted to get through the complicated games, they had to follow them.

But now, all these strong teams were all rejecting <Little Ripple>… There was no need for further explanation; everyone knew the result.

They were blocking <Little Ripple>!

<Little Ripple> really couldn’t figure at all what was going on with all of this. Were they really rejecting a pretty girl for a man?

<Little Ripple> looked at the messages saying that she had been kicked out of the team. She got really mad, and her face turned awfully ugly!

Hearing the commotion, Fu Ximing, who was playing games, frowned and asked, “Sis, what’s up?”

So this <Little Ripple’s> true identity was Fu Xue’er! Fu Ximing’s biological big sister!

Fu Xue’er was still angry, and her chest was heaving up and down. She took a big gulp of water and laughed coldly, “Is that Spade Z considering himself so mighty now that he has support from Almighty Qin? Those otakus all have holes in their heads. They didn’t protect a beauty like me and stood on the same side as a guy, and they even jointly blocked me? Hah, this is the funniest joke I have ever seen!”

“Spade Z?” After hearing this name, Fu Ximing’s fingers on the keyboard stopped, and his eyes were faintly mocking. “That King of the Newcomers in Zone C? That player from the wild west?”

“That’s right, it was him.” Fu Xue’er didn’t care about the computer anymore and turned her head to say to Fu Ximing, “His operations weren’t bad, but I really can’t compliment his character.”

Fu Ximing was arrogant as usual. “That was because he has never met anyone professional. An amateur player comes out of nowhere and wants to be the king, what a joke!”

Fu Xue’er curled her lips into a sneer. “You are right, if my brother plays, he will beat them up so badly that they wouldn’t even know which direction is north.”

“This kind of nobody doesn’t need me to fix him up.” Fu Ximing lowered his eyes, sounding indifferent. “My goal is the selection contest.”

Fu Xue’er blinked naughtily. “Yup, yup, yup, of course my genius brother won’t deign to lay his eyes on this kind of person, but I heard that Spade Z was gonna participate in that contest too, and that he will compete for He Honghua. I really don’t know how that village auntie could scout this Spade Z.”

“He won’t be there to compete,” Fu Ximing said again.

Fu Xue’er didn’t understand. “Why?”

“You will know by then,” Fu Ximing said and logged into the game.

He did some research on this Spade Z.

His mother’s side even gave him a complete agenda.

Spade Z always showed up in Hero to make money. To be more straightforward, he was poor.

This kind of person was the easiest to deal with.

Fu Ximing moved the mouse, clicked on Spade Z’s character, and sent out a friend request, “Spade Z? I’ll say this outright, how much did He Honghua give you to compete in this contest? I can give you double. The condition is that you give up on this contest and give out your account details. I know you have great records on your account, but in the future, professional league contests won’t accept anything unorthodox. The most important thing boils down to skill, so name your price. As long as it’s not too absurd, I will grant it.”


Chapter144 Almighty’s Words Are Like Slaps to the Face


In front of his own computer, Qin Mo was looking at the friend request on the screen. His eyes were still indifferent as he picked up the glass of water next to him and took a sip of mineral water. He didn’t reply instantly.

Fu Jiu didn’t know that Fu Ximing was interested in her account. She was still operating with this god’s account, checking on the bonus equipment drop that popped out from the gigantic boss monster’s explosion. She had a handsome smile on her face and said, “Brother Mo, we are pretty lucky.”

Qin Mo harrumphed without a care, freed one of his hands, and replied.

He didn’t refuse. On the contrary, he named a specific price to Fu Ximing.

But Fu Ximing’s face turned green after he saw the price that was offered. He slammed the keyboard heavily, “Ten million?! Spade Z! You are such a lion with a big mouth!”

Qin Mo still held his composure as he sat like the king in the business world he had always been. His tone was indifferent. “You can’t even afford ten million, so why do you still have a company? What do you have to bargain with?”

The other party’s attitude was too normal and plain, making ten million seem like nothing to him, and that made Fu Ximing turn red with rage after seeing the message!

He wasn’t sure why, but at that moment Fu Ximing suddenly remembered what had happened at the tennis court earlier today.

That hugely embarrassing incident flooded back vividly into Fu Ximing’s heart.

He thought that he could easily settle this with a few hundred thousand, because Spade Z loved money.

But to his utter surprise… Fu Ximing’s eyes dimmed, and he even typed with evil intent, “You should really check yourself out in the mirror. You are so poor in games and don’t even have any decent equipment, let alone in real life. Spade Z, I’m not laying down certain things on the table just to leave you some face, but since you are not cooperating, I will see you at the contest. I hope you can still be this arrogant at that time.”

