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My sweetheart Episode 20

💝My Sweet Heart💝
#Episode 20
… Valerie’s POV …
I woke up the next day to see Iyke up alre-ady. He was sitting on the edge of the be-d, his back on me, probably pu-lling into his shoes to get going.
“Baby…” I called softly.
He turned and smiled at me.
“Morning..Princess, don’t wanna disturb your sleep.” He said with a cute smile.
“Arshh! You should. Im going to work too, you know.” I said and got out of be-d.
He stood up, [email protected]£ forward and k!$$£d me.
“My love, I’ll miss you today.” He said, staring into my eyes.
I smiled happily, “Me too”
He hvgged me and we cu-mddled for awhile before he pu-ll-ed out and k!$$£d my forehead.
“Im so glad you accepted to be with me.” He said,staring into my eyes and smiling.
“We are meant to be dear.” I said and smiled back.
We then k!$$£d.
I walked out with him to his car and he k!$$£d me again before hopping into his car.
I pu-ll-ed open the gate for him and he drove out.
I smiled as I watched him drive off.
Closing back the gate, I breathed out happily, glanced at the ring in my hand.
Oh my God! I need to call her right now.
I ran back inside, to my room and [email protected]£d my phone.
Joy is not out yet.
He’s probably still slee-ping.
I put a call to Eva..
She picked up in few rings..
“Eva guess what!!?..” I yelled before she could even think of talking.
“Wow.. You just got a new Benz!?” Her voice [email protected]£ enthusiastically.
“Oh.. Bestie… It’s more than that! Guess again. Whoa! im floating!” I laughed.
“Umm…Joy suddenly become mentally okay this morning?” She guessed again.
I rolled my eyes.
“Oh girl…I will tell you anyway.” I said.
“Alright.. im eager!” She said.
“Iyke proposed to me last night!” I said and she [email protected]
“Valerie. Iyke proposed to you? where? how did he do it?” She asked, sounding kinda bad about it.
Anyway, I waved that off.
“He [email protected]£ to my house last night and just immediately he [email protected]£ down from his car and we hvgged, he knelt down and got out a beautiful red box.. Wow.. Then he asked me to marry him Eva. Gosh. I was so happy!” I narrated.
She was silent for awhile.
Isn’t she happy for me?
“Wow.. Im happy for you Vale. You deserve the best. I just hope he’ll be the best.” She said.
I smiled, “Ofcourse he is. I’ll show you the ring at work. Bye friend.” I said happily.
“Bye bestie.” She said.
I jumped on the be-d excitedly.
Wowwww… She’s happy for me.
But the way she stayed so silent… Made me think.
I know she doesn’t really like Iyke.. but does it matter?
I love him and that’s really enough.
Now.. Where’s Joy?
Still slee-ping?
I remember last night, he was looking really pale and his eyes were red.
Did he cry?
Why was he worried if I had eaten or not.
I didn’t really had time for his childishness.. I had Iyke around.
I got up from my be-d and headed out to check him in his room, but when I did, he wasn’t there.
And that was when, I thought I percieved the smell of fried plantain.
I [email protected]
Joy in the kitchen?
I dashed out and straight to the kitchen..
Joy was on the pajamas I gave him.
He was facing the cooker.
His back on me.
He was humming a christmas song and shaking his head left and right in a really childish way.
I chuckled as I watched him.
soon he st©pped.
“I.. I will put only five. for. Aunty Valerie.” He said and did.
I was curious. Why?
Five is too small and how did he find those plantain and who even taught him how to switch on the electric cooker and frying plantain.
No one. He might have seen the plantain and he might have learnt the rest.
He’s childish doesn’t mean he know nothing.
“Aunty.. Valerie..” He started talking again and I listened.
“….she. said yes to him.. when. I. like. Her. When. I. really. Like. her.” He shook his head.
He raised the fork in the air as if he’s talking to it. “I.will. Forgive. Her. If. She. gives. Me. one. hvg. *Just. One. hvg.” He said.
I almost bur-sted into laughter but held myself.
Then he dished out his own.
Itwas so much.
Ahh.. That’s really unfair.
“This. Are. All. Mine alone. I.Won’t. Give. Her..” He said, tilted his head back and made a long hiss.
Then he paused.. “Unless. She. hvgs. Me.” He made a silly laugh and began humming the christmas song again, carried his plate of plantain and began eating.
But he was still facing the counter and haven’t noticed me standing at the door.
Seriously what’s he saying?
He likes me?
He’s upset that I said ‘yes’ to Iyke proposal?
And what do he mean by only a hvg would make him forgive me?
I rolled my eyes, then cleared my throat.
He jumped in fright as the plate of plantain in his hands fell and the plate shattered.
He stared at me angrily and this was the first time he had ever looked at me that way.
