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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My sweetheart Episode 15 & 16

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💝My Sweet Heart💝

#Episode 15



Next Day


… Valerie’s POV (continues …

“Stay home okay? I prepared spaghetti. You can eat that in the afternoon. Don’t destroy anything okay? I’ll be back really late. Are you sure you wanna stay indoors?” I asked Joy who nodded as he stood at my bedroom door, staring at me as I wore my shoes, I decided on going on flat-shoes today.

I picked up my bag..

Then I picked a sun-glass which I dropped on the bed and wore.

“How do I look on this glasses. Ugly?” I asked him, smiling.

“You. Look. Special.” He said.

Oh, I look special.

I wasn’t expecting that.. Now I guess I blushed a bit because of that.

“Take care of yourself. Joy, I already showed you how to switch on and off the tv. You musn’t destroy my things. Your lunch is on the dinning. I don’t want you to go out there and get beaten again. So you stay here for awhile, till I know what to do about your–” I stopped.

I don’t wanna complete this ‘Insanity and adult-baby manner.’

It might hurt him.

“About. My. What?”He asked coldy.

He doesn’t face down again.

Good thing.

“Nothing okay?” I said and walked pass him.


He followed me to my car as I entered,he said something.

“Thanks for. Being. My. Friend.”

I smile.

“It’s okay.” I shut the door and drove to

the gate.

He opened it and I drove off.

I couldn’t let him go out the streets again, to avoid getting beaten again.

I find nothing wrong in keeping him in my house.

More over, he’s quite a good company and his manners make him appear and talk quite funny as well.

I smiled really well this morning when he cleaned the whole couches, the tables and dinning.

I tried to stop him but he seriously wetted the tiles so I don’t step further or else I slip.

But then he ended up being the one who slipped cos he forgot he wetted the just few floor minutes ago.

I had to laugh really hard… And for the first time, I saw him laugh.

He laughed immediately he fell, hitting his butt hard on the tiles which hurt him quite well, that I had to stretch out my hand and help him stand.

“Ouch.. My ‘bom-bom’” He had shouted, rubbing his butt, and making me laugh more.

Gosh.. I can’t believe im even laughing now.



After cleaning the whole couch, tables, TV, and mopping the tiles, he met me in the kitchen while I was preparing spahetti for his lunch.

He told me he loved spaghetti when he was a kid, suprising me.

Cos I remember he said he don’t remember anything about his childhood but now he said he actually loved spaghetti when he was a kid.

I tried asking him further while he do, he said,

“It’s. Because. My. Dad. Likes. It.” He replied.

His dad.


Now I tried asking him about his dad, but he

wouldn’t talk again, instead he took the dishcloth which layed beside the sink and began cleaning and re-arranging the washed dishes in the draining board, which I had already cleaned and arranged.




I got to work and after being greeted by some nurse. I walked into my office.

Im wondering how Eva’s outting with her boyfriend was.

Would really be cool.

Emeka is perfect for her.

He’s handsome, cool and loves her so much.

I don’t even want her for my brother.

The age gape and also, Michael doesn’t love her.

He doesn’t even know that she has feelings for him.

He’s been out for two years.

She should get over him and Love Emeka who can do anything for her.

As I was about going for the files on my desk, Iyke’s call came in.

My heart jumped.

Seriously I haven’t texted or called him this morning.


He didn’t even come to my mind.


Joy was being distraction to me right from the minute I woke up this morning.

“Hello baby. Goodmorning.” His voice came softly before I could think of talking.

I smiled, “Goodmorning baby. How was your night?” I asked.

“Wasn’t good.” He said.

“Oh my. Why?” I asked, concerned.

“Baby… We need to talk after work today.” He said.

He sounded gloomy now.

“What’s wrong honey?” I asked.

“Everything’s wrong when Im missing you so much.” He said in a whisper.

Oh.. that gave me goosebumps.

“I miss you so much sweetheart.” I said in a whisper too and then smiled.

“Baby… Let’s meet at Unique tonight.” He said.


“Great. I love that place. Sure.” I said.

