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July 24, 2021


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Nanny needed batch 3

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“What exactly does the contents of the box mean?”sister Agnes asked as she followed Claire out of the church”who are those men dear?”

Claire shuddered to a halt and turned to stare at her Foster mother who was standing one step above her

“You have seen the contents of the box?”she asked shakingly

“What is going on Claire?”sister Agnes asked “you know you can always tell me”

” I can’t “Claire shook her head”I can’t sister, goodbye”

With that she ran out of the cathedral

“Be safe,Claire!”sister Agnes yelled

The sound of Claire’s car riding away was her response and she went out to watch the car driving away raising a cloud of dust in it’s wake

The sun was just beginning to set.

It was time to Pray again,she sighed,not because of the prayer but because of the person she was praying for

She turned to go into the church but the sound of a car driving in got her attention

She looked toward the driveway in time to see a shiny Lexus park and two young men jumped out

One of them was black while the other was a very handsome white

Pretty was the appropriate word

He looked like a high school student

They both a walked towards the cathedral and towards her

“Excuse me sister”the pretty one said.

They were both smiling at her and sister Agnes smiled back

“We would like to meet sister Agnes pearshall”

“Oh”sister Agnes responded”that would be can I help you?”

They looked at each other and smiled broadly

“Actually”the blond continued”you can help us a lot”


Claire drove quickly down the highway,her heart in her mouth

dear God,what was going on here?

The picture…

Luke Wendell was actually Sebastian’s brother

How could she not know?

They we’re twins, goddammit

She had blindly shoved headfirst into what she had been hiding from

Tears sprang in her eyes and dropped like rain on her laps

She wiped them off furiously

Now what was she to do?Except leave

Her heart clenched

She didn’t need no seer to tell her that she was falling for Sebastian or lily or even Beverly

Ever since she had left the orphanage she h see never known such security as this and now she had to leave everything behind

Slowly she pulled into the garage and looked up at the house

Every light was on in there and it felt like home

She wearily came out of the car carrying the box and retrieved her jacket and phone from the back seat where she had thrown them earlier in her flight

She walked slowly into the house and found the living room empty

She heard soft laughter from the kitchen and walked slowly into it

“Oh thank goodness,she’s here “Beverly said in her cheerful voice”told you she was gonna come back,Mr Wendell”

She turned to Claire and winked at her

“he was afraid you had left him”

Sebastian just stared at her,his face void of any emotion

“Are you OK?”he asked

“Fine”Claire nodded”sorry for keeping you waiting Beverly”

“Oh that’s no problem miss”Beverly said as she put on her coat and headed out

“What happened?”Sebastian asked as soon as the elderly woman was gone”you look like you just saw a ghost

Claire stared at him and swallowed hard

Oh what could have been…

She would have stayed here indefinitely,daring all odds

But now…

“I have to leave”

Sebastian showed no evidence that he heard her

He just continued staring at her mutely

“Did you hear me?”she retorted”i said im leaving”

“I heard you”Sebastian finally spoke”and you will but not before you tell me what’s going on with you”

“Its none of your business ”

“You damn right it is”Sebastian said,standing up and striding towards her.

He felt like shaking her

“Whats that?”he asked motioning to the box and before Claire could tell him to mind his business one more time,her phone rang

Sister Agnes

She cast a nasty look towards Sebastian then answered the call

“Hello?”she said and the devil himself answered in his taunting voice

“Well hello there,Claire”kyle said”how’s your pretty little self doing?”





“Kyle”Claire whispered in horror “w..what…why….where is she?what have you done to her?! ”

“Relax Claire “Kyle said “I haven’t done anything to her….yet”

“Please “Claire said, biting her nails as hot tears streaked down her face”I’ll do whatever you want,please let her go”

“Claire, what is going on?”Sebastian said, taking her upper arm

She was shaking badly

“Of course you will,you are going to do whatever I ask of just like you always did right”

Claire nodded,even though Kyle can’t see her

“You will bring the box to the location I give to you at the time I decide”Kyle continued “be on your good behaviour Claire,will you?because that’s the only way to ensure your granny’s safety”

With that,he was gone

Claire was frozen in horror for a few minutes then suddenly galvanized into action

“I have to go”she said ready to bolt but Sebastian caught her arm

“What are you talking about? “He demanded “whats going on?”

“Let Me go”Claire yelled,trying to Yank herself free but the box tumbled instead and everything flew out

Claire gasped,and immediately went on her knees to pick them up

Out of the corner of her eyes she saw Sebastian bend down and pick up the yellow envelope

“No no,don’t!”she cried but it was too late

Sebastian was already perusing the contents of the envelope and a look of disbelief was crossing his face

“Luke….”something scary crept onto his eyes and he turned to Claire who was wishing she could be swallowed up by the ground “why do you have this?who are you?”

