My sweetheart Episode 29 & 30

💝My Sweet Heart💝
#Episode 29
… Valerie’s POV …
“Guess what J.O.Y?” I smiled raising a shopping bag to his face.
He shook his head.
I hissed and walked into the house.
He ran after me.
I was back home now.
It was great going to visit my family.
Joy c@m£ to my front.
“I. will. Guess.” He said.
“Fine.” I smiled.
“Something. For. Me?” He said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Something like what?” I asked.
He scratched his head and su-cked his bo-ttoml!pfor awhile.
“Uhmmm… New clothes.” He grinned.
I rolled my eyes again.
“No. I’m cooking soup today!” I said with a smile.
He laughed and knocked his head.
I laughed.
“Hey let’s head to the kitchen. I miss soup and I know you do too.” I draggee him to the kitchen.
After meal that night…
I turned to him.
“Go get your slee-ping wear. You are slee-ping in my room.” I said.
He nodded and went over to his room while I went to mine.
I took out my l@pt©p and placed at the pillow side.
We should watch some movie.
I scrolled down to select throu-gh the few movies in my l@pt©p.
I don’t want a scary movie, so I decided on pla-ying ‘Baywatch’.
Joy c@m£ in, carrying a red pajamas.
“Go have your bathe. We gonna watch a movie. You’ll like it.” I told him.
He nodded with a happy smile and dropped his pajams on the sofa beside to go to the bathroom.
I called him back.
“Joy, take your pajamas. Are you planning on coming out n-ked? Ohh.. you don’t know what that means. You’ll never learn. Take your slee-ping wear along. Wear them in there.” I said.
He took the pajamas and went into the bathroom.
I breathed.
Maybe I would have just left him to come n-ked?
Oh Valerie.. What are you even thinking?
I got my phone and found out two messages from a new number.
I opened it.
*Vale, plea-se let’s meet and talk this out. Im de-eply sorry for all I did –*
I deleted it even before completing the message, including the other one without opening it.
“To hell with you and your aplogies!” I spat and switched off my phone.
What’s still keeping Joy in there?
I waited for another long minutes without him getting out of there..
Then I began hearing his voice.
“La la la Oh oh oh.”
This guy!
I got up and walked to the bathroom.
Okay, I didn’t mean to walk in on him while he’s having his bathe but it’s almost an hour now!
I walked in and….. seriously?
Joy was in the bathtub, with his legs raised high.
Soap foams and bubbles filled up the bathtub and poured down to the tiles.
He was smiling and singing excitedly.
La la la la… oh oh oh oh!
“Joy!” I called and he flin-ched and dropped his leg instantly.
He stared at me, grinning.
The soap foams were almost reaching his head.
His b©dy inside the soapy foam water.
“You are grinning eh?” I seethe.
His grinning face immediately changed to a pale, cold face.
“Aunty Valerie..” He called coldly. Like a sorry child.
“You should habe bathe in the shower. Why the bathtub?” I asked, stepping closer.
The tiles were so we-t with soapy water.
“Im. Sorry.” He said.
“You are sorry?”
“Will.You. Forgive me? ”
I sighed, as I reached for the faucet and turned the water off.
When the soapy water finally dried off.
I saw him n-ked again!
I sighed and turned on the faucet to was off the soaps on his b©dy.
He just stared coldly as I did all that.
This was the third time im seeing him unclad again..
And… and why does his….. look so…
So.. bushy?
Oh… it nee-ds shaving..
I didn’t even think about this one all this while?
Ohh why should I even think about it.
I took my eyes away.
“Joy come out, dry your b©dy and put your pajamas on. Somewhere on your b©dy nee-ds shaving. Do you know that?”
“Uhm.. Where? Sh..ave?” He mumbled, checking his b©dy.
I smiled, even though I tried not looking, I couldn’t help it when his eyes finally landed on his di-ck.
“Yes. There.” I said and crossed my arms.
“When last did you shave?” I asked him.
“Uh?” He mumbled like a confused kid.
I inhaled.
“Do you know what shaving means?” I asked and he shook his head.
“Oh..I know you won’t. I don’t really know what to do with you Joy. Oh God.” I inhaled again.
“plea-se. Tell me.” He said.
I glanced at his di-ck and looked up to his babyish looking eyes.
“Go… put on your clothes while… I’ll just mop this place.” I said.
He bec@m£ sad. “But. I want. To.” He said sadly.
I rolled my eyes, “Wear your pajams first.” I said and concentrated on the mop.
He bec@m£ silent and when I glanced at him seconds later, he was putting on the trou-ser.
Goodness! this guy almost made me…
He stayed quietly till I was done mopping and we walked out together.
I walked to my closet to gr-ab my pourple pajamas while he gently sat on the be-d.
“Im going to take my bathe. When im back we watch the movie ok.” I said while he nodded.
I walked into the bathroom
As I showered, my mind trailed to minutes ago… but I tried ha-rd not to think about it.
