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National School Prince Is a girl Episode 121 to 125

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🤴🤴National School Prince Is A Girl🧏🧏

Author : Warring Young Seven

Chapter121 Almighty Qin Disciplines Lord Jiu at Home



Go home with Almighty Qin?

Well, maybe it’s okay, thought Fu Jiu.

There should be plenty of good computer components at his house.

“Okay, I can also take the opportunity to visit Brother Mo’s room there.” Fu Jiu spoke freely.

Meanwhile, the driver was shocked at the words his young master had just said.

Would Young Master take people from outside the courtyard to his home?

This was something that had never happened before!

Even during Young Master’s school days, he had never invited anyone home… Although Young Master sounded like he was out to make trouble rather than to invite the young man just now… It still felt like a dream!

They weren’t driving very fast, so Fu Jiu could see special indications of the military compound all along the way.

A place like that was usually a serene location amid chaos. Cars would be questioned in and out, and it was impossible for common people to enter the compound. Besides, there were even armed soldiers standing guard every day. It was a place of great power.

It wasn’t like the her in her previous life had never been to such a place.

But at that time, she was the most wanted criminal that the intelligence bureaus wanted to arrest…

When Qin Mo got off the car, the soldiers wearing uniforms and standing erect all raised their hands and saluted, which left a deep impression about the difference between here and outside.

“Young Master.” A middle-aged woman dressed like a servant came up to them.

Qin Mo pulled Fu Jiu over with one hand, and he said in a low voice, “Aunt Zhang, he is my little brother, Fu Jiu, and he will come here often from now on. Please arrange everything for him.”

Aunt Zhang was confused. She had never heard of her young master having a little brother in all her years of work in Qin family?!

Neither the boss nor his wife knew about it…

With a charming, evil smile, Fu Jiu was about to talk to Aunt Zhang, when Almighty Qin pinched her wrist and said, “Don’t just flirt with anyone, understand?”

“I just wanted to say hello…”

“That’s not allowed either. Just go upstairs,” Qin Mo said mildly as he exerted more strength on her wrist.

Fu Jiu, who had a lollipop in her mouth, felt a little depressed. She thought that, even as a brother, wasn’t Almighty Qin a bit too strict with her?

Qin Mo entered the room, threw his coat on the sofa, and unfastened the buttons of his shirt with his left hand. He looked at the young man with his eyebrows lifted, and he asked in a domineering way, “Do you think that I am too strict with you?”

“A little bit.” Fu Jiu sat down and yawned lazily.

Seeing the young man sit down so close to him, Qin Mo somehow relented a little. With a noble temperament , he said, “Let’s have a man-to-man talk.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

A conversation between men?

It might be unsuitable for… me…

I’m not a man…

To be honest, Brother Mo, you’ve got the wrong person.

“Do you want to fall in love now?” He looked at the dispirited young man and felt that he might have been too tough with him. After all, he should not treat his little brother like his subordinate. Qin Mo added unconsciously, “I’m not against puppy love, but right now you’d better focus on your studies.”

Fu Jiu was amazed to hear that. She had never thought about falling in love.

“Keep your distance from girls later on.” Seeing that the young man didn’t look up, Qin Mo kept his voice down and said, “At least, you should pass your exams before falling in love with someone. But you are ranked dead last right now, right?”

Feeling hurt once again, Fu Jiu couldn’t help but raise her arm and put it on the shoulder of the man. She looked at the man with her beautiful eyes and said, “Brother Mo, how about we change the topic and talk about how to be a good brother.”

“Oh?” Qin Mo turned his head to the side and looked at the young man. With his finger across his thin lips, he said with a cold smile, “Do you mean that you are unsatisfied with my being your brother?”


Chapter122 Qin Mo Indulges His Little Brother


Generally, no one dared to mess around with Qin Mo at such a time.

But Fu Jiu was different, because nothing was very terrifying for her. She said, “It would be better if you became a bit more lenient.”

“So far, it has been very lenient of me to not throw you away,” Qin Mo said in a sullen voice. He was glancing at the youngster’s hand out of the corner of his eye.

Looking at her own posture, Fu Jiu explained in a serious tone, “I do it because we are close.”

