My sweetheart Episode 13 & 14

💝My Sweet Heart💝
#Episode 13
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
“Get off me!!” I yelled immediately and he jumped back, frightened.
“Gosh why did you had to hvg me! You could have just said ‘thank you’ rather than… than. Jesus Christ!” I seethe, rolled my eyes and walked to my room.
I heard him say behind, “I..Im. Sorry.”
I pushed the door and walked into my room, closing the door.
I rolled my eyes, “Oh my God! what just happened? That adult-baby just hvgged me! Am I dreaming? What the heck! Jesus Christ!”
I quic-kly rushed to the bathroom to wash myself.
I dressed up, putting a white shi-t over a black trou-ser and a black heels.
I dressed my hair and applied a light make up on my face.
After which I took my bag and the file and walked out.
Remembering, Iyke. I checked my phone and found out he actually s£nt a message when I probably went to bathe.
**Goodmorning Love, Im really sorry, I’ve been so busy. I love you.**
I quic-kly s£nt him,
**It’s fine sweets. Im off to work. Love you more.**
I met Joy at the sitting-room in a new trou-ser, shi-t and sli-ppers.
He looked really better except for his still messy hair.
He carried the red bag.
“If you leave now, where are you gonna stay. Where have you been staying?” I asked as I walked pas-s him to the door.
“I. Live. With. Gogo.” He said.
“Who is Gogo?”
“He’s. My. Friend. But. He. Beats. Me. Too.” He said.
“Now, I really want to know about your home but im late for work. Come on.” I said and walked out with him following behind.
I locked the entrance door and he began running towards the gate.
“Where are you going to?” I asked but he didn’t reply.
He got to the gate and pu-ll-ed it open.
I smiled, shook my head and went to my car.
When I drove out of the gate, He c@m£ out and closed it back.
Then c@m£ to the window.
“There’s a key there at the lock., lock the gate with it.” I said and he ran back and did it.
When he c@m£ back, I told him to come in lemme drop him off.
“Is Gogo’s house in this street?” I asked.
He nodded.
“Then come in, let me drop you there.” I said but he shook his head.
“Why?” I asked.
“I Don’t Want Gogo to. Lock. Me. Inside.” He said coldly.
“Why would he do that?” I asked, suprised.
“If. He. See. That I sle-pt at someone’s. House. He. Will. be Very. Angry.” He said.
I chuckled. Funny.
“It’s okay.” I said. Then I searched inside my bag, took out some money and stretched it to him.
“Feed yourself with it for awhile.” I said.
He took it and smiled shyly.
“Thank. You.” He said.
I waved him bye, wind up my window glas-s and drove off.
… Joy’s POV …
Im crying because she is saying ‘bye’ to me.
I will miss her so much…
I wish I’ll be her friend.. And live with her.
I don’t want to stay with Gogo again.
I want to stay with Aunty Valerie.
I walked to the gate and sat down on the floor, crying.
I jumped up, remembering Im wearing a new clothe.
Ohhhhm! I’ve dirtied it!
Aunty Valerie will now be angry with me when she comes back.
Joy oh. See what you have done to your new clothe!
Aunty Valerie will not beat me, but she will shout at me.
I started crying.
I don’t want Aunty Valerie to shout at meeeeeeeee.
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
At work, I couldn’t hide it from Eva.
I told her about Joy knocking at my gate last night and asking me to save him which I did after battling with my thoughts..
Then he had to spend the night at the guest room cos he was crying that he doesn’t wanna go out and the childish manner inwhich he talks.
Then, I told her about him, breaking my cu-p and pushing them inside the kitchen cu-pboards which made Eva laugh so well.
Told her also about the way he ate there at the dinning and how awkwardly I saw him sleep. Which she laughed too.
‘But’ I excluded the ‘Seeing him n-ked’ p@rt.
I just can’t tell her that ‘I saw him unclad’.
Goodness me.
“God! That guy is really an adult-baby.” She said.
I chuckled.
“I ordered a clothe for him this morning and gave him some money to feed himself for awhile. He said he lives with a friend named Gogo but told me the so called Gogo maltreats him.” I narrated.
She shook her head.“ Seriously that cute guy nee-ds help. What do we do?” Eva asked.
“I don’t know, but the truth is that he hvgged me when I gave that clothes to him. I feel I could help this guy but I dont wanna admit that.” I said truthfully.
Eva g@sped, “He hvgged you like for real?” she asked.
“Yeah. He was so happy. Im telling you the truth dear friend, his childish way kind of make him around. You can’t believe while I was in my office, I was thinking of looking for him so he’do spend another night in my house. It’s so funny right?.” I said and she twisted herl-ips.
