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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

National school prince is a girl Episode 12 to 15

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🤴🤴National School Prince Is A Girl🧏🧏

Author : Warring Young Seven

Chapter12 Fu Jiu Ate Young Master Qin’s Tofu



Everything happened so quickly—so quickly that the bodyguards in black didn’t manage to react.

Qin Mo only felt that something crashed into his arms. After taking his left foot back, he lowered his ink-black eyes.

“CEO Qin!!”

The secretary behind Qin Mo screamed out with sweat all over his forehead. He wanted to pull his boss away, but it was already too late…

The moment Fu Jiu lost her balance, she narrowed her eyes sharply.

However, everything had fallen into dead silence before she could do anything major.

Was she seeing an illusion?

Why did she feel a chill on the back of her neck?

On the contrary, she felt warmth under her palm. It was stiff and it felt good to the touch…

Fu Jiu moved her hand twice, and all of that was seen by all the school heads. They were all so scared that their faces turned pale!

“Fu Jiu!” The guidance director simply wanted to pick him up and throw him away. He didn’t expect that this punk would show up out of nowhere in such a manner. Didn’t he tell everyone to keep him out of here?!

Hearing the stifled roars, Huo Siyu laughed out with

pleasure. This time, that bumpkin Fu Jiu was doomed for sure!

“Fu Jiu? Isn’t he that person who couldn’t get off Young Master Qin’s back the last time?”

“Wow, he’s really persistent. Isn’t he afraid of being killed by Young Master Qin?”

“He must have mental problems. From the looks of it, men can be equally appalling when they become crazy for love.”

With the discussions floating around, the person who wanted to cover his eyes the most was Chen Xiaodong. He never expected that the thing he was worried about the most would happen in front of everyone just like that.

He even thought that his young master had changed these past few days.

He didn’t expect that they were all just tricks to lower his inner defenses.

He shouldn’t have stood with Class A; he should’ve mingled with Class D, so that when Young Master lost his senses and ran into Young Master Qin, he could’ve at least grabbed onto his leg!

At this moment, Fu Jiu wasn’t too happy either. She was the victim, alright?

But upon seeing the look on everyone’s faces, she knew nobody would believe her anyway.

Might as well take it to the end; since I’ve already started it, I’ll see through it to the end.

Upon coming to this conclusion, Fu Jiu lifted her lips and smiled. She suddenly grabbed the man by the collar and while leaning towards that handsome cold face, she said with a diabolical voice, “Nice body, bro.”

Was this, was this flirting?!

Chen Xiaodong was covered in cold sweat. Young

Master went nuts! Nuts!

Flirting with girls was fine. But even flirting with Young Master Qin now? Didn’t you know that he was a proverbial tiger?!

People really didn’t expect such words from Fu Jiu.

By the side, the cat-like young man was so stunned that he almost bit through the rabbit doll’s ears.

The school heads, on the other hand, wanted this student, Fu Jiu, to vanish!

Qin Mo’s eyes were cold to the extreme.

But compared to the coldness, what was making everybody’s nerves taut was his viciousness.

He arrogantly regarded the world with his kingly airs.

Fu Jiu now believed in Chen Xiaodong; this man was not to be messed with.

In a split second, his face drew closer. His stateliness and beauty were all shattered at once, and all that left was an unsettling pressure…

He leaned in, and his cold breath hit the back of her ear. “Fu Jiu, right? Watch it on your way home because someone’s right hand might really get broken.”

He said it like it was nothing, and his voice was so soft that only the two of them could hear it.

But Fu Jiu understood the hidden meaning behind his words, She had just touched his chest with her right hand. In response, this Young Master Qin, whose tofu[1] was eaten by her, was thinking of breaking her right hand?

[1] It means to get fresh on someone, to flirt or even to harass mildly (depending on the context and the part of China).



Chapter13 Praising Me by Touching Me?


Was there going to be a fight?

She had yet to fear anyone.

However, Fu Jiu didn’t like to make enemies without a reason. “Handsome, I was praising you.” It wouldn’t be nice if he still got people to beat her up after she praised him.

Qin Mo laughed suddenly, but there was only coldness in his eyes. It looked like he could only appease his anger by tearing Fu Jiu into pieces. “Touching my chest is a form of praise?”

“You ain’t no girl, what’s the big deal with being touched.” Fu Jiu persuaded. “Be gracious.”

Qin Mo’s eyes moved away from Fu Jiu’s hand indifferently, and his voice sounded like it was being squeezed out from between his gnashed teeth. “Such a pity. Generosity has never been in my dictionary.”

