My sweetheart Episode 5 & 6

💝My Sweet Heart💝
#Episode 6
Written by, Rejoice
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
I woke up the next morning and found out I really was on Iyke’s be-d and he was lying beside me, his eyes closed and hisl-ips a bit ap@rt as he sle-pt peacefully.
I sat up, and yawned.
He was just on a small grey bo-xers and no duvet was the be-d.
I glanced at myself and found out I was all unclad.
I sighed and layed back my head on the soft pillow as I watched him for awhile.
God, I ended up slee-ping over.
Iyke was just super sweet like always. And prepared the sweetest spaghetti i’ve ever tasted.
He made me laugh so much and we spent an hour watching a fantastic movie which ended up ma-king us to k!sspas-sionately. Then it lead into a really crazy forepla-y.
And then we spent half of the night, crazily ma-king love.
Wasn’t it so sweet? Ofcourse! Haha.
Smiling myself out of the be-d, I walked into the ensuite, and if today wasn’t a work day, I would have just sink my b©dy into this bathtub and spend an hour there cos I was feeling quite stressed out after the long amazing night.
I sighed and walked over to the washbasin, turned the faucet and washed my sleepy face in the sink.
I was so engrossed in my face-washing that I didn’t notice when someone walked in and sweetly wra-pped his hands around my unclad w@!st.
My Iyke! who else?
There wasn’t a mirror above the sink so I could only turn to really know it’s him.
He look so cute in his new hair cut.
He smiled and tried to k!ssmyl-ips.
“No brushing yet.” I said and he laughed and k!$$£d me anyway. I knew he will.
“You even taste more sweet in the morning. I guess it will just be sweeter if we could have just one sweet round this morning before you leave baby.” He said and I couldn’t help glancing below.
He clearly had a ha-rd -on… But im not seriously gonna do this or im definitely going late to work today.
He followed my gaze and smiled.
“Why wouldn’t I get a ha-rd on when i’ve been right at the door, staring at your stunning S-xy b©dy. Come on babe. Are you seriously gonna leave me this way?” He said in a sweet whisper and I wondered how I was able to resist gr-abbing him in a h0t k!ss.
I brushed pas-s him and walked over to the the toilet system to ‘pee’
He smiled at me before turning to the sink.
“You know babe, You are being mean to this morning to this stiff dude here.” He said as he went for his toothbrush.
“Im leaving immediately. I’ll definitely be late for work if I try to plea-se that stiff dude there.” I said with a weird smile.
He turned to me instantly with a grin and I was up alre-ady after wiping off with a toilet paper and flushing the pee in.
I gave him a ‘What-is-it’ look and he scratched his hair and pouted hisl-ips.
One thing I like about this cute dude. He’s quite childish.
“Just give me a b!owjob naw babe plsease..” He said.
I rolled my eyes and walked out of the ensuite back to his room.
It can’t work for you Iyke. Not this morning.
I was all dressed up when he c@m£ out. I wonder what he wad doing in there.
I was almost gonna ask him when he flashed funny eyes at me and said,
“Don’t even ask what I was doing in there.”
I laughed and threw him a pillow.
He dodged it and rushed me, pushing me pla-yfully down onto the be-d cos I was at the edge of the be-d.
He smiled and I sh0t him a glare.
“Babe, you know you so irresitable.” He said before shutting what I wanted to say up with a k!ss.
I dropped the purse when the k!ssgot intense and wra-pped my hands around him.
He rolled up my dress up to my w@!st and realising I had no p@n-t on, he gro-an ed.
“Sugar, I know you hate putting on a used p@n-t when it’s not washed.” He whispered and I smiled and bit my bottoml-ip.
The p@n-t is in my purse at the moment.
He slide his hand into my pu-ssy and that led me to a soft m0@n .
“Yeahh babe, that’s it.” He m0@n ed with me.
The love ma-king took like fifteen minutes..
It was sweet but quic-k..
He rolled down my go-wn and k!$$£d me.
