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My sweetheart Episode 25 & 26

My Sweet Heart
# Episode 25
… Valerie’s POV …
Waking up by a light shake by someone…
I opened my eyes.
“Saturday and Eva got too many operations on my hands. Bye.” She said, [email protected]£d her bag and dashed out of the room.
“Joy, come open the gate for me!” I heard her shout.
She didn’t even let me speak..And argghh! Headache!
I sighed and stretched myself out of the be-d.
I walked to the window and drew the curtain.
I can see Eva closing back the gate wicket as Joy stood now, trying to lock it.
I watched him finally done with that and then he slowly walked back into the house.
I walked out of the window and into the bathroom.
Brushed my teeth, washed my dizzy face and walked out of my room.
Joy isnt in the sitting-room.
I turned towards the kitchen.
I could percieve some delicious aroma.
What’s he cooking this time?
I got to the door and stood quietly..
Joy was facing the counter…
Dancing and nodding his head to a weird song he was humming.
He was frying egg?
Now, who taught him that?
But uh! that smell so tasty.
Suddenly he st©pped humming and sang the song out.
“I k!$$£d Aunty Valerie..
I k!$$£d Aunty Valerie.. Oh la la. ”
I [email protected]!
Jesus Christ!
Joy did what??
I t©uçhed my l!pin disbelief.
How on earth did he do it?
I can remember even in my drun!ken state last night that such didn’t happen.
Im going to kill Joy!!
He sang on, “I k!$$£d Aunty Valerie…..
I k!$$£d Aunty Valerie yesterday!”
I shut my eyes, “Joy!!!” I screamed.
“Uhhh!” He flin-ched.
I opened my eyes to see him staring at me, frightened.
“Start explaining right now.” I seethe.
He shook his head with his mouth wi-de open.
I dashed to him…
“Start explaining right now. How the hell did you k!ssme!”
He shook his head again, shaking with fright.
“Okay… You don’t want to talk right?” I narrowed my eyes.
He shook his head, then nodded and shook his head again.
Nodded, shook it again.
“Talk!” I barked with fierce eyes.
“I…im. Sorry.” He said calmly.
“Joy I need explanations, not apology.” I said.
“I… k!$$£d you. When. I. carried. you to the be-d. Last night.” He said.
I wi-de-ned my eyes.
Now I got the meaning of the dream I had last night.
It wasn’t even a dream!
He k!$$£d me and I felt it!
I stared at him with fierce.
“Joy, im going to kill youuuu.” I rushed to him but ended up seeing myself on his arms.
I [email protected]
I sli-pped and alnost fell, but he saved me.
What was I even thinking by trying to rush him.
Rush him and do what exactly?
“You. Want. To. Beat. Me?” He asked with a sad face and pouted bo-ttoml!pas we stared at each other.
I sneezed instead cos… I one of his hair brushed my nostril.
His hair all fell across his face.
I sneezed again.
He stared at me like he’s trying to see the thiniest hair on my face.
Then his eyes lowered to myl-ips.
“Let go of me Joy.” I swallowed.
He blinked, “Uh!” and did.
I breathed and went over to the fridge, [email protected]£d a bottle water and a [email protected] cup.
I avoided looking at his face as I closed back the fridge and walked to the breakfsst bar.
I sat at the left seat so I was backing him.
“I…fried egg. I cooked. Yam.” He said calmly minutes later.
I rolled my eyes and chuckled.
“You should have made an egg sauce instead of frying it.” I said.
“Im. Sorry.” He said softly.
I inhaled.
“Did you really k!$$£d me?” I couldn’t help not asking.
He didn’t answer. (Nodded)
“Did you?” I asked.
“ Sorry. I won’t. Do. It. Again.” He said.
I shook my head.
“So you really know what k!ss!ngsomeone means?” I asked without turning to him.
I just drank the chilled water from the [email protected] cup.
He didn’t answer.
“Joy?” I called. I dont wanna look at him.