“L.listen…Sebastian..”she reached for him but he pulled away

“Who are you?”

“I…i don’t know what t..those things mean”age stammered “but it’s very important to someone now,someone’s life so I have to go please”

“No you won’t”his voice was still deathly cold”you aren’t going anywhere till you tell me why you have Luke’s pendant ”

He held up a antique looking chain which was attached to a pendant with a woman’s picture in it

Claire gasped




“I cant believe we are spending our honey moon on a stakeout “Stephanie grumbled as she held up the binoculars for to free hundredth Time

Luke chuckled

“Relax we have been in worse places”he said,winking at his newly wedded bride”and at inappropriate time doing inappropriate things”

That made her smile

“You are damn right”she replied then sighed in frustration”this isn’t working Lou,we got to get out and go in deep”

“The director wants a report on his desk on his desk at 1:00″Luke announced “we’ve got to do this ”

Stephanie staeed ahead for a few seconds then said

“I’m going in ”

“What?!”Luke said shocked and followed his wife out of the car which was as parked at a surreptitious angle”no way babe”

“come on Luke “she said flippantly “I’ve done this a hundred times…”


“I go in disguise…”


“And see if I can infiltrate it,be the inside man..LUKE WENDELL!”

“still no”

Husband and wide both glared at each other, arms akimbo

Both were special agents of the FBI and Luke was always afraid that his wife was more Wilder than him

He liked that

But in this case he wasnt going to give was much too dangerous

They had been assigned to a case that involved drug dealing

A notorious king pin who sold and peddled the substance had become a as source of worry to the security agents and the nation at large

Their job was to find out more information about the gang that would be used to take them down

“We are in this together “Stephanie said”you think imma gonna let you have all the fun yourself ”

“I am not letting you go in yourself”Luke said”you’d better….are you OK?”

Stephanie suddenly grimaced then retched.

Suddenly she threw up on the sidewalk

“Whoah,babe are you OK?”

“Shit”Stephanie muttered

“Wait… that face…is this…?””Luke couldn’t complete his sentence as his wife reluctantly turned to him

“yes Luke I’m pregnant”

Luke wanted to explode with joy

“Why..why didn’t you tell me?”

“What ever”Stephanie mumbled.she had found out about the pregnancy the week they were assigned

“You are right babe”she said looking up at her husband”I can’t do this”

“Definitely not”

Stephanie nodded”yeah,you are on your own”






Claire sat at the kitchen table anxiously waiting as Sebastian continued to go through the contents of the box

There we’re a few tapes in the box and he held them up in the light

They were labeled

Claire continued to watch him,all the while her mind was on sister Agnes and her phone

Suddenly it pinged

Sebastian looked up and Claire grabbed the phone

“Brandon sawmills. 9:30pm”

She glanced at the wall clock


“I have to go”She declared and whirled straight for the door without waiting for an answer

Sebastian was by her side in a minute

“I’m coming with you”

“No!”Claire stopped shocked”you can’t that!’

“The he’ll I can’t,”Sebastian yelled”I need to be in on this, thats my brother we are talking about.And your granny.we are calling the cops ”

“No!please no cops! And..I.. I can’t put you in more danger… “she stopped “what about lily?”

They both glanced at the little baby who was staring at them with curious bright blue eyes

Damn,he couldn’t leave his niece

There had yo be something he could do.

There was something going on here that he intended to dig out

And he couldn’t very well leave Claire on her own to go meet that creep

And maybe perhaps

Just perhaps….

He could atone for his sins

Suddenly he smiled

“I think I know how to fix that”


Phyllis Wendell did a double take at the young man whom the maid was leading into the sitting room

Goodness gracious,it was her son!

Sebastian had come home

And with her granddaughter!

Joyfully she hurled herself at them

“Sebastian I’m so glad to see you”she said hugging them both gently

“Mom,mom”Sebastian said”I’m in a bit of a hurry and km going to ask you for a small favour”

“Of course anything.. “she stopped”who is this?”

“Oh this is Claire”Sebastian did a quick introduction “Claire my mom”

Claire bowed

“Nice to meet you ma’am”

Phillis regarded the pretty blonde with some appreciation

Very nice

“Perhaps I’m Getting another daughter in law”she thought a little sadly

“Whats the favour,dear? “She said taking Sebastian’s hand

“Can you watch Lilly for tonight”he asked”I promise I’ll be back for her in the morning”

“Can I?why,Sebastian, you don’t even need to ask!”Phillips said a little miffed”she’s family for chrissakes…. ”


“She ought to be here permanently and you too”she declared

“No”Sebastian retorted”I told you Im not staying in the family house and neither is lily”

“How can you be so stubborn?! ”

“I’m not,mom…”


“Uhhm,excuse me..”Claire interrupted “can I hold lily for a while?she might really need to lie down ”

