My sweetheart Episode 19

💝My Sweet Heart💝
#Episode 19
Warning: [This episode contains a little bit of S-x scene]
… Valerie’s POV …
“Hello doctor Valerie.” I heard someone call from behind as I c@m£ out of a pri-vate ward room.
I had closed work and im going to pack up my stuff to head home.
I turned and saw it was Maureen, coming with a light smile on her beautiful face.
I smiled and stood, waiting for her.
Why do I think she kind of look like Joy?
Is it cos she look like an half caste just like him.
I can’t tell. Or maybe I just find her attrac-tive and really beautiful.
“Goodevening doctor.” She greeted as she got to me.
“Thank you Maureen.” I said..
She wore a pink go-wn, her labcoat neatly over the go-wn, with a pink heel as well.
“I was actually thinking if you nee-d me to do anything for you. Maybe arrange some things in your office.” She said.
I smiled,“No Maureen. Everything is well arranged in there. I’do call you when I nee-d you to do something like that for me.” I said.
She smiled, “Actually doctor. I don’t know how to explain this to you but I feel I should be close to you..” She said, causing me to chuckle.
“Ofcourse everyone wanna be close to me here.” I said proudly.
She smiled, “Yeah that is certain.. But mine is really more than just that.” She said.
I breathed.
“It’s okay Maureen. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.” I said and walked away.
As I drove home, I st©pped by a restuarant and bought meals.
I got back home and horned and..oh thank goodness! Joy opened the gate quite on time.
He had a new clothe on.
A yellow short and a white shi-t.
He looked really cool
and… wow..
He packed his hair in a ‘not so good ponytail’ but it’s better and now I can see his face clearly well.
“Hey J, O, Y” I called alphabetically, and got down from my car.
He closed the gate, back back and bowed with his hand on his che-st and smiled.
Funny. I laughed.
He had also re-moved the plaster on his temple.
“Wel. Come. Aunty Valerie.” He said and when he fling his head up, his hair all loos£ned and fell all back and then few fell across his face.
“Ohh.. Your ponytail is gone.” I said, trying to sound sarcastic.
He shook his head, “I. Will. Pack it. back.” He said with a shy smile.
I smiled at his cuteness.
“Come and tell me all you did today? Did you break the table this time?” I said, trying to be sarcastic again.
He laughed.
I love the way he laugh and nodded.
“You did?” I was serious now.
He laughed instead.
I dashed into the house… Scanned around and everything is in place.
No broken table.
Now, this guy was actually kidding..
He was giggling behind me.
And when I turned, he st©pped and formed an innocent sad face… It was just to cute and babyish with that bo-ttoml!ppouted like a baby who is about to cry.
I sighed and stretched the restaurant bag to him.
He shook his head.
“Why?” I asked, suprised.
“I..broke. The. Fridge.” He said in a guilty tone.
“You broke what??” I quic-kly dashed to the kitchen to find the fridge very okay and looking even neater.
Did he clean it?
He pranked me again?
I dropped the bag on the counter, turned and walked back into the sitting room with a frown but he wasn’t in the sitting-room anymore.
“Joy??” I called turning to towards the be-drooms.
“Im. Here.” I heard his gentle voice behind.
I turned again to see him behind the window curtain, putting on the same innocent face.
I sighed.
“Joy!” I seethe.
“April fool?” He said, and began laughing.
I felt like beating him, I swear.
“Today isn’t april fool. We are in december not even April.” I said, turned and walked to my room.
I didn’t notice him following me behind. I only did when I entered into my be-droom and was about closing the door. I saw him standing at the door with a sad face.
“Joy what is the matter? you look sad now.” I said.
He nodded.
“So why are you sad? Do you want anything?” I asked.
He shook his head.
“Now what is it? say something.” I said and leaned on the door, staring at him.
“Im. Sad. Because. you.are. Angry with me. For. doing that. To. You.” He said.
I raised my eyebrows, “Doing what to me?” I asked.
“April fool.” He said.
I rolled my eyes.
“It’s okay. Im not angry with you ok? Just go to the kitchen and take your dinner. Im exhausted and nee-d to sleep.” I said.
He nodded.
I breathed and closed the door.
After taking a shower and pu-lling into a nightie.
A short pink nightie that is a bit transparent.
I didn’t really mind.
My stupid mind told me it’s so okay, since Joy doesn’t even see anything wrong about him being n-ked in my front.
He won’t even see anything about this nightie.
Like, he doesn’t know anything about being S-xy and being hor-nyand….
Damn! what im I thinking??
I layed down on my be-d and pu-ll-ed the duvet over my b©dy.
Im not hungry.
Just then, a call c@m£ in.
“Oh my God!” I exclaimed as I recalled he told me he was gonna come tonight.
I’ve totally forgotten.
For the first time, I forgot that Iyke was coming over.
I picked up the call.
“Hello sugar. Im at your gate right now. Come open up. I can’t wait to see you..” He said.
“Im coming right away dearie.” I said.
“Alright honeypie.” He said and the call dropped.
I dashed out happily.
Joy was in the the sitting-room, going throu-gh all the books in my bookshelf which is close to the dinning room.
He didn’t notice me come out, He was focused on the books.
I walked to the door, opened the door and dashed out.
I think I heard him call me when I did.
I opened the gate and Iyke drove in.
I closed it back and walked to him.
He c@m£ down and we hvgged. Then he k!$$£d me on thel-ips.
Then the next thing, He knelt down in front of me.
Okay, why? Is it what im thinking?
Oh my God!
He brou-ght out a small redbox.
