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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My sweetheart Episode 37 & 38

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My Sweet Heart


#Episode 37






Written by, Rejoice








Hours later:


… Valerie’s POV ..


“How is he? How did the operation went?” Mom asked.


Jojo and his friends asked.


Benita asked.


Everyone asked.


I couldn’t answer them.


Im just too shocked.


My hands shook there.


Thanks to Dr Funmi and Eva.


The bullet had been removed but he’s unconsious.


I know he’s gonna wake up because the dead target was missed but im just battered in scaring thoughts.


What if he doesn’t wake up?


How could Iyke be so cruel and heartless to do this?


“Valerie, you are not saying anything to us?” My mom said with a worried look


Just then Eva came out, followed by Dr. Funmi.


“Eva.. Dr. Fumni.” Mom went over to then.


“The bullet had been removed. It really missed its target and that is to assure you that he’ll wake up soonest. He’s fine.” Dr. Funmi told her or rather, them.


Eva nodded with him.


“Oh thank God. That Iyke of a guy is a devil.” Mom said.


She suprised me.


She suprised me when I called her to tell her that my friend had been shot by Iyke. Not just my friend but someone I’ve fallen deeply inlove with.


She rushed down to thehospital, shocked and worried.


I guess because she hates Iyke.


I blinked as tears rolled down my eyes.


Dr. Funmi patted me on the shoulder before walking away.


I turned and walked into

the room where Joy is.


The machine beeped softly as his coma breath made slow sounds.


I stared at him as he is dressed in the patients gown of ‘blue colour’


Laying helplessly on the coma bed with bandages wrapped around his abdomen to his back.


“Joy. Im sorry.” I said.


“Vale.” Eva called gently as I felt her hand around my shoulder.


“Eva.. I can’t believe Iyke could do this. If only I didn’t leave him at home. If only I knew something like this was comng.” I blinked as more tears rolled down my eyes.


I could see tears in Eva’s eyes too.


“Vale let’s just pray that he wakes up before tomorrow ends. Let’s pray.” She said.


I sniffled, “I know he will. I trust that he will. I can’t loose him.” I said.


“You need to be grateful to those guys. They said they sighted Iyke when he was coming to your house and recalling he was the same guy who knelt down and was apologising to you one certain night which you took his car.. They detected that something isn’t right, so they decided to spy and that was how they caught him.” Eva said.


I sniffled.


“I know them. I once saved Joy from their hands when they were beating him.” I said.


“Iyke is in police custody now.” She said.


“I’ll make sure he is sentence to death by gun shot!” I cried.


“Shhh Let’s go.”


“No. I’ll stay here and watch him till he wakes up.” I said.




“Im not leaving him alone here.” I said.


“Vale you are a

doctor and you should know how to handle this.” She said.


“I know how to Eva and that is staying by him, watch him till he wakes up.” I said.


She sighed, then patted my shoulder before walking out.


I closed my eyes with the tears rolling down my eyes.


“Dear Father, I plead to you, help me, Save Joy. He means alot to me. Wake him up for me Dear heavenly Father.”


A hand on my shoulder caused me to open my eyes.




“I’ve called your brother and he said he’ll shift his flight down to next tomorrow instead of tuesday next week. I don’t know who this boy laying there is, but I feel a connection between us.” She said.


“I love him mom. I love him so much. I saved him last week ago and he’s been in my house. After Iyke broke my heart, I began having feelings for him cos he’s so funny and cool and caring, even though he’s an adultbaby mom but his mannners make him appear so amazing and adorable. Mom I can’t loose Joy. He have to wake up.” I cried.


She pulled me into a hug.


“It’s okay. He’ll wake up.” She said.


I blinked and cried on her shoulder.






I couldn’t leave him…


I was gonna stay with him all through.


Benita offered to stay but I told her to go home with mom.


Eva went home aftee staying for awhile.




Eleven O’clock pm.


I sat on a back-seat just close to Joy’s bed and watched him.


I just want to see when he’ll move his fingers, open his eyes and smile at me.


Just that cute childish way he use to.


I’ll kiss him with so much excitement and promise him never to leave him alone all by himself again.


But as the time passed, nothing like that happened.


I felt shattered.






Joy don’t wanna wake up. He’s really not feeling my presence.


I walked over to him and wgispered to hin.


“Joy, I need you to wake up. See I’ve got something really nice for you. It’s a suprise and you need to wake up so you can see what it is.. Pleaseeee.”


But hours passed and nothing happened.


#Episode 38


… Valerie’s POV ..


The next day came..


I didn’t sleep a wink all through the night.


I watched and stared at Joy just to know when he moves or shake his fingers. At least. But nothing like that happened.


The time said ‘7:10AM’ on my wristwatch.


I breathed.


Just then, Matron Juliet walked in gently.


She’s always early to the hospital.


She’s dressed in her matron’s dress with black flat shoes.


She keeps low cut which fits her perfectly.


“Dr Valerie..” She called softly when she got to me.


“Yes Matron.”


“How are you feeling this morning?” She asked.


I shook my head.


Just then, the door made a little noise.


