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May 16, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My sweetheart Episode 17

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💝My Sweet Heart💝

#Episode 17




next Day

… Valerie’s POV (continues …

“Hey sugar, it’s morning..” I heard Iyke’s voice,waking me up from my sleep, followed by a kiss on my lips.

I opened my eyes to see him staring into my eyes with a smile.

“Sleeping beauty..” He said and kissed me again.

“Morning baby.” I said with a smile.

“How was your night cos mine was filled with your sweetnesd.” He said.

I smiled, “Same as mine. You made me feel special.” I said.

He smiled, kissed my forehead and stretched out of the bed.

“You should get up. Or you’ll be late for work.” He said.

I yawned and stretched my hands.

“I need to find Joy this morning. I can’t go to work without finding him.” I said.

“Just like the nice doctor that you are. I wish I could help you on this but im really running late for work. I need to go okay?” He said and pecked me.



I frowned.

“Are you really going?” I asked.

“Yeah. Babe”


“Are you gonna send me the money today? Remember all I explained to you there in the car.” He said.

“Ofcos, I’do drop by the bank this morning.” I said.

He smiled, “Thanks alot sugar. You are my world.” He said.

“Bye okay? I’ll miss you.” He said.

“I’ll miss you too.” I said and stood up.


We walked to his car and he

kissed me again.

“This lips of yours is really so attractive.” He said and tried to kiss again but I dodged it playfully.


We walked to his car and he kissed me again.
“This lips of yours is really so attractive.” He said and tried to kiss again but I dodged it playfully.
“Come on, go, you’ll be late for work.” I said, laughing.
He frowned playfully, then made that babyish face Joy always make. Though Joy’s own is more cute. I can’t deny.
“Please sugar, just this last one naaaw” He pleaded, bringing his lips close.
I smiled and kissed him.
“sweetestt.” He licked his bottom lip.
I laughed.
“Bye sweetie. Love you.” He said.
I opened the gate and he drove off.
I closed the gate back, came in, Stared at the TV and matched butter and bread on the floor for a while, sighed and walked to my room.
I changed into a flowery trouser and a white top, took my phone and my car keys and walked out.
I need to find Joy.


“Excuse me Ma..” I called on the a A beans cake seller, after I had searched long minutes for him but couldn’t find him.
I was already exausted!
Where the hell is this Adult-baby?
“Morning my daughter, how much own do you want. My ‘Akara’ dey sweet well well.” She said, grinning.
I couldn’t help the smoke that was coming from the firewood infront and the steaming oil on the frying pot.
“Mama, please Im looking

for someone.” I said calmly.
She paused.
“Shey I look like the person?” She seethe.
“Im sorry ma. Don’t be offended at all. But It’s jus–” She cut me short.
“Abeg comot from my market. You be winch ehn? I never sell this morning and I be dey think, dey happy say you carry this dirty thing you call motto, come buy me market. You dey look for person… I resemble person wey look like the person? Make Shongo fi–” I was alrready gone before she could finish.
Some people’s are just insane.
I searched as I drove slowly through the long street.
I saw another woman at the left, frying yam and potatoes, but recalling what that woman did, I couldn’t go over to ask her.
I turned my face to the right… I think I saw him.
Yes… It’s him.
Few kids were gathered around him and he was showing them all the clothes that I bought for him last night.


They were at a distance, inside an uncompleted building but thank Goodness.
I saw him.
I stopped my car, and rushe down, slaming the door shut.
I walked slowly to the building to avoid falling into the dirty water that sorrounded the whole place.
When I got there, I slowly walked in to them.
The kids were backing me so they didn’t see me. Only him did.
He stared at me with guilty eyes with a yellow shirt hung in his hands.
“Joy Joy give me this one naw.. Omo see this one ooh.” One of the kids said.
“Joy, see ehn this one go fit your colour. As you yellow so like yellow pawpaw.” Another kid said and the rest bursted into laughter.
“Make we see the one wey dey your hand.” Another kid said and and grabbed the yellow shirt from him.
But we still kept staring at each other..
He still had the plaster on that side of his temple.
But there was something like a charcoal dirt on his left cheek.
“Ah.. Joy wetin you dey look sef?” Another kid said and that was when they all turned to me.. They were six of them.