“Im at work now. Take care of yourself okay. Bye, Iyke love you so much. Can’t wait to see your stunning face tonight.” He said, causing me to smile and wish that night would come in no time.

“Just like I can’t wait to see your handsome face as well. Take care hunnie. I love you. Bye. Muah.” I said, blowing a kiss.

“Muahhhhh..” He did same, making me giggle.

The call dropped and I closed my eyes, smiled, inhaled, then opened back my eyes.

“I can’t wait.” I giggled.

I’ve missed him.


But damn, Joy had made me miss Iyke less.

Imagine, he was the one who woke me up with his knocks this morning.

I overslept! cos I slept late.

My alarm had to spoil this morning just like my mom’s did days ago.

Mom. I miss her. And Benita as well, even Sheddy.

I wouldvisit them this sunday.

I might tell Benita about Joy but mom? No. For now, no.

Wondering why I can’t tell her?

She’ll want to throw him out, so I don’t fall for him too.

She feels that I fall stupidly for any guy I see and not just any guy. Poor guys from poor families.



Not only him.

When I was in high school, at my fifth year, I fell for this guy, Samuel.

He came into the school in fifth year on scholarship.

He was really handsome and brainy, but my mom doesn’t hate him cos he’s from a poor background but cos he had ‘bowed legs’.

It wasn’t that much but a little bowed legged but my mom hated him for that and sent him out of our house the day I brought him to our house as my new friend and warnned him never to talk to me.

Nor come close to me.

I cried so much that night and refused to eat.

The next day in school, Samuel wrote me a letter that ‘He’s really sorry that we can’t be friends again’ and truelly he stopped talking to me.

I hated my mom for weeks.

Telling him about Joy would also lead to such which I really don’t want to.

I need to help him out of this mess.

I’ve planned on calling a psychologist to come over to my house to run checks and tests on him.



I spoke to Eva later at the cafeteria, and she happily told me Emeka made her feel really special yesterday.


“Just that, I still don’t want him. I love Michael.” She said after.

I shook my head, “Eva. Emeka is perfect. Michael is just a young guy of twenty-one. Would be twenty-two this December. He can’t love you the way Emeka does. I know Michael, my brother. He sees you as a friend of his sister, nothing more. Eva, Emeka really love you.Goodness.”

“You can’t blame me. After all, you are also being blinded by Love.” She said.

“How am I?” I asked.

“Iyke. He always cheat on you but you forgive him. What’s more?” She said.

“Eva, Iyke has changed. He doesn’t cheat anymore.” I defended.

“Great. Heavens be blessed.” She said.

“So whatsup about Joy?” She asked.

“Well, I saved him yesterday. He was being beaten on the street. Actually I gave him money and they thought he stole it.”

“Oh my God .. Seriously.” She gasped.

Seems she like him.

“I treated him. He’s scared of going into the street again. I just have to let him stay in my house. The streets hate him. They beat him. I need to help him. He’s just wasn’t that way when he was born. Im sure of that. Can you believe he told me that he liked pasta when he was a kid cos his dad liked it. I was tryna ask him about his dad but he wouldn’t talk anymore.” I narrated.

Eva shook her head.

“Can I come with you to see him after work today?” She asked.

“Seriously, im going out with Iyke.” I said.

“So you wanna say, you leaving Joy in the house till the next day cos im sure you ain’t coming home tonight.” She said.

I rolled my eyes. “Sure I am.” I said.

“I hear you.” she chuckled.

Just then, The intern girl walked came in and walked over to the counter.

“One of the new interns. Why are you looking at her that way?” Eva asked, noticing the way I watched her.

I turned my back to Eva with a smile.

“Her name is Maureen. She’s really beautiful.” I said.

Eva glanced at her.


She was paying for the food she just bought.

“Yeah she is.” Eva said as she turned back to her meal.



After work, I said ‘bye’ to Eva.

“Don’t leave Joy at home all night abeg.”

I rolled my eyes, “I’ve heard bestie.” I smiled as I rushed out, but unfortunately, I bumped into someone.