I g@sped, putting my hand on my agape mouth.
Oh my! This is not so happening..
Is this for real?
I looked ahead and saw Joy standing at the door, looking.
I turned my face back to Iyke.
He opened the box and oh.. A ring.. a ring!
A ring! A golden ring sparkled on my eyes.
I swallowed, totally astonished.
“Valerie,..” He began, and stared into my eyes.
I quic-kly closed and opened my eyes, damn excited.
“You are the one for me… There’s no other who can ever take your place in my heart.. You are everything to me, My life, the breath that I breathe.
plea-se be my forever Valerie and II promise never to hurt you again but to love you till the end of time. Say yes to me Valerie, Will you marry me and be the mother of my kids?” He said..
I felt myself cloud nine.
“Oh my God! Iyke. Yes I will.. Yes yes yes…” I laughed happily.
I watched him get out the ring and placed into into my f!nger.
“You are mine now. My beautiful wife to be.” He said and stood up.
I smiled broadly, my heart leaping with excess joy.
“I have always been yours honey.” I said.
He instantly carried me up…I laughed so loud, and wra-pped my legs around his w@!st..
He brou-ght his face to mine.
“I love you so much my fiancee..” He said and began k!ssing, not allowing me to talk again.
I knew Joy was watching…
I was so happy…. Iyke proposed to me and I said yes!!
Oh my goodness… Eva!!
… Joy’s POV …
I was watching them..
He’s her b©yfri£nd….
He knelt down and proposed to her…
She said yes, now they are k!ssing..
She’s happy… Im not.
She reminds me of Stella…
She left me and said ‘yes’ to James.
He took her away from me.
Now, She too.
She had said yes to him.
I like her.
I like her… I so much like her.
I like her ….but she said ‘yes’ to him.
I can’t watch them again.
I rushed into my room, shut the door, slumped down on the floor and bur-sted into a whimper.
I like herrrrrrrrrrrrr…. I like Aunty Valerie.
But she said ‘yes’ to him..
I cried more and more, scattering my hair.
… Iyke’s POV …
She m0@n ed as I pounded her..
She was super excited and this is all I nee-ded.
Fake engagement..Use it to get the three million naira from her.
Now that she thinks im serious about her. About us being together..
I’ll persuade her into giving me the money to open a better business.
I have an investment in mind that would yield so much money for our future.
I can’t work in a pharmaceutical company forever.
I nee-d to go into a business and three million or four will be enough..
I’ll br@inwash her dummy head with lies..
As far as she has my engagement ring on her f!nger now.
She’ll do anything to make me happy.
She’ll help in anything that concerns our future together.
Immediately she s£nds the money, Im gone….
I smiled and k!$$£d her as she m0@n ed in my mouth.
“I love you sugar..”I wh!pered.
Her eyes were slightly shut, “I love you more.” she whispered back with a smile.
“Do you want me to go more dee-per?” I whispered.
She smiled, b!tt!g her bottoml-ip.
I smiled, k!$$£d her again and began pounding her more dee-per..
“Oh….ba…by” She m0@n ed.
“Yeahhhh.” I m0@n ed too, feeling my muscle ti-ght£ñ.
Okay, At least deserve her fv¢king money, right?
I give her the kind offu-ck that she want.
What’s more sweeter than that huh?
I shifted few strands of her hair and k!$$£d her again.
“You are really so sweet.” I whispered and bit on her ear-lobe.
She m0@n ed.
She love that alot.
I did that again and she m0@n ed my name out this time, “Iyke..”
I smiled.
Then we heard a knock.
I paused.
A knock?
That was when I recalled that Valerie said something about an insane ‘Joy’
“Why the hell is he knocking on your be-droom door?” I asked Valerie, totally vexed up.
“Im sorry baby, I guess he nee-ds something. I’ll go check out.” She said.
“I was almost ¢v-mming!..” I seethe angrily.
She k!$$£d me, “Shh. I’ll be back now.” She said.
I rolled out of her and she gr@bb£d my shi-t and pu-ll-ed on.. It was ba-rely covering her th!gh.
The knocks c@m£ again..
I covered myself with the duvet.
She walked to the door and slowly opened it a bit.
I listened.
“Joy, what’s the matter again?” She asked.
I didn’t hear him talk.
“St©p shaking your head and talk.” She said.
I didn’t hear him.
“Fine, you don’t wanna talk. Go back to your room and sleep ok.” She said and was alre-ady closing back the door when he finally talked.
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“I..Was.Thinking. If. You.Are. Not. Hungry. You. Have. Not. Eaten.” He said sheepishly.. Like three year old kid.
“It’s fine. Im not hungry. My b©yfri£ndprosposed to me and im so very excited to think about food. Im closing the door now. Don’t disturb us. Goodnight.” She said and finally closed the door, locking it.
She c@m£ back to the be-d..
She smiled broadly as she stared at the f!nger on her ring.
Then she climbe-d on t©p me with a s£dûç!ng smile.
She pu-ll-ed the shi-t off and placed her hands on my che-st as she bit her bo-ttoml-ips e-ductively.
“What if I try to give you the best cow girl this time?” She win-ked.
I smiled…
Now, this is a good start.
She’s tryna plea-se me with a good ri-ding.
Come on, That’s the effectivesness of an engagement ring.
Soon, she was was ri-ding me crazily and our m0@n s could be heard accross the room.
… Joy’s POV …
Im back in my be-droom, crying again.
He is in her room.
That is why she was harsh on me.
That is why she closed the door on me.
Now im hearing some sound.
I shut my ears with a pillow.