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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My sweetheart Episode 27 & 28

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My Sweet Hearts

#Episode 27




Guys am terribly sick that is why I delayed in posting. I managed to type this episode even with the pains and lack of strength.

Please manage this episode.


… Valerie’s POV …

I woke up to a hand wrapped around me.


He did come in.

I gently removed it.

He was sleeping and his hair all fell back on the pillow.

I loved the way his lips were a bit open.

I smiled and did another silly thing.

I bent my face low and planted a kiss on his lips and he sighed and moved his lips.

Arghh.. Such a cute adult-baby.

I rested my cheek on my palm as I stared at him.


I smiled.

I touched his hair… It kinda tickles.. not so strong and not so soft.

Just cool.


Maybe I could watch his hair for him this morning before going to visit mom.

I really can’t take him along but…

Yes! I can take a picture of him and show Benita.

I’do tell her alone about Joy.

That im gradually falling inlove with a weirdo just few days after I got heartbroken by Iyke.

She might not really understand but I’ll tell her anyways.

I searched for my phone and found it ontop the bedside table.

I grabbed it and took two shots of him.

Wow… He look incredibly handsome.

Okay, im weird now.

I kissed him again.

Why? Cos he look

incredibly handsome?

He sighed just like he did then but didn’t move his lips this time, instead he smiled as his dimple displayed.


Sleeping and smiling?

Just wish he’do smile again.

I set the camera and turned the timing on. So if I kiss him and he smile, It’ll take the shot.

I kissed him..

He didn’t sigh…




Huh? Smile now….


He flapped his eyes open and just then, the camera snapped him.

I sighed.

“You should have just smiled!” I said as I got down from the bed.

He looked at me confused…. but then snapped up from the bed.

“Will. You. Forgive. Me? I came. In. Without. Letting. You. Know.” He said, joining his hands together.

I rolled my eyes.


“You even did worse. You put your hands around me, just like this.” I said as I grabbed his hands and wrapped it around me.

He gasped with his eyes wide open.

I can swear that he looked breathtaking.

“You see? Im not going to forgive you.” I said with a playful smile.

He was just staring at me.

I sighed and let go of his hands.

“I promise. I won’t do. It. Again.” He said, making a sad face.

“Smile.” I said and he raised his eyebrows.

“Yes.. I can only forgive you if you do.” I said and set my phone camera.

He scratched his head and sucked his bottom lip for awhile.

“Joy?” I called.

“Huh?” He answered.

“Smile. For. Me.” I mimicked his voice and that set him into a laughter.

I snapped two shots.



I left him in the room and with smiles on my face as I went through the

pictures, I walked to the kitchen to make breakfast.



He came minutes later and began humming a song.

“Sing it out Joy.” I said. I know he’s singing about me and I really wanna listen.

He went behind and held me.. rested his head on my back and began singing..

Aunty Valerie is a good girl. Iya iya ohh.Aunty Valerie is a good girl iya iya ohh.”

I rolled my eyes.. That wasn’t the song he was humming.


“That wasn’t the song you were humming.” I said.

“Aunty Valerie. Do. You. Know. That. I love youuuu?” He asked.

Now, that made me smile.

“Tell me why you love me?” I asked.

“Because. I. Feel. Happy. With You.. Because you. Have not. Beaten me. Even when. I do. Wrong. Because. You. Love. Me. Too” He said.

I chuckled.

“Who told you that I love you?”

“My.self.” He said.

I switched off the cooker and turned to him.

He was staring with his eyebrows raised.

“Yes. I think I love you..” I said and then I kissed him.

He gasped.


“Huhm” He mumbled.

I touched his cheek with a smile.

“Now, let’s eat. I wanna wash your hair after that.” I said.

He grinned, “Will. You. Bathe. Me too?” He asked.


“No. You are too grown up for that. You bathe yourself.” I said.

He nodded.

I turned to dish out the indomie.

He waited and when I was done, he carried the plates to the breakfast bar.

“Im gonna buy a new TV.. I just hope you don’t break that one.” I said.

“No. I promise.” He said.

“Again, im going to visit my family today. So you stay home.” I said.

He rushed to my front.

“No..I. will. Follow. You. I. will follow. You.” He said, almost in tears.

I sighed.

I stepped close to him and played my palms on his cheeks and stared into his eyes.

