My sweetheart Episode 7 & 8

💝My Sweet Heart💝
#Episode 7
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
I woke up the next day with a really bad headache.
I t©uçhed the side of my head where it ache as I wondered how I even sle-pt off after crying all my tears out last night.
I remember mom had helped me into my room and said some motherly words to me that I can’t even recall them.
I yawned wi-dely causing the headache to pound even more.
I sighed and layed back my head on the pillow and closed my eyes..and that was when I think I heard voices downstairs.
I struggled out of my be-d, ru-bbe-d my eyes, slide into my sli-ppers and walked out of my room and headed downstairs without minding how my face was.
And yeah, they were actually voices.
My mom was yelling.
She was at the door, her left hand holding the doorknob and the other up in the air.
I haven’t heard the other person’s voice and can’t see who it is yet cos im still getting down from the staircase.
Who the hell is mom yelling at ?
But it downed on me who it was actually when my mom mentioned his name.
I st©pped on my track.
“You are no match for my daughter Iyke. And I’ll make sure you never come close to her again. You’ve been nothing to her but pain. She love you all this while but you do nothing than make her cry. Get out of here before I order my gate keeper to push your useless self out of my house!”
I stayed still to hear Iyke’s voice
“Mommy plea-se im begging. Im on my knees. I’do kill myself if I don’t see Valerie. plea-se I wanna explain everything to her. I de-eply love her. I swear I do.”
“You always have a stupid explanation to make but not this time arounnd. Get lost out of my daughter’s life!” Mom fired and then I heard the door ban-g shut.
I was alre-ady in tears.
“Iyke!” I called and rushed to the door.
But she blocked me from reaching the doorknob.
“Mom,plea-se lemme talk to him.” I said with the tears falling.
But she pushed me further away from the door.
“What is wrong with you Valerie. Are you so stupid.” Mom yelled.
Soft knocks started and I know it’s Iyke knocking.
“Mom I want to talk to him.” I said with tears.
“No way again Valerie. You’ve been fooled for too long by that idiot. You can’t keep doing this to yourself. Come here.” Mom said and dragged me to a couch. I slumped into it.
The knocks where still coming and my mom walked out, shuting the door.
I walked to the door and tried to open it but realised my mom was actually holding the doorknob from outside.
I left it and walked to the window and drew the curtain.
Even though I can’t see them from here, I could hear them.
“If you don’t leave here this minute, you will regret coming here!” Mom threatened.
“Mommy, plea-se I really nee-d to talk to Valerie. Just one minute will be okay. Im pleading mom.” Iyke said.
I blinked as more tears rolled down my eyes.
“Sheddy, Sheddy! come over here!” My mom yelled.
I sniffled and rushed to the door, pu-lling the doorknob with both hands and it opened.
Mom was alre-ady facing me with angry eyes and with her hands akimbo.
Iyke rushed forward, “Valerie,” He called, Kneeling down immediately.
My mom moved back shaking her head.
Sheddy was standing behind her.
“Valerie plea-se I’ll explain.” Iyke said with gloomy eyes.
I sniffled, wiped my tears and looked away.
Looking at him would end up softening my heavy heart right now.
“What are you doing here?” I asked, with my face still away.
“Vale plea-se It wasn’t the way you thought.” He said.
I scoffed and wiped my tears again.
“She’s actually my cousin sister. She c@m£ to visit.” He said.
I couldn’t help turning to him with wi-de eyes.
Lizzy was his cousin sister??
“Iyke you are a liar. Lizzy is your cousin sister? Tell me what i’ve not heard before. You were cheating on me with Lizzy!” I seethe.
“No baby, That wasn’t Lizzy’s voice. You mistook Chioma’s voice for Lizzy. Lizzy and I haven’t even talked since then. plea-se just believe me.” He said.
I blinked my eyes.
I looked at mom and she shook her head.
“You can’t listen to him Valerie. You are not having anything to do with this boy anymore!” Mom seethe.
“No I will call Chioma right now, so you could hear her yourself.” Iyke said and quic-kly took out his phone.
He still knelt down.
“Hello Chioma.” He said, putting the call on ‘loud speaker’.
“Iyke..?” Her voice c@m£ in.
I shook my head. That’s Lizzy’s voice.
“Are you there with her?” She asked.
“Yes I am. plea-se tell her everything. She can hear you.” He said.
