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My sweetheart Episode 4

#Episode 4
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
We had dinner in a cool, quiet restaurant.
I laughed and smiled to all his words and was happy to have such a boyfriend like Iyke.
“…Gosh keep smiling baby. I love this sweet dimples on those soft cheeks…” He said, making me smile over and over again since we’ve been here.
“Babe, you the best in the world. I can’t afford loosing you. I love you so much, like I really do.” He said, causing me to smile again, and place my hand on his.
“I love you so much Iyke that I can give my whole world to you.” I said.
“…Gosh baby, I don’t stop myself from falling so deep for you. Here have it.” He said as he got a cut from his chicken and stretched it to my lips. I smiled as I opened my mouth and took it in.
“Babe, I don’t mind giving them all to you and drinking just water. Do you want my drink too?” He joked, smiling.
I laughed.
“Come on. I’do give you mine.” I said, as I tried to give him mine too but my hand got hanged by something so heartbreaking.
–A girl in skimpy yellow dress and six inches heels rushed out from nowhere, to Iyke and all right in my front, she jumped on him in a tight hug!
I watched in awefulness as she disengeged the hug with Iyke and her all smiling widely and repeating the word “Wow” to each other and then, she hugged him again, without minding I was right here.
I swallowed and dropped the fork I held as I just stared at them.
The girl wrapped her hands around him again.
“…Oh my goodness! look at Iyke. Gosh! I missed you haba!” She kept talking.
Iyke glanced at me with a quick smile before turning back to her.
I swallowed again cos I was loosing my breathe.
“Wow girl, You’re looking so hot!” He said, and I swallowed down the anger that, that just made me feel
“Wow, my Iyke. I can’t believe this is You. I’ve missed those days. Come on!” She said, hugging him again. Her brazillian-hair fell accross her face and she quickly tucked it behind her ears as she talked on.
It seem like she didn’t even notice someone was there apart from them.
“Lizzy you are looking so different and beautiful.” Iyke said, smiling at her and killing my spirit the more.
Gosh! This is embarrasing.
She laughed, “Like seriously? You are in this Lagos? Wow! I couldn’t belueve my eyes when I saw you. Like you don fresh ehn.” She said and touched his cheek, that was when I noticed she was actually chewing gum.
She touched his cheek!
This girl was flirting with Iyke right in my front.
“Yeah I am. Girl you are hot!” Iyke said.
“Omo see Iyke. Guy you don hot so.” She said and threw herself at him in a hug again.
Gosh! What’s all this rubbish!
I can’t help it anymore. I think im gonna loose it.
I hit my fork on the breakable plate of fried rice and it gave a crazy sound.
That was when the girl turned to me like she’s just seeing me.
She flapped her artificial eyelashes in an awkward maner and turned back to Iyke.
“So Iyke you–” Iyke cut her short before she could start again.
He turned to me but she didnt.
“Oh babe, meet my long time friend, Lizzy. We lost contact actually and it’s such a good thing we had to meet up again. Whoa.” He said, smiling.
I just stared at him.
I was so mad that the bitch had to cross her hand over his shoulder as he was talking. Doing the stupid ‘Introduction’
“And Lizzy,”
“Yes sweetie.” She answered with a smile, giving my creeps.
Iyke smiled at her, “Meet my beautiful girlfriend, Valerie.” He said.
She turned to me with a fake smile, “Hi Valerie.” She waved.
I rolled my eyes and bit clenched my fist seeing how she hugged him again.
“Whoa Iyke, I don’t mind giving you million hugs. I’ve missed you like craaazy. You recall those days nah.” She said.
Iyke smiled awkwardly as he glanced at me.
Gosh! Bringing up this dinner was indeed a bad idea.
She adjusted her dress. “I’ll be going now Iyke. Lemme give you my number. Someone’s actually waiting for me outside.” She said and Iyke didn’t waste two seconds in handing her his phone.
Few minutes, she was done and handed the phone back to him, pecked him on the cheek before walking off.
Iyke grinned at me and was about saying whatever but I short him up with a snap of my hand in the air.
“I wanna concentrate on the food.” I said.
“Babe, I could actually explain.” He said.
I ignored him and went on with the food which now tasted awful.
“Sugar, Lizzy was just a long time friend. We were coursemates in school. Then we lost contact later an–”
I cut him short, “I don’t need to know all that.”
But he kept talking and I couldn’t help my annoyance, so I stood up, grabbed my purse and walked out of the eatery and over to the car.
He ran over in the next second and geabbed my hand.
I turned away, backing him.
“I love you so much Vale and i’ve promised never to hurt you. Lizzy was only happy to see me.” He said.
Huh! I scoffed and yanked my hand away from his hold. Then turned, facing him!
“And you let her hug you and kiss you all over cos she was only happy to see you? In my front!” I yelled.
