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July 24, 2021


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National School Prince Is a girl Episode 131 to 135

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🤴🤴National School Prince Is A Girl🧏🧏

Author : Warring Young Seven

Chapter131 Lord Jiu Falls into Almighty Qin’s Trap and Stays Over



In an instant, Fu Jiu saw Aunt Zhang’s eyes lose their shine, so she quickly extended her hand out. She smiled lightly, looking very handsome. “Of course I like it. Aunt Zhang’s beef hot pot was out of this world. The pajamas that you prepared must be comfortable too…”

Aunt Zhang suddenly felt very confident after she was praised by the young man. Her whole face lit up, and she even blushed a little for no good reason. Young Master Jiu was indeed too gentle; he was a totally different kind of boy from her own young master.

Fu Jiu was about to release more of her charms… but then Qin Mo took over the conversation, sounding indifferent. “If you like Aunt Zhang this much, then stay for the night.”

Fu Jiu: “…” Almighty was setting her up again!

“Ha? Young Master Jiu isn’t going to stay?” Aunt Zhang looked at this handsome young man in front of her, and she sounded quite disappointed, “I prepared dim sum and congee with century eggs and lean pork for Young Master Jiu. Young Master doesn’t eat this, and just when there’s finally someone who appreciates it…”

Fu Jiu was doing the calculations in her mind—the bathroom and bedroom were separated, so even if she stayed over, as long as she and Qin Mo were in different rooms, nobody would notice anything.

Things have already come to this point. If she insisted on rejecting the offer, someone like this god, who had mastered psychology, would start to suspect that something was going on.

Most importantly, she really couldn’t bear hurting women who were nice to her, especially someone like Aunt Zhang.

“Of course I’m staying.” Fu Jiu lifted the corners of her lips, and she completely looked like a prince. She took the pajamas from Aunt Zhang using her left hand, before intimately reaching out and tucking Aunt Zhang’s hair behind her ears. “How could a glutton like me pass on Aunt Zhang’s divine cooking—congee with century eggs and lean pork?”

Hearing this, Aunt Zhang became happy like a little kid. “I’ll go get it for Young Master Jiu right now!”

“Okay!” Nobody could see that little crying face inside our Lord Jiu’s heart.

Staying meant that she needed to have those bandages on for the every night. Every girl would know how tortuous it was to do so.

Qin Mo realized that he had successfully reached his goal, and so he continued on with his video conference. His fluent English was mixed with some random French words.

It looked like this wasn’t just a random meeting. One had to give it to this god; he still had the time to use Aunt Zhang to trap her while conducting an important overseas conference at the same time. He was majorly committed to Fu Jiu.

Indeed, all businessmen were scheming.

Fu Jiu was complaining inside, and she was planning to go and get changed while this god was still in his meeting.

Otherwise, she didn’t know if she could handle a situation like what happened last time in the changing room again…

In order to not be set up again by a god, Fu Jiu went downstairs to confirm which room was her’s with Aunt Zhang and get to know the place a little.

As long as they were not in the same bed, the level of safety was high.

It seemed that she had nothing to worry about.

Thinking this way, Fu Jiu took her newly assembled laptop out and casually started to play games.

After she had logged in, she saw over 100 friend requests on her account.

Fu Jiu opened the web page, and saw that it was full of messages from “Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure.”

“Idol, idol, why didn’t you add me?”

“Idol, this game server is a jerk. It just said that I was evilly harassing a player! I only sent you 100 messages! I was going to send you 1000! I am filthy rich in-game!”

“Idol… take me to play games and take me to fly! I’m waiting! Why didn’t you show up?”

“Idol, why aren’t you online, did you get kidnapped by Almighty?”

At first, Student Feng was very cheerful and excited. Later, he became extremely depressed in his messages. Obviously, Student Feng was wistfully waiting for her in-game…


Chapter132 Fu Jiu Slept with Almighty?

Fu Jiu put a lollipop in her mouth. She then put her laptop on her lap and started to reply, “No, I didn’t get kidnapped by Almighty; I successfully moved into Almighty’s house.”

She couldn’t lose the momentum.

