My world Episode 3 & 4

Chapter 3
…..I see the the look of worries and fear written boldly on Tobi as I walked out with mama,she knew mama had something to say about her, and definitely not a good one. but I made a gesture, as-suring her that everything would be fine.
“Wa wa wa (come come come) Temi come here, what’s the meaning of that, so of all the Yoru-ba single ladies we see walking round everyday, you didn’t see any to make your wife, you had to go as far as the Eastern p@rt to get one.Temi you are my only child, it would certainly gladen my heart if you get for yourself a woman from our tribe, and culture, who will un-derstand our language, and I will be able to relate well with “mama said.
Mama come off it, this is the 21st century, nob©dy chooses a wife based on tribe, religion or language anymore. this days , love takes us where we belong.
“oh come on Temi, you belong to the Yoru-bas and in the Yoru-bal land, that’s why you nee-d a Yoru-ba wife.
Mom plea-se plea-se, I didn’t bring Tobi here for you to talk me out of marrying her, I only brou-ght her so you can see her and that’s all “I said
“omomi (my child) plea-se reconsider, I want a yoru-ba woman for you, plea-se my child “mama pushed ha-rder.
“Mama! okay, it’s obvious you do not want me to get married, Its either i marry Tobi or no one else, I made an attempt to leave.
Temi, okay, if you say so, in as much as I wanted a Yoru-ba wife for you, you are not a baby, and you know what you want, after all, you shall be the one living with her “mama said
“ohhhh mama,thank you so much, I hvgged her, and we both went to the living room to be with Tobi….
Our wedding preparations commerced, Mama and my wife’s mother really surpported Tobi in the preparations, they were very very helpful,. At last Tobi had become mrs Temit©pe officially, I was very very happy, indeed dreams *do come true, I couldn’t believe I was holding the woman of my dreams as my legally married w* ife. do not ask me about my wedding night, but just know it was awesome .
Being married to Tobi was just so amazing, indeed he who finds a wife finds a good thing, she was simply MY WORLD. i on the other hand, made sure she was more than comfortable, I took her ~shoppings, she went on short vacations to places of her choice, I even extended my help to members of her family. i didn’t allow her work, but I gave her h~ uge amount of money monthly as her allowance.
It was so ~amazing been with the love of my life that I didn’t even realized it’s a year, Tobi made a ro-mantic dinner for two, and made our first anniversary memorable… After about a year and half, maami c@m£ one Sunday~ , and said she nee-ded to talk to my wife and I…
My children, what’s happening, it’s 18months now after your wedding, why am I not seeing changes in iyawo, referring to my wife, by now, there is supposed to be a little baby crying and laughing in this house.what is going on?
“mama nothing, I mean when did we get married here that we would start bothering ourselves with all that, God gives children, and he’d definitely give us ours, mama plea-se drop the t©pic,if you don’t mind “I said
My wife felt bad that night, but I encouraged her not to bother ~because children are gift from God,and we shall get ours in due time, i couraged her.,all we nee-d do is to pray, hope and believe, that God will perfect that which Concerns us in his own time. we started praying to~ wards it, but didn’t allow the worries affect us in any ways, we were still the perfect couple, so in love and Happy with each other,, we were the envy of so many other couples, they couldn’t st©p admiring us.
It was alre-ady two years, and mama c@m£ again,
“my children, you can not just relaxe, yes children come from God, but you have to know the cause of the issue, you two have to visit a gynaecologist, you could be placed on treatment, something is definitely wrong somewhere” mama said.
plea-se mama enough, we are not going anywhere, we are fine, can’t you not talk about this t©pic anytime you come visiting “i said
“Temi I can’t because it is not bothering you, you are my only child, and it will give me a great joy to carry your child and children” mama shouted, Tobi are you not going to talk to your husband about this, she asked my wife
I shall mama “Tobi said and we both left from for the be-droom..
Honey, mama is right, we have to visit the hospital, I am so tired of all these, mama will not st©p disturbing us” Tobi said
“my darling God is the giver of children, not the hospital,what does the hospital know,they just say one or two to add to your worries and that’s all, God will give us our babies in full time, so relax and be optimistic….I said.
“Honey plea-se ,it will make me happy to do that which mama wants, so that she can st©p disturbing us, plea-se my love, let’s go and see a gynaecologist “Tobi was insisting and pleading so I had to give in
okay my darling if you say so we shall. i gave in…
We planned to visit the gynaecologist in four days time.