Did that mean that a fight was inevitable?

Fu Jiu looked at that extremely dangerous back and swung her aching wrist.

Sunshine scattered on him through the tree leaves, and as if boundless light was added onto him, there were only stateliness and luxury, nothing else.

Simply passing by people gave them freezing chills.

On top of that, there were a bunch of bodyguards in black following him.

It seemed like things were really going to be a bit troublesome…

The school heads were all surprised that Young Master Qin had let Fu Jiu go just like that. He didn’t even ask them anything, so they also felt relieved at the same time.

“Luckily, Young Master Qin is a generous person.”

“Tell me about it.”

The guidance director wiped off the sweat on his forehead after the false alarm.

Only the cat-like young man slightly tilted his head and bit again on the ear of the rabbit doll in his embrace. The Captain he knew sought revenge to the end every single time; the calmer he was, the more severe the consequences were going to be…

That Fu Jiu, who had swooped in, would be dead soon!

Qin Mo was leading in the front. The feeling which he had never experienced before was still lingering on his chest, making the glint in his eyes plunge into unprecedented depths.

It was only a short minute, but all of the students and teachers felt like ages had passed.

The moment Qin Mo’s back finally disappeared, Chen Xiaodong rushed to Fu Jiu like a wild gust of wind with his eyes wide open. “Young Master, do you know what you just did? If Boss discovers this, you will be punished again. And that Young Master Qin, he never liked being touched. Were you testing his limits? And you even flirted with him. Young Master, Young Master Qin is different from you. He’s not gay!”

Fu Jiu put her hand into her pocket and quite coolly denied, “I’m not gay either.”

“You have already done that to Young Master Qin, you…” Cheng Xiaodong sighed, “Young Master, I know. If I were gay, I would fall for a man like Young Master Qin too, but look at the girls around you; they didn’t even pounce on him and hug him.”

Fu Jiu gave a terse reply as though she thought nothing of it. The corners of her mouth were still half-curled. “If it’s like what you said, then didn’t Young Master Qin just give me his virgin hug?”

“Young Master…” Chen Xiaodong was completely defeated by his young master. At a time like this, he was still thinking of such a thing.

Fu Jiu patted his shoulder. “Just kidding, but let me be clear; it was not my intention to hug him. I was thinking about going to Computer City, and then someone pushed me from behind without me noticing.”

“I trust you!” Chen Xiaodong was dead serious!

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrows.

Chen Xiaodong continued, “Therefore Young Master, let’s be honest with each other. Next time, if you want to do anything to Young Master Qin, tell me first!”

Fu Jiu: “…”



Chapter14 What If I Wanted to Sleep With You?


With Chen Xiaodong acting like this, Fu Jiu got into the mood to tease him like a pet. She said lazily, “There is actually one thing I’ve always wanted to do.”

“What, what?” Chen Xiaodong hurriedly asked.

Fu Jiu gave a light smile and hurled three words at him: “Sleep with him.”

Chen Xiaodong felt like he was struck by lightning and paused…

Fu Jiu patted his face. “So, no more word games with me, your young master. Who says I won’t really do it? Be a good boy and go to class.”

“Young Master!!” Chen Xiaodong grasped Fu Jiu’s arm. “You must be joking, right, Young Master!”

Fu Jiu only laughed and pushed him away. She didn’t say anything else.

The more Chen Xiaodong looked at his young master, the more unsettled his heart became. It’s over. Over. Young Master had only liked him secretly before, but now he wants to sleep with him.

That isfreaking Young Master Qin!

If you sleep with him, canyou be sure that you can still live?

“Young Master, since when did you start having such dirty thoughts!”

At the other side, Fu Jiu crossed the avenue and checked the cameras around. The corner of her mouth curled up.

As long as there was the internet, how could it be hard for her to find out who had pushed her?

Setting up her tablet, Fu Jiu sat down on a rooftop where there was only a few people. Once her long fingers touched the Bluetooth keyboard, her dazzling keyboard techniques led her directly to the school’s internet center!

After she had hacked in, images popped up on the screen one after another. 32 images in total showed up in different small windows.

Currently, the tablet in Fu Jiu’s hand was already perfectly synced with the school’s security monitors.

This meant that each camera in school had become her eyes.

With a tap on the enter key, the screen paused on the scene from before.

Fu Jiu unwrapped a lollipop from its package and put it in her mouth. Her thin lips lifted, and her eyes turned ice-cold. “Huo Siyu? So it was her…”

But this was nothing.

What made Fu Jiu raise her eyebrows was the alarms coming from the internet firewall that she had set up on her tablet.