I didn’t see her coming or rather she didn’t see me coming.


“Im so so sorry Ma. Im really very sorry.” She said with her head down and he hands together.

“It’s fine Maureen. Im also sorry. You shouldn’t be the only one to apologise.” I said.

She widened her eyes.

“Why that face?” I asked her.

“You are jovial. Every other senior doctors I’ve met here are quite strict. And im so suprised on yours cos you are Olando’s daughter. The owner of this hospital.” She said.

“Well, everyone can’t be the same Maureen. Goodnight.” I said and walked away.

“You are right doctor.” I heard her say but I had already walked quite far.


I got into my car and drove off.


#Episode 16


Next Day

… Valerie’s POV (continues …

On my way home, I stopped at a clothe-shop and quickly bought few clothes for Joy


I horned immediately I got to the gate.

I waited but nothing happened.

Where is Joy?

I hornned again..


Joy didnt come.

What’s happening?

Okay, it was frustrating… I horned a million times before the gate finally opened and I spent almost thirty minutes out here.

I drove in.

“Joy, what happened! I spent thirty minutes out there. Haba!” I said immediately I came down and he came back.

He faced down.

He had the other clothe I bought for him.

A red shirt and black trouser.

He looked really good at it.

He shook his head.

“Sorry.” He said and looked up at me with a childish face and he pouted bottom lip.

I almost smiled cos it made him look so cute and babyish.

I sighed instead.

“I didn’t tell you to apologise. I wanna know why you came out late.” I said and walked pass him to the door.

Im going out with Iyke. I can’t stand here talking with this adult-baby here.

“When. I. Heard. Your car horn. I. Rushed to take. My. Bathe. I don’t. Want. You to be. Angry with. Me. That. I’ve not bathe since. Morning.” He said behind me.

I stopped, turned to him and chuckled.

He still had that face with his bottom lip pouted.

“Here.” I stretched the shopping bag to him.

He took it and and peeped into it.

Now, to avoid another hug, I quickly turned and walked towards my room.

“Im going out. Don’t come to my room. Im dressing up.” I said aloud to him and finally walked in.


Iyke call came in, and I picked up after shutting the door.

“Hi sweetie.” I spoke first.

“You getting ready baby. Im almost at your house.” He said.

I grinned, “Gosh, I just came back from work. Im about dressing up.” I said.

“Im coming in then, right?” He asked.

Oh my! That was when I remembered ‘Joy’ is here.

I just hope he doesn’t think shit when he sees Joy.

‘Joy is just a sick person, Im treating on. He’s going back to the hospital in few days.’

Yeah! that’s what im gonna explain to him.

“Babe are you there?” His voice shook me out of my thoughts.

“Yes dear. Text me when you get reach.” I said.

“Alright sweetie. Love you.”

“Love you.”

I threw the phone on the bed and rushed for something better.

A red sleeveless gown and creamy shoes, matched with a red purse.

I was about fixing my hair well, when a text came in.


**Im at your gate honeypie**

I was done already..

So I picked my purse, with my phone, spread some perfume and opening the door, was almost bumping into Joy cos he was right there at my door.


“Oh.. what’s it Joy? im heading out with my boyfriend. I’ll be home tonight but if you don’t see me, take something and go sleep. Don’t come out till you hear a car drive off okay?” I said and rushed pass him.

“Aunty Valerie.” He called, stopping me.

“What’s it?” I asked.

“Thank. You. for the. Clothes.” He said.

I rolled my eyes, “Alright. Bye.”

“Bye.” He said really coldly.

I rushed out and over to the gate, checked behind to be sure Joy isn’t behind me.

He wasn’t.

I opened the gate, closed it back.

Iyke was leaning on his car, his eyes on his phone.

He looked up with a smile when he I came out.

I pretended like I was locking the gate.

Few seconds later, I walked up to him.

He looked superb in black jeans and white polo shirt.

“Hey babyyyy… missed youuu.” He said and hugged me and we kissed.

“Missed you too.” I said with a smile.