Although the truth was that this god set her up!

“Move… moved into Almighty’s house?!”

Fu Jiu wasn’t a good liar herself, but since she had already started bluffing, she had to keep it up. How could she let anything damage her handsome, domineering image? “Why are you surprised? If he sleeps on my bed one day, would you jump up in shock from the news?”

Sleep… sleeps on his bed… Student Feng’s face started to flush completely red again, and he said in a serious tone, “Idol, no dirty talk please. I will report you.”

Fu Jiu laughed out loud in front of the screen. When she was about to type back, a long, slim shadow loomed over her from behind. In an extremely low tone, he read from off the screen, “If one day he sleeps on my bed…”

When Fu Jiu heard that cool, familiar voice, her back stiffened up.

Right now, the thing she regretted the most was that she didn’t lock the door!

Who knew that that god would sneak in as she was playing games? He didn’t even make any sound. Was he a cat?

Qin Mo laughed coldly at first, then he turned his face to the side. He looked at the young man, and his eyes were deep like the water in the dark night. “You really want to sleep with me on the same bed this much, huh? Then I shouldn’t have prepared a guest room for you, it’s simply a waste of space!”

It was indistinguishable if his expression were happy or angry, and all the air around them cooled down.

Fu Jiu coughed, “This is a mistake.”

“Is it?” Qin Mo raised his eyebrow. He reached his hands out and took over the young man’s laptop. His fingertips rested on top of it with a casual laziness. “This is indeed a rare mistake, similar to how you could rank dead last in your class.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

His verbal attacks were skillful every time!

Seriously… just how did Almighty nurture this habit of his… What’s so good about being the top-ranked student?

“Don’t add people in games later on, even your teammates. They will affect your IQ in a bad way,” Qin Mo said plainly. He operated the young man’s account and naturally kicked Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure out of Spade Z’s friend list. Then with a simple click on the mouse, he directly sent the screenshot to the website staff and reported Student Feng.

Fu Jiu couldn’t do anything but watch this god’s fluid movements. She was thinking that Baby Feng must be really mad this time…

Student Feng was indeed pissed!

Bullying him because he had money!

He only chatted with his idol and didn’t even give him gold diamonds yet; he had done absolutely nothing!

How was that harassment!

No way, he needed to find out who reported him!

So, he pulled some strings and decisively sent a PM to the website staff.

He became even sadder after his investigation… It was his idol who reported him!

… Not only did he report him… but he also blacklisted him… WHY!!!

Student Feng withered like a fragile flower, and he sat in front of his computer filled with emotions of deep sorrow, sending a little crying emoji to Spade Z, “Idol, you can report me, but why did you blacklist me!”

The friend request light was blinking, but Qin Mo ignored it. With an elegant motion of his fingers, he logged into his own account and handed the laptop over to Fu Jiu…


Chapter133 Lord Jiu Is Taking a Shower…

That man’s voice was completely emotionless. “To ensure you don’t have useless chats later on, we will switch accounts.”

Fu Jiu smiled lightly, “Brother Mo, will this work? We use different techniques in game.”

“As a hacker, don’t tell me you can’t manage different techniques,” Qin Mo laughed even more coldly, and his eyebrows gave off an impression of arrogance and royalty. He handed a towel to Fu Jiu. “Don’t put your IQ on the same level as mine. Write down your account info and go clean your paws. Or would you prefer to be washed by me?”

Fu Jiu hadn’t thought about showering yet, but she didn’t have the spare energy to comfort Baby Feng in the game, so she ran into the bathroom.

This time, she remembered to lock the door, and she even double locked it.

Fu Jiu fully believed that with his thick skin, this god would really take her clothes off if he wanted to, so it was better for her to take the safe route.

With this in mind, Fu Jiu looked at herself in the mirror. Handsome as she was, she still got threatened by people, sigh…

Qin Mo seemed to notice the boy’s frustrations in the bathroom, so he stood up and walked slowly to the bathroom door. With one hand in the pocket of his khaki pants, he looked really cool, but he sounded just as cold as usual. In a natural ordering tone, he said, “You can use the in-game coins in my account whenever you want to—with one condition—no adding friends.”