“I…know.” He answered.
“Then tell me.” I said.
“People. k!sspeople. They. Love and think of.” He said.
He didn’t answer. (Nodded)
“I..k!$$£d. You. Because. You. Are special. To. Me.” He said.
I chuckled.
“How are my special to you?” I asked.
“You. Are. because. That. Is. How. I can. Describe. You. You are. very. Special.” He said.
I inhaled.
“I..I. Love you. Aunty Valerie.” He said.
“What do you know about loving someone?” I asked.
“I don’t. know.” He said.
“Then why do you say you love me?”
“Because… Because… I. Love You.” He said.
I chuckled.
“Joy, im going to take my bathe. Eat breakfast. Im gonna be home on time.” I said as I stood up.
But instantly, I felt hands wra-p around me.
He rested his head on my back.
“I..want to. Follow you.” He said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Follow me to where Joy?” I asked.
“To. your work. Placeee.” He said.
“My work place is a busy hospital and not an amuzement park. I’ll take you out soon okay?” I said, but he held me more ti-ght.
“No no no.. I wantto.. Follow. You.” He sounded like he’s gonna cry.
I sighed.“Joy I just told you I’ll take you out soon. We can’t go to my work place ok.. Ain’t you scared of injections and medicated spirits anymore?”
“I..don’t. Care. I want. To. go. With. You.” He insisted, holding me too ti-ght.
I sighed again.
“Joyy..” I called calmly.
“Yes? I. want. To. Go. With you.” He said.
“Oya wait I want to talk to you.” I said softly.
“Uh.. Sure? you won’t run away?” He asked, causing me to chuckle.
Run away?
I inhaled, “Okay. I won’t. I promise.” I @ssured.
He then re-leased his grip on me.
I turned to him.
“I can’t take you along..Im sorry. But I promise to be back home on time.” I said.
He shook his head sharply..
“No.. no. no.” He said, twisting his face.
“Now.. don’t do that. You look ugly.” I joked.
He didn’t smile..
He was actually serious about this.
“Okay….Tell me what to do for you when I come back and I promise I will. Or what to buy for you while coming back and I will.” I said.
“Why. Don’t. You. Want. me to follow you?. Because. You. think. I will spoil something.. like. I spoilt the Television?” He asked.
I shook my head. Though he’s kinda right.
“No.. Joy.” I said.
“Then.. Tell me. Or. I’ll follow. You.” He said.
“Joy, we have a meeting with two t©p surgeons from a well known hospital today… You can’t come with me. You see that my friend is alre-ady gone.” I lied.
He stared sadly at me for awhile.
Then su-cked on his bo-ttoml!pfor three seconds, re-leased it causing it to turn more pink.
Then he nodded.
“Let’s. Make. A. Deal.” He said.
“What deal?” I asked.
“That we will [email protected] and seek when you come back.” He said with a childish grin.
I rolled my eyes.. That’s too childish.
“Deal?” He kept grinning.
Im sure he must love that weird pla-y.
“Okay.. Fine.” I said..
He grinned more…
“Pack your hair..It’s all loosed.” I said as I walked out..
Can I really believe Joy k!$$£d me last night?
I sighed.
Why am I just feeling another thing for him.
He look so cute and innocent.
Now he had asked for us to [email protected] and seek when im back.
I rolled my eyes.
“Uhh… Why’s this Zi-p not moving upper.” I hissed as I tried my best to Zi-p the dress Zi-p up.
And I really want to wear this dress…
Should I call Joy?
I tried Zi-pping it up again but it wouldn’t go.
It’s ti-ght.
I have no choice than to call Joy.
I walked out to his room…
Open… Like always.
But thank God… He wasn’t n-ked.
Actually he was packing his hair.
“Um..Joy?” I called.
He turned.
His hair was all packed now, but not so good like I packed it the other night.
He raised his eyebrows.
“ Zi-p.. Help me Zi-p my dress up.” I said.