“Valerie, im really sorry for last night. Im chioma actually and Iyke’s cousin sister. I was really upset with him last night that was the reason for my act. Im apologising. plea-se forgive okay? I’do wanna meet you just that i’ve left alre-ady. So are you gonna forgive me plea-se?”
I sighed.
What do I do…
Can I just believe she’s actually his cousin.
“You see babe, That wasn’t Lizzy. You only thought it was her. Babe? Im sorry.” He said.
“Why you sorry?” I asked.
“For ma-king you sad. I really didn’t mean to. I kept calling your lines but they were switched off.” He said.
Sheddy alre-ady left.
“So can I get up now plea-se?” He said.
“Valerie.” Mom called and I looked at her.
She c@m£ forward, gr!pp£dmy hand and dragged me inside, shutting the door.
“Mom?” I said.
“What’s really wrong with you? You wanna believe all that?” She yelled.
“Mom it’s obvious I over reacted. He’s telling the truth.” I said, not even sure of myself.
She shook her head.
“re-ad myl-ips honey, He’s lying to you. Oh I nee-d to call your friend Eva. What about you packing to your new house today?” Mom said.
“Yeah I am.” I replied, my eyes at the door.
“Go upstairs.” Mom said.
I gazed at her.
“Now!” She ordered.
“Mom wh–”
I sighed and turned towards the staircase.
I got to my room and went for my phone.
I switched it on and seconds later, Messages c@m£ in.
All from Iyke.
Explaining just the same thing he did outside there.
About her being his cousin sister and all. And apologising in a way that I finally felt sorry for him.
For over reacting. I shouldn’t have switched off my phone.
Maybe I could have been more patient.
I blamed myself for ma-king him rush over this early morning to explain everything.
I sighed and s£nt a message to him.
*Go now okay. Im sorry for thinking otherwise. I love you so much.*
A message c@m£ in minutes later.
*Thank you so much baby. Im gonna meet you at your new house by 2pm to help out.. I love you so much.*
I smiled and dropped my phone.
Now im happy and relieved.
“Valere, Are you seriously telling me you forgave Iyke?” Eva asked as we were in my room, arranging my clothes in the cream-cloured closet.
They were workers at the sittin-room, bringing in the couches, sofas, tables and dinning chairs.
A new be-d had just been brou-ght in and Benita was spre-ading the be-dsheets and putting in the pillowcases.
I ignored her and walked over to the ensuite.
It was neat and magnificient but Benita would have to do some cleaning tho.
“You are not answering my question Vale.” Eva said.
“Yes I did.” I said as I turned back,and walked over to her.
“Just like that?” She said, wi-dening her eyes at me.
I tucked my hair behind my ears.
“Yeah. I was actually thinking otherwise.” I said.
“And you said he’s coming?” She asked.
“Yeap.” I said.
“I don’t know what’s really wrong with you babe. You nee-d to treat yourself. You are a doctor.” She said.
“Im perfectly fine. Im just inlove. You can’t blame me.” I said.
“God!” She said before walking out.
I followed her.
The sitting-room was just the way I want it.. The walls in different paint.
The couches at the right place . Just like in dad’s house, the couches are different in colours.
Two guys were arranging the dinning table and chairs at the dinning room at the left
While Another guy was fixing the flat-screen TV..
“Your house look amazingly beautiful.” Eva said.
“And colourful.” The guy fixing the Tv said.
“You must be a fan of colours.” He added and I smiled.
“Yeah.” I said.
“I think im gonna make my house interior look just this way. Colourful and beautiful.” The guy at the dinning said.
I smiled.
“So ain’t we gonna celebr@te?” Eva asked.
“Ofcourse. Mom’s coming over soon and Iyke too.”
“Are we gonna be a p@rt of this?” The guy fixing the Tv asked.
“Ofcourse.” I smiled.
“Woooowww” All of them chorused.
“Thanks doctor.” The girl said.
“We go pop champagne!” Eva yelled out.
I was actually heading back to the room to check what Benita is doing when I got st©pped by someone who ran in and st©pped at the door, breathing heavily.
He had long messy unpacked dre-adlock (Dada). Very fair in complexion and if I would guess should be two or three years older than me.
He wore a dusty torn jean and dirty brown shi-t. With worn out bathroom-sli-ppers.
He had a dusty football in his hands.
He flin-ched when he saw there were lots of people in and he quic-kly threw the ball into his shi-t and held it there and after looking at everyone in a childish frightening eyes, but looked at me with a really cold eyes, He turned and ran out.
The guy who was fixing the TV bur-sted into laughter.
