My world Episode 9 & 10

9 /10
Chapter 9
I was imagining what she was doing in my office,and how she got to know where I work in the first place.
Good day Mr Temi “she said wearing a smile and streaching her hand for a handshake.
“goodday cas-sandra.i was looking at her in a way that asked what are you doing here, thankfully she re-ad my mind.
I know you are wondering what I am doing here “she said
“yes I am” I said.
Aren’t you going to ask me to sit down “she said
well you may sit “I said.
Nice office I must say,she started,,,,Temi,you are such a nice man,very nice actually,and as such it hurt me so much to know that your wife is betraying you “she said
“and what exactly are you talking about miss Cas-sandra? I asked…
You see,no matter what a couple is going throu-gh,they should be able to face it, your wife goes about telling anyone who cares to listen,that she’s very okay to bear kids that you are the one with the problem,and that she’s just putting up with you for the main time “she said
that is not true,my wife can never do a thing like that, that’s just your if you don’t mind leave my office,I have work to do.
well I know you love your wife so much and may not want to believe me,I suppose you have undescended Testicles right?,she asked me,and the doctor said it will be difficult for you to father a child “she said
it was like I was hit with a metal,how could my wife betray me this much,,,,,the shock was all over me,,and your wife is cheating on you,if you must know because her ex is in town and they have been seeing each other,they were together last night,reason she c@m£ home late….oh my world,I was almost dying of heart attack…I held my che-st,I was feeling a sharp pain….
When I regained myself,I managed to ask Cas-sandra,why are you doing this,why are you telling me…I asked her.well the truth is I have liked you the moment I saw you,,,but I had to keep it to myself because I saw how much you loved my friend,,,,,but then,I soon discovered she wasn’t the best for you,,,she is not happy because of your predic@m£nt,,but you see I on the other hand,I don’t really care about kids that much,if they come fine,if they don’t ,fine,I just want you to love me back.
It felt like I was dreaming,I thought things like that only happens in movie,,you love me,your friend’s husband, that’s it, officially you are mad,get out of my office,I place a call to the security dep@rtment and they c@m£ to get her out of my office….
When she left, I thought all she said,how could my own wife do this to me,how could she tell Cas-sandra about my situation, aren’t we supposed to be a team…Tobe, cheating on me,no ,no, that is certainly not possible..I rounded off my desk and went home…
I waited patiently for her to return,when she did, I brou-ght up the t©pic… Tobechukwu,why do you go about telling the world about my situation, aren’t we supposed to be a team,why would you do that,,I asked
“and why wouldn’t I?,oh you want me to take the blame for the situation,when you are the cause,oh no honey,I can’t,she said.i will tell anyone who cares to listen,that I am a perfect woman,,, people really do change indeed.i thought within.
Who were you with last night? I asked her
“and why are you asking,am I supposed to give every detail how I leave my life? she asked in return…
Tobechukwu,don’t push me,plea-se,answer me,who were you with last night? I asked her again
well I was with an old friend if you care to know “she said
your old friend or you mean your ex?,I asked her.she looked at me,rather suprised how I got to know,then without remorse she answered ,yes, and I mean,a real man “she said
I couldn’t take it,I gave her a resounding sl@p,,after which I become very sorry,I had never la-id my hands on her in over 5years of our marriage,plea-se Honey,I am so sorry,I didn’t mean to raise my hand on you I pleaded,she looked at me in disdain and went to spend the night in our guest room..
I was very regretful over my actions.i tried so much to make up for it,I apologized,s£nt gifts, roses, but she wasn’t talking to me, wasn’t eating on the dinning with me, wasn’t slee-ping on our be-droom,she comes home very late and goes out very early,,,it was like we were only housemate.i was feed up,it was affecting my work,I couldn’t concentrate,I started drinking, Kunle tried to warn me that I was becoming too negligent at the office,but I didn’t listen,after the management had given me query for three times and no positive change,they couldn’t help but to relieve me of my duties.
I looked at myself,and wondered how it all got to that point…I had no much money, because Tobe’s supermarket shook my account.i told Tobe I had been sacked but she didn’t care.soon the little money I had got finished, because I had to take care of mama and myself. I started looking for a job, of course to get a job in the big and busy city of Lagos was no small task. I searched and searched and searched but couldn’t find any.
On the other hand, Cas-sandra was still on my case, she kept calling and disturbing me,it was no point asking how she got my number, she must have taken it from Tobe’s phone.
My life bec@m£ a mess, drinking bec@m£ my companion,I was exiting not living.K was really a friend,he was giving me some cash every now and then,at some point I even bec@m£ shy to ask or collect from him.
One evening I only remember i went to a bar, waking up the next morning,it was in Cas-sandra’s be-d room she was by my side and we were both n-ked.what happened? how did I get myself in here?,what have you done “I asked Cas-sandra
Excuse me,what have we done you mean.well we had a pas-sionate night together,we made love all throu-gh the night, you are such a real man,I mean you handled me like I have never been handled in my life,it was the best I have everrrrrr
“st©p it “I in heaven’s name did you allow this to happen, knowing fully well I was un-der the influence of alcohol, how could you….
