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My sweetheart Episode 18

💝My Sweet Heart💝
#Episode 18
… Iyke’s POV …
“Where did you spend the night Iyke?” Lizzy’s voice [email protected]£ as I entered into my house.
My house!
“You don’t want to leave my house. You are in my house and you fv¢king asking me where I spend the night. Are you nuts?” I walked [email protected] her to my be-droom.
She followed me, laughing..
“Im staying here for a month. Do you get that? You think I left huh? After you messed me up. You took my love for you for granted Iyke. I am going nowhere. Thank God I found you.” She said.
I turned to her.
She’s on my shi-t.
“Take that shi-t off now! Don’t get me mad or else you’ll be in six feet in just a minute.” I barked angrily.
“Well, I will do.” She said and then pu-ll-ed off the shi-t, throwing into a long basket.
She had just a [email protected] own.
Nothing more..
Then she searched for a clothe on a box, bending really low and [email protected] her legs so I can view everything well..
I hissed and walked into the bathroom.
Then I heard her laughter.
“You are hurting another lady just the same way you did to me Iyke. Scamming her with Love $h!ts. Extracting money from her with fake reasons. Just imagine how much this girl loves you. Bought you a house, furnished it for you, helped you get a job, bought you a car on your birthday, Jesus Christ! Give you everything you want and you still has the heart to cheat on her all the time. Gosh! what manner of human being are you Iyke?”
I fumed, “If you don’t shut that bit-chy mouth of yours Lizzy, im gonna pu-ll it out for you, bit-ch!” I warned.
“You are planning of extracting three million naira from her. That should be a better reason for you to mind your threats.” She said.
“Before that time comes, I’do had known what to do to your empty skull. Whore!” I spat and went on with my bathing.
I [email protected]£ out, and she wasn’t in the be-droom anymore.
I dressed up, picked my phone and bag and when I was out, I saw her crossed legs on the couch, smoking and a bottle of half drank gin on her left hand.
“Don’t you have manners at all you slut..Can’t you take your bad @ss outside and do your $h!ts?” I barked.
I just hate she’s still here.
She laughed, then smiled lightly.
“Do you need some?” She asked and puffed smoke out.
I hissed and walked to the door.
“Iyke, there’s no foodstuff in this house. Won’t I eat something?”
“Feed yourself!” I said and slamed the door.
I need to deal with this bit-ch!
… Valerie’s POV …
“Aunty. Valerie.. Im. sorry. Will. You. still. Forgive. Me. If I. wash the. whole. Bathroom?” He asked.
He’s been apologising over and over again ever since we [email protected]£ back..
I have cleaned up the mess he did in the sitting-room.
I’ve made custard.
He said he’do take his with the bean cake, but I’ll take mine with ‘bre-ad’
I dropped his plate on his seat which is the right seat and dropped a tin milk beside.
He was standing at the draining board doing the same funny thing he did yesterday.
“You should drop that and come eat.” I told him.
He shook his head.
“I. will. Not. Eat. If you. Have. Not Forgiven. Me.” He said.
I breathed, “Ofcourse I had.” I said and I was sincere.
He turned and faed me with his babyish look, “Are. You. Sure?” He said.
I nodded. Just like he do.
He slowly started to smile, he did it till it turned to a really wi-de grin.
Okay, for the second time, I didn’t see it coming.
I was busy, staring at the way he smiled and those dimples that I didn’t know when he rushed me in a really ti-ght hvg and refused to let go.
I [email protected]
“Thank. You. Thank. You. Thank you. Thank. you. Im happyyyyyy.” He sang.
“Joy! You are holding me too ti-ghttt.” I let out.
He quic-kly re-leased the grip but still was hvgging me.
I wi-de-ned my eyes.
Few of his hair was brushing against my cheek and my ear, tickling me.
Then he began rocking me like a baby, patting my back softly and began singing;
“I Love you.. You love me, We are friends, Like friends should be, With a great big hvg.. And…”
A k!ss??
“…k!ssfrom. Me, to you..” he sang and then paused.
I [email protected]… I just hope it’s not what im thinking..
I quic-kly pu-ll-ed away with a slight frown.
He stared at me and su-cked on his bottoml-ip.
“Where did you learn that song from?” I asked.
“My Sister. Loved. Singing. It.”
“Your sister?” I asked.
He has a sister.
He nodded.
“What’s her name. Can you tell me about her?” I asked.
“I. Don’t. Know.” He said.
“You don’t know about who you just mentioned. You sister?” I asked.
He nodded.
I sighed.
Just the same thing he said when I asked about his dad.
And I could see the sincerity in his voice and expression.
He isn’t lying.
“It’s okay.” I said.
“I’ve. Not. Finish. Singing.” He said.
I chuckled, “Come let’s eat. The custard is getting cold and im running late for work.” I said as walked to the breakfast bar and sat on the left seat.
He [email protected]£ over and sat down and we began eating..
I remembered Iyke.
God help me. I really need to go to the bank before getting to the hospital.
I don’t know this uncle of his but I don’t mind giving him the money.
He was crying while telling everything to me last night.
He was telling the truth.
That’s quite a hvge money but his uncle’s health is more important.
I looked at Joy who ate slowly.
“Will you stay in today and save me the stress of looking the whole street for you.” I asked him.
He nodded calmly..
“Better.” I breathed.
After eating.
I got up to take the plates to the sink but Joy was fast enough to gr-ab the plates.
“I.will. Wash. Them. I promise. Not to break. Them.” He said.
“It’s fine. I’ll go take my bath and dress up for work. You should take your bathe as well when you are done.” I said and he nodded.
I walked out.
Inside my room, I undressed, walked to the bathroom and took a bathe.
I dressed in a yellow ti-ght go-wn and black heels after.