“Thanks baby.” He whispered and I sh0t him a pla-yfull glare.
He smiled and took my cheek in his palms.
“St©p pretending like you didn’t want it.” He said and I sl@pped his as-s with my purse.
He laughed and I followed.
“So take me home and wase hurry up.” I said.
“Ofcourse my princess.” He said and rushed for a black trou-ser and yellow shi-t.
He slide his feet into his sli-ppers and took his car key from the table.
“Let’s go” He said, seperating the ‘babe’.
I smiled and we walked out.
At the car as he drove me home, We were talking about a new music by ‘Rihanna’ when he suddenly st©pped the song pla-ying on the radio and glanced at me.
We were alre-ady close to my house.
“Babe.” He called.
“Yeah?” I answered.
“I wanna tell you something.” He said.
I looked at him, he had quite a sad eyes now.
I know he nee-ds something.
“I love you.” He said.
I smiled.
That’s his ways..
“I love you so much honey.” I replied.
**Few seconds later**
“Sugar?” He called again.
“Yes dear?” I answered.
“Can you help me with something?” He asked.
I smiled.
“Why not? If I can, I would baby.” I said just the way I always do.
“I nee-d this money to–” I didn’t let him finish.
“How much?” I asked.
“Two hundred thousand.” He said, ma-king a really gloomy face.
I smiled wi-dely, “It’s fine. I’ll s£nd it to you later today. Sto the sad look baby.” I said and his face instantly brightened up with a breaktaking smile.
“I love you so much babe. You such a sweetheart.” He said and pe-cked me.
Just then, he pu-ll-ed to our house gate and turned to me.
“Thanks babe. Take care of yourself for me ok?” He said and I smiled.
“You do same baby.” I replied and he k!$$£d me. I opened the door, got down and closed back the door.
He watched me as I knocked on the gate wicket and Sheddy opened up in few minutes.
I sh0t him a glare as he did.
“You know you should go treat your ears Sheddy.” I said and he pleaded with his eyes.
I glanced at Iyke’s car, waved him before going in and Sheddy closed back the gate wicket.
… Iyke’s POV …
I smiled as she walked in and the lame gate keeper closed back the gate.
Gosh Valerie you are a total Dummy!
I took my phone and dialled Lola’s line.
She picked up in a second.
This who-re!
“Iyke baby, What’s up?” She said immediately.
“Babe, Im gonna s£nd you the money tomorrow. Hope you fine now huh!?” I half yelled.
“Oh don’t yell sweetie. I gave you the sweetest cow girl you know. You were screaming for me to fv¢k you ha-rder.. Ride you wilder. You can’t forget right? You got quite a big d–” I cut her short before she could finish up.
She’s such a lousy who-re.
“You see Lola, Are you gonna come tonight? I nee-d that cowgirl ri-ding tonight. You asked for one-fifty and I added fifty, so return my charity girl.” I said and li-cked my bottoml-ip.
I heard her crazy laughter.
“Iyke you know you such a S-x freak. Did you say you have a girlfriend?” She asked.
I hissed, “Just answer the damn question.” I half yelled.
“Oh sweetie. You don’t have to shout or you gonna miss me tonight. I bet your girlfriend is such a weakstick in be-d.” She said.
“Are you coming?” I asked.
This was gonna be the last time.
“Beg for it naw. Na so dem dey do naww. Not yelling like a hungry lion, though I can percieve how hungry you are for my ti-ght pu–” I ended the call before she finished.
I breathed and dropped my phone as I drove off.
Lola’s call c@m£ minutes later.
I smiled.
“Stupid who-re of a dirty talkative.” I mumbled before picking up the phone and picking the call.
“Hey darling. I’ve missed you so im coming over. But im not gonna leave without an alert in my phone.” She said.
I smiled wi-dely.
The imaginations of what we are gonna do s£nt chills to my spine.
“No probs. Come before ten… I nee-d it like all night.” I said with a giggle.