In-game coins?

Fu Jiu’s long and narrow eyes suddenly lit up, and she opened the door with her body turned sideways. She leaned in halfway towards Qin Mo with one hand resting on the door. A bright smile bloomed on her face. “Brother Mo, don’t worry, I have basic morals.”

Qin Mo had a hard time dealing with her in a calm and collected manner sometimes. For instance, he didn’t expect that the young man would open the door. He looked at the man in front of him, with “his” silver hair still wet. He abruptly pushed Fu Jiu back in with one hand. “Go take your shower.”

Fu Jiu didn’t care how coldly this god treated her. She laughed brightly, and she locked the door again and started taking her clothes off.

But when she was half-naked, she was still a bit uncomfortable, because she could sense that Qin Mo didn’t go far; he was right outside on the sofa. He still seemed to be in the his meeting. When she stopped the water, she could still hear him speaking English and French outside.

Taking the outer layers off took her a long time. Now, the bandages were the only things left on her body.

Fu Jiu glanced down at herself. Then she sat down on the edge of the bathtub and stretched out her long legs. She bent her arm halfway and leaned to the left, carefully unwrapping the bandages around her chest little by little with her face turned sideways.

Along with this movement, her silver hair dropped down over one side of her mesmerizing face.

It made her look extremely handsome, like a pretty young man full of youthful energy.

If Qin Mo came in at this moment, he would find out that his little brother wasn’t actually a little brother, but rather was a younger sister.

Fu Jiu, that legendary gay, was indeed straight.

But nobody would think that “he” was a girl…

She needed the bandages after showering, so she couldn’t let them get wet or be torn apart carelessly.

Finally, the last layer was peeled off, and her pair of pure jade rabbits was about to reveal themselves and jump right out.

Suddenly, someone hurriedly knocked on the door behind her.

Fu Jiu’s fingers, still holding onto the white cloth, froze up!


Chapter134 Almighty and Fu Jiu’s Juicy Jade Rabbits…


At the speed of light, she picked up the previously discarded shirt to cover her chest!

However, Qin Mo didn’t come in. He simply stood tall and straight outside the door like a jade statue, and his profile was divine. He was holding a handful of toiletries. “Open the door. I brought you things.”

Why now?

Fu Jiu pressed the shirt closely to her body. “Wait until after I’m done showering.”

“There’s no shower gel or anything in there, so how do you plan on showering?” Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and deepened his voice. “Open the door. Take what Aunt Zhang has prepared for you.”

After saying that, Qin Mo stayed still for a bit. His long fingers were on the door knob, and he was about to turn it…

Then he saw the door in front of him crack open slightly. The young man poked his head out. He seemed naked, with his fair neck and delicate collar-bones completely exposed. The mist in the bathroom gushed out from behind. Even the young man’s black eyelashes seemed to carry heat with them.

“Brother Mo, where are all the things?” Fu Jiu said naturally with a light smile.

Qin Mo couldn’t move his eyes away from the young man’s smooth collarbones. Just as he shifted his gaze, he threw a bag full of shower toiletries towards her.

Fu Jiu caught it with her hands up and whistled at the good catch.

Qin Mo really didn’t know what to do with this flirtatious guy anymore. He could only close the door on “him” and lock “him” up. Out of sight, out of mind.

But only then did Fu Jiu feel truly relieved. Had she opened the door even a little bit more, she would have exposed herself.

But she knew that showing a little of her body would irritate this god, so he wouldn’t want to come in.

Fu Jiu thought about it and looked at the shower gel in her hand. She raised her right hand up and finally said bye-bye to the last layer of the white bindings.

That person in the bronze mirror in the bathroom, that handsome, mischievous pretty boy, transformed into the ultimate beauty with the same silver hair. But with that juicy pair of jade rabbits on her chest, Fu Jiu’s face looked even more tempting…

She had a great body, with long legs, a small waist, a straight back, a flat belly, and deep and clear v-lines. Her jade rabbits were tender and juicy, creating clear arcs as she stood in the mist. They were even a little too plump, making people want uncontrollably to squeeze them hard.

