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July 24, 2021


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Natasha final batch

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(Trained assassin🔪in love)

🌷By bukunmi🌷






Thank Goodness the case has finally be given to me,am goona make sure he rot in jail.

Just because he is a well known politican son does not mean he can rape a girl and go scot free.


I slumped down on my couch tiredly, its been a month since tasha left and everywhere as been quite and boring.

Although we do talk to each other spending hours on phone but am still not satisfied I wanna hold her,feel her hear her giggles.



I watched as Ella stare at me as if have grown a extra head.

“And what that look for???”

“Tasha this is the tenth time you goona eat it’s not even dinner time yet”

“yeah it’s quite normal maybe my stomach needs more food”

“Don’t fucking tell me trash,you get angry at the slightest things you don’t get angry before, you crave for sweet thing fig don’t crave for before,you fall asleep every single moment,you even adding weight that are all sings of Early pregnancy babe”

“What no I can’t be pregnant we only did it twice” I said to her in disbelief.

“Yeah you can only fuck once and get pregnant babe,did you use protection during the time” she said and it drawn on me”Jeff didn’t use protection ”

“No Ella I ….I forgot” I said and she looked at me wide eyed.

“But I can’t just be pregnant its been long we did it its a month ago”

“Just shut the hell up tasha,in fact I will be right back” she said and stood up

“Where to??” I asked

“To get a p/t strip, so make sure you call your urine out before am back” she said to me in anger before walking out.


Minutes later she was back with the p/t strip and she dipped it in my urine.

“Give it a minute” Ella said to me as I kept looking at the strip.


The one minutes was like hell,I felt my surrounding go hot immediately, it was like my life was on the line.

“Time up” Ella said and stood up while I stood praying the result is goona be negative.

“Fuck tasha you are pregnant the result is positive” Ella yelled and I stood numb.

“What am pregnant, a tiny being is growing in me and I was unaware all this while” I stare at my stomach in shock as I rub it,I don’t know if I should be happy or crying.

“That explain the reason why my breast was getting bigger”

“Tasha what are we goona…….” My phone ring interrupted Ella.

I went yo it and saw it was boss calling.

“It boss Ella”

“Why would he call you??”

“I don’t know”

“Okay answer his call don’t yell or shout at him so he wouldn’t find out we know his secret”



“A new paying job arrived am giving you 6minutes to be here” he said and the line went off.

“Damn you crazy boss,does he think….” I yelled about banging my hand when Ella stopped me.

“You pregnant baby try to get your anger on the low” she said

“Okay thanks” I said

“So now go don’t act rude or yell at him okay”

“Okay thanks babe”


I arrived at boss office and met one of his dogs guarding his private office,he snared at me and I glare at him.

I knock on his door and heard a hard “come In”

“You called for me” I said and sit down before asking for his permission.

“Did I ask you to sit bitch”he yelled angrily.

” get to the point or I leave”I glared at him and he looked at me sternly before sitting down.

“So the pay is 3million are you ready??”

“Tell me the Job first”

“You are to kill a sturboon lawyer, but he is a smart brat”

“Okay what is his offence??”

“You stinking bitch are you goona do…….”

“Don’t you dare yell at me again, let me have his details” I said and he shakes his head.

“Okay here it is”he said handling me a photograph and I stare at it in shock

” his name is jeffery blakes,he is quite a smart lawyer and short tempered he lives here in los Angles, so the job must be done quickly “boss said and all my blood drained from my body.

” No I can’t kill jeffery, the love of my life,the father of my unborn child”




“Can’t you see there are so many obstacles you gonna face in this case” Natasha said.

I don’t understand her anymore, she suddenly called me this morning telling me she was coming over,eversince she got her she has been trying hard to persuade me to drop the case I was Happy I got.

“Tasha you just have to…….”

“Pls Jeff just drop the case” she said carresing my face.

“What the problem tasha,why are you insisting on me dropping this case?” I asked her and she looked away.

“No reasons I just have a bad feeling about this case” she said.