He nodded and walked over.
I turned my back to him so he could do the thing.
He gently placed his f!ngerson the Zi-p and Zi-pped it up..
I breathed a relief sigh.
“Thanks.” I said to him.
He nodded with a cute smile.
We were too close to each other.
“Come so you could close the gate.” I said and he nodded.
The way he stared at me ehn.
Did I felt bu-tterflies?
I smiled and walked away with him following behind.
Okay, meeting Iyke at the hospital was never in my account for the day.
He was leaning on a flower tree just beside the parking lot.
“Why’s the fool here?” I mumbled as I parked my car beside a white toyota car.
I [email protected]£d my bag, made a straight face as I [email protected]£ down, shut my car door and focused my eyes and step towards hospital building…
But I felt a hand gr-ab mine..
“Valerie. plea-se listen to me.” Iyke called.
I yanked his hand away and fierced my eyes at his.
“There are securities around. Don’t be a victim. It’s a warning.” I seethe and walked away into the hospital hallway.
How was this episode.
Im guessing this ‘Hide and seek’ will lead to somewhere.
Hahaha… I can’t wait!
# Episode 26
For those that always supported me with your likes, comments and lovely messages. This episode is specially for you.
… Valerie’s POV …
“Hello Maureen… How are you?” I asked as I [email protected]£d my bag to head home.
7:30pm and im still at work.
I promised Joy that im gonna be home on time.
Eva had taken all my time.
We talked and talked till she had a patient to attend to.
Now, I gotta rush home and Maureen is here.
Maureen smiled as she walked to my desk.
“You’re quite in a hurry doctor.” She said.
I smiled, “Yes Maureen. Someone is waiting for me at home. I need to rush home right now.” I said.
She nodded.
“See you on monday okay? I won’t be here tomorrow afternoon.” I told her.
“It’s okay doctor. I’ll be going now.” She said.
“Bye Maureen.” I said as she turned and left, closing back the door.
I s£nt Eva a message.
**Babe, im going. Take care
Getting home and pu-lling into the house, Joy grinned as he ran back to me after closing the gate.
He looked really cute.
What’s that colour on hisl-ips?
He’s been applying myl-ipgloss?
Did he go to my be-droom??
“You. Are. Late. Aunty Valerie.” He said, smiling.
But ahh.. He looked so attrac-tive on that smile.
“I got much works to do.” I said and turned into the house with him following behind.
“What about. The Hide and. Seek?” He asked just as we got into the house.
I rolled my eyes.
I totally forgot.
“Alright. But not tonight. Let’s try another pla-y.” I said.
His grin faded instantly.
“Another one ok?” I said.
He didn’t say anything.
The thing here is that, I totally don’t have the strength of running behind doors and curtains cos im so stressed out.
“Okay.. A dance?” I suggested.
I don’t know why my stupid head suggested that cos his face immediately lighted up at that.
“Yes. A..Dance. With you.” He said.
“Let me go shower first.” I said but he shook his head.
“No.. no. Let’s. Dance. First.” He said standing on my way.
“Arghh Joy, we gonna dance. Let me just go have my bath.” I said.
He shook his head, “No. You want. Escape. Unless. I’ll follow. You. To. the. Shower.” He said.
I wi-de-ned my eyes.
“How can you follow me–” I rolled my eyes.
“Well, fine. Let’s do the dance.”
He grinned.
The steps were slow… just like the song was.
‘Only one For me’
We faced each other as we held hands.
He looked so breathtaking..
Being so close to this guy might make you think silly.
Is it so possible to start having a crush on someone like this?
An adult-baby?
A weirdo?
Oh.. He prefers crazy dance. Look at how silly he’s dancing to this slow music.
I don’t really fancy crazy songs.
Eva would have done that best if she was here.
Oh im glad she isn’t anyways.
Joy would have loved her company more than mine right?
Arghhh… why am I being worried about that huh?