Surprisingly, who would’ve thought that the one who hacked into her laptop would be this persistent?

Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes, and her fingers were on the move again.

This time, her fingers were more offensive than before, like a hawk from the desert, vicious and fast, directly delivering a swift critical blow!


Another laptop blacked out!

Fatty was in the school office. Looking at his broken laptop, he wasn’t depressed at all. Instead, he looked to the people at the side with flaming passion in his eyes. “CEO Qin, I got him! Spade Z!”

“Him?” The school heads were confused. Young Master Qin came to visit, didn’t he? Why was he looking for someone?

Qin Mo’s thin lips opened up slightly as he said two words: “Specific location.”

“Rooftop of Building B! He just hacked the school internet!” Fatty was extremely excited. “He should still be there!”

Qin Mo didn’t pause. With a swoosh, he stood up and headed out to Building B in large strides.

The cat-like young man followed quickly with the rabbit in his arms, along with those bodyguards in black.

The school heads had no idea what had just happened. They only heard Fatty say that someone had hacked into the school internet, and their faces changed!

From afar, the pitter patter sounds of keyboard strikes continued.

Qin Mo’s long and slim figure was downstairs. Standing on his long legs with his back against the light, his left hand rested on his belt. While still wearing that pure black uniform, he raised his head up and looked at the rooftop of Building B, and a thin layer of light trickled into his deep eyes…



Chapter15 Spade Z Was No Teacher, But A Student!


The elevator button was pressed.

Fatty ran towards the rooftop first.

But there was no one there!

Not even the shadow of a human being!

How was this possible?

“CEO Qin.” Fatty’s complexion looked bad, and he turned his head. “Spade Z must be here! I can’t be wrong!”

Saying that was one thing, but where was the person?

Fatty was looking around worriedly.

Qin Mo walked over, his cold and sharp eyes glancing at the candy wrapper on the floor. It was still warm.

“Someone was here,” Qin Mo said as he ground the candy wrapper under the heel of his black military boot. He stood on the rooftop while looking down upon everything, including the campus. With that military uniform, he looked like a god. “Spade Z is a student.”

Fatty let out a curse. “You can tell from this?”

“Is there a teacher who would be bored to the point of eating a lollipop? Your target was wrong from the beginning.” Qin Mo turned his gaze onto him.

Fatty couldn’t stand those eyes that left people stifled, the eyes that his CEO had all the time.

Qin Mo wasn’t happy about losing against Spade Z.

Fatty touched his nose with guilt. “Um, you can’t really blame me. I saw how amazing Spade Z was in action, so I thought that he must be a teacher. Who would have expected a student to be that good.” A student! This was a high school, for Christ’s sake! Which student was good enough to compete with him?!

“Fatty, are you looking down on students? I am a student, and I am a better gamer than you are!” The cat-like young man wasn’t convinced, and he scratched the wall.

Qin Mo raised his hand suddenly, and his eyes swept over to the side.

The scene became quiet all at once.

“I hear something.” Qin Mo’s voice was weak, but it sounded like an order. He harshly and coldly threw out a word, “Search!”

Bodyguards in black spread out on the spot and started searching the rooftop.


Someone screamed, “Young Master! It’s in here!”

That was a trash can.

An iPad Air 2 was lying in it.

It was perfectly fine and in pristine condition; hardly any scratches could be seen. The sound was coming from the tablet, and after getting closer, it could be heard very clearly.

“Spade Z left this?!” Shock flashed across Fatty’s eyes.

Qin Mo had never picked up anything from a trash can before. He raised his eyebrows and extended his left hand, and a black glove was immediately presented to him.

“Is it off?” The cat-like young man’s eyes were wide open. “Why did he leave his tablet here?”

Fatty’s face dimmed. “He realized that we were looking for him and erased all the evidence. How cunning! Don’t tell me that he was battling me via an iPad!”

“What if he did?” The cat-like young man didn’t understand. Did it really have to be a computer?

Fatty looked serious. “Compared to laptops with ordinary configurations, an iPad’s operating speed is five times slower! If he was using an iPad, can you imagine how great he would be with a laptop?”

The cat-like young man was completely shocked after hearing this!

Fatty thought about the possibility, and his eyes were lost in a daze. “I wouldn’t even be able to lock in on his rough position. Such a master, why isn’t he ranked? Who on earth is he? A… high school student?”

Qin Mo stood to the side. With his very slim and long legs, his profile was delicate, and his eyes were deep and cold like an ancient pool. His black-gloved fingertips swiped over the iPad’s screen, and all of a sudden, a word lit up!





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