“Aunty..” They all chorused with fright.
“Who you be?” The first kid gathered courage.
I wasn’t even looking at them.
I was looking at Joy.
Realising how cute he is and his lips… His lashes are quite long and he has this charming brown eyeball that would make any girl trip for him if he was just ‘normal’.
I can say this guy is drop dead handsome.
The he made his face that way as he stared at me.
And I couldn’t help but smile.
“Im Joy’s friend.” I replied the boy…or rather the kids.
They all turned to Joy who then looked at them.
“She’s. My. Friend.” He said.
They nodded.
“Did she beat you?” One asked.
He shook his head.
“She. Likes. Me.” He said.
“But I. Did. Something. Bad. To. Her.” He added.
“What?” They asked in unison.
“I bro–” I cut him short.
“He didn’t do anything. Come Joy, you need to come with me.” I said.
“Is she the friend who bought this clothes for you?” The one who hasn’t spoken since said.
He’s english wasn’t pidgin.
Joy nodded and then packed his clothes back into the shopping bag and stood up..
“I. Will. Be. Back. Friends.” He said.
“Aunty!!” They shouted.


I looked at them. They are all staring at me.
“They. Want. You. To. Give them. Something.” Joy said.
Oh.. im not even with my purse here.
I think there’s some money in my car.
“Okay. Im coming”
I walked back to my and yes there was.
Two thousand naira.
I took one thousand and gave handed the boy who spoke good english.
“You all should share it equally.” I said as they stood up and began dancing and clapping their hands for me…. Even druming sticks for me.
I laughed and looked at Joy.
“Your friends are quite funny like you.”
He smiled, showing me that dimple again.
Why’s he so cute?
Goodness… Even with his messy dada hair.
He still look super handsome.
Should I say he look somewhat like the Nollywood actor ‘Van vicar’ or ‘Michael michelle’ Any of the two.
He’s so cute.
“Let’s go.” I said with a smile.
He nodded and we did.
I waved his friends ‘bye’ and we walked back into the car.
“Im. Sorry. Im. Sorry. I. Did. Not mean to. Break the. TV. I. was Angry. At the. Fat. Man. Who won. My friend.” He began pleading immediately we got into my car.
“Who won your friend?” I asked, curious.
“Yes. I wanted. The my. friend. to win in the fight. But My. friend. Did Not. So. I. Was. so. Angryyyyyy. That. I blew. Him on his nose.” He said as I watched him desmostrate how he blew or rather destroyed my 80k Television screen.
I shook my head, turned on the car and drove off, after reversing back.


“Will. You. Forgive. Me?” He asked.
I needed to play him alittle, “No. I won’t.” I said with a pretentious frown.
I don’t even know if im good at pretending.
Im not an actress.
He sighed.
“I. Know. You. Will. Not. That. was why. I ran away.” He said.
I ignored him and got to that bean cake seller.
“Do you know her?” I asked him.
“Yes. She’s Mama Ade. Insultive but. Her ‘Akara’ is. Delicious.” He said.
“Do you want some?” I asked him.
He nodded with a smile.
I took the one thousand left.
“Im coming. Stay here.” I said. He nodded and I came down and walked over to the woman.
With a smile.
She saw me and glared at me.
“You again.. You be all this spoilt rich pikin wey no dey keep yansh for one place. See Wetin you wear dey waka around peope face. Who again you dey look for?” She jeered.
“Two hundred would do.” I said.
“Ehe… Wetin you talk? Na only two hundred naira own you want?”
“Be quick about it. I have a better place to be. My office.” I said, flapping my lashes.
“Ah.. See this one. Take am easy jareh. Big girl like you wan buy only Akara two hundred naira when your mate dey buy five hundred naira own..” She said as she hurriedly put the bean cake inside a black nylon.
“You want pepper?” She asked.
I rolled my eyes, “Why would I eat such from a lousy seller like you.” I said and stretched my hand for the nylon which she glared at me for like forever before giving it to me.
“See her.. Eh.. Shakara wey no fine. Abeg gimme my money.”
I threw her the one thousand.
“Help buy a lip padlock with the change left. You are throwing Saliva into the beanscake meant for people to eat.” I savaged and walked away.
“Wetin she dey talk.. Abeg comot here. Jesu! Wait ohh. She give me the change oh.. I don do start my own Christmas already.. eight hundred naira no be small change.”
I chukled and shook my head.
I walked back into the car and handed the stuff to Joy.
“She’s really insultive, but I sure gave her my own too.” I said with a smile.
“Thank. You. Aunty Valerie. For everything.” He said.
“It’s okay.”


As I drove off, the lousy woman suprised me by waving me ‘Bye’ and grinning.
I looked at Joy, he looked at me too and we bursted into rounds of laughter.



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