Heartbreak is really ma-king me think silly things!
I better just focus on this dance.
His dance makes me chuckle.
“Look at you. You cant really dance.” I laughed as he tried his best to dance to the soft beat.
He shook his head, “I.. im. Dancing.” He said.
I shook my head.
“Nop. you are not.” I said and drew closer to him.
Now Im acting silly too.
“Are you tired?” I asked him.
He shook his head.
“Then let’s try this step.” I said and turned…backing him.
I held his hands as we moved left and right.
Left and right.
Left, right..
But then after awhile, I felt a breath on my n£¢k.
He blew on my n£¢k which really s£nt chills down my spine.
“What…what was that for?” I asked.
“Something. On. Your n£¢k.” He ssid but few seconds later, he blew again and I then had his giggle.
Gosh! I like it!
But I pretennded. “Joy!” I seethe.
“Im. Sorry. Aunty Valerie.” He said.. but ended up b!owing there again.
I bit my bottoml-ip.
That really was amazing..
I wish he’do keep on doing it and the music had st©pped.
I made a frown and turned to him.
He looked at me with that l!ppouting innocennt face.
“What’s that on my n£¢k?” I asked.
He showed me.
It was a little clothe thre-ad on my n£¢k.
“Oh…” I smile, took it from him and placed it on his n£¢k..
“Phuuu!!” I blew it.. and he let out a giggle.
I smiled, staring at him.
He took it out and placed it on mine… then,
“Phuuu” He blew it on mine causing me to giggle with him.
Really funny and childish.
“Do me. Aunty Valerie.” He said when he saw I haven’t taken off the thre-ad from my n£¢k.
“Do you what?” I asked.
Though I know what he was talking about.
He pointed at my n£¢k, “This.”
I smiled.
[email protected]” I said.
He made a babyish sad face.
Causing me to marvel at his cute eyes and hisl-ips…
“Joy who are you?” I asked all of a sudden.
He wi-de-ned his eyes at me.
I drew closer to him.
Really close.
“You look so–” I got cut short by his f!ngerswhich gently [email protected]£ over my hair annd tucked my hair gently behind my ear.
He finished that and grinned, ma-king his dimples displa-y.. which made me wonder.
I smiled and did same to his..
I tucked his dada gently behind his ears.
“So why did you do that?” I asked him.
He shook his head.
“Alright.” I said and turned to leave but he caught my hand, ma-king me turn back to him.
His babyish face still there.
“Joy? What’s that. You hungry?” I asked.
He shook his head.
He looked straight into my mine.
Then looked away, but the eyes landed on myl-ips.
Just before I could say ‘Jack’ He k!$$£d me.
Drew back, grinned happily and ran away.
I breathed.
What just happened?
I t©uçhed myl-ips..
But then finding myself smiling by that k!ss, I walked away to find him.
“Joy?” I called as I searched his room and bathroom but didn’t find him.
“Joy?” I called again.
Now, this is the [email protected] really wanted.
Hide and seek.
Why’s he hiding anyways?
As I tried to leave, I found him behind the door.
He was ma-king that baby face again and wasn’t getting out.
“Joy!” I called ma-king a pretend frown.
“Will. You. Forgive. Me?” He asked like he always do.
“Nop. I won’t.” I shook my head.
“Huh?” He [email protected]
“Yes.” I nodded.
His expression changed like he’s gonna bur-st into cry anytime from now.
He was still behind the door.
“What. Should I do. So. You. Can forgive. Me?” He asked almost in tears.
I smiled.
Now im going to say the most weird thing..
But I don’t care.
“Only if you k!ssme again… and let it be long. Mind, don’t run away.” I blabbe-d.
Was I really blabbing cos in two seconds..
I was pushed down by a k!ss..
The f0rç£ in which he clashed hisl-ips on mine [email protected]£ unexpectedly and I found myself on the be-d in no time.
With him ont©p me.
He was k!ss!ngme like he’s never k!$$£d before.