Mother and son glared at each other for a few minutes then Mrs Wendell shook her head

“No thanks Claire”she said still looking at Sebastian a s she took lily from him”I’ll take her ”

With that she marched off majestically, leaving Sebastian and Claire standing in the living room

Sebastian stared at his mother’s back for a few moments then turned away

“Lets go”

Very strange family



“Sure she’s not gonna bring the cops?”Sammie asked anxiously and kyle smiled

He and Kyle we’re sitting in a dark corner at brandons sawmills, smoking,and watching for Claire

“Relax,she’s not that foolish”

‘But you are foolish’sammie wanted to say but he thought better of it

Kyle can be a spitting cobra when angry and won’t hesitate to pull his gun

Not the Sammie would give him a chance but he’d better keep still

Damn it they could have just gotten the old granny but then they we’re interrupted and had to collect her cell phone instead without her knowledge

If they had gotten the granny, it would be a sure bet that Claire would come alone but now there was nothing preventing her from bringing the cops

Her granny was safe and sound

Except she didn’t know…

Sammie glanced Kyle,startled as the realization hit him

He just used the granny,it was Claire he wanted after all

Kyle was chuckling and very soon began laughing out loud

Claire was on her way thinking her dearest granny was in danger and would rush into their arms Unknowingly

And they would be waiting for her,arms widespread







Claire got out of the car,holding unto the box tightly and walked towards the entrance of the sawmill.She stopped and looked back towards the car where Sebastian sat

Trust me’sebastian had said’take the box to him but tell him this”

He was really not going to follow her?

Then why come all this way with her?


Sebastian watched her nervously.

If all goes well and all the pieces fall in place,then he and Claire would be able to leave here safely

And alive, he hoped

His phone pinged and he picked it up

“Sergeant mills sir”A voice said


Being the oldest and richest family in town had its benefits

He had the local sheriff at his beck and call

“im calling from the st.patricks cathedral.We have identified the woman in question”the sergeant continued”Sister Agnes McKenzie is safe and sound and is in no sign of danger”

Sebastian tightened his hold on the phone


“Yes sir”the sergeant said”although she keeps asking for a certain Claire Matthews”

Who is herself walking into a trap” Sebastian thought as he hung up and bounded out of the car,running towards the mill





“Well,well,well,if it isn’t our little Miss runaway”Kyle smirked as he came forward

Claire had finally found them and she was shaking for all she was worth

She looked into the smiling, beautiful face of the man she had once been infatuated with and felt bile rising in her throat


The devil


“I..I..I brought the box “she stammered “please let her..l. let her…where is she?”

She looked round,the fear losing in her throat threatening to swallow her up

Sister Agnes wasn’t here

What has he done to her?

“What have you done to her?”she shrieked at him

“She is of no importance to me”Kyle said,Matter of factly and suddenly grabbed her hair,yanking it and pulling her towards him”but you…you mean a lot”

Claire cried out at the pain in her neck at being held at such an awkward angle.


The box fell from her hand and opened revealing nothing

They all stared in shock at the empty box

“Ohmigod”Claire muttered as Kyle turned a murderous look towards her


“You bitch!”he snarled as she tried to run and grabbed her hair again”where is it?!”


“Claire! ”


They all turned to Sebastian as he strode into the room,something glistening in his right hand


A pistol


Kyle turned white and Sammie looked like he was going to faint

“…”he whispered “, but you are dead.I torched your car bitch!”


Sebastian’s face contorted with rage and he fired


Sammie went down,screaming in agony as his knee burned,shattered for life


“Whoah,calm down man”Kyle said even as he tightened his hold on Claire’s hair.Coward that he was,he was prepared to use her as a shield if Sebastian turns out to be a shooting maniac”you brought help, didn’t you?little bitch”


“Sebastian.. “Claire whispered, her neck held at an awkward angle and eyes burning with unshed tears


“What do you want man? “Kyle said”this is an intrusion.we are just having a little lovers spat”


Claire gasped and Kyle laughed at his stupid joke


“Let her go”Sebastian said,aiming directly at his head.if he was surprised about the notion that she was Kyle’s lover,he didn’t show it


“Of course man”he said, surreptitiously reaching for his own gun when Claire stepped on his foot with all her might


“Bitch!!”he swore and pushed her away from him towards Sebastian and in the that instant reached for his own gun


Sebastian saw him and they fired at the same instant


The room was filled with smoke and the only sound was that of Sammie groaning on the floor


Claire raised her head and looked back towards Kyle.He was gone

“Hey are you OK?”Sebastian asked as he knelt beside her “it’s OK.He’s gone”

He tried to raise her up but he flinched and hissed in pain


Claire gasped

“You are hurt”she cried pawing at him

“His bullet grazed my arm “he said as police sirens filled the air “it’s nothing to worry about.let’s go home ”

“Yes let’s go”




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