He rested his two hands on my butt as he looked into my eyes.

I did same.

I’ve missed him really much.

“So my most special lady, do you want Unique?” He said with a wink.

“Yeap.” I smiled.

“And after unique,?” He asked with another wink.

I laughed.

He smiled and kissed me.

“C’mon, let’s go sugar..” He said.

I smiled as we entered into his car.

He drove off.

Im so relieved he didn’t get to see Joy



… Joy’s POV …

My friend is out…

Now im alone in this big house..

Watching cartoon.

Im hungry.

I yawned and got up.

I walked into the kitchen and opened tje fridge.

Bread and butter.

I brought them out and took them to the sitting-room. (Leaving the fridge open)

I sat down on my new favourite seat, the longest one. Pourple.

I hate pourple but I like the the seat.

I just pray my friend come back soon and seat beside me.

And we watch this.


“”This. One. Is. Not. Interesting.”

I took the remote and change it to..I don’t know.

They are fighting. (Wrestling.)





(Minutes later)

,“Why. did. You. Kill. My. Friend. I will. Kill. You too.”

I will kill this fat man who killed my friend.

Im so angry, I threw my bread and the butter cup away and I rushed to the fat man (TV)

“Why. Did. You. Kill my friend?. Why? Bye. bye to you.” I gave him a hard blow on his fat nose but then he disappeared.

I didn’t see him or the people hailing him again.

Everything is now black and the screen had broken.

I gasped with my hands on my mouth.

I now remember I was watching a Tv and not a real fight.

“Jesus, Aunty Valerie. Have killed me..”

What will I do?

I forgot I was watching a tv fight not a real fight.

Im going to run away.

I have spoil the tv.

Aunty Valerie will Kill me.

I tried to run to my room but I don’t know what made me slip and I fell, hitting my bom-bom on the floor.


Again today?

“Ahhh.” I cried, rubbing my butt.

I stood up and walked to the bedroom Aunty Valerie gave me to sleep.

I picked the bag of clothes she bought for me and ran out, taking one last look at the house.

I ran out of the house with tears rolling down my eyes.


… Valerie’s POV (continues …

“Baby, this money is really important to my family. I have two hundred thousand. I just need five hundred to complete it. My uncle’s bad health is so critical. He’s the only relation I got. Chioma is really on my neck. Her father is the only person she has left.” Iyke cried as we drove back home.

There at unique love garden, had been great.

We laughed, kissed, fed each other and talked about how much we love each other and how we gonna build a family soon.

But now, everything changed when he began telling the sad story of his sick uncle. Chioma’s dad.


“His sickness unexplanable. He has been taken to many hospitals but nonthing improved. That was the reason Chioma came, but I couldn’t let you know the reason, cos I never wanna bother you on this, but now, I can’t do anything. Baby, they took him to a local herbalist and things he required arised to this amount and we really need to bring them fast before it’s too late. I don’t wanna lose my uncle. Chioma would end her life.” He cried more.

Tears fell.

I couldn’t help it.

“Baby, you are driving. Don’t cry okay. I’ll give you the money to treat your dad. If it was a thing hospitals could solve, I could have made quick calls for him to be brought to Olando’s hospital. I wpuld have done my best with other professional doctors but like you told me, they confirmed its a spiritual thing. I’ll send the money tomorrow, so you go treat your Uncle..” I said with an assuring smile and he hugged me.

“Oh.. my God! Iyke, you are driving!!” I yelled, scared.

He smiled. “Thanks baby. I really appreciate. I don’t know what I woud have done without you, I swear. You are my life Valerie. I can’t wait to introduce Chioma to you. Gosh she’ll be so happy to hear this. Gosh. Finally, my uncle is not gonna die. Whooah. Babe, Im spending the night there.” He said.

No you can’t. Joy!

“No. Let’s go to your house okay? Lemme spend the night with you there.” I said.

He shook his head with a happy smile.

“No sugar… Your house. C’mon. Dont say no okay?” He said.

“Iyke, I really wa–” He cut me short with his finger on my lip.