Ever since I knew him.
Ever since I met him.
He has never looked at me in this way.
He then looked at his plantain, ignored me and went for a packer and trashbin.
I stared at him astonishly.
He didn’t talk to me. He [email protected]£ back and after giving me a five seconds glare,he bent down and began picking the broken pieces and the plantain
I didn’t know how to start up the talk.
I didn’t know what to say..
He picked the plantains first and put them inside a plastic plate. dropped it on the counter and began picking the broken pieces..
He was being too fast on the packing and it might hurt him again.
“Joy…” I managed to call.
He didn’t answer nor look up at me.
“Joy, pack it slowly, you will hurt your hand again.” I said.
He ignored me but slowed down.
I still wanted him to talk.
I miss the funny Joy.
Why’s he acting this way?
“Joy, im sorry for giving you such fright. I only cleared my throat.” I said but he still didn’t answer.
Just then my phone rang…
I checked the caller.
I picked it.
“Hello mom goodmorning.” I greeted.
“Honey, what is today?” She asked.
“Today is 14th mom.” I said.
“Have you forgotten, Michael travelled to London on the same day? you should call him. When last did you talk with your brother?” She asked.
“Oh my… Mom. Im gonna do that. Lots of things have be–” I was interrupted by a whimper.
Joy was crying..
“Hello Vale.. You there?” Mom asked.
“Yes mom.. Um.. I will call you lera. Take care. bye.” I cut the call.
I walked to Joy who waa still whimpering.
I squatted down in his front.
Hus dada covered his whole face as he knelt, bent and was picking the broken pieces really slow now as he cried softly.
“Joy… What is it? you’re crying. why?” I asked.
“14th.” He said.
“14th? What about it?” I asked.
“14th is her birthday. My Stella. she’s 14th and im 14th. Today. is. her. birthday.” He said.
“You mean 14th of december?” I asked.
He nodded.
“Wow, that means today is your birthday and also your teddy’s birthday. I can’t believe it.” I said.
I stretched my hand to his face, placed my palm on his jaw and brou-ght up his face to look at me.
His face were all w€t.
He looked so sad and pale.
“How do you remember all this?” I asked him calmly.
He wrinkled his forehead in confusion, “I. Don’t. know.” He said, shaking his head.
“Are you sure?” I asked.
He nodded.
I sighed…
“Today is your birthday Joy.. And your lost Teddy. Im sorry you lost Stella. I promise I’ll get another better Stella for you okay?” I @ssured with a smile.
He raised his eyebrows at me.
I know he’s confused on what I just said.
I smiled and t©uçhed his cheek pla-yfully.
“My mom actually called to remind me of my brother travelling on the same [email protected]£. 14th of december. He travelled to study law in Oxford london.” I said as I began picking the pieces with him too.
He smiled shly.
I smiled back…
After picking the whole pieces of the broken plate, Joy stood up, carried the plantain he dished for me and stretched it to me.
With a wi-de laugh he said, “Here.”
I smiled and glanced at his which fell earlier with the plate.
“You can’t eat that you know.” I said, referring to his own plantains.
“Uh?” He asked.
“Have mine.” I said.
He shook his head..
I tried to walk out, but he rushed over and blocked me, smiling shly now.
Now the funny weird Joy ia back!
“Joy. I need to go to work.” I said.
He nodded.
“So.. go out of the way nawww.” I said.
“Let. Me. Feed. You.” He grinned, bringing the plate of plantain to my face.
I rolled my eyes.
“I don’t wanna beat you cos today is your birthday” I said.
He brou-ght down the food and stared directly in my eyes.
I did too.
“I. Like. You. Aunty Valerie.” He said.
He was still looking into my eyes.
“Why?” I asked.
“I. like. You. Just. Like. I liked. Stella.” He said.
“But you loved Stella. You didn’t like her.” I said.
He nodded and after staring at me for awhile, he slowly walked [email protected] me to the counter.
I stared at him.
I swear, I had the urge to go hvg him, but I turned and walked out…
Why are my feeling this way..
And his birthday…
He knew 14th of december is his birthday but he has no idea how he knew.
Can you believe that?
And did I promise getting him a better Stella?
Sounds weird but im thinking ‘stella’ is not just a teddy bear.
She must have been someone special to him.
She must have been someone he loved but was taken away from him.
He said he likes me.
What kinda likeness?
Do he mean that way?
Ohhh… What im I even thinking..
I got work to go to and I got many people to flash this ring on my f!nger to..
But Joy’s birthday.
What kinda teddy bear should I buy for him?
Those big and white?
Or pink?
What if it’s blue..
People who bears Stella seem to love blue alot… right?
And what colour of cake?
I would make it a suprise… And buy him more clothes too.
Ohhh. Valerie… to the bathroom. Now!
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