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January 25, 2021


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My wedding Episode 9

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*****MY WEDDING******




Faith laid on my bed stark naked! She had not a single cloth on her. She was probably listening to some music on her cell phone because the earpiece of her phone was fixed to her ears…

I gasped and quickly shut my eyes. I ordered her to put on her dress and leave my room immediately. She laughed instead. I opened my eyes, she was still balanced on the bed laughing hysterically. My instinct told me that very moment to flee. “If you would not leave my room, I will leave for you,” I said firmly. I got out of my room a bit confused about what to do.

I wandered around through our street for some minutes. I could not get the image of Faith’s naked body off my mind. The devil kept flashing her picture through my mind at intervals.

The temptation was too much. I decided at last to go to the house of one of my colleagues to while away the time. I was tempted to tell him about my present predicament but I dismissed the thought. He would not be of help because he is the type that womanizes, he would only encourage me to see it as an ‘opportunity.’

I stayed at his place till very late in the evening. I wanted to make sure that I did not return to my room till very late in the night, so that Faith would have retired to her own room. On my way back home I entered one Anglican Church and I prayed to God. I got home around 11pm, only to discover that she was still in there. “What kind of trouble is this?” I thought.

I waited outside a bit to plan my next line of action. Calling neighbours won’t be of help, they all knew we were good friends, some even had the impression that we were dating each other. I made up my mind to push her out of my room, naked or not. I entered the room, Faith was still lying naked on the bed. I rushed to the bed to drag her out, but I found out she was fast asleep.

As I was about to drop my bag on the table, she pounced on my back, I lost my balance and we both crashed on the bed. It was then that I realised that she wasn’t asleep, she only pretended. I tried to wriggle free from her hold but she already laid on me……… I lost my guard and surrendered to her. Though I was a virgin, I was overwhelmed by the temptation.

We started the foreplay. She was the one that was in charge, I was inexperienced. Just when the inter course was about to take place, your picture came through my mind like a flash. I

stood up suddenly, I don’t know where that power came from, as if I had seen a ghost. I felt a strong sense of guilt in the whole of my being. She appeared like a pile of rubbish to me that very minute. Faith was disappointed.

Her mission failed. “Come and finish what you started,” she whispered angrily.

I opened my door, told her to get out that minute and never say hello to me again. I was panting heavily. “What? You are joking ,” she replied. “Get out or else you will regret it!” I shouted this time around with a mean look on my face, “We cease to be friends henceforth,” I concluded. She rose up angrily from the bed and murmured something I didn’t hear clearly. I didn’t care to know what it was she said, all I wanted was for

her to get out.

She picked up her clothes, wore them, hissed and walked out.

I collapsed on the bed after I have bolted the door and wept like a baby. I was angry with myself. I regretted ever allowing her into my life in the first place. I knew God was annoyed with

me already. The guilt I felt was indescribable. I had no boldness to ask God for mercy. Even though I didn’t eventually have sex with her, I got my sexual passion ignited which was harmful to my spiritual life.

The more I thought about you, the more my guilt increased. I knew you have kept yourself for God all these while and the best I could do was to do same too.

That was why I was furious when you didn’t bleed during our first inter course. I felt betrayed. I woke up the following morning, I prayed to God, I asked for forgiveness of my sin and went to work as usual. I made sure I changed the padlock to my room. I never knew Faith had another plan entirely. She actually wanted to destroy me……..



To be continued…

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