“Trust Lola on that aspect. You suppose know naw.” She said.
“Bye” I said and dropped the call before she could say more.
I got work to go to.
I drove on as I laughed at how lame Valerie is..
$h!t! She thinks I fv¢king love her?
Oh how lame!
Shuu, maybe I love her abit sha, but I love her money more.
Make I just dey chop her.
Hahaha… Lola is coming tonight! Whoa!
That one na h0t cake!
… Valerie’s POV …
At work, I quic-kly transfered two hundred and fify thousand naira to Iyke’s account.
Yeah I did.. I don’t care what he nee-ds the money for but I don’t even care.
I will do more if he ask.
I love him so much like more than I love myself.
I guess he just nee-d the money to change some things in his home since they are quite old now.
Or maybe he nee-ds to s£nd it to his mom or his siblings.
“Oh.. yeah that’s right. His mom!” I mumbled and picked my phone as I texted him.
**Have the rest baby, but plea-se s£nd momma the fifty thousand okay? I love you.**
He replied minutes later.
**Awwn Sugar, ofcos I will. Love you so de-eply. k!sses You deserve the best baby. **
I smiled happily.
💝My Sweet Heart💝
#Episode 6
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
After work, I had to drive Eva home ‘cos her car broke down and is at a mechanic right now.
“…so is your brother coming home this Xmas?” She asked as I drove, my focus on the windscreen.
Her question caused me to glance at her and I threw a sm-irk grin.
She rolled her eyes and kept looking at me.
“Are you missing him?” I asked with a pla-yful smile now.
She smiled.
The truth is that; Im a year older than Eva, but she’s still two years older than Michael. But I really don’t why she can’t get over him
“Yeah. I am.” She answered with the smile still on herl-ips as she faced the windscreen.
“He’s coming but with his girlfriend oh.” I joked.
A frown appeared on her face but vanished just immediately.
“I don’t mind.” She said and giggled.
Okay, they ain’t d@t!ngbut Eva have been secretly inlove with Michael and he isn’t even aware.
All those years he was home, Eva had kept the feelings to herself and had only shared them only to me.
She’s been hiding it for years now.
Though she’s d@t!nga banker guy, Emeka but she’s still inlove with my brother even though he’s two years younger.
Though I saw no crime in that and I was telling her those years he was still home to let him know about her feelings but she had been refusing, feeling that he will turn her down.
Probably cos she’s more older or maybe cos he had a girlfriend then, Mercy.
Though they later broke up a week to his travel wish Eva know about it.
I still wonder why she can’t let her feelings out even now since she can’t st©p them.
“Will you let him know about your feelings?” I asked her.
She was silence for awhile
“I don’t know.” She said coldly.
“And Emeka?” I asked.
I like that Emeka tho. He’s perfect for her but you know when this kind of feelings are involved and you can’t just st©p them.
“What about Emeka?” I reapeated, realising she haven’t answered me.
“I don’t know.” She said.
I inhaled.
This girl’s crazy.
I dropped her off at the gate of their house.
She still lives with her parents and two younger silblings.
“Bye babe.” She said, going for the door.
“Goodnight.” I replied and she walked down, shutting the door.
I could feel her mood kind of changed after we talked about Michael.
She really loves my brother.
Can I really help on this before it gets out of hand?
But Emeka! That guy is good for her.
After watching her walk into the gate, I drove off.
I got home and met Benits, at the dinning, looking into a book.
“Wow, Benita.” I smiled.
She instantly looked up, grinned and ran to me.
“Sister welcome.” She greeted smiling.
She wore a black leggins and pink t©p that st©pped at her th!ghs.
It look sweet on her.
“What are you re-ading?” I asked.
“History” She said.
I smiled, nodded and turned towards the staircase.
“Sister..” Benita called.
“Yes.” I answered, still climbing up the staircase.
She didn’t answer immediately so I st©pped and turned to face her.
She was walking up to me.
She st©pped two steps away.
