My sweetheart Episode 9 & 10

💝My Sweet Heart💝
#Episode 9
Valerie’s POV (continues …
Eva was really happy to see me the next day at work.
We gisted so much at the hospital cafeteria.
She reminded me ‘her b©yfri£nd’ is celebr@ting his birthday on the 24th of this month.
She asked if Iyke c@m£ later on, and I told her he didn’t but he did c@m£ yesterday and made up for not coming the previous day.
She shrugged.
We were almost done eating when I remembered someone.
The guy, Joy.
“I saw him yesterday.” I said.
She narrowed her eyes confusely at me.
“Who?” She asked.
“Joy.” I said.
She g@sped, “He c@m£ into your house again?”
“No. I saw him on the street with some kids while I was coming back from the shopping mall.” I said.
She shook her head. “He’s cute.” She said.
I chuckled.
“I’ve never seen an adult act so childish.” I said.
“You are a doctor.” Eva said and pouted herl-ips.
“Yeah but I’ve not seen it.” I said.
“So what are you tryna say here?” She focused her eyes at me.
I rolled my eyes, “Why looking at me tjat way?”
“Nothing.” She replied and still kept staring at me.
“Oh.. Eva.” I rolled my eyes again.
“Are you thinking of helping him out of this?” She asked.
I chuckled.
“I don’t know him. I’ve not even gone close to him.” I said.
She smiled, “Babe but joke ap@rt. That Joy is quite handsome.” Eva said.
I laughed.
“Comot here. Everyone is always handsome to you.” I said and she laughed.
After lunch with Eva, I went back to work.
After work, I drove home.
I was still on my way when I recieved a text message from Iyke that he can’t make it tonight anymore.
That he’s not yet back from work.
Iyke work in a big pharmaceutical company and I guess I un-derstand how ha-rd pharmaceutical company workers work.
I can’t blame him.
But I sighed, knowing I would miss him so well tonight.
I got to the house and once I got in, It was totally dark.
I located the switch and switched the lights on.
I scanned around before walking to my room.
I got in and switched the room lights on as well.
I dropped my bag on the be-d and sat down, breathing in then out.
I pu-ll-ed off my shoes and squee-zed my toes.
I felt kind of tired and so I layed down with my feet on the tile floor.
I wasn’t hungry and I dont wanna go to the kitchen either.
I managed myself to the bathroom and had my shower and pu-ll-ed into a pink nightie that ba-rely reached my th!gh with a very slim sleeve.
It’s a little transparent but not so much.
I pu-ll-ed into my fli-p-flop, took my phone and walked out to the sitting room.
I wanna watch tv for awhile before I go back inside to work on some files.
I sat down on the pink single sofa, going with my nightie.
The seats are just four.
A pourple three-sitter couch, Another green three-sitter couch, A blue two-sitter couch and pink single Sofa.
I crossed my legs and taking the remote from the table, I switched on the Tv and few minutes later, ‘African Magic’ c@m£ in.
I changed it to Zee world.
Thirty minutes into the movie, I began to feel asleep.
I ru-bbe-d my eyes, and switched off the Tv.
I got some files to work on. I can’t sleep yet.
I stood up, switched off the lights, leaving just a dim one on and was about taking a step towards my room, when I think I heard a noise outside.
I st©pped and listened.
The noise c@m£ again and I realised it was at the gate. Someone was knocking.
My heart skipped and I looked at the wall clock.
10: 15pm.
The knocks c@m£ in again, more loud now.
Who must that be, God!
Thieves? Kidnappers? Killers?
I placed my hands on my che-st as it was alre-ady beating loudly.
I switched on my phone t©uçh and after that, I switched off the dim light.
I took another step and the knock was now much..
I didn’t know what to do.
I was freaking scared, but I turned and opened the door.
The knock was loud now and continues.
I slowly closed my door. The outside lights were on.
Slowly I began walking to the gate.
I haven’t even gotten to the gate when I sighted a fair skin throu-gh a little lock hole at the gate.
That was when It downed on me that I have nothing to protect me.
Not even a kitchen knife.
I didn’t put off my phone t©uçh but I covered it abit from flashing too much.
Finally I got to the gate and bringing my eyes really close at the lock hole…
I saw a fair skinned and the sleeve of his shi-t is re-ad.
The knocks began again…
I swallowed.
“Who are you!?” I asked trying to sound fearless.
“Aunty. plese. help . me.. me” He said in a chilish tone.