I c@m£ out, dressed in my pourple pajamas.
Joy was laying on his stomache with his palm on his cheeks, staring at my l@pt©p which wasn’t showing anything.
“Why’re you staring at the screen that way like there’s something displa-ying there?” I asked joining him on the be-d.
“I like it.” He grinned.
I sighed and poked his hair.
“Silly thing.” I smiled and pla-yed the movie.
He shook his head.
“No. Im. Not Aunty Valerie.” He said.
“Your are.” I said and poked his head again.
He giggled and poked mine.
I laughed.
“Let’s watch the movie.” I said.
He nodded.
Half way into the movie, my eyes were alre-ady feeling heavy. But Joy had all his eyes wi-de open and focused on the movie with a wi-de grin.
Maybe cos it’s his first time watching it
Soon, he bur-sted into a laughter, ma-king me blink my eyes.
I rolled my eyes and finally layed my head on the pillow beside and sle-pt off.
I felt f!ngerson my b©dy… and a weight on me.
Then a h0t soft thing brushed myl-ips and my nose.
Follwed by s-en-sual air which blew continously on my n£¢k.
I sighed cos it felt so cool..
That h0t soft thing crashed on myl-ips again..
I opened my sleepy eyes to see Joy’s face on mine.
Joy was on t©p me.
He was k!ss!ngme.
All this while.
I stared at him as he kept on k!ss!ngme.
He wasn’t experienced but it was good.
He had no idea I was awake now.
All his attention was on what he was doing.
Just then, his hand brushed on my left bo-ob causing me to sigh again..
He suddenly st©pped and realising he’s about raising his head, I quic-kly closed my eyes so he doesn’t notice I was awake.
I wonder why I don’t want him to know.
I wondered.
I felt his hands on my pj shi-t bu-ttons.
My breathe raised.
I thought he has no idea about S-x?
What’s he trying to do?
I couldn’t calm my breathe cos it was beating fast and I was curious.
A bu-tton opened, followed by another, then another, then another… Another.
Now, im so sure my bo-ob s are displa-yee for him.
I couldn’t believe this was happening but somewhere down below… I was feeling alre-ady warm.
I felt his hand t©uçh a n**e then the other, causing me to sigh again.
What’s he just doing… But this feel really good.
He trailed his f!ngersfrom my n**ple up.
I freezed.
When he t©uçhed my n**ple again….
God.. the way he did felt so good and I couldn’t help out a m0@n .
In as much as I wanted to yell ‘Joy what the hell are you doing!’… I couldn’t do that, rather I found myself quiet and enjoying everything he did.
When I couldn’t help it anymore, I flung my eyes open.
“Joy…” I called softly.
He flin-ched and stared at me.
I swallowed…
“What …. are.. you doing?” I stuttered.
I shook his head and pointed at my l@pt©p.
“What…were.. you watching?” I stuttered again.
He pointed at the l@pt©p again…
“Joy di–” he cut me short.
“Im. Sorry Aunty Valerie.” He said.
“You… know it’s…bad right?” I asked.
He shook his head.
“So why are you apologising?”
He shook his head.
“Tell me.”
He shook his head.
I swallowed.
“Joy get off me.” I said and he did.
I sat up and over to him.
He seemed so frightened.
“Will. You. Forgi–” I cut him short with a k!ssas I completely pu-ll-ed my shi-t of
… Valerie’s POV …
Valerie! What do you think you’re doing!
My subconsiousness screamed at me.
And just immediately, I pushed Joy away and gr@bb£d my Pj shi-t and swiftly pu-ll-ed back on.
“Joy, just go to your room.” I said.
He was staring innocently at me.
“But. I want. To. sleep. Here.” He said.
“Just go!” I said.
He nodded and got out of the be-d.
“Should. I. still. Go?” He asked.
“Joy go to your room!” I half yelled.
Why can’t he just listen?
I nee-d to be alone… like right now!
He nodded again before walking to the door, opened it, left and closed it back.
I dashed to the door, locked it and leaned on it after.
I g@sped as I pressed my palm on my forehead.
“God! what in the world was I thinking? What c@m£ over you Valerie! For goodness sake I almost had… had S-x with.. with Joy! Unbelievable!”
So many questions that I couldn’t give an answer to.
I walked sluggishly back to my be-d and layed.
Valerie how can you be so stupid.. All the time!
I can’t believe I was really wanting to have S-x with a weirdo!
Ohh oh no..
And…all that he did?
Now, Im getting to believe Joy wasn’t born an adult-baby
Something is wrong somewhere..
Either physically or spiritually.
But… Everything he did to me was so good..
Ohh Vale..
St©p thinking.
You are stupid.
How could I have tried to give a weirdo, a wacko myself..
He wouldn’t even know what to do!
Would he have even gotten any erection?
God, what was I thinking?
I nee-d to sl@p myself.