Dressed my hair, did a light t©uçh to my face.
Carried my black Channel bag and walked out with my car keys.
Joy wasn’t out in the sitting-room.
Is he still washing the plates since that time?
I walked out to his room.
The door was wi-de open.
“Joy are yo–” I was cut short by another staked n-ked ‘Joy’
Oh my God!
I don’t know why I didn’t look away.
I stood at the door as I fixed my eyes on him.. On his di-ck actually with mouth agape.
“Im. Sorry. I. was. bathing.” He said as he began coming close.
Acting like there was nothing wrong.
Acting like he’s just four and knows nothing like ‘being n-ked in front of a lady’
Damn! It was dangling.
“No no.. Go and wear something.” I said, still looking at him.
He st©pped. Then nodded.
Then he turned back.
I still kept staring.
Then my consciousness hit me and I quic-kly looked away.
What are you looking at??
I brou-ght out my phone and fixed my eyes on it…
The time is 9: 30am..
I scrolled to my gallery and began staring at my pictures including the ones I took with Iyke. The ones I took with Eva and the ones I took with some patients that I treated at the hospirtal.
Till I heard him say;
“Im. Donee.”
I looked at him. He had a smile with his arms spre-ad wi-de open.
I inhaled.. “Im going to work. Stay home. Don’t leave and don’t spoil anything again. Don’t leave the Fridge open. Don’t cook. There’s cornflakes in the fridge. Make it by putting pouring it on a plate, add a little water and milk. I’ll buy food when im coming back. ” I said.
I was about walking out when he said;
“I. Will. Miss. You Aunty Valerie.” He said.
I raised my eyebrows.
Then I smiled, “I’ll be back soon. Come close the gate.” I said and walked away.
He followed behind.
When I entered my phone and drove out.
I exhaled a really long i’ve been choking for hours!
I can’t believe the weirdness.
“Joy, you won’t make me do something stupid one day.” I mumbled.
First was hvgging me, then pausing that song like you were looking for how to really k!ssme.
Then letting me see your di-ck for the second time!
I st©pped by the bank and it took me almost an hour to s£nd that money to him.
To Iyke.
Five hundred thousand naira.
I was really grateful when I was done.
I rushed back to my car and drove straight to work.
A message from Iyke few minutes later.
**OmG! I just recieved the alert. Wow thank you so much honeypie. I love youuuuu. My uncle is finally gonna live! Thank you so much baby. I love you from the de-epest side of my heart.
You mean the whole world to me. Im incomplete without you. My Angel.**
I smiled after re-ading his message.
I’ll call him when I get to work.
… Iyke’s POV …
Wow… the dummy s£nt the money.
FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA no be small money ooh!
I laughed.
Soon, I’ll be in one of the expensive h0tels in this lagos with Bella, his new babe I just met on Facebook.
This new h0t babe I met on facebook, Bella, she’s really ma-king me go crazy with her big bu-tt..
She’s coming over soon and she’s the main reason I need this cash and now I’ve got it from the dummiest girl ever..
Im gonna call Bella that im re-ady for her.
Wowww… Iyke you are fire!
“Maybe I should call Lola to get a share too?”
She’do get a little from the money if she rides my di-ck so well like she do best.
And Franca..
She can get a little too by shaking that bit-chy @ss of hers for me.
Linda is damn good at giving a b!ow job and she’s so beautiful.
Im calling her too.
Enjoyment.. Till the money finishes and I’ll sure get another one from the dummy, Valerie with a just a simple lie and a t©uçh of my f!nger on her skin.
“Life is sweet. Let me call Lola..”
I was going throu-gh my contacts for her line when Valerie’s call [email protected]£ in.
This dummy.
I picked up and smiled, “Hello sugar.. You should know how happy I am right now. You are so the best girlfriend in the world.” I said.
“Treat your uncle.. His health is more important. I love you so much.” She said.
I guess she’s in her office now.
Uncle indeed.
“I will honey.. I was about calling chioma when your call [email protected]£. She’ll be so grateful.” I said and laughed within.
“It’s nothing. I will do anything for you, so far that makes you happy.” She said.
“Awwn.. My sunshine. My everything. You have my heart till eternity. I love you de-eply and I will never st©p.” I said and rolled my eyes.
“I wanna get busy now. Bye baby.” She said.
“Honey, can I come by tonight. I really wanna spend my night with you again.. plea-se.” I said.
“Alright heartbeat.” She said.
Heartbeat indeed.
“Awwn. I can’t wait to see you. Bye honeypie.” I said.
“Me too.”
She giggled before dropping the call.
I rolled my eyes again, “Dummy.”
I called Lola.
She picked immediately.
I wonder if she do stay a minute without her phone.
“Hey boo. Missed you oh.” She said.
“I don’t miss you. I only miss the thing you best.” I said with a smile.
“Im always re-ady. Is it tonight?” She asked.
“No, tomorrow night.” I said.
“How much you go wire me?” She asked.
“30k” I said.
“70” She.
“50.” I said.
“Okay.. Na because of you oh. You know me na big girl. Na big men I dey give my p**y.” She said.
“See you by ten tomorrow night.” I said and ended the call.
I called Linda.
She picked up after few rings.
“Wow… Iyke this one you called me. E be like say konji don hold you again abi..”
wi-de mouth.
“Linda. I get something for you. Are you in?” I said.
“I no dey collect less than 40k” She said.
“No probs. Money dey. I’ll call you later.” I smiled.
Franca was next.
Franca is truelly my colleague at work…but I wonder why she wasn’t at work today.
Remember the dummy saw her in my car some weeks ago.
She can twerk so damn good and make your head spin.
I’ll call Bella later.
And about me going to spend another night with Valerie.
Oh that?
She likes it… She can’t deny.

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