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January 17, 2021


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My wedding episode 1

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Episode 1


“What a glorious day!” Dayo sighed as he led his newly wedded wife into the elevator that would take them to the room they booked for their honeymoon in one of the finest hotels in town. They just left the hall of their wedding reception, after the wedding service that took place at St. Peter’s Anglican Church. Which was about 30 minutes drive from the hotel. Foluke smiled back at her husband and yawned, “Oh! I am so tired, I danced so much with those high heels like there is no tomorrow! She said and yawned again.

“Hey! Sweetheart”, her husband replied, “do not tell me that you are too tired to fulfil your promise, we had a deal remember? We both agreed to have a vigil tonight in order to commit this marriage into God’s hands”.

“Yea, I do remember”, Foluke answered tiredly, “Let’s get to bed on time, we will wake up at exactly 2:00 am for the prayers. “Alright then”, her husband agreed.


They got into their hotel room, had a shower and later ate the Jollof rice that Foluke’s mum packed for them for dinner. Afterwards, they called Rev. Felix on the cell phone to join them in prayer, they went on their knees and prayed to God, thanking HIM for the success of their wedding, and thereafter went to sleep. They had both agreed not to have sex on their wedding night but instead decided to dedicate that night to a series of fervent prayers committing the journey of their marriage into God’s hands.

They actually made good their plan. Foluke’s alarm woke them up at exactly 2:00 am as earlier scheduled. Foluke led the songs of Praise while Dayo led the prayers. They read some psalm in the Bible. They prayed till around 5:00am after which they went to the bathroom, this time around together to have a shower. They both felt shy seeing each other’s nakedness for the first time ever since they met. One thing led to the other and they had sex that very morning.


“What is this Foluke?” Dayo queried his bride. “I expected you to bleed being your first time,” he continued trying to suppress his anger.

“I…I…I actually thought I should too” Foluke stammered, trying to fight back the tears that clouded her eyes.

“Liar!” her husband barked at her. “Ha-ha, why are human beings like this? If you had told me you were not a virgin, I would still have proposed marriage to you anyways, but why lying? I hate this kind of attitude, I hate it!” He yelled.

“But I didn’t lie”, Foluke cried. “God is my witness, I just don’t understand…”

“Shut up! You shameless prostitute, bloody liar! I loved and trusted you, is this how you repay my innocent love? Do I deserve this betrayal?”

“But Honey, please believe me, I am a virgin, I swear to God”.

“Will you keep quiet? Dayo screamed in anger. Your not being a virgin is not the issue I have but the fact that you lied to me and you are still lying right now”.

“Noooooo!” Foluke continued crying…


It was 7:00am already. Dayo changed into a casual wear and stormed out of the room in anger.

“Dayo please wait, let’s sort this out, Pleeeeaaaase.”

Foluke was devastated. “God, how come my honeymoon is turning into a nightmare all of a sudden? But why didn’t I bleed? I thought virgins do bleed during their first sex, What has happened to meeeeee?” She continued talking to herself. Oh God! Have mercy, I don’t want to lose my husband’s trust. God, I just prayed to you this morning that you be the driver of my marriage, Holy Spirit, please soften the heart of my husband and take control.


She cried bitterly on the bed, checking the bed sheet again, hoping to see traces of blood that could restore her hope but the sheet was as white as wool! Haba my life. Why ! Why !! Why !!!


To be continued…

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