I really wish I could take him along.

But mom


And now that Im having this silly feelings again, I can’t let mom ruin my happiness.

I just hope im not making another mistake.

“I.want to. Follow. You.” He said almost in tears.

I sighed.

“Joy, I promise. I’ll be back home on time. I’ll get you something really special.” I said.

He shook his head.

“I. Don’t. Want something. Special. I just want. To. Go with. You.” He said.

“Joy, You don’t understand.” I said.

“But. You. Are. My Friend.” He said.

“Yes.. Even more than that now..”

“So. Why. Can’t my. Friend take me. Along. When she’s going to. See. Her. Family?” He asked.

I sighed.

“Joy, you really don’t understand now. I’ll take you along next time. I promise okay?”

But he shook his head sadly.

“Why not. Today?”

“Cos… Your hair look messy” I lied.

Though his hair look messy.

“Huhm?” He touched his hair.

“Yes.. come let’s eat, so the food don’t get cold.” I said and dragged him to the table.


He kept touching his hair as he ate hurriedly.

Funny that he finished up in few minutes and jumped down from the seat immediately.

“I. want. To. Go. and do. My. Hair.” He said and rushed out before I could say ‘jack’.

I shook my head, drank some water, got down from the seat and walked out to find him.


He was in my room.

Really. Not just my room, but in the bathroom, searching through the bathroom cabinet.

“Joy.” I called and he quickly turned.

“I want. To. Wash my Hair.” He said.

“I’ll do that for you. Don’t worry.” I said and he faced down.

Been a while he did that.

I walked to the cabinet and took out my hair shampoo, washer, hair dryer, and hair fresher.

“Come Joy. you gonna bend your head on the bathtub while I wash it for you.” I said and he scratched his head and went over to the bathtub.

He knelt down and bend his head in tje bathtub.

I first poured few warm water on his hair.

Then followed by the shampoo.

“Your hair is quite dirty. You know that?”

He shook his head.

Silly! The soap foam splashed on my face and even my mouth!

I spat out and cleaned it off.

“You shouldn’t have shook your head!” I yelled at him.

He quickly looked up to see..

Shit! his hair all flipped back and another foam came on my face.

“Im. Sorry.” He said.

I sighed and wiped it off.

“Don’t you even have an idea how long your hair is?” I asked.

He wanted to shake his head but thank goodness, he got himself on time.

“Turn. Lemme finish up with this.” I said and he did.


After washing his hair…

Wow, his hair looked really cool.

More darker and neat.

I grabbed a towel from the towel rail and pressed it on his hair to dry his hair.


Now, he’s sitting on my dressing table, And I am drying his hair with the hair dryer.

He stared at himself at the mirror but I could see his gaze actually was on me.

He watched me through the mirror as I dried his dreadlock.

“I. Look. More. Handsome Now Aunty. Valerie.” He said with a grin.

I shook my head with a smirk.

“I am. Joorrrrr!” He shouted.

I rolled my eyes “Oh hush… It’s okay. You are. We ain’t fighting.” I said.

He giggled.

His hair smell so nice now..


Hours later, Im on my way to my dad’s house. Mom knows Im coming.

I was able to get Joy not to be sad.

That I’ll be back on time.

Even though he did wash his hair just that he could come with me, but I ended up lying that I ain’t no more going to my dad’s.

I faked a call in his front that ‘Im urgently needed at the hospital’q

He believed… and I was more than glad.

I kissed him before leaving..

It’s so bad that I can’t take him along.

I just hope he gets himself once he starts his medical treatments..



Should I love this Joy?

I think im inlove with him already but ain’t I so stupid?


#Episode 28

… Iyke’s POV …


Im on the couch, a cigarette in one hand and an acohol in the other hand.


“I’ve been such an asshole!” I spat as I gulped from the alcohol.


“Vale was so good… She was the best. Why didn’t I fucking realise that? Why was I focused on the money!” I cried.


“Now, she doesn’t wanna listen to me! Im regretting every damn things I’ve done to her. Im regretting. I love Vale so much. I never thought I will. I really want everything to come back to how we were.” I cried and gulped another bottle then smoked.


This is what I’ve been here, sitting and doing for the past one hour now.


Eight empty bottles and im on the nineth.




Who’s really that guy?