“It seems like you’re close to many people, such as Xue Yaoyao,” Qin Mo sneered as he spoke about this. He didn’t expect that the youngster would have good feelings towards a girl like Xue Yaoyao. Casually pulling his shirt, he changed the topic and asked, “Are you hungry?”

“Since a while ago.” Fu Jiu nodded with the lollipop still held in her mouth.

Hearing her words, Qin Mo looked at the teenager.

He did feel like he might have been too fussy.

The young man just had good feelings towards her. It wasn’t like he adored her.

It was very normal to have a crush on someone else at this age, and it would indeed make men become repulsive if they were controlled too strictly.

“Rebellious period during adolescence.” Thinking about this, Qin Mo decided to discipline him in a proper way without being too excessive.

“What do you want to eat?” Qin Mo asked Fu Jiu as he walked to the phone.

“Spicy hot pot with extra tripe pieces and beef. Also, a plate of green vegetables,” said Fu Jiu after thinking for a while.

Qin Mo didn’t try to criticize the youngster for being a foodie. He used the intercom and said, ” Hello, Aunt Zhang, we will have dinner at home. Please prepare some hot-pot ingredients for us with spicy seasoning and…”

Looking at the man’s handsome and noble profile near her, Fu Jiu felt somewhat surprised. She thought that they would eat dinner outside instead of at his home.

“You can look around by yourself first. I’ll change my clothes.” Qin Mo said as he was tugged on his collar. When he was about to go into his bedroom, something seemed to come to his mind, so he stopped and asked, “Would you like to change yours?”

Of course, Fu Jiu wouldn’t agree. She didn’t want to experience the events that had occurred in the changing room anymore.

“Your clothes won’t fit me because they are too large for me.”

Hearing that, Qin Mo glanced at the youngster from head to toe. He really seemed to be a little bit short.

But he didn’t say it out loud.

As a good older brother, it was necessary to leave his little brother with a little bit of face.

However, it was a pity that Fu Jiu didn’t get this kindness. After all, Almighty Qin’s eyes were full of deep meaning, and she wasn’t stupid. Of course she knew what he was thinking.

She looked at herself. As a girl with a height of 173 cm, she wasn’t considered short…

Since the master was out, Fu Jiu would obviously look around. She felt even more interested, especially concerning this man, who had almost caught her.

After all, she had been free and unfettered for many years in the west, where many police officers had been sent out to search for her, only for their search to end in vain without the officers even identifying her gender.

This time, she was detected partly because she had used less-updated equipment, but even so, the reasoning ability of a god was kind of inhuman.

Qin Mo’s room suited the person himself—black and white, and with an all wooden bookshelf, which left an impression of luxury and cleanliness, and cold and dustless.

The bookshelf was full of books. Aside from some books related to computers, many others were about psychology and analysis of criminals’ motives.

Fu Jiu frowned and casually took out a book. Then, a flash of light appeared in her slightly lowered eyes. Was this another hobby of Almighty Qin’s besides games?

Criminal psychology?


Chapter123 Almighty Qin Said To Finish You


There were few people on the mainland who could study criminal psychology, let alone add such detailed annotations in related books.

Fu Jiu curled her thin lips into a rather playful summer.

The Almighty had concealed it so deeply.

No wonder all of them said that no one in Northeast China had the guts to piss him off.

If the police had someone like this god, it probably would have been tough for her to hide.

A criminal psychologist, profiler, and computer genius…

Fu Jiu firmly believed that some people, no matter how many times they were reincarnated back into the world, were definitely incomparable. More importantly, their numbers could be only counted on the fingers of one hand.

The Almighty might just be one of them.

“Are you interested in my book?” Qin Mo already finished changing his clothes. His knitted light sweater matched well with his long cloth trousers, immediately making him look much gentler. At home, he slightly resembled those Korean male stars, with slightly damp cropped black hair very close to his ears and exposed elbows that were as fair as porcelain.

He walked around from behind Fu Jiu and put his nimble fingers on the book, Criminal Minds,that she was reading.

A subtle mint scent mixed with a hint of tobacco floated lightly over her head, smelling incredibly familiar and pleasant.

When Fu Jiu turned her head, the man’s fair jaw came into her line of sight.

It occurred to her that the man was a lot taller than her, although she was already somewhat tall.

So that was why when this god entered the room, his gaze was that condescending. He actually had the right to act like that.