“Seriously who is he?” I asked.
“He looks like some crazy guy.” Eva said.
“He’s not crazy. He’s just an adult-baby.” The guy said.
“Adult-baby? Why did he come here anyway?” Eva asked.
“He must be looking for where to hide. He must have stole the ball.” The guy said.
“Go lock the gate Henry.” He said to a boy, helping him out and Henry ran out.
”He c@m£ in cos the gate was open for him.” He said.
“And his name is?” Eva asked.
“Well his name is Joy.” He said.
“Joy? A guy name is Joy?” Eva asked.
The guy shrugged with a smile.
“I don’t know if that’s his real name but ever since he c@m£ down to this street, that have been his name.” He said.
Gosh, I felt scared.
Why did he had run in here and why did he look at me that way?
#Episode 8
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
I woke up as the ray of the morning sun shone in the room throu-gh the windown curtain.
I ru-bbe-d my eyes and searched for my phone.
I still felt so bad that Iyke had to s£nd me a text later on, that he can’t make it again cos he got an urgent call from his boss to come to the office right away.
I sighed again, remembering how bad I felt yesterday.
I dropped back my phone and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.
After brushing and cleaning my face, I walked out, gr@bb£d my phone and walked out to the kitchen.
The kitchen is perfect and a small breakfast bar with just two seats opposite each other is at the centre.
I walked over to the counter… It’s actually empty cos I’ve not bought the dishes and foodstuffs yet.
Im going to do that today, cos Im on a day leave today.
I walked out and c@m£ out to the sitting-room.
I sat down on on the pourple couch as I took the remote from the table and switched on the TV.
I decided to watch ‘African Magic’
I crossed my leg and my armsas I watched.
A call c@m£ in few minutes later…
‘Iyke’ so I thought but it was mom.
I picked it up.
“Goodmorning mom.” I greeted with a smile.
“How are you doing honey?” She asked.
“Im fine. And you mom?”
“Fine honey. I called to hear from you. You staying home today right?”
“Yes mom. I have to go buy my kitchen utensils and fill up my cabinet and fridge ” I said.
“Very good dear. What about Eva? won’t she come over to help you?”
“No mom. She’s going to work.” I replied.
“Oh.. Maybe Benita should come over.”
“No mom. Benita can’t miss school. I can go alone. I got my car with me.” I said.
“Alright honey, take care of yourself ok?” She said.
“I will mom. And you too.” I said and then the call dropped.
I smiled and rested my head on the seat back.
But I wasn’t watching the Tv anymore. My mind went back to yesterday.
When that– that what?
Dada guy…
Oh they said he’s name is ‘Joy.
Like, why did he look at others frighteningly and then looked at me coldly and naive.
And he looked quite dirty and too matured to steal an ‘ordinary’ football.
I chuckled as I remembered how he threw the dirty ball inside his shi-t and held it there with his hands.
Gosh, that was too childish.
I st©pped chuckling but ended up bur-sting into a laughter.
No, I mean that was so childish.
… Iyke’s POV (continues …
“Lizzy, Shey you no wan leave again? You’ve been here for two nights.. Come on, I got a girlfriend.” I said as she sat at the centre of the be-d, her legs crossed, a pillow on her th!gh and her phone in her hands.
While I was standing near the be-d, facing her.
She looked up and smiled, “Iyke, I really missed you. Let’s just spend a week together. Your girlfriend won’t be aware if you don’t tell her. Come on, after all I was your girlfriend too.” She said.
“You was. Get it, You are not right now, you almost made me loose Valerie. Do you know what I get from her huh?” I half yelled.
“Well, S-x and money. What else? You don’t love her like you told me. You just dey chop her, and then you’ll dump her when you are satisfied.” She said.
I shook my head, “Now, that’s none of your business. You gotta leave today.” He said.
She laughed, “You no know Lizzy again abi? I no be the fake chioma your cousin wey you make me act for phone. I be Lizzy and this Lizzy here don miss you die. Im spending a week here.” She said then layed down and spre-ad her hands wi-de, grinning.
“My goodness…” She laughed.
I stared disgustingly at her before storming out of my room to the sitting-room. I slumped into a sofa.
This girl is just a headache.
She almost made me break up with Vale when I still nee-d to get a hvge amount of money from her before dumping her as-s.
Gosh! Why did I even had to meet Lizzy now.
Lizzy was one of my girlfriends in university days.
