My wedding Episode 11

******MY WEDDING*******
I lost the zeal for work that day. I couldn’t even face my colleagues anymore. All I wanted was to be alone, alone with my God. I knew I had made mistakes alre-ady, I was too careless, I got carried away by her fake hospitality. I have never come across such an height of desperation in any lady in my entire life.
My heart was pounding, my head was aching, my legs turned to jelly. I knew I had to seek the comfort of my room that very moment. I headed towards the school gate and home, I went. I neither saw nor heard anyone all the way home, even though I walked throu-gh the market.
I felt alone in the whole wi-de world. All I knew was that I entered my room and sat on the be-d. I ruminated over the recent turn of events. I regretted the fact that I didn’t tell my colleague, the one I visited the previous night about my encounter with Faith. If only I did, I would have a witness. I knelt near my be-d and cried to God for repentance. My tears flowed freely. The most painful aspect of the whole matter was that I have always been the one preaching Jesus to these colleagues of mine. Quite painful, so shameful…
My cell phone rang suddenly interrupting my thoughts. I trembled when I saw the caller. It was the Coordinator of the Christian Corpers’ Fellowsh!p. After the greetings c@m£ the instruction: “Bro Dayo, your attention is nee-ded at the Christian Corpers’ Lodge this evening plea-se, we nee-d to clarify some issues… ”
Jesus! ” I whispered. I felt like dying immediately. My guess is as good as yours. Faith had gone to the Coordinator’s PPA to report me to him. She told him the same lies.
I actually went to the Corpers’ Lodge to see the coordinator that very evening. He was really a spiritually matured brother. His name is brother Mike he is the president of Anglican Youth Fellowsh!pof his Church. After he had told me everything Faith said, he asked me what I had to say concerning it. I narrated everything to him from the beginning to the end. He listened with ra-pt attention. After I ceased talking, he spoke to me in clear words that resto-red my hope, I will never forget him. He said: “Bro Dayo, while Corper Faith was talking, I s-en-sed it in my spirit that something was wrong somewhere. I knew you must have made some mistakes and I think by now, you have learnt your lessons but I pray the LORD will fight for you. I will get in t©uçh with you once I am able to speak with Corper Faith.”
I thanked him and dragged my feet home. I slumped on my be-d and cried, “LORD, plea-se vindicate me!” I decided to embark on a 3day dry fasting which commenced the following day. I refused to go out of my room except for when I nee-ded to bathe or use the toilet. I didn’t bother going to work. My major prayer points were that of repentance and that the LORD should vindicate me. I didn’t see Faith all throu-gh the three days I spent at home but I overheard one of the neighbours telling someone that she travelled to her home town.
A loud knock on my door on the third day of my fasting woke me up from sleep. It was in the afternoon, I just finished praying before I sle-pt off……….
I struggled to get off my be-d, i was weak alre-ady. Reluctantly, I walked to the door after I recognized the voice of one of my colleagues amidst other voices. I opened the door…… I was surprised and at the same time scared to see the same set of people that Faith had deceived earlier. My heart skipped a beat. I checked to
see if Faith was among them but she wasn’t. I only noticed a young woman whose face wasn’t really familiar to me but she had a striking resemblance with Faith. Beside her stood a little girl of about three years old……….
To be continued…