Qin Mo also lowered his eyes, and his deep gaze fell on the young man’s face as if time were frozen.

Soon, he took the book from her hand and put it back on the shelf, while his other hand directly grabbed the back collar of the youngster’s school uniform. Leaning to one side, he asked, “Interested?” With his thin lips being so close to the youngster’s face, his breath could even hit Fu’s face.

“Well, kind of…” Fu Jiu responded somewhat provocatively with a slight smile, “No wonder locating my area in a very short period of time is a piece of cake for my older brother, who has a strong reasoning ability. If I knew earlier, I wouldn’t have rushed to jump out, and I would have played a little bit more with Brother Mo instead.”

Qin Mo told himself once again that the teenager was in the rebellious phase of his adolescence.

As a brother, even if this guy just moved his stuff, he had to control himself and not pinch his paws.

Still, this boy needed to be taught.

No matter what position the teenager was in, Qin Mo dragged him to go out. “You can read extracurricular books later. Go eat first!”

Ever since she met this god more often, she has been treated as a sack many times. Fu shouted, “Wait, wait, can we talk in a better position? Please don’t always drag me like this. You know what, this is gonna ruin my image.”

“So sneaking a peek at other people’s books does not affect your image?” Qin Mo grasped the boy seriously as if he were teaching a disobedient cat.

Fu did not deny it, “I just wanted to know who on earth could finally catch me. Besides playing games, my brother, what else can you do?”

“Make money,” Qin said, then he gripped the teenager’s chin with force. “Be careful about your big nose. No more nonsense. Maybe I’ll put you into the stewed hot pot next time.

Fu Jiu thought that she couldn’t miss the big chance to educate a god, so she put her face close to him with an evil smile. “My dear brother, to be honest, you are not really a perfect brother. I’m sorry, but I have to tell you that your tongue is so sharp that you will never get a girlfriend.”



Chapter124 Who Made An Elder Brother Like Me Fail To Meet The Mark


“I don’t need to pursue a girlfriend because women will naturally pursue me.” Qin Mo’s voice was soft, and his handsome face fell. His breath hit Fu Jiu’s lips. “What you said is none of my concern. Behave more and listen more. Don’t let me wring your neck. That’s what you should do. Understand?”

After saying this, Qin Mo let the boy go. Looking at his back, it was as though that tall figure was right…

Fu Jiu found the words this god had said especially difficult to refute.

Indeed, a man with this kind of style did not need to worry about finding a girlfriend.

In Jiang City, it wasn’t only the girls who played games that regarded him as a god.

Even the girls from old and well-known families couldn’t resist the temptation of Qin family’s rights and power.

And… even if all these factors were put aside, with a god’s figure and appearance, even if he was a nightclub cowherd, he would be the most popular cowherd… From now on, she would not attack this god using the matter of finding a girlfriend. It was totally ineffective on him, unlike this god’s attacks on her scores.

Every attack of his was accurate… Thinking about it, Fu Jiu felt a little depressed, and she was ready to eat beef hot pot to comfort her morose heart.

What she didn’t imagine was that there was only one pair of chopsticks when she sat down.

The chopsticks were in front of the man.

Fu Jiu smiled slightly, raised her eyes, and looked at Aunt Zhang. Her clean and beautiful face was full of sunshine.

Aunt Zhang didn’t dare meet this handsome boy’s eyes. She often turned her head and looked at Qin Mo with an expression showing that she was suppressing her desire to speak out..

Fu Jiu saw this and knew that this god must have commanded her to do something. She said to Qin Mo directly, “Brother Mo, where are my chopsticks?” The beef in the spicy hot-pot was already boiled. While imagining picking it up and throwing it into her mouth at this time, her lips and teeth were experiencing the fragrance. Just the thought of it made her anticipate the good taste.

Qin Mo only raised his eyebrows and used his chopsticks to pick up some beef and put it into his bowl. “As a failure of a brother, of course I’m the one who will eat. You look at me eat.”

Fu Jiu:…”Master, did you know that you shouldn’t be so cruel, or you will lose friends.”

Qin Mo glanced at him again. The boy’s handsome little face fell. He was looking at him with his beautiful eyes and seemed somewhat innocent with his fine silver hair.