Well, she was the best out of them all and when I mean ‘best’ I mean ‘best in S-xing’
We lost contact after we left school and now she had to show up from nowhere.
Saying she travelled out, lost her lines and so on.
I planned on her spending just a night but now it’s two nights.
Though she’s been ma-king herself useful but I don’t want here slee-ping here again.
Come on. What if Valerie just appear!
I got up and went back to my room to find her putting on a white headset and humming lowly with her eyes closed.
I hissed, walked over and and pu-ll-ed the headset off and she opened her eyes and st©pped humming.
“What’s that baby?” She asked.
“Im going to work remember. So you are dressing up and im dropping you off.” I said and walked out.
I got to the kitchen and made myself a tea with bu-ttered bre-ad.
I sat down ont©p my counter and was eating when she walked in, putting on my red and grey long-sleeved shi-t.
She wi-de-ned her eyes as she stared at the plate and bre-ad in a saucer.
“Baby, you are so eating without me? Come on. Let me have some now.” She said as she pushed the breakfast bar chair forward to the counter, jumped on it and took the tea.
She drank, dropped back the cu-p and grinned.
“I love this. Bre-ad plea-se.” She said and took two piece of slice bre-ad.
I shook my head as I watched her drink down the tea I just made for myself.
I c@m£ down, left the tea for her and walked out to take my bathe.
“Im bathing with you oh.” She yelled and her footsteps followed.
This girl must be a witch.
I was almost in the bathroom when she rushed in and ran into the bathroom before I did.
I stood at the door, fuming within.
“What’s it Lizzy? I thought you heard me when I said that im going to work.” I said.
She smiled and catwalked slowly forward, putting her hands on my che-st and c@r£ss!ngit.
She bit her bottoml-ip, “Baby just let me spend another day here. My mom’s not home and im really scared of staying in that house.” She said in a really soft tone I could only describe as ‘S-xy’
Is she tryna s£dûç£me into accepting her to stay back tonight again.
She brou-gh herl-ips close to k!ssme but I faced away.
“I wanna take my bathe Lizzy. Go out od the way noww.” I said.
“Ofcos you will.” She said and shifted into the bathroom and I c@m£ in.
I pu-ll-ed off my T-shi-t and shorts.. She was there staring with a stupid smile.
I was about taking off my bo-xer when I looked fiercely at her.
“Will you stand there staring? Go out!” I barked.
She crossed her arms, “There’s nothing bad in seeing my b©yfri£ndtake his bathe. St©p talking as if I’ve not been seeing it all this while and those days in school.” She said and win-ked.
Huh! I scoffed.
“And who is your b©yfri£nd?” I asked.
“You ofcourse baby.” She said in that same ‘S-xy’ tone.
I hissed.
… Valerie’s POV …
It was 2pm and I was driving back from the mall where I had gone to buy my kitchen untensils, pots, plates and foodstuffs.
I talked with Iyke before I went and he said he’s at work.
I told him I guess I’ll come over to his house tonight but he said it’s better he come over to my new house to feel how it is and make up for not coming yesterday.
I smiled recalling all we have said to each other on the phone.
About our love for each other.
I turned into Lareen Street which is my house street.
Just as I drove a little more towards house 33, which is my house, I sighted him.
I slowed my car.
He was still on the same yesterday clothes with a tyre in his hand.
They were four kids around him.
They all had tyre with them.
They were laughing and pu-lling on his shi-t…
Seconds later, he began running forward, ri-ding the tyre and laughing and the kids loudly pursued him, ri-ding their own tyre..
He ran pas-s my car with the kids and I watched him from the side-view mirror.
When they were out of sight.
I sped up my car and pu-ll-ed up at my gate.
I got down and opened the gate and went back into my car.
I don’t know if I nee-d a gateman.
Maybe I do.
I drove in, got down and closed the gate too.
pla-ying tyre-ride with those little kids.
He look really matured.
What’s wrong?
Later the night, Iyke showed up. Gosh! I was so excited.
He kept apologising for not coming yesterday.
He helped me arrange my kitchen and then he cooked.
Wow… This b©yfri£ndof mine.
I love him so much…
We made breathtaking love that night.
Though I had to miss him so much cause he still left that night, saying he’s leaving really early to work tomorrow.
“Im so sorry baby, I promise to come later after work. Im just gonna leave so early to work tomorrow.” He had said.
“It’s fine hunnie. Just gonna miss you.” I had relpied.
“I’ll miss youu more sugar. I swear.” He had said and we k!$$£d before he got into his car and left.