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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

National school prince is a girl Episode 1 to 3

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🤴🤴National School Prince Is A Girl🧏🧏

Author : Warring Young Seven

Chapter1 Hacker Queen Becomes a High School Student



“Who are you?”

As soon as Fu Jiu said that, the person who was standing in front of her felt thunderstruck and ran to the door while screaming, “Doctor, doctor! My young master, it appears his brain has been damaged!”

Young Master? You mean her?

Fu Jiu realized something was wrong and frowned hard.

Something seemed to be trying to get into her brain!

She shook her aching head and dazedly looked at herself in a full-length mirror.

There was what seemed like a young man in the mirror. He was tall, slim, and around seventeen years old, and he had very black eyes. His figure was smooth and accentuated but he was no man.

Her skin was perfect. It was fair like porcelain all over and completely flawless.

That messy silver hair didn’t make her seem decadent at all. On the contrary, it added a luxurious temperament to her and made her look like an eastern vampire royal.

The young man’s ear had a black piercing which was exuding a dim light.

Wild, arrogant, handsome!

Anybody who’d seen this young man for the first time would think the same thing.

If Fu Jiu didn’t know that she was a girl herself, she would even think that the one in the mirror was a boy.

However, she was clear that no matter what, she or

even this body that she had was a girl.

Fu Jiu looked at herself in the mirror and closed her eyes. She opened them up after a few seconds. Something very mysterious was in her eyes.

“Young Master!” The man who just ran out came back in and dragged a doctor inside as well. “Hurry, take a look at my young master. See if his brain is really damaged!”

The doctor used a medical light to check on Fu Jiu’s eyes.

Fu Jiu sat still emotionlessly, and she didn’t resist.

She was receiving non-stop information being sent to her brain.

Even though this body had the same family name and first name as she did, the situation was totally different.

Clearly, she was a girl, but her mother had raised her like a boy.

But no matter how her mother had raised her, this body was still into men.

And all girls would fall in love during high school.

She, well, fell too hard and didn’t know the manners a girl should have. She went up and circled around directly whenever she saw good looking guys.

Therefore, people sent her to the hospital by beating her up badly, thinking that she was gay.

After Fu Jiu had remembered everything, she didn’t look too well.

She had once hacked into the Pentagon with a single computer.

So many FBI agents had used all kinds of honey traps and reverse honey traps just to capture her, but they couldn’t get her even with ten big black guys.

Being sent to the hospital all beaten up… Really, it

was kind of funny.

Fu Jiu actually laughed out loud, but her eyes were still cold, and there was a trace of evilness in her deep black eyes.

“Young Master?” Chen Xiaodong looked at her in confusion.

Fu Jiu looked back at him absent-mindedly. Then, she raised her hand to push her silver hair back, showing her perfect demon-like face.


Even her voice was flawless; it was not too low, and it was not too high. It had some exquisite features of a young lad—soft and magnetic.

She made even that most ordinary of gestures look arrogant and domineering.

Chen Xiaodong was in shock, feeling that something was not right with his young master.

How should he put it? Young Master used to be very bad-tempered, spending money as if it were water and acting like a total “nouveau riche” rich kid with no manners and taste.

But today, he saw the word “handsome” on his young master…


Chapter2 A New Fu Jiu, Cool


For three days, Fu Jiu stayed in the hospital for check-ups. On the very fourth day, she stopped acting like a pretty boy in a hospital gown.

Fu Jiu had always been very good at adapting.

But there was one thing she needed to figure out.

Who had stabbed her in the back!

Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes, and the temperature in the ward dropped to the freezing point.

And then she smiled again. The angle at which the corner of her mouth hooked up was perfect.

It was as if this person was full of disguises.

She was a hacker. Code name: Z.

She could do whatever you wanted her to do with a single computer.

But someone like her took on a high school kid’s body and was reborn.

“Young Master, I took out all your clothes. Do you want this outfit or this one?” Chen Xiaodong looked at the young man who was sitting next to the window, and as if he were asking for some reward, he continued, “Both are from Givenchy’s newest collection.”

Fu Jiu jumped down from the balcony with the support of one hand. There was a lollipop in her mouth, and her silver hair looked a bit messy. Her eyebrows were stunning to death, and her thin lips were slightly pouty. She walked towards Chen Xiaodong slowly with her left hand in her pocket.

That laidback look of hers was totally like those demon deacons from cartoons—so freaking cool!

Chen Xiaodong was nearly awestruck. Not to mention that all girls would fall for Young Master, even boys would… No, I can’t think like that!

Thinking like this would only encourage Young Master’s bad habits and evil temperament. The reason why his young master was beaten and sent to the hospital this time was still vivid to him!

If the boss knew that his young master had a crush on Young Master Qin, he would definitely break the young master’s legs!

“Only these two? Are there no other options?” Fu Jiu looked at the extremely bright colors in front of her and frowned.

Chen Xiaodong buried his head and pulled those clothes aside. “I also brought your favorite trendy pieces from the BOY collection!”


Are you sure they are not some cheap stuff from Taobao[1]? The original owner’s tastes are really peculiar.