“Shhh…” He said and played one of favourite song.



We got to my gate.

I swallowed.

“I’ll go open the gate. Gimme the key.” He said.

I inhaled.

How do I tell him this.

“Baby, I got someone in my house actually.” I said calmly.

He smiled, “Oh.. great. A gateman.” He said and horned.

“No. not a gateman. Actually he’s on Medical treatment. He’s an adult-child. He’s in my house for now and I check him each morning and night, and treat him. He’ll be taken back to the hospital in few days.” I said.

He raised his eyebrows and pouted his mouth in an ‘O’ shape.

“No probs sweetie..” He said and horned again.



Oh my God! Not again.

What’s it this time!.

“Is he deaf as well?” Iyke said, getting me upset a bit but I swallowed that.

“He isn’t. I’ll go check the gate.” I said and came down.

I checked the gate and found out it was open.

Joy didn’t close the gate…


What a clumsy human being!

What if some things have found out and robbed my house.

What would have happened to Joy that he’s not yet aware that it’s here the horning car is.

It’s just ten o’clock.

I pushed the gate open Iyke drove in.

I closed it back and Iyke came down.

“Babe, like seriously your gate wasn’t locked.” He said.

I ignored him and walked ahead.

I got into the house and whoa..

What I met first was really excellent.

Handiwork of who else but ‘Joy’

“Joy had destroyed my Tv.” I said.

“Joy is his name?” Iyke asked and walked over to the Tv.

“Babe, Look at bread and butter everywhere here.” Iyke said.

I sighed.

I know how much this TV cost me.

“Where is he anyways? Joy! Joy!” I called, going into his room but when I opened it, he wasn’t in.

I searched the bathroom.

He isn’t.

Wow… This is not happening.

“Joy, where are you?” I kept calling as I searched the other guest room and eve my room.

I didn’t find him.

“Joy?” I finally searched the last place, kitchen and Oh my goodness!!

My fridge was wide open with the yellow light on.

I quickly rushed and closed it.

“Jesus Christ!” I exclaimed.

Joy had run out of this house… To where?

To the streets?


Was he scared I’do hurt him for breaking my TV screen…

Or did he break my tv intentionally and then left?

No, Joy can’t do that. I’ve known him for just few days but he can’t intentionally break my Tv screen.

I walked out to meet Iyke coming towards.

“He’s gone.” I said.

“What are you gonna do?” He asked.

“Look for him.” I said and walked pass him. I grabbed my car keys on the table.

“You going to look for some insane man this late? Come on baby, you can do thst we in the morning… I mean we can.” He said.

“We need to find him this night.” I said and walked out.



… Iyke’s POV …

We searched the whole the street and the next but didn’t see the so called Joy.

“Joy, where did you hide. Joy.” Valerie kept mumbling to herself.

I can’t wait to see this Joy..

Well whatever, she’s sending me the cash tomorrow and that’s all that matter.

I don’t mind searching the whole night for the Joy for that five hundred thousand.

Sick uncle indeed.


“Why did you smile?” She asked.


“Did I?” I asked.

“Yeah you did.” She said.

“Oh.. I dont know. Stop mumbling to yourself baby, we’ll find him.” I said.

But we didn’t after many hours of searching.

I was already exausted.

“Let’s go home baby…You’ll definitely find him in the morning.” I said.

She nodded.

Thank God! I drove back to her house.



“Iyke, stop okay?, im so worried tonight to have sex.” She said after I pulled her into the house and tried my hands on her gown.

“Shhh, babe, you’ll find him tomorrow. Lemme make you feel better.” I said and pulled off her clothe.

What’s my fucking business with the Joy if he gets fucking lost.

So I shouldn’t satisfy my burning desire cos of some insane idiot.

I got my hands behind her back to unhook her b*a

She pushed her hair back.

“You can’t resist my touch you know that, don’t you?” I whispered into her ears and bit her earlobe, causing her to moan.

I smiled….

I know she can’t.

“Let’s not do this toni–” I cut her short with a kiss.




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