My wedding Episode 7

****MY WEDDING******
Dayo got to the door of their h0tel room but just as he was about to knock on the door, he heard the voice of his wife from within. He s-en-sed she was speaking with someone on phone. He delayed his knocking and waited at the door to eavesdrop a bit, just in case he might get to know the state of her mind at the moment throu-gh whatever she was discussing with the person at the other end. “That must be her mum”, he sighed, “Foluke doesn’t keep friends.” His thoughts were interrupted by Foluke’s voice…
“But you as-sured me that he is a good guy, I believed in your words, you never gave me the impression that things would ever get out of hand like this. I am so heart broken right now. plea-se I nee-d your advice and words of comfort. It’s true that no man can ever be trusted. You are the only friend I have now, plea-se come quic-kly”.
“Friend? “Dayo was surprised. “Foluke doesn’t really have a close friend that I know of .” He strained his ears more to listen to the conversation further. She was weeping as she talked ma-king her words a bit inaudible. He couldn’t hear the voice of the person at the other end of the line because the phone was not placed on loud speaker.
A waitress entered the corridor where Dayo was standing. He quic-kly brou-ght out his phone and pretended to be checking throu-gh it. The waitress murmured her greetings, while he responded quietly, not wanting to make his bride conscious of his pres£nce at the door. Immediately the waitress got outof sight, he moved closer to the door once more to hear what his wife was saying. Two things held him down. One, the fear of having to face his wife after all that happened and two, the consequences that would follow after. Will she really leave me for good? ‘But wait, she stood to defend me before Faith, she fought for her marriage, but did she really mean that? Oh no! Not after that slut sl@pped her … he thought…
Foluke’s voice c@m£ up again, the person on the other end must have been talking since, Dayo thought, because Foluke st©pped speaking some minutes back.
“You told me he has a good heart and that I will be safe with him, you said he is not a cheater, how come I am experiencing all this so early? She demanded.
“Aaaaaaarrrggghh! Who could that be, could it be my Dad? Foluke had probably called my Dad” Dayo thought. “Or maybe James (James was Dayo’s closest friend back at school). “She must have called James.” He listened further.
“You promised to help me, plea-se come quic-kly, I will be expecting you.” Foluke concluded. That must be Rev. Felix Atoki, for her to say plea-se come quic-kly, because I know, she’s close to Rev. Felix, ( Rev. Felix Atoki is a spiritual father to Foluke) she told me that once , ” there is nothing I can not tell or discus with Rev. Felix because I know he’s a true man of God, and I respect the anointing of God upon his life.” So I know for sure its Rev. Atoki shes talking to on phone.
At that, Dayo knocked on the door believing the conversation must have been over, he didn’t want to risk allowing Foluke to discover he had been at the door eavesdropping.
“Who is it?” Foluke asked from within, her voice was expressionless, not of joy, neither of sadness nor anger.
Dayo’s heart missed a bit. It thumped so loudly that one might be hearing the sound. “It’s me honey”, he replied in a trembling voice and opened the door. What he saw astonished him. His bride was actually on her knees praying, with the Holy Bible held firmly to her che-st. Her eyes were as red as blood, she had cried a whole lot.
Dayo’s as-sumptions were wrong all along. Foluke was actually talking to God!………Ha my God…
To be continued