Fu Jiu lay in the bathtub and closed her eyes slowly, letting the water drops sprinkle onto her beautiful face. Her long and full eyelashes created shadows on her face, and together with her chopped silver hair, they portrayed a sense of inexplicable beauty.

If Almighty saw her like this… Fu Jiu always thought… that Almighty wouldn’t let her get away with this.

But luckily, she was well-endowed as a woman. The white bandages didn’t restrain her rabbits from growing.

But this was not going to last for a long enough time at this rate.

She was in her second semester now, and her rabbits had already grown this big. Once spring came, she really didn’t think that those white bandages would hold them off… Fu Jiu turned her head and thought that having big boobs was kind of troublesome sometimes…

She needed to be careful when she walked out later. She checked those pajamas already, and they were not very safe.

She was afraid that the bumps would still show a little even with the bandages on… Having come to this conclusion, she suddenly opened her eyes and smoothed back her silver hair using her left hand. Her actions were still handsome.

Since she decided to stay over for the night, she would tackle the rest of the problems as they came. After all, it was just a sleepover…


Chapter135 Bringing Him Home For A Shower, Almighty Turned Gay?


Qin Mo was still concentrating on his business meeting. To his left was a clear glass full of water.

Manager Feng, who was on the other side of the meeting, was curious about why CEO Qin was acting a little distracted today.

“Concerning electronic gaming, I have a new idea.”

The cooperating side finished their speech and Qin Mo spoke up. With his Bluetooth earphones on, he looked more emotionless and more like an entrepreneur than an average person. “Since we are looking for raw talent, let’s abandon our precious selects and let them compete together once more.”

“Abandon all the precious inner selects?”

Qin Corporation’s managers were exchanging glances.

The European man who worked with Qin Mo hooked his lips up into a strained smile and sounded frustrated, “But Qin, you yourself proposed the original business plan.”

“But that was the old Qin Corporation, not the Qin Corporation I took over,” Qin Mo sounded emotionless, and he was quite composed and professional even in front of the cooperating side. “We don’t do inner selections. I believe in what Robert once said: the true masters are among the populace.”

After hearing these words, Robert’s eyes lit up. He shrugged. “Alright, Qin, you’ve convinced me again. You are the imperial sword of the Qin Corporation.”

Qin Mo movedhis fingers. He didn’t deny it or act modestly. “Thanks.”

“Qin, this is why I freaking love you!” Robert laughed out loud, “I heard you’ve started to play games in private? And you went on a live stream? We are all curious about who exactly that capable person who could convince you to play for an insignificant live stream is?”

Qin Mo was calm as he tilted his head and lit up a cigarette. He held it in between his long fingers, and with an aura of noble arrogance, replied, “It’s not about capability; he is my little brother.”

“Little brother?” Robert was stunned.

Secretary Liang was in charge of note taking, and usually, in this kind of overseas meeting, he would be present.

But after hearing those words “little brother,” he suddenly felt dizzy.

CEO Qin, we’ve talked about it, he isnot your real little brother!

Why do you sound all loving and indulgent towards him even in a business meeting?

Robert kept asking, “Qin, since when did you have a little brother? Doesn’t Qin family only have one legitimate son?”

“Sworn little brother. Okay, no more talking about it, he’s showering.” Qin Mo looked up and glanced at the clock on the wall. “I need to go check on him, so that’s it for today. Good night.”

Curiosity was gnawing away at Robert. His impression of Qin Mo had always been that he was a person difficult to get close to.

He didn’t expect that this man would be so nice and gentle towards a little brother.

He used to dislike Huaxia’s people, because they ignored their families when their businesses got hectic.

Looking at Qin Mo now, he was even more certain that he wanted to cooperate with Qin Corporation.

The people from the club saw that sentence, and they weren’t very surprised.

But Secretary Liang’s head started to hurt badly. The CEO only knew Young Master Fu for a few days, and now “he” was in his house showering!?

No way, he shouldn’t be thinking like this!

CEO must have been living by himself for so long that he wanted some company.

But even so, he should go for women, shouldn’t he?

How come the one who showed up at his house was that Young Master Fu…



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