“What’s it Benita?” I asked.
She smiled her kind of funny smile.
“Sister, when you go pack out to your new house?” She asked.
I looked at her with a wi-de smile. I wasn’t expecting that question.
“Well next sunday.” I said.
She then grinned, then followed by a cold face.
“I wan live with you. I wan live with you.” She said repeatedly.
I laughed.
“Come on, you will stay here with mom okay? I’ll be visiting to check on you okay?” I as-sured her with a smile.
She did a sad face.
“I wan dey see you everyday.” She said.
I smiled, took a step to her and hvgged her.
“It’s fine. Mom doesn’t bite. I would have let you come live with me but mom nee-ds you more here, okay?” I said and she nodded
Getting into my room, and taking a shower, I pu-ll-ed into a pink nightie.
I layed on the be-d as I took my phone and dialled Iyke’s line.
We’ve not communicated since after that text messsge.
Im missing him.
He didn’t pick up the first call, so I called again.
He picked up after long rings, relieving the worry I suddenly got.
“Hello sugar.” His voice c@m£ in like a whisper.
“Hi baby, your voice is kind of low.” I said, smiling.
I like it tho.
“Oh,not anymore.” He said loudly and I laughed.
“How was your day?” I asked.
“You made it awesome sugar.” He reied causing my smile to wi-den.
“How was yours hun?” He asked.
“I missed you.” I answered.
“Oww! same here sugar.” He said.
I breathed.
“You wanna go out with me tomorrow?” I asked.
I miss his company.
“Oh sugar. I wish to but I might be so busy at work tomorrow.” He answered.
“No problem baby. Just that Im gonna miss you.” I said.
“I’ll miss you more.” He said in a breaktaking whisper again.
After the call, I felt hungry. I inhaled and walked downstairs to the kitchen.
Benita was at the breakfast bar, eating.
I walked over.
She saw me and smiled.
“What are you eating?” I asked moving to the fridge.
“Drinking garri. I don miss am.” She said.
I smiled, shook my head and opened the fridge as I took out a cornflakes pack, and a tin of ‘peak milk’. I dropped them on the breakfast bar and went for a bottle of water, a plate and a spoon.
I sat opposite Benita as we ate.
“Sister..” Benita called after gulping half of her glas-s of water.
“Uh?” I answered with the cornflakes in my mouth.
She grinned, looking at her food and then at mine, then at hers, then at mine.
I wonder what she wanna say now.
“Sister oh. This one no be lie, chai.” She said and giggled.
“What?” I asked, curious.
“Me and you dey chop the same thing kwa.” She said, causing me to wonder how.
“How?” I asked, as I stretched my n£¢k to check if it’s actually ‘garri she’s drinking or cornflakes.
It was garri, covered in groundnuts..
I stared at her.
“My own na african cornflakes, your own na foreigh cornflakes. Shey you see?” She said, laughing.
I aughed and adjusted on my seat.
“Funny Benita.” I said with a smile.
“How was school today?” I asked.
“I learn well well.” She said.
I smiled. She’s in s£nior Secondary one.
Just then, We heard my mom’s voice.
“Anyone home? Benita!!”
Benita jumped down from the seat and rushed out.
Days pas-sed and Iyke I would say, was perfect.
Though we didn’t go out that saturday, but we did go out the next day which was Sunday and we had the best moment together.
I was so happy, I haven’t caught him cheating.
It was just me and me alone.
He made me feel really good and Eva noticed and was curious so I had to tell her that “Iyke has st©pped cheating on me.”
She was happy but still don’t trust him.
Well I do, I love him and trust my b©yfri£ndso much.
He really makes me happy. What else?
I c@m£ back that saturday, feeling really tired.
I worked so much and I was feeling really bad that ‘A woman had to loose her baby’ after delievering.
She had cried so much and even though it wasn’t a new scene to me, I felt really heartbroken.
We did our best.. Our very best.
I sighed and got down from my car.