Fu Jiu looked at the clothes in floral colors in front of her, unbuttoned her hospital gown with her fingers, and spoke with a low voice, “Go get my uniform.”

“Hah? Young Master, don’t you hate uniforms?” Chen Xiaodong’s eyes widened as he was shocked by Fu Jiu’s words.

Fu Jiu took a glance at him and only gave two words: “Go now.”

Without any explanation, her voice was so scary that it made people weak in the knees. Was this still the same nouveau riche Young Master of his?

Jiang City’s No.1 Middle School had a long history, great teachers, many powerful figures inside, and top scholars in both the arts and sciences. Of course, there were still a few unenterprising students who didn’t progress. Fu Jiu was a typical example.

Compared to other well-off second generations, she was even more disliked by others, because she lived to show off, came to school in race cars, and made herself look like a mine owner.

Even though her family was actually in the mining business, she brought what she had learned from her dad to school, which was very inappropriate.

And with her way of dressing, people only thought of her as a bumpkin and not as something mainstream no matter how handsome she thought it was.

Thinking about it carefully, Fu Jiu had actually never done anything outrageous.

But an existence like her was simply like a joke. Who would like her?

But today, the head teacher of the class looked at this freshly-baked pretty young man and asked with uncertainty, “Fu Jiu?”

“Aye, it’s me, Ms. Chen. I came to cancel my sick leave.” Fu Jiu smiled slightly.

Ms. Chen paused in shock and said, “Alright, I got it. Go back to class, no more fights later on. Put your heart and mind into studying.”


Ms. Chen was astonished to see the back of that young man who had just left.

Could someone really change this much after staying in the hospital for a few days?

This was simply a makeover!


Chapter3 Meeting an Old Enemy, Slap in the Face


Back on the familiar campus, Fu Jiu had an indescribable feeling. There was a broadcast going on, but she was not sure if there would be an exercise session later…

“Oh? Who’s that handsome guy? Is he new? Why haven’t I seen him before?” The girl was talking with her friends, and she asked them to look in Fu Jiu’s direction.

“He smiled at me just now! Those little canines, so sexy!”

“Hold on, he looks so familiar, him! Is he Fu Jiu?!”

After getting closer to take a look, a number of girls were completely stunned!

How could this beautiful man be that nouveau riche, Fu Jiu?

But he did enter their class!

Fu Jiu put her school bag on the wooden desk, lifted her long legs slightly, and sat down as she was going to take her small laptop out.

And they heard a bang!

Someone pulled out the chair next to her and looked at her with a gloomy face. “Take your stuff away. I don’t freaking wanna stay a second longer with you, you huge sicko!”

This was Fu Jiu’s deskmate Jiang Feiyang, the most handsome guy in Class D. He played basketball well, and he was good at dealing with girls.

Even Fu Jiu herself had chased him before.

Fu Jiu’s head hurt every time she thought about the fact that she had actually chased him once.

But she was never really someone who allowed people to get violent in front of her.

“You don’t?” Fu Jiu sounded emotionless, and she put her hand on the side of her face indifferently and looked at him. “Then f*ck off.”

“What did you just say!” Jiang Feiyang acted up and wanted to grab her collar and pull her in!

Unexpectedly, Jiang Feiyang pounced but missed, and his whole body crashed into the desk. His jaw was aching so badly.

Fu Jiu, who was standing at the side, looked at him with a smile. “I haven’t really been liking violence recently, so Classmate Jiang, let’s try to get along. How about that?”

Everyone thought they were having secret talks like brothers.

Only Jiang Feiyang knew how much painful pressure the arm exerted on his back. His eyes were red as he ground his teeth. He couldn’t believe that a weak wimp could actually beat him!

“Odd. Fu Jiu used to blush so badly back when Jiang Feiyang talked to him. Why is he different today?”

“Nothing odd about that. Fu Jiu only has eyes for Young Master Qin now, so he can’t be bothered with others anymore.”

“Heh, how ballsy, daring to fantasize about Young Master Qin.”

“Just wait, someone will fix him.”

Fu Jiu lowered her eyes with all the noise happening in the background, and she flipped open the physics textbook atop the table.

Jiang Feiyang swung his arm and harrumphed coldly. “Listen clearly. You are not going to live long. Not to mention Young Master Qin himself, even those school guards with him will kill you.”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu laughed again and raised her eyes from the physics textbook. “Whether I’ll die or not, that’s for later. But if you say another word, I will rip your jaw out!”

Jiang Feiyang: “…”

Sh*t, why did he feel frightened?

That little wimp’s eyes were so scary!

The bell for class rang, and Fu Jiu could finally have a little quiet naptime.

However, trouble still arrived at lunchtime.

A group of girls who were wearing skirts surrounded Fu Jiu in the middle, and the tone in which they spoke was filled with explosive hostility.

“How did the Fu family produce this gay nouveau riche. How disgusting!”

The hungry Fu Jiu was stopped just like that, and her eyes turned cold.

After hearing their words, she abruptly raised her head, a cold smile gradually suffusing the corner of her mouth.






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