“Who are you!” I yelled, though I knew it was Joy alre-ady.
“Joy. You. don’t. know. my. name.” He said.
#Episode 10
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
“What are you doing here?” I asked and peeped throu-gh the little hole. I cant really see him.
“plea-se, Im.begging. you, save me.” He said and it seem he was in tears.
“Save you from what?” I asked, curious. Have he stole another ball or probably tyre?
“They are coming. plea-se open the gate. They are going to hurt me.” He haven’t even finished when I heard noises from afar.
I g@sped in fright and opened the gate, He pushed in and I shut the gate immediately.
He faced me with a loaf of bre-ad in his hand.
His face down. His long messy deadlock covering his face.
The noise was alre-ady close. I could hear what they were saying.
“That stupid boy. He go beat am ehn.” A guy’s voice.
“Before I see am. He don run with the bre-ad.” A lady’s voice.
“He don escape. Chai.” Another guy’s voice followed.
Joy haven’t looked up yet.
I inhaled.
“Come with me.” I said and he did.
I st©pped.
“Gimme the bre-ad first.” I said and he did.
I dropped it into a trashbin.
He followed beside me with his face still down.
I opened the door and walked in, he followed and I closed back the door.
I switched on the lights and faced him with my hands akimbo but still he didn’t look up. His face all covered in his dada.
“Now..Are you going to let me know why you stole their bre-ad?” I asked in a quiet tone.
He didn’t answer.
“Are you?” I repeated in the same tone.
He shook his head in a ‘No’
“Now if you don’t tell me, you are leaving my house this minute.” I said and it caused him to look up instantly with wi-de eyes and faced down just immediately.
“Now are you going to tell me?” I asked again.
He nodded.
“Go on.” I urged him.
“I. didn’t. want. to. steal. the bre-ad. but. I.did. cos. Im. hungry.” He said in a clearly childish manner, breaking the words in staccato.
I shook my head…
I can’t believe im actually talking to an adult-baby.
“What of your parents? Don’t you have a home?” I asked.
He shook his head, “I. don’t. have. a home since. a year.” He said.
I was going to ask him what happened to his home but decided not to.
For now.
He look so dirty. But he isn’t mad.
“Im. Hungry.” He said.
I glanced at my dinning room and then at him.
“I’ll bring you something to eat.”
He nodded.
“Come.” I said and he did.
We walked to the dinning room and motioned him to sit on one of the dinning chairs.
He nodded, pu-ll-ed out one and sat down slowly and quietly.
He hasn’t looked up since then.
“Stay right here, while I get you something.” I said and after he nodded, I walked out into the kitchen.
I breathed immediately I got into the kitchen.
“My God! this is not happening right? I just saved that guy! and offering to give him food to eat.. My!” I breathed again and walked over to my fridge.
I had no cooked food. I will have make tea for him.
I did, placing the cu-p on a rectangular shaped white tray. Dropped a spoon and took out a loaf of bre-ad which I took just three piece in the morning.
I placed on the tray beside the cu-p and after rolling my eyes, I carried it and walked out to the dinning room.
His face was still down, but when he heard my footsteps, he looked up.
Our eyes met.
He faced down immediately.
Is he shy to look at me for long or what?
“Here.” I said and dropped the tray at his front.
“Aunty. Thank. you.” He said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Im Valerie.” I said.
“Aunty Valerie.” He said,causing me to chuckle.
He hadn’t even t©uçhed the thing in his front.
“No.. Dont add Aunty okay? Just call me Valerie.” I said.
He shook his head.
“No. I. Can. Not call. You that.” He said.
“Why?” I was curious.
He kept silent.
I shrugged.
“Eat. I have no cooked food. I just packed in yesterday.” I said.
He slowly took the spoon and dropped it inside the tea, then took the loaf of bre-ad, opened it and picked three piece.
He began cutting it little by little and putting it inside his mouth without tou-ching the tea.
“Don’t you drink tea? and why are u picking the bre-ad that way? Thought you said you are hungry?” I asked.
He nodded but still kept doing so.
I sighed, “I’ll be there, Tell me once you are done eating, so i’ll open the gate for you.” I said.
Immediately I said that. He st©pped eating the bre-ad and just paused.
I stared at him for awhile before walking to the sitting-room and sat down on the sofa.
Seconds later, when I glanced at him from where I sat, I was amazed to see him rushing the bre-ad and tea like someone who haven’t eaten for days.
I coughed just to know how he’ll react and just when I did. He paused.