“Tasha you are being weird to me today” I chuckled but she gave me a glare.

I guess she is angry.

“Come on babe let enjoy the……..” I was about going to her when she suddenly ran to the bathroom.



Gosh I forgot I was pregnant,how am I goona tell Jeff about it.


Am such a fool that I forgot I was pregnant.

“Are you okay??”

“Yeah am just hungry”

“Yeah you are although to be hungry you have been stressing your lungs out eversince you came”

“So can you Cook for me pls am quite tired”

“Okay just sit here am goona cook”he led me to the couch and sat me down.

” How am I goona tell jeffery am pregnant “I thought as I rub my stomach.

I still can’t believe a tiny being is growing inside me, and am goona make sure it comes to life and am goona take care of it so it won’t end up like me” I thought sadly.


After some minutes I started feeling sleepy,I fought very hard not to sleep but I finally did.


I woke up and find myself on the bed

“But I slept on the couch”


I stood up and went downstairs and saw jeffery talking to someone on phone,I couldn’t hear what he was saying but I knew it something about the case, I was about turning back when I heard him say “yeah i know its a very risky case and am goona make sure I win the case”

“The hell he knows its very risky and he still chose to go on”


I walked up to him as he dropped the call.

“The hell jeff you know its risky and you still want to go ahead,are you tired of living your life??” I yelled at him angrily.

“You are awake??”

“Answer me Jeff are you really tired of living peacefully”

“Calm Down babe”

“Don’t fucking calm me down,I can’t bear to lose you Jeff don’t you understand”

“I know but I really…….”

“Do you realize those people has hired me to end your life?” I yelled angryly and realized what I said


“Uhhm…..uhmm…I mean…….”

“Tasha don’t you fucking lie to me,tell me what you said clearly”






“Don’t fucking lie to me tasha,tell me what you said clearly”I yelled at her

” uhhm…..uhmm..”she held her mouth and ran upstairs and I followed her.


She throwed up and suddenly hold her head before I could ask what was happening she slumped back and fell in my arms.

“Tasha,Tasha no babe”I called but she wasn’t bulging.


I carried her bridal style and I ran to look for my car key but I saw her car key first so I took it.


” God tasha has been weird she has lost weight and she has been throwing up eversince she came.


The doctor came out and asked”who are you to the patient?”

“Am her fiancée”

“Okay sir”


“What tasha is pregnant?” I reapted what the doctor said happily

“Yes but she has been putting the baby at risk cause she has been stressing her self a lot”

“But is the baby is perfectly fine now?”

“Yeah but you must make sure she doesn’t stress herself”

“Okay doctor thanks”

“Congratulations once again sir”

“Thank you Sir” I said and stood up and went out.


I entered her ward and stare at her.

“No wonder she has been behaving weirdly and throwing up”


I saw her shake abit and opened her eyes wide.

“Jeff”she signalled to me to come closer with her hand.


I went close to her and she struggled to get up to hug me.

” eazy babe eazy “I cautioned

” Am fine Jeff”

“Hmmm hope the doctor didn’t tell you anything??” She asked worriedly.


“Don’t she want me to know about her pregnancy”


“No he didn’t”

“Thank Goodness” she breathed happily.

“Okay then rest a bit”

“No I wanna go home


“I don’t like the aura here”

“Okay let me go get your discharge papers ready”



We were not at home and I was talking to Ella on phone.

Thank Goodness he didn’t find out about my pregnancy.

Am scared he may not be ready to be a father and he might hate me.”I said to Ella

“Come on tasha tell him already,he might accept it”

“Okay am goona try tonight”

“What did boss tell you today??”

“He gave me a impossible job to excute”

“Come on tell me” she said and I went to the door to check if jeffery wasn’t there.

“The damn man his son raped a twenty year old girl you know him right??,the famous Evans chuks”


“He hired us to kill Jeff cause the case was giving to him”


“Am confused Ella I don’t know what to do I love Jeff,he is the father of my child”

“We will find a solution babe you can…….”