“Goodday Mr and Mrs Temit©pe “the doctor greeted, he happens to be a friend’s hospital,so we are very familiar with almost all the workers, Doctors and nurses. goodday doc. Abel “we greeted.
Our blood sample were taken ,and we were made to go,and come back in some days when the test results would have been re-ady.
Chapter 4
As we walked out of the office, my wife bec@m£ very dull and unhappy, what is it honey? I had asked her
“honey, what if I am the problem, what if I won’t be able to give you and mama children, what if I have a problem, are you going to s£nd me out of your house, what ifffff “she kept asking
“honey, enough with the what ifs,you are my wife and MY WORLD,and I love you dearly,st©p been persimistic,do not allow the devil into your heart,you are going to be fruitful, and give us beautiful babies in God’s own time.i encouraged her.
“But mama would never allow me have peace untill I give you kids “she said
honey plea-se,drop the t©pic,we have done our p@rt,it time for God to take charge,let’s go have dinner out. i took her to her favourite restaurant and ordered her favorite meal,even her favourite wine,just to put smiles on her face, thankfully I succeeded.
We ate and went for some cite seeing before heading home.
Reaching home,mama was at the sitting room,I wondered why she wasn’t asleep, we had purposely returned late so she could be asleep by the time we returned.
Mama goodevening “we greeted
“Omomi welcome home,Tobi,what did the doctor say is wrong with you,will you be able to give us children,is your wo-mb still intact,are youuu…..
mama,I had to interrupt her, st©p all these,allow my wife have some peace and quiet in her own home, for heaven’s sake…
Which home?,Temi,which home?,answer me,let me tell you,this is only a house,babies makes it a home, they ought to be a baby boy or girl crying or laughing, crawling or walking round this house.they make it home…. mama said.
I looked at her,not knowing the exact words to tell her that won’t sound like an insult.i held my wife’s hand, and we went to our room. Hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to story head quarters room for more exciting stories. thank God we had eaten out,we had our bath and went to be-d.
I woke up at about 1 am to answer the call of nature,when I saw my wife walking round the be-droom, apparently she didn’t sleep
“what is it honey, why aren’t you slee-ping “I had asked her after returning from the restroom
“i can’t sleep” she had said
you can’t sleep or you are too worried to sleep?,I hvgged her ti-ghtly.
Honey plea-se don’t do this to yourself,I wouldn’t want you fallen sick,plea-se,I was able to put her to sleep.
the next morning, mama called her to inform her to get herself re-ady, that she would be taking her to a herbal doctor..
you see iya Bose is the best herbal doctor in our place,we are going to see her,so that she could give you something that would help” mama said
mama my wife will go no where, neither would she see any herbal or whatever,for heaven’s sake the result isn’t out yet,we shall know what’s wrong and how to go about©p all these mama “I shouted.
It was about five days later,I was at the office,when the doctor called me that our result were out,,I told him I wouldn’t be able to come get them,as I was still at the office,and my wife home,I however told him,we shall be coming the next day.
Getting home,I told My wife all the doctor said,and that we shall be going to collect our results the next day,her contenance immediately changed,she bec@m£ worried,at night she prayed like she had never did,I joined her in prayers,I have always believe in God,we had quality time with God that night.
By day break,we were re-ady to go see the doctor, coming out to the sitting room,we saw mama well dressed, we greeted her.
mama are you going somewhere, you seems to be dressed this morning “i asked
omomi,I heard you telling your wife last night that the result would be out today,so I just felt I should follow you people
follow us,why,how, mama plea-se it’s too early for this.i held my wife’s hand and took her to the car,and then drove off…
We arrived at the hospital,and we were made to wait for the doctor, after waiting for about 10-15minutes,the doctor joined us.
Good day Mr and Mrs Temit©pe,your results are out,he handed it over to us,we opened them,and of course we didn’t un-derstand a thing
doctor,you don’t expect us to un-derstand these ,do you?,so plea-se explain to us in simple and plain English
okay Mr Temi,your wife is perfectly okay, she’s very fertile,you on the other hand ,am afraid you are not, my wife made a big exhale,like a burden has been lifted off her shoulders.
Doctor what’s wrong with my husband,and will he be okay, Tobi asked
he has “undescended Testicles” it may take days,months or years,all we nee-d is prayers and proper medications “the doctor said
“thank you doctor “she replied
I was too weak to know what to say,I was kind of happy that my wife will be free from Mama’s stress,but never in my wildest imagination did I think I could have infertility issue.
We went to the car,and drove home in silence…..