I chuckled.
Gosh! This guy is really funny. Was he shy to eat in my front?
I took the remote and glancing at him again, he was consuming the bre-ad and tea again.
I turned my eyes to the TV and switched it on.
An Indian song was showing…
I decided to watch it while he round up with the food.
Minutes later, I heard the dinning chair shift.
I looked towards and He was up, with the tray in his hands.
I stood up and he turned towards.
What’s he tryna do?
I walked to him.
My God!. This guy finished the whole bre-ad!
Though if he didn’t, I would have thrown the rest into the trashbin.
“Gimme the tray okay?” I said.
He shook his head, “No Aunty Valerie. I. want. To. Wash. Them.” He said.
I rolled my eyes and took the tray from him.
“Stay here.” I said and walked into the kitchen.
I dropped the tray and walked to the fridge, took out a bottle water and closed the fridge back.
I walked out and gave him the water which he collected.
“Thank. You Aunty Val–” I cut him short.
“I told you just call me Valerie.” I Said and he shook his head.
I sighed.
“Im sure they are gone back to their houses now. So you’ll go now okay?” I said and just when I said that, he looked up at me with teary eyes.
Then he faced down again and broke into a cry.
Jesus? Like seriously?
“Wha… What’s the problem? why are you crying?” I asked, bewildered.
He shook his head.
“I. Don’t. Want. To. Go.” He said and looked up at me.
With sad and teary eyes.
“I. Will. Go. Tomorrow. plea-se. I. beg. You. I Dont. Want. Them. To. Beat. Me.” He said.
“Who?” I asked.
“Everyb©dy.” He said.
“Everyb©dy?” I asked.
He nodded.
“Why will Everyone in the street beat you?” I asked.
“Be.cause. They. Love. Beating. Me.” He cried.
I sighed and stared at him, but he faced down.
After many thoughts, I ended up deciding him to spend the night in my house.
Horrible right? I just heard myself saying, “Okay, You will stay for the night.”
I almost sl@pped myself for saying that but the sadness in those brown eyes of his couldn’t st©p me from saying it.
And for the first time, He smiled and I guess I saw a dimple on his left left cheek.
That p@rt wasn’t covered well in his dada.
“Thank. You. Aunty Valerie. I will do. Anything. You. Tell. Me. To. Do.” He said, bowing severally like a servant in a palace, talking to his queen.
I sighed.
“I will take you to the guest room. You will take your bathe.” I stared head to toe at him, knowing he can’t still wear this clothes after bathing and won’t sleep on that be-d in them either.
“You will nee-d a change of clothe.” I said but there is no male clothe in my house.
He shook his head.
“I. Can. Sleep. n-ked. And wear my Clothes. again. tomorrow.” He said.
He will sleep n-ked?
“Can you really sleep n-ked?” I asked.
I couldn’t help the curiousity.
He nodded.
“No.” I said sharply.
“I’ll give you my pajamas to wear. It’s big and will enter you.” I said.
He nodded.
Always nodding!
I first went to my room, got out the blue pajamas. A trou-ser and the shi-t.
c@m£ out and I handed it to him.
Then I took him to one of the two guest-rooms in my house.
I pushed the door open.
Its kinda furnished a bit, with just a be-d and wardrobe.
“Here is it. There is the bathroom.” I said pointing at a connection door at the right.
He nodded.
Then I walked out, closing the door.
I was in my room, taking out my work files and trying not to think about the stranger in my house when I heard a soft knock.
No one else is in this house with me, so its him, Joy.
“Joy?” I called.
“Aunty Valerie?” He called too.
I dropped the file on my be-d and walked to the door and pu-ll-ed it open.
Oh my God! my Eyes wi-de-ned at what was standing in front of me,
A complete n-ked Joy!
“Aunty Va–” He was talking when I ban-ged the door close.
“What the hell!” I breathed, holding my che-st as I stared at the closed door.
“Aunty Valerie, I. didn’t. See. Water.” He said outside the door and I swallowed.
God what did I just had to see??
Is he so dumb that he don’t know what a shower is?
I shut my eyes, “Go to the bathroom, go to the sho–” He cut me short.
“I. Don’t. Know. It. plea-se. Come. And. Show me.” He said, his voice breaking.
Show him?
With him staked n-ked!
“Go and put on your clothe!” I said.
I c@m£ out of my room minutes later to find him coming towards with his trou-ser and shi-t back on.
I swallowed.
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