Even though I feel something for him… but that…
Oh no…
I feel like hitting myself ten times!.
I fell asleep after many thoughts.
… Joy’s POV …
Im in my room..
I don’t know if Aunty Valerie will forgive me again.
I have no idea if what I did was wrong..
I saw it in the movie..
I just hope that she forgives me in the moring..
If she doesn’t.
I will kill myself and I won’t eat till she do..
Why did I even tried doing that?
Now, Aunty Valerie is mad at me.
But she was k!ss!ngme..
What happened.
Ahh im sure it’s me!
I cried more.
… Valerie’s POV …
I woke up thr next day, still feeling uneasy about last night but not much again.
I struggled my dull b©dy out of the be-d and over to the bathroom.
As I brushed my teeth, I tried my best not to think of anything about last night..
After brushing and washing my face, I walked out and the next place is the kitchen.
I took out two apple and some sliced pineapple with cu¢v-mber.
I threw them into the fruit Grinder and grinded them to make mixed fruit jui-ce which after I poured inside a glas-s cu-p and drank it all.
Before proceeding to wash the dishes.
That was when I heard his step.
I felt his pres£nce.
I turned and he was standing at the door.
I turned back to the sink.
“Good. Morning Aunty. Valerie.” He greeted.
I inhaled.
“Goodmorning Joy. plea-se can you just learn to st©p calling me ‘Aunty’?” I said.
“I will. If. That. Will. Make you. Forgive me.” He said.
I inhaled.
“It’s fine. Let’s not talk about last night.” I said.
“Let me. Wash the. Plates.” He said as he walked over to where I was and stood beside me.
I glanced at him and our eyes met.
I looked away back to the dishes in the sink.
But he look so cute!
“I. Promise. Not to. Break. Any. one. of them.” He said.
I faked a smile.
“Alright. Wash the dishes while I prepare breakfast.” I said.
“No..I will. Prepare it. Myself.” He said.
“Why?” I asked.
He shook his head.
“So. That. You will. Forgive. me hundred. Percent.” He said.
“I wasn’t upset anyway.” I mumbled.
“By the way, I just want to boil water for tea. That’s your breakfast.” I said.
“Ah. Let’s. Eat. Soup.” He said.
“You’ll eat that for lunch.” I ssid.
He nodded and started washing the dishes while I went for the kettle.
I made tea for him..
“Where. Is. Your. Own?” He asked, staring at the tea I made for him and the bre-ad beside it.
“Im not hungry. You eat, while I go prepare for work.” I said.
“Im going. With. You. Today?” He asked.
“No.” I said and walked out.
… Joy’s POV …
Aunty Valerie is stil angry with me.
What do I do?
Im so scared. I don’t want her to beat me or throw me out of her house.
I don’t want her to hate me….
I love Aunty Valerie…
Just the way I love Stella.
I sighed and poured my tea away.
Im not hungry again.
I walked out of the kitchen and went to my room.
I layed on my be-d and took Stella.
I hvgged her and sobbe-d.
… Valerie’s POV …
After dressing up for work.. I gr@bb£d my bag and walked out.
I went over to the kitchen but Joy wasn’t in there.
I turned towards his room.
There I saw him lying on the be-d, cudd-ling his teddy and sobbing.
What’s wrong?
“Joy?” I called and walked over to the be-d
“Joy? What’s the matter?” I asked again but he only sniffled and pouted his bottoml-ip.
I squ-atted so I was seeing his face well enough.
He was crying.
Few dada which fell on his face, I tucked then behind his ear.
“Joy? Tell me what’s it?”
He snifled.
“You. Are. Angry. with. me.” He cried.
“No Im not. Is that why you are crying?”
He nodded..
I smiled..
“Don’t cry okay. I. Forgive you.” I said and cleaned his tears with my thumb.
He snifled.
I inhaled as I stared at him for awhile.
Before leaning closer and k!$$£d him.
He giggled.
“I’ll be back on time okay? I promise.” I said with a smile.
He nodded with a smile too.
“Alright sweetheart. Come and open the gate for me plea-se?” I said with a sweet smile.
He smiled shyly.
I stood up and walked over to the door to leave.
“Aunty Valerie.” He was behind me.
I turned.
“I. Love. You.” He said.
I inhaled….followed by a smile.
“I love you too Joy. We’ll talk about it when im back ok.” I said.
He nodded.
I smiled, walked over to him and took his hand and we walked out.
That is true, I love him..
… Joy’s POV …
“Aunty Valerie. Love me….
.Aunty Valerie Love me…
She said she Love me too….
I loves her…
She loves me..
She lovesss mee tooooo….”
This would be my song for the whole day!
And the next… and the next… and the next and the upper next…
“Aunty Valerie. Love me….
.Aunty Valerie Love me…
She said Loves me too….
I love her…
She loves me..
She lovesss mee toooo….Woaaaaa”
I closed the gate and danced to the house as I kept singing…