“I guess someone is about to come in.” She said and went to see.


When she opened the door, it was my m


mom, Benita and Eva.


“Oh Lady Angelina and Dr. Eva.” Matron juliet said.


They walked in.


Benita came right away and hugged me.


“He still never wake. Why?” She said.


“He will Benita. I know he will.” I said, trying hard not start the tears again.


Benita stayed with me, while Eva and my mom walked out with Matron Juliet.




“He so fine.” Benita said minutes later.


“Yes.” I smiled.


“I dey think something now.” She said.




“What if he wake come become normal?”


Her question got me.


But I know that isn’t possible. He didn’t undergo a brain surgery.


“I just want him to wake up. That’s all I want now and wish for.” I said.




Night came but Joy still layed there.


Mom and Benita had left.


Eva came in..


“Vale, have you bathe and taken something?” Eva asked, dropping a yellow nylong on the cream colour cupboard.


“I’ll wait this night if he doesn’t wake up. Then i’ll do all that.” I said.


“Vale, you not helping yourself. Starving and keeping off bathe won’t make him wake up but your prayer, believe and faith. I got you something. Make sure you eat that please. ” Eva said.


“I just need him to wake up.” I said.


“He wil Vale, just understand that he will. You are a doctor and you know how all this goes.” She said.


“You should go home. I’ll be here with him.” I said.


She sighed.


“Fine. I’ll see you tomorrow morning and probably take you home to bathe.” Eva said before walking out.


I sighed.


“She don’t understand the way I feel right now.” I mumbled.


“I can’t leave him. He means so much to me. I can’t take a step away from him. I’ll stay here and watch him till he wakes.”


I walked closer to him.


He still look so cute even in coma.


So adorable.


My Joy.


My heartbeat.


I can’t still believe Iyke had the mind to shoot him.


How did he even find out about us?


Why was he so desperate to have me back to the point of trying to kill someone that im inlove with.


I feel so guilty.


If only I had someone else with him in the house or rather if only I had taken him with me.


But that isn’t possible.


God! I just hope you wake up Joy or else Iyke is gonna pay for dearly for this.


I stroked his hair gently.


Then I remembered he told me about a dream.


What if this was the dream?


I sighed sadly.


“I just need you to wake up Joy. Please, for me. I promise everything’s gonna be alright.” I whospered to him… Then bent and kissed his forehead.


Just like last night, Joy didn’t wake up.


I cried knowing it was my prayer for him to wake up before today.


My brother was coming and I know he had to shift it down to today cos of me.


Few minutes later, Mom arrived.


She said that she had to force Benita to school considering the fact that they just finished their examination and now go to school for her race practice for their upcoming school sports competition.


Eva also came minutes after.


She look really concerned for me and felt so bad that Joy isn’t up yet.


“Vale, please go home and have a bathe. You didn’t even eat the food I got for you. Look at you.” Eva said.


“Thank you Eva. Valerie doesn’t want to listen.” Mom said.


“Come on. Im fine. Im not smelling.” I said, smiling.


“Stupid. Im taking you home.” Mom said and came to pull me up from the seat.


“Mom im fine like this. Im not complaining. Just leave me.” I said.


“Just get up Valerie. You ain’t helping yourself.” Eva said.


She then came forward and pulled me up.


“Go take a bathe. You are smelling.” She smirked.


I hit her on the shoulder.


“You know that’s a lie.” I said.


“Yea it is but just come with m please.” She said and took my hand.


“Wait a minute.” I said and walkes over to Joy.


“I didn’t mean to take a break minute from you. You know I’do stay all day with you but mom and my bestie are so caring and really need me to look good for you when you wake up. That’s lovely you know. I’ll be back soon. Don’t miss me so much and I just wish you’do wake up before im back.” I said.


I turned to see mom in smiles.


“Now, this reminds me of your father and I when he had an accident even before we got married. You were just like me. I spent days with him till he fully got better.” Mom said.


“You told me the story.” I said.


She nodded.


“What if I stay with him till you get back?” Mom asked.


“Your business.” I said.


“Oh that can wait. I have lots of sales workers there and they are doing great.” She said.


“Thank you mom and please keep praying that he wakes up before im back. You know how your prayer work.” I said with tears.


“I’ve been doing that. I believe he’ll soon wake up.” I assured.


I withdrew and after a glance at Joy, I walked out with Eva.


“We need to go see Iyke at the police station.” Eva said as we drove to my house.


“Till my brother gets back.” I said.


“And that is today right?”




She sighed, “Can’t believe Iyke did this.” Eva said.


“I’ll make sure he pays for this!” I seethe.






Everything about my house reminded me of Joy.


The couch,


The broken tv screen.


The dinning table.


The kitchen..


My room,


my bathroom.


Every single thing.


“He’s everywhere.” I said.


“I don’t get.” Eva said.


“Everything in here makes me miss him.” I said.


“Oh Valerie don’t talk like Joy is lost. He’s at the hospital.” She said.


“You don’t get it.” I said.


“I do. Go have your bathe.. While I prepare something for you in the kitchen.” She said and dragged me to the bathroom..




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