Oh plea-se spare me that bull$h!t,she interrupted and I know you wanted it too but your wife has not been giving you and you know it,so enough of the drama “she said..
But how,how did you find me? I asked her
well,I was coming back home,when I saw a waiter dragging you and asking you to pay for the drinks you had consumed,and for you to leave the bar, apparently you had no money on you.hence I paid,, knowing you didn’t come with your car as it is faulty,I decided to take you home, on getting to my house,you wouldn’t expect me to allow you sleep on my be-d with those shoes of yours,so I l@yyou on the be-d,and was unlacing your shoes,all of a sudden you lifted me up and started k!ss!ngme,like you had waited all your life to do that,so,I had to reciprocate the pas-sion “she said smiling…
Oh my God,you should know I mistook you for my wife.plea-se Cas-sandra, forget this ever happened,I am very very very sorry,I wouldn’t do that intentional,plea-se am de-eply sorry “i said.
Well there is no nee-d to be sorry, because I totally enjoyed it,you are simply all I thought you were and more “she said happily.
I dressed up and hurried out.i was so ashamed of myself.i didn’t know what to do,or how to go about it, Cas-sandra is my wife’s best would she take it.nevertheless,I concluded I was going to tell Tobe…
She c@m£ home late as usual,I stayed up late waiting for her,so I could tell her what had happened and ask for her forgiveness,,,I wouldn’t want her finding out herself..
she got home at about 10:50pm.welcome honey,I greeted,but she didn’t answer,honey plea-se I have something to tell you,spare me some minutes offffff
plea-se,hold it,she interrupted me,I don’t have time to listen to your c0ckand bull story,I am very exhausted,and I don’t have time for irrelevant talks.she said and walked out on me..
It was Christmas,mama c@m£ to celebr@te with us as she always do,I didn’t have any money on me,I pleaded with Tobe to plea-se stock the house with food that I was totally broke,at least to cover my shame before my mother comes, how can I possibly not be able to serve mama something on a Christmas. I pleaded with her
well she can take up the feeding “Tobe said.
Mama c@m£ on the 24th and there was a little beans and yam I had managed to cook, Tobe didn’t come till very late at night even when she knew mama would be around.she got home 11:50
“what happened honey, did you forget mama was coming today? I asked her,she didn’t answer me,but went to the guest room.
It was Christmas, Tobi got dressed and left without dropping a dime at home,I felt my whole life was shattered,mama un-derstood everything that was happening, unfortunately she wasn’t surprised,for she warned me.mama and I sat down in the sitting room, nob©dy was talking,when we heard a knock at the door,it was Cas-sandra.
what in the name of heaven are you doing here? I asked her,she didn’t answer me,but went to mama to greet her,mama welcome,you are so beautiful,now I un-derstand where Temit©pe got his cuteness “she said and mama smiled
who are you my daughter ?mama asked her
I am Cas-sandra, Tobechukwu’s friend,,, immediately mama heard that she bec@m£ sad,
oh no mamma,I am nothing like her,,,,I have talked and talked,but she doesn’t want to change,I know what’s going on,trust me mama your son doesn’t deserve any of these, he’s too nice to be with such a wife.but unfortunately he loves her too much to realize she’s taking him for a I speak now, she’s with her ex in his h0tel room, that’s the reason she’s not here.infact, she’s doesn’t go to the shop anymore, she’s always with Mike,and am surerrrr, Cas-sandra shut up, what’s is your problem,get out of my house “I yelled at her
no you shut up Temit©pe,what is wrong with you,how can you be so foolish,and allow a woman un-der your roof commit adûlt€ry,what has that Omoigbo done to you “mama shouted…
Cas-sandra went into the kitchen and made a wonderful meal for us.Of a truth it had been a while I ate such delicious home made food.Cas-sandra stayed with us at home,she bought fuel in the genetor, ordered for pizza and ice cream,it was fun.mama really liked and enjoyed her company,even though she was Omoigbo too,mama loved her.Her sister called that she was in her place,so she had to leave.when she left,mama couldn’t st©p talking about her.
mama plea-se st©p all these,I am still married and I love my wife “i said.
I went into the be-droom but couldn’t take my head off what Cas-sandra had wife has been seeing her lover,I remembered she even called the name of the I decided to see things for my self.Cas-sandra had left some money,about 20000,saying Incase we nee-ded anything,I took p@rt of it and went to the h0tel,I was wearing a hoodie t©p, covering my head ~,and a dark glas-s.i sat somewhere in the bar having some drinks,but been concious not to get drun!k.after some few hours,I saw my wife and a guy,the said mike I guess,walked to the reception~ ist,we shall be back,just want to see a movie or two,they “`said and drove off in my wife’s car,I mean the car I bought with my ha-rd earned money…
I went to the receptionist and stylishly asked about them,oh t“` hose two,they are wonderful couple,so loving, they’ve been here for some time….
Oh really, that’s great.i paid for my drinks and went home HEART BROKEN.