Why must it be Vale that would keep him in her house?


Psycho’s are not meant to stay in the house but at the psychiatric hospitals.


Valerie isn’t even a psychistrist!


Why should she be keep a psycho in her house..


Could…. Could he be the reason why Vale is refusing my apologies?


I noticed her smiling at him that night she took my car!


She took the car!


Vale could never do this to me..


She had caught me so many times cheating on her, I apologise and she accept so easily but…. Everything isn’t right anymore.


Vale said ‘It’s over!’ and she was damn serious.


“Shit!” I gulped down the alcohol.


What do I just do! I can’t loose Valerie.






… Valerie’s POV …


“Chineke, Aunty Valerie!” Sheddy shouted as I drove into the house.


I shot him a glare.


“Just a week Sheddy and you’ve forgotten what I told you.” I said to him.


He scratched his head.


“What did you tell me please? I’ve totally forgotten.” He said.


“What did I tell you to call me?” I asked him.


He gasped.


“Oh im so sorry. I forgot.” He said.


“Mom is in right?” I asked.


“Yes she is.” He answered.


I walked into the house..


Mom is in the sitting room…


She stood up with a smile..


“Wow.. Valerie. You look good..” Mom said as I hugged her.


“Oh mom.. You know you look more good.” I said.


“Where’s Benita?” I asked.


“She’s in the kitchen.” Mom said.


“Im here! Sister!” That was Benita as she ran out and jumped on me in a hug.


Wow.. She looked good.


“Just a week and wow… you look good Benita.” I smiled.


“Ahh Sister. you want my head to burst abi.” She laughed.


“Sister do you know that only Brother Michael is coming next week?” Benita said.


I looked at mom.




“Your Dad is can’t come. He’s really busy with his works.” Mom said.


“And why is she so happy that Michael is coming?” Mom said.


“Nothing Madam.” Benita said.


“Go back to the kitchen.” Mom said and she smiled and turned back towards the kitchen.


I glanced at mom while mom glanced at me.


She shook her head.




“Benita won’t let me rest this days. She’s always asking about Michael. When he’s coming. When he’s coming. I finally had to tell her last night that it’s next week after I spoke wit him.” Mom said as we sat on the couch.


“It’s obvious she likes him. That’s not bad.” I said.


Mom chuckled.


“So honey, We are almost done with the meals we were preparing for your visit. Your mom have missed you.” Mom said.


I laughed.


“Mom im fine..” I smiled.


“About that idiot. I hope he hasn’t brainwashed you again.” Mom said.


“Oh mom. Stop it.. You shouldn’t blame me. I loved him so much.. I was blinded by love. But now,. I’ve realised the kind of stupid person I was to love such a cheater and a scammer.” I said.


Mom hugged me.


“It’s okay honey. Im happy he’s out of your life. I advise you to be quick in throwing him out of that house before he sell it out.. Even though you have the documents. Such people can do unbelievable illegal things… ” Mom said.


I nodded.


“Before this week ends..Im sure that house would be sold. I’ve already gotten two people who are interested in buying the house.” I told mom.


“That is so good.” Mom said.


“Im gonna call Michael tonight.” I said.


“He asked about you, he’s really missing every one.” I said.


I smiled.


“I’do see his pictures with a particular girl on facebook. He’s gonna explain to me when he come.” Mom said and I laughed.


“What’s wrong there mom?”


She shot me a glare.


I bursted into laughter.


“Let me go check Benita and the food.” Mom said and stood up.


I stood up too, “You guys shouldn’t make me look like a stranger here. Im the daughter of this big house and you guys are aware of that.” I said and followed her.


“And you decided to leave us to live alone right? Im not done talking that with you.” Mom said, making me to laugh again.


“Mom! your new hair look really beautiful. Which saloon?” I asked.


“KinkyGlamour.” She said.






Benita was facing the counter, washing dishes in the sink.


“Madam, the food don done. I just wan wash this plates. Sister.. Na me cook the food oh.” Benita said, grinning.


“Valerie, I’ve told this silly girl severally not to use that name ‘Madam’ to me. She won’t just listen.” Mom said.


“Benita… Mom is much better. Every sales girl and guy in my mom’s boutique call her ‘mom’.. My mom don’t like her being called ‘Madam’” I said.


“I dey try to stop am… but e no dey gree.” Benita said.


