My wedding Episode 10

******MY WEDDING********
I got to the school where I worked, only to see Faith speaking with some of my colleagues, two ladies and three guys. They were all Corp members too in the same school. I actually woke up late that very day, probably because of last night’s encounter and I really took my time in the pres£nce of God, when I was praying in the morning. So they all got to school before me.
Immediately one of them sighted me, they all looked in my direction and watched as I approached. I wondered what Faith was doing or discussing with them because that wasn’t her PPA. I greeted them with worry written all over my face. I was still bothered about what happened last night and more so about what Faith was up to.
They all looked at me disgustingly. One of the ladies even hissed at me. I was really surprised by their reactions. One of the guys, the one I visited last night spoke first. “My guy, you really disappointed me oh. Haha! On t©p all the S.U you dey always form. Even me no fit do this, despite the fact that I am a street boy. You fv¢k
up gan o. You no do well at all, Haba! we-tin? No wonder you stayed late at my place yesterday. I was wondering why you paid me that visit, it was
quite unusual…..” He concluded. I saw Faith nodding with affirmation where she stood.
I looked at them with horror in my eyes. I knew instantly that Faith had done a lot of damage
that I couldn’t fathom its extent yet, probably an irreparable one alre-ady…..… One of the ladies hissed again. She eyed me disgustingly and said, “In fact, I used to think you were better than the wayward ones, I never knew you were only a green snake..…” “Abi o”, the other lady put in, “quiet but destructive, may God deliver we women from destiny destroyers like you.” she added. “Amen oh!” The other one replied with zeal.
I started sweating despite the cool weather. I opened my mouth to talk but closed it again. I have really gotten into a mess. I was de-eply confused, still wondering what exactly Faith must have told them that made them despise me so much.
“What are you guys talking about?” I responded after I finally found my voice. “Exactly what you did of course. How wicked and heartless you are, yet you claim to be a born again Christian. “Faith retorted sharply with a terrible fury in her voice. I turned to her and asked why she pretended to be a saint when she was actually a devil all along? She responded by shedding crocodile tears, saying I was the devil in the first place.
The ladies started to console her. I placed my two hands on my head, silently mourning the disaster that befell me, I felt weak instantly. In short, Faith told them that I have had S-x with her several times, that I was the one who deflowered her and that I never told her I had a Fiancée until she discovered recently that I had
reserved a lady for myself back home while I was ‘using’ her.
She even told them that she had done ab-ortion twice as a result of several unprotected S-x we had that led to pregnancy two different times. And finally that I angrily walked out on her yesterday afternoon because she refused to have
S-x with me….. All these and many other lies, Faith told my colleagues.
I tried to explain to them that it was Faith who actually s£dûç£d me but no one believed. They all left for their work stations one after the other leaving only me and Faith still standing. We stared at each other for some seconds. None of us spoke. I was burning with anger within me. I was filled with regrets alre-ady. At last, she spoke up. “I love you Oladayo, I will do anything to win you totally to my side. You have stolen my heart
alre-ady, I will live for none other except you, I will Mary you.
Accept me and we shall be happy.” “You call this love? I replied angrily. This is madness. You are destroying my reputation, yet you claim to love me? For this thing you have done, even if you remain the only girl in this world, I will never marry you, you are a devil!” Oh really?! Then, we shall see, I will show you what a woman can do. Never un-derestimate the power of a woman, she replied and walked out on me. I stood transfixed to the sp©t. I was really scared……
Do you know what Faith is up to?