“It’s not. There’s nothing wrong with that friend.” She said.
I sighed.
“I really wanna ask him about his home, his family. He told me he has no home since a year now. Can you believe that? Im thinking there’s something behind his childish behaviour.” I said.
She shrugged.
“Well, I guess you should ask him about his family.” She said.
… Eva’s POV …
I remembered Iyke.
I saw him in the morning at the filling-station.
He c@m£ to fill his car likewise me.
I talked with him and I can’t believe what he begged me after.
He told me not to let Vale know that I saw him.
Seriously, I asked why but he just begged me instead not to do it and then drove off.
I hate that guy.
Valerie is so blind to see what he is really made of.
He thinks I can cover him up so he’ll keep hurting my friend, but to hell with him.
He c@m£ to the wrong girl anyways.
I looked at Vale with a wi-de smile, I nee-d to find out why he wanted me to keep that from her.
“So we’ve been talking about Joy Weirdo. What about Iyke?” I asked.
She smiled. Always the way she do when Iyke is mentioned.
Someone is really loving the wrong person here.
I wish I could just sma-ck that stupid love for Iyke out of her head.
“He’s fine. He told me he had to leave really early to work today. He’s really ha-rd working you know.” She said, causing my mouth to drop open.
“Iyke left early to work?” I asked, cos the Iyke I saw, was at the filling station by 8am.
“Yeah.” She said.
“How early?” I asked.
“Umm.. I think around six cos the time I called his lines and s£nt him a message was around seven. He called later telling me he was alre-ady at work by then.” She said and I chuckled in total amazement.
Iyke really is doing something behind her back..
“Why is your face like that?” She asked.
“My face? Nothing.” I said.
She shrugged.
I couldn’t tell her about it…
Iyke is cheating on her again!
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
After work was over, I met with Eva and she said she had a d@t£ with Emeka which she begged me to forgive her for not telling me earlier.
I smiled and waved her ‘Goodbye’ as she ran off..
I was walking back to my office to pack up my things and head home when a really fair complexioned girl in a lab coat, tall and slim fitted walked towards and when she got to me, she greeted and was about walking away when I called her back.
“Are you one of the new Interns?” I asked her with my hands in my pockets.
“Yes ma.” She answered with her head down.
“Your name?” I asked.
“Maureen Granson.” She answered.
“Go on.” I said.
She walked away..
I smiled as I watched her.
She look like an halfcaste… natural wavy and curly hair packed in a ponytail.
She reminded me of Joy who also look like an halfcast.
I turned and walked to my office.
I had just turned into the street when I sighted something awful.
Joy was been beaten mercilessly by three guys.
He was screaming but they were bent on killing him.
“My God!!” I g@sped and rushed down from my car.
#Episode 14
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
“My God!!” I g@sped and rushed down from my car.
“St©p plea-se!!” I shouted as I rushed to them.
“Let him go plea-se! You are hurting him.” I said but they kept beating him.
“Joy!” I called almost in tears.
Hisl-ips was bleeding and his left temple as well..
He looked at me with teary eyes but he couldn’t look further cos a b!ow landed on his face and he fell.
God! I felt my heart ache by that.
“plea-se I’ll pay! I’ll pay you for whatever Crime he did. plea-se just leave him!” I shouted and that was when they st©pped beating him.
Joy curled on the floor, gro-an ing in pain with his hands holding his stomache.
The three guys who’s face had not a smile turned to me.
“Aunty, who be you?” The first guy asked.
“Im–” I was about to answer when the one in the middle interrupted.
“You dey ask her.” He said to him, then turned to me.
“This mugu wey dey here..” He pointed at Joy, “He steal so we wan finish am..You get? We go kill am.” He said.
“He stole? Okay, how much.. How much did he still?” I asked impatiently.
I nee-ded to get Joy home and treat him.
He’s bleeding and he’s in pains.
“Five thousand.” The middle guy said.
That was the exact amount I gave to Joy in the morning.
“Oh.. okay. plea-se forgive him. plea-se. Joy where is the money you stole?” I asked him.
He was crying now.
“I.didn’t. Steal. Any money.. It. Was. The–” He couldn’t finish before recieving a kick from the middle guy which s£nt him into a loud gro-an .
I shut my eyes and rushed to him.
“If I hear say you no steal for that your mouth. I go burn you alilve here now. Nothing go happen. Bastard.” The middle guy barked.
He seem to be the master in this whole thing.
The others were only looking, but mute.
“plea-se..Joy where did you keep the money?” I asked him soffly.
He shook his head.
“They. have taken. The. Money.” He said.