He arched his eyebrow, “Hell babe that’s just the way she acts and considering it’s been almost five years we last saw. She was really happy to see me.” He said.
“And you was too isn’t it?” I barked.
“Yeah babe, but you know there’s nothing attached to all that. Trust me babe please.” He begged and tried to hold me again but I shot him a glare and he held his hand.
“Im sorry okay.” He said.
“Open the door. I need to go get some rest. I have an operation to work tomorrow.” I said.
He pushed his hands into his trouser pockets and then looked straight at me.
“Babe we can’t just go please.” He said.
“I said, I want to Iyke!!” It was a loud yell.
He stared at me for awhile before pulling out a small remote from his right pocket, pressed a button and I pulled open the car door and went in, slamming it back.
He walked over to the other side and came in, to the driver’s seat beside me.
I kept a straight face.
“Babe, you really not going to do this to me tonight, are you?”
I ignored him.
“Well, it can’t really be a dinner gone bad. We are heading to my house.” He said.
I shot him a fierce and he winked at me and amiled, letting out that ‘butterflies-in-my-head smile.
“Drive this thing and take me to my house right now.” I barked.
He smiled, “Yes my princess but no way.” He said and then drove off.
I hissed and brought out my phone.
“Who are you calling?” He asked.
“My mom’s driver. He need to bring me my car. Now just stop this car..”
“Come on, baby you so stubborn. I’ve apologised now. Pleasee. I hate seeing your face this sad. You are so more Angelic when you’re happy.” He said, touching my cheek.
“Don’t call him please okay. Let’s go to my house, I’ll prepare you something really delicious. Trust me babe. You know you can’t resist my meals.” He said and I eyed him before hitting him on the arm.
Even though It was hard but I wished I’ve put more effort in making it more painful.
“Ouch! Babe. I don’t mind you hitting me over and over again so far that stops you from calling your mom’s driver.” He said.
Just then, a call came into my phone.
Mom was calling.
I picked it up.
“Mom?” I said.
“Yes honey, Benita told me you are out. Where are you?” She asked.
Ugh! why must she know where I am. This is one of the reasons I can’t just wait to be in my own house which I’ll gladly be in few days time.
What’s this!
“Mom, im out with Iyke. I’ll be back soon.” I said.
Iyke smiled and shot me a smirk glance and I understood.
We just passed our street.
“Alright honey, be careful okay.” She said, her voice low.
“I will mom. Thanks.” I said and dropped the call.
“Wow, we’ll be in my house in the next five minutes.” He said almost immediately.
I didn’t say anything, I just stared out the window.
“Babe I love you so much okay.” He said and I felt his hand on my hair and then a peck on my cheek which made me jump.
I looked at him and then at the road.
He was smiling.
“Are you okay? You driving for goodness sake.” I fired at him.
He pouted his lips,.
One thing I like about him.
“But you don’t wanna talk to me now.. What did you expect me to do. Just cheer up for me naww. Abeg babe.” He said.
I rolled my eyes and looked away but he pecked me again!
I glared at him and he grinned.
It made me wanna smile but I frowned instead.
“I love you babe… And woah. Im so glad we’re home already.” He said and turned into the house.
I hissed as I grabbed my purse, stepped down from the car and slammed the door shut.
Maybe im still so annoyed but to be sincere, I don’t think I am anymore. I guess im only pretending now.
Iyke could just soften my anger within a minute. He has that magic and it really works on me and he knows that.
He came forward and put his right arm accross my waist and I bit down the joy that gave me.
“You look so hot babe.” He whispered as we walked up to the porch.
He opened the door and I went in with him behind.
I scanned the quite colourful living-room before sitting on one of the two-seater couch and crossed my legs.
He came forward and placed his hands on the couch arms-rest, then he bent and gently kissed my forehead and I didn’t try to resist.
“You are one in a trillion. Not a million nor a billion. You mean the whole world to me. My heart beat. I could go miles for you baby. Trust my words. We’re gonna make beautiful kids and I’do wanr them to have your pretty eyes and your…your” He stopped talking as his eyes dropped on my lips.
He smiled that breaktaking smile and slowly, he brought his face close and kissed my lips.
My eyes were already closed before he even did.
I can’t believe I just let Iyke kiss me this night after all that occured there at the restaurant.
But you can’t blame me. Im madly inlove with him. I can’t help it.
He withdrew seconds later and smiled with a wink.
“Lemme get us something to eat.” He said as he turned to walk to the kitchen through the dinning room.
“Come on, Are you really going there without me.” I half yelled and he laughed, placing his hands on his waist as he turned to me.
“You gotta be kidding me babe. I actually knew you would come over. You can’t resist my sweetness you know that.” He said and I smiled.
Yeah, he was right. I can’t resist everything about him.
He mean the whole world to me even though he hurts me.
I know he loves me even at that.


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