“Ella Jeff is coming Here am goona call you back okay”I said and immediately the door burst open.

” change your clothes let go have fun babe”




I was about to move the car when tasha told me to wait.

“Sorry I forgot forgot my cell phone in the room”

“Okay be fast about it”


She hasn’t gone far when I saw her cell phone right on the car seat she was seating,I wanted to call her back but something caught my attention and a message beeped on her phone.

“JEFFERY Blakes must be dead in a month”

“What??, me?!, dead!!!”


I angrily got down from the car and furiously walked inside I was about opening the door when tasha bumped into me.

“Who the hell is boss and why did he wants me dead” I shouted angrily and she looked at me shocked.



(The battle line)


I was already searching for my cell phone when I remember I took it with me to the car,I hurriedly ran downstairs I opened the door and I collided with jeffery hard chest but his look can kill right now.

“Who the hell is boss and why did he wants me dead??” He yelled angrily

“Co….com..e..on Jeff it just a game should I sh…….”

“Don’t fucking lie to me Tasha, you know am just fed up,why can’t you at least have a little trust in me?” He said and I could sense the pain in his. voice.

“I trust you jeff”

“No you don’t Tasha, if you trusted me you would have told me about your pregnancy but you didn’t you kept hidding it away from me why tasha why am I that not trustworthy??” He cried.

“No Jeff I really trust you,I just don’t want to bother you about the pregnancy”

“Bother me??when its my flesh and blood??”he said and I just bow my head,looks like he sighted something on my head cause he raised my face up and looked in my head.

” what is it??”

“Where do you get this hair pin??” He asked and I looked at him confused..

“Oh that,when I waa still with my cruel mom the day she pushed me in front of a moving car,the guy that saved me left this for me in the hospital, I really pains that he left without me telling him thanks eversince then I adored this hair pin” I said and he looked at me shocked.

“Jeff” I tapped him cause he seem in a daze.

“Are you perhaps the lady i paid her bills with the name josh Charles.”

“Yeah that was the guys name,the doctor told me….…wait Jeff don’t tell me……”

“Yeah it’s true I left that day cause I was called my father had an heart attack,I left this hair pin with her so she could know I was still coming back to her,but unfortunately she left before I could come back,I looked everywhere for her but I couldn’t find her,I went back to the place the accident took place but all to no avail,and I didn’t know her name that was why I gave up” he said and I looked on shocked.

“So you were the guy that risk his life just to save mine”

“You know that day I saw you you captured my heart at once and this hair pin I left it with you cause its for my mother,I promised myself I will give it to the woman who captured my heart at first sight”

“Wow so you have fallen for me for ages??” I laughed and teased

“Come on don’t make me feel embarrassed” he said and chuckled.

His phone rings and he picked it cuddling my hair lovingly.

“What!!!” He shouted and dropped the call.

“Emmanuel Raymond is dead”

“Who is he??”

“We are suppose to work together on this case,and he has all the information we need,so tasha judge has adviced I move to the states for now the case is goona be shifted to after 8month.

” what??why now”

“Come on babe we have to move,I must protect you and our baby okay” he said and kissed my lips before hugging me.




Now in my almost seven month and I have Ella to thank for being there for me,boss did so many things to her like toture her but she never say anything about where I was,the toture was too much on her that I decided to come back but she threatened to kill herself if I ever come back,I can’t thank God enough for making me meet a friend like Ella.

I was trying to cook something In the kitchen jeffery prohibited me not to go cause the doctor told him I mustn’t stress my self that am in my risk month.

My phone suddenly rang,I went to it and saw it was Ella.

“Hey bab…..”

“Tasha you need to get out of that house right now a bastatd tracked you down and boss is furious so pls get out if there now”





(Natasha dies😢)


“Jeffery” I heard tasha called my name in a quite urgent tone and I rushed out.

“What happened??”

“Jeff we need to leave”she said and run to me not minding her large tummy.

” Eazy babe eazy”

“Jeff Ella called”

“And who is Ella??”