“Welcome Valerie.” Sheddy greeted and I just nodded and headed inside.
Benita was slee-ping in the green couch.
I can’t blame her. It’s ten o’clock..
I walked upstairs and into my room, dropping my bag on the be-d and coll@psing on the be-d.
Tomorrow Im packing out to my own house.
It’s just a cute bungalow.. Not big.
I like it that way…
I inhaled and sat up to pu-ll my heels off.
I ru-bbe-d my forehead after that and headed to the bathroom.
Just then, I heard my mom’s car horn at the gate.
She’s back.
After having my shower and pu-lling into a yellow pajamas, I pu-ll-ed into my white fli-p-flop and headed downstairs.
Mom and Benita were alre-ady eating at the dinning..
I smiled and joined them.
“So where’s mine?” I asked, looking at the covered plates.
Mom eyed me and rolled her eyes.
Haha..I know she’s sad that im packing to my house tomorrow.
“Make I put for you Sister..” Benita said and stood up to do so.
“Thanks joor.” I said and sm-irked at mom who was sipping a glas-s of jui-ce.
She dropped it and chuckled.
“You know Vale, I know why you are leaving here.” She said.
Umm… So like I thought.
I stared at her to finish up.
“So you’do have so much privacy with that b©yfri£ndof yours.” She said.
I laughed.
“Mom, is that what you thinking? I just nee-d to live on my own and know how it feels to live alone.” I said.
Im being sincere.
She shook her head negatively.
“I don’t really believe you on that.” She said.
I just smiled and waved that off as I ate the h0t rice and stew.
“Your father is coming home this Xmas.” She changed t©pic which I was more than glad.
“With brother Michael?” Benita suddenly asked.
Mom studied her question before looking at me.
I shrug.
Like What’s wrong in what Benita just asked.
“Yes he is. Do you want him to come?” Mom asked looking focusely at her.
She grinned, “Yes. I never see am. He too fine.” Benita said and I looked at her.
“Uhmm..” My mom laughed.
I followed.
I wonder what made my mom laugh anyways.
And me??
After the meal, Mom said she nee-ds to sleep and Benita while clesning up the table said she want to watch ‘Zee world’ before going to re-ad. Which Im sure the ‘re-ading’ p@rt is lies. She’ll sleep here watching Movie.
I walked upstairs to my room few minutes after mom did and layed down, covering myself with the duvet.
I picked my call. I didn’t even go downstairs with it.
I was happily expecting Iyke’s miss call but I found none.
I breathed and dialled his line.
It rang and ended without him picking up.
I can’t remember the last time this happened.
Iyke has been picking up my call at the first ring.
I dialed his line again, Same thing.
I dialed again, then again, then It was picked.
“Iyke why havn’t yo–!” My yelling cut cut short by a female voice.
“Iyke is having is in the bathroom. Call him tomorrow plea-se.” She said and ended the call just immediately.
My pulse ceased.
I can swear that voice was that of the girl that rushed to Iyke that day at the Restaurant.
I still can recall her voice!
I shook my head as tears alre-ady have gathered in my eyes.
I called him again and it was picked up in a second.
“Who ar–” I was cut short again.
“Are you dumb huh! Iyke is in the bathroom. I’ll let him know you called.” She ended up the call again.
I dropped my phone as the tears began pouring.
I can’t believe Iyke is doing this to me again.
After all the Love I have for him.
All the money I give to him.
My b©dy that I give to him… Just to make sure he is mine alone!
I can’t bear this! A weird c@m£ into my head and I quic-kly wiped my tears, stood up, gr@bb£d my car keys and rushed off.
Im going right there to deal with whoever that the bit-ch is.
I rushed downstairs to see my mom at the living-room, scanning around like she’s searching for something.
She saw me and rushed to me.
“Oh my goodness Valerie, why are you in tears and holding your car key? What’s the matter? Where are you going?”
Tears began falling again and I hvgged her, crying more.
“He cheated on me again mom. Iyke cheated on me.” I cried.