After he had finished, Fu Ximing logged out, and he called his mother right after, “Mom, I was unable to settle it. That Spade Z is a pretentious dumb*ss! And he acted so rich in front of me, asking for ten million! Mom, his account is new; even if he has good records in the game, nobody knows how he really operates. Why do you have to buy it for me to use?”

“Ximing.” The voice on the other end was lowered, only continuing when she had moved away from the noisy background music, “Spade Z’s account has attracted all the attention from the media and the press—do you even know what that means? It means that once the contest starts, this Spade Z will be the headline for every major electronic gaming report. He will be a hit for sure! I don’t know which master is helping that He Honghua from behind, making her smart enough to play such a trick. Right now, nobody knows who is behind that Spade Z’s account. Mom thought about it for a long time, and the best way is to get this account and give it to you, so you can compete as Spade Z. With this popular account, someone like you, who has the title of a genius teenager, will absolutely become a god!”

Fu Ximing finally understood his mother’s plan, but he sounded a bit anxious, “What should I do now? That pretentious dumb*ss has already rejected me.”

The other end fell silent for three seconds before speaking up again, “Since he doesn’t want to cooperate even with the money you offered to him, then let’s spend some money to steal it. Don’t worry, your mother’s specialty lies in dealing with such people who ask for punishment instead of rewards…”


Chapter145 Almighty Qin Wants to Control Lord Jiu?


In Hero, Fu Jiu was still trying to distribute the equipment to her team members. She was quite generous to those who admired and respected her. All the diamonds from the First Clear were shared with the Captains of each major team as well.

<Award You A Slap Of Pleasure> got the best equipment. Fu Jiu admitted that she was acting on her personal feelings for that one. After all, he was her future teammate, and nobody cared too much about it anyway. Those who were not playing professionally didn’t need information. All they wanted were practical things like diamonds, and regarding the things they didn’t care about, they naturally listened to Fu Jiu.

In order to thank them, she gave the other party a discount of 18% off on this job’s fee.

Qin Mo saw this, and his right hand paused on the mouse. His deep eyes looked at the screen and locked onto those two characters who were still chit-chatting over there, and the depths of his eyes cooled down little by little.

In fact, a big part of the reason why Qin Mo didn’t play much was because those two acted too intimately.

It was just playing a game, did they have to be so intimate?

But he didn’t want to get his hands dirty with such a matter, because he knew that nobody at the age of sixteen liked to be controlled and interfered with.

But he couldn’t let go of certain things related to his principles.

Up to this point, Qin Mo still hadn’t forgotten that this guy in front of him used to like men…

“Idol, you, you are giving all these to me?” Feng Shang didn’t expect that under such circumstances, with that god’s presence, his idol would still be thinking about him.

Fu Jiu held the lollipop in her mouth, tilted her mouth, and sent over a message, “You will need them for the contest. I pretty much know your skills now. Our team should have a meeting after a couple days to practice at an internet cafe and play games together.”

These two were privately chatting, and others only saw that Fu Jiu’s and Feng Shang’s characters were acting very close.

After Feng Shang had seen this, he replied after making an “er” sound, “Idol, did you forget that you and I are the only ones in our team?”

“We have three now,” Fu Jiu laughed, the corner of her mouth turning up craftily, “That’s also why I needed to go online today. Our new team member is a girl!”

Feng Shang was shocked, and he even started typing faster, “G-girl? Where? I-I didn’t see! I-I always thought we were gonna be a team of single guys! Idol, you-you are lying to me!”

“Baby Feng, as a team member, you should believe in your Captain regardless; why would I lie to you?” Fu Jiu saw his reaction and her smile became brighter. “And the new member has a really nice personality. She’s a very kind girl.”

Feng Shang didn’t care about what kind of girl she was anymore. He already came up with an idea on how he would greet her on the day they met.

Mm, he would be like, “I will take you to play games and I’ll take you to fly!” and conveniently buy her some equipment.

He would ask his brother to put more money into his account!

These two having an extremely good time chatting, while next to Fu Jiu that beautiful man’s face was becoming colder and colder.

Fu Jiu was so focused on typing that she didn’t notice this happening.

Qin Mo laughed. The arc of his lips looked vicious and spicy as he put the glass back in its original position and stood up. He walked towards the young man in bed with one solid step after another.

Those black eyes were dangerously still, and his movements were emitting a cold aura. His back looked wintry as hell…



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