“And it’s time you stop speaking pidgin. How do you even interact with your teachers and class mates in school? With pidgin english?”


“Sister I go learn.. I go learn.”


“We’ve heard. Just learn it soon before Michael comes back cos he hates anyone who speaks pidgin to him.” Mom smirked.


Ahh mom! That’s a lie.


Benita paused.


“I go learn good english before next week reach.” Benita said.


“Benita!” Mom called.


“Yes ma.”


“Bring out the dishes..”


“Yes ma.”


I laughed.


My family! I’ve missed them.

The Meals were great…


Mom asked about work and I was glad to say it has been great.


I couldn’t just wait for dad to come home.


The hospital had missed him and needs his presence.


Mom also said she’s about opening another bouique, more larger than the present one.


Benita told me she’s among the school girl runners.


Who would run during the school end of the year sport competition.


“I dey Fallen Angels house. I know say I go win.” She said.


“Fallen Angels?” I asked.


“Na White house.” She said.


“Oh.. I trust that you gonna win for your house.” I said.


“Yes. We get Glamour house, that one na Yellow house. We get Crown house that one na Red house.. Ahh I hate red house ehn, dey too dey–”


“Benita.. Eat your food.” Mom said.


“Yes ma.”


An hour later:


Im in Benita’s room…sitting beside Benita on her bed..


Mom rushed out to meet with a costumer who just called her on the phone.


She said she’ll be back in an hour or before that.


“Who is this Sister… He’s pretty.” Benita said as she stared at Joy’s pictures.


He’s pretty?


“You can’t say a guy is pretty… You can say he’s cute or handsome. Pretty and beautiful are meant for females.” I said.


She nodded.


“He’s cute and he also handsome. He be look like oyibo” She said.


“..why he get long dada..?”


“Benita… Can you promise not to let mom know about this? You are eighteen years and should know how to minimize the way you talk and keep secrets right?”


“I promise Sister. My mouth dey close.” She said, holding her mouth with her fingers.


“His name is Joy. Joy is not mentally okay… He acts like a small baby. I helped me few days ago when he was being chased by some people he stole something from.. The next day, I told him to go back to his house and gave him some money… While I was coming back from work at night. I saw him being beaten by some guys and I saved him again..” I paused to read her reaction.


She just stared at me, listening.


“…He’s been in my house ever since then..”


“Sister..” Benita called.




“Shey you know you have a sweet heart.?”


“I have a sweet heart?”


She nodded.


“You dey nice…Your heart dey too pure and soft. You be person wey dey too hard to find..You dey beautiful with a soft heart. You help people.” She said.


Im a rare gem.


A soft hearted person


Im nice and good hearted.


A generous person.




“Why did you say all that?” I asked her.


“Because you be.”


Because I am?


I have a sweet heart.


“You like him?” Benita asked, suprising me.


“Yes.” I said.


She hugged me, suprising me more.


“Benita?” I called calmly.


“Sister..” She answered and disengaged the hug.


She smiled and scrolled to Michael’s picture.


“I like this picture pass. I see am for Mom phone.” She said.


Now, I understand the reason for her hug.


“You like him?” I asked.


She nodded.


“My best friend also like him. Not just ‘like’ She love him. But I don’t want them together because she’s older than him and she have someone who is deeply inlove with her. I know if he comes back that Eva might try something silly and I don’t want that.” I said.


“Na because of her he wan come?” Benita asked.


“No. Michael doesn’t even know She love him.. So you should know that she can’t be the reason why he’s coming. Benita.”


“Sister Valerie..”


“I wish he’ll like you instead. There’s nothing wrong in that. It’s so better than him knowing about Eva’s feeling and accepting it. Emeka love Eva so much and don’t want him heartbroken. Not cos of my brother.”


“Why you no wan tell mom about Joy?” She asked.


“She won’t like him and I won’t bear it cos im inlove with him already. I think i am. He’s so sweet and funny.” I said.


“Mom go vex for me too if she know say I like brother Michael.” She said.


“Come on. She knows already Benita.” I laughed.


“Guess what?” I said.


“I no fit guess.”


I smiled and searched my bag.


I got out a phone pack.


“I got you this.” I stretched it to her.


She gasped.


“Phone!!!!” She screamed and jumped on me.



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