“Hmm…hmm never mind let just leave pls,”

“But I still can’t understand this are you….. ”

“Let just go Jeff” she yelled before dragging me.


We rushed outside but stooped when we heard someone clap and we looked back.

“Wow seems like that bitch friend of your called you how smart” he said and I looked at him confused as Tasha held my hand sternly to her back.

“And who are you to call her a bitch” she said angrily.

“What is happening” I whisper to tasha but she ignored me.



I watched as boss stare at jeffery sternly and I knew he was up to something and I needed to be alert.

“Why didnt you accomplish the mission given to you??” He asked after some minute of silence

“Since you didn’t pay the money you don’t have to ask me that damn question”

“You bitch……..” He shouted and we heard a gunshot and I looked back scared he shot jeffery but was surprised to find one of his dogs dead and I looked at the direction the gunshot came from and saw Ella.

“That fool was aiming at you” she said

“So his dogs also followed him”

“Pls tasha explain all this to me who is he?!”

“Look here she has been hired to kill you but this fucking bitch fell in love with you instead and since she can’t do the job am goona end it myself”boss said

” WHAT!!!!”

“Yeah fool she is an assassin”

“Gosh tasha fuck why did you……” Jeffery was talking when boss shoted and I was smart enough to know he was about to shot and I pushed jeffery away but unfortunately I was shot right on my stomach and what came into my mind first was my baby no no she can’t die,I fell helplessly into Jeff’s arms and I could see his blood shot eye before I blacked out holding my stomach.



I stood shock staring at Tasha as he held her stomach before falling into his arms,I couldn’t move all my bones become Stive at once.

“She planned a better future for her baby,she promised to survive anything just for her baby and this damn boss end it all in a flash” I thought as tears gushed down my eyes.

I was going to her when someone grapped my gun,I wasn’t at alert cause I was shocked,I looked up to see him,his eyes red as fire if glares could kill boss will be dead by now.


“I have never shotted anyone in my entire life but I guess you goona be the first” he yelled and I heard a gunshot.


He missed his target and boss charged towards him and I quickly took over cause he wasn’t trained to fight or shoot boss is goona take him down in a flash.


I angrily took my gun and charged towards boss and he stooped on his track.

“Watch out” I cried out to him cause the boss personal guards were about to attack him but a gun was shot and I looked at Tasha “she killed them all at once”


Boss uses this opportunity to hijack my gun but tasha shot him on his leg and he groaned in pain and I snatched the gun from him and hit it on his head and he passed out, I ran to tasha who was struggling to stay conscious.

“Tasha you goona be fine okay,just keep your eyes open okay,for your baby tasha stay strong pls” I said as her boyfriend carried her into his car




The doctor rushed out of the theater removing his gloves.

“Who is the patient’s husband??”

“Am the one sir”

“Pls you have to sign a document so we can operate the baby prematurely cause the baby’s life is in danger.”

“Okay sir am goona sign”

“Right so go to the reception”

“Okay pls Ella stay here” I said to Tasha’s friend.



After what seems like forever the doctor finally came out and we both rushed to him.

“Doctor how is my wife?”

“Doctor how is Tasha?” We both asked at once looking at the doctor’s face which held no expression.

“Am sorry” he said and shaked his head.

” The operation was succesful but We tried our possible best but we couldn’t save the mother’s life”the doctor said and walked away,her friend slumped down in a daze.



“Daddyyyy” I heard my baby’s tiny little voice as she ran to me and I caught her in my arms.

“Yeah that my little princess” I said and she giggled.

Everything about Priscilla is just like tasha,everytime I look at her I see a smaller tasha in her everything she does was just like Tasha.


Eversince tasha died have promised never to remarry and fufil the promises I made to tasha,Priscilla doesn’t need a mom since Ella took care of her for me.

“Do you love daddy??” I teased her

“Yes I love daddy verrrrrrrry much”

“Will you make daddy prouy??”

“Yes I will make daddy proud”

“I love you daddy” she giggled

“That my girl” I said and hugged her.




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