He was reminded that the boy was still in the rebellious phase of his adolescence. He started to internally reflect if he overdid things.

After all, it was the boy’s first time in his house…

“Do you really want beef?” Qin Mo asked the person sitting opposite of him.

Fu Jiu cupped her chin and licked her lower lip with the tip of her tongue. She looked handsome and evil. “What do you say? Brother Mo, I am already hungry after playing tennis with you for a long time.”

“While you were playing tennis with me, how many people did you flirt with? Can you count the number?” Qin Mo smiled without warmth. “You were teaching others a third of the time.”

Fu Jiu paused again. All of a sudden, she stood up, put her arm on the table, bent her waist to lean forward, and said with a smile tugging on the corners of her mouth, “Jealous?”

“Jealous?” The temperature around Qin Mo plummeted even more. Holding the chopsticks in his hand, he signaled with his eyes for the boy to look at the bottom of the hot pot. “Do you want to enter that again?”

Fu Jiu really thought that this god was difficult to deal with. Even if she didn’t blow into his ears, he was still so frosty. When could she eat beef? She was really hungry…


Chapter125 Qin Mo Feeds Lord Jiu


Qin Mo could see that the boy was not in a good mood. With his deep eyes, he looked at the boy’s head, which was hanging down, and hooked up the corner of his mouth. He started lecturing like a brother. “Do you still dare to casually have puppy love afterwards?”

Fu Jiu shook her head, but she thought something was amiss. When did she have puppy love? She was just flirting with girls.

She wanted to look up and tell him the truth. What she didn’t imagine was that, when she opened her mouth, the man would fill it with the tender beef.

The beef had already cooled down and was not too hot to eat.

The man was holding the chopsticks in his hand and using them to feed the boy meat.

After seeing this scene, it wasn’t just Aunt Zhang standing to the side whose mouth fell open in shock. The soldiers standing guard with straight backs also looked at one another in total disbelief.

What… What happened?

The young master unexpectedly! He unexpectedly fed others food?!

Aunt Zhang remembered the time when Young Master was reading a book in the courtyard at the age of eight. Even at an early age, he was like a gentleman. He wore a small black suit and a fluffy windbreaker outside. He always had a cup of tea next to his hand, and the gazes of the people in the courtyard couldn’t help but be drawn to him.

Madam was happy at that time, and she wanted to feed Young Master a bite of fruit.

At first, Young Master said nothing.

Maybe he thought Madam was too tired to coax him.

Young Master put down the book calmly and told his mother shyly, “Mom, saliva spreads bacterial diseases dozens of times more than common breath does, so you should not use the toothpick you just used to feed others. This is common sense.”

Until now, this scene had always been playing at the back of Aunt Zhang’s mind.

Because the little child who was under ten years old could unexpectedly talk about bacterial diseases spreading to his mother.

The scene was really lovely and surprising.

Later, no matter what Aunt Zhang did, his first reaction would be to think about whether the meal was clean or not.

After all, their young master’s mysophobia… was real.

But… when was Young Master able to use his own chopsticks to feed others?

Didn’t he say that bacterial diseases might spread?

Now, did Young Master no longer dislike bacterial diseases?

If Madam saw this scene, she would be unable to remain elegant anymore.

Fu Jiu herself didn’t think about it seriously. Days with edible meat were the happiest.

For the moment, she put aside the question of whether or now she’s had puppy love.

Qin Mo saw the handsome appearance of the cheerful young man, so he didn’t say anything else.

Since he himself regarded the boy as his brother, he should take good care of him.

He should have noticed his own problems.

If it was no longer puppy love, it meant that he was, in a way, obeying him.

Compared to those who ran amok all day, this was more advisable.

Also, the young man’s appearance when he ate food was really attractive.

The more Qin Mo looked, the more Fu Jiu resembled the cat Qin Mo kept; once fed, he would be clever and observant. After all, he was in his rebellious phase.

Qin Mo told himself this, and he ate some beef with that pair of chopsticks.

This shocked Aunt Zhang again. The spare pair of chopsticks in her hands was not used. The day from beginning to end made her feel like she was experiencing a fantasy.

But at the same time, she was happy for Young Master.

After all, it was the first time that she had seen Young Master get close with someone. At last, Young Master was a bit more sympathetic…



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