Really inexeperienced but like a hungry lion who had been starved of k!ssfor years.
But I liked it.
It felt really good..
But then he st©pped and drew back.
He stared into my eyes as I stared into his.
Then it all [email protected]£ rushing back.
Did I just tell Joy to k!ssme?
What really [email protected]£ over me?
I wasn’t even done… When he lowered his face and began b!owing hair on my n£¢k.
Pheww… That felt really good.
I shut my eyes…
I know what that was doing to me and I know what it may lead to.
I can’t even imagine that happening…
I bit myl-ips and and opened my eyes back.
“Joy… It’s okay. Get off me.” I told him.
He st©pped and raised his face.
“I..I want to.. stay. With. You. Tonight.” He said.
“Stay with me?” I asked with my eyes narrowed.
He nodded.
I sighed.
“Just get off me first.” I said but he refused… but instead started k!ss!ngme all over.
My hair, My eyes, My nose ,Myl-ips, My cheek..
“Joy!!” I laughed.
It was funny. Yes.
“I want. To. pla-y. With. You. Aunty Valerie.” He said.
I was about saying something but st©pped when he began tickling my ribs.
I bur-sted into weird laughters…
He followed, laughing along.
Crazy right?
When I finally managed to push him off me, I pu-ll-ed his hair [email protected] that he let out a cry.
I sighed and walked out.
I could hear his silly laugh.
He was singing again.
I sighed and slammed my door shut.
Getting a shower was really helpful cos I felt I was going to faint cos of those ticklings!
Those k!sses… especially the first one.
The first one….
It was really special…
It made me feel that way.
And the others ones.
Seriously weird
Made me think silly and feel h0t!
Ohh gosh! Who’s this guy.
Arghhh.. Why did all this even got to happen?
Joy! What are you doing to me all of a sudden?
You make me forget things..
Make me laugh.
Make me feel like…. like loving you.
I sighed..
Coming out of the bathroom, I heard a knock.
Gosh! im not even on a towel!
And I forgot to lock the door!
“Joy don’t co–” but the door opened!
What the heck!
I tried covering myself but it’s not really possible.
He was standing in my front alre-ady with my bag.
He didn’t even act like I was n-ked!
“Your. Bag. You left. It at. The sitting room” He said.
“yes!” I [email protected]£d it from him and covered my down with it.
His eyes followed the bag..
Then up to my arms which I used in hiding my n!ppl!s.
“Go!” I yelled at him.
But he shook his head.
“No. I [email protected]£. To. Sleep. With You. Im. Scared.” He said.
“Oh my goodness. Just go!”I yelled more.
He turned and walked out, closing the door.
Oh my God!!!
What just happened!
He didn’t even act like I was unclad!
I inhaled and went for my pink pajamas.
pu-lling it on, a knock [email protected]£, then the door opened.
Oh Jesus!
“Can. I come. Now?” He asked.
“Are you serious? When you are in alre-ady?” I seethe.
He smiled happily and walked over to the be-d…
He tried to [email protected] but I yelled him up.
I sprang up.
“Have you had your shower?”
He nodded.
“Before I [email protected]£ back?” I asked.
He nodded.
“That’s a lie. Now.. go take your shower.” I dragged him out of my room.
And slammed the door.
I didn’t lock it. He should come in after taking his shower.
I layed down on the be-d, pu-ll-ed the duvet over and closed my eyes.
Tonight had been crazy!
But I can’t hide this.
I enjoyed everything.
The dance.
The k!ss..
The pla-ys.
Seeing me unclad and not even acting like he did.
I can’t be so upset about it.
I’ve seen him too more than once.
Hahaha.. Funny.
Joy! Why’s he not here yet.
Is he still taking bath?
I waited for almost one hour for him but he didn’t come…
I kept sighing.
Maybe he was right that he showered.
Now, I guess im stupidly missing him here.
I sle-pt off minutes later..
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