I looked at the guys.
“He said you have the money now, so plea-se Im begging you to leave him. Pardon him for my sake abeg. Make una no kill am.” I said,bringing in pidgin. Maybe that would help in this situation.
The middle guy laughed.
“Yes. We hold the money, Na stolen money so we go take the money to police station, that kind thing.. But you go find us something then we fit leave am.” The middle one said.
“How much.” I asked.
“Five box.” He said.
I couldn’t negotiate on this…
I nodded, rushed to my car, brou-ght out five thousand, rushed back and handed it to them.
“You don do well. You na our lady now. Carry go.” He said happily and they ran off.
“Joy Joy are you okay? Can you stand up? Try and stand up okay.” I said.
“I. Did. Not Steal. The. Money. It was. The money. You. gave me.” He cried.
“I know. Just try and get up.” I said as I tried dragging him up.
He managed and get up.
“My. stomache. My head. My leg.” He cried.
“Sorry okay. Just come on.” I held him closely as we walked to my car.
I opened the back door and helped him in and closed the door.
I went into the driver’s seat and checked the time on my phone.
I turned on the car and drove straight home.
“I. Did. Not. Steal. The. Money.” He said.
“I know. I know okay.” I said.
“It. Was. The. Money. You. Gave. Me.” He cried.
“Joy just keep quiet.” I said.
“Will. You. Forgive. Me?” He kept talking.
I rolled my eyes.
I got to my gate.
Okay, another delay. I have to open the gate.
I did, which took minutes.
I drove in, c@m£ down and locked the gate.
I nee-d a gateman.
I walked over to the backseat, helped Joy out and took him inside.
He was leaping.
I helped him seat on the two-sitter.
“I’ll treat this. You have to know that Im a doctor.” I said and walked off.
I got my first aid, a cold water in a bowl, with a first-towel.
I c@m£ back and dropped them back.
He was holding his stomache and his face was twisted in pain.
I felt bad for him.
“You’ll have to pu-ll out your shi-t.” I said.
He nooded, and I helped him pu-ll it off.
“It’s going to hurt but you just keep calm okay?” I said.
He nodded.
I can’t believe I was actually talking to this adult ‘like’ im talking to a five years old child.
I applied medicated spirits and on the sides where he got injured, but I couldn’t t©uçh thel-ip.
He cried alot and tears were suprisingly rolling off his eyes.
“Sorry okay?” I said and he nodded with tears.
Afterdone, I checked the f!nger which got pierced by the broken piece the previous night.. I recleaned it as well.
I plastered the temple side, plastered his arm which got injured too and then, I pressed the towel inside the water and cleaned his bleedingl-ips with it..
He flin-ched.
“Sorry okay? You really got a cut there.” I said.
He nodded.
I then cleaned his nose, his forehead and cheeks which were all messed up with blood stain.
“I’ll go get some drugs for you. What should I buy for you?” I asked him with a smile.
He smiled too but st©pped immediately cos I guess the cut on hisl-ips hurt.
“Aunty Valerie. You. Are. So. Nice. Im. Lucky. That. I. Have you.” He said.
He’s lucky to HAVE me??
Sounds kinda funny.
“You didn’t answer my question.” I said with a smile.
“I want. You to. Buy. Ball. For. Me.” He said.
I shook my head, “I mean food.” I said.
“I. want. rice.” He said.
“I’ll get it for you. Just stay here. I’ll put the Tv for you okay?” I said and he nodded.
I did all that and then I went to get the drugs.
On my way back, I br@nched at a restaurant and bought two plates of fried rice and kitchen.
I got home and pu-ll-ed in, locking the gate after.
When I got in, I found him smiling to a Cartoon showing in ‘Nickelodeon’
That was the channel I put for him.
“Hey, im back.” I said.
He looked up and smiled a little shyly.
He was still sitting on the couch.
He wasn’t stubborn tonight.
I walked pas-sed towards the kitchen.
I got to the kitchen and brou-ght out the plates of rice, placing them on a tray. Then I got a bottle of water from the ones which weren’t in the fridge.
That’s for his drugs.
I got mine from the fride and carried them together with his drugs.
I c@m£ out to the dinning and placed the foods, taking out mine and leaving his on the tray.
“Hey come up and eat so you have your medicine.. Can you?” I said to him from the dinning.
He gently stood up and leaped towards to the dinning.
“Good indication that my treatments are working alre-ady.” I said with a smile and he smiled shyly.
I’ve not seen him laugh. I wonder how cute he’ll be.
Arshh… Why am I even thinking of that.
He gently sat down and began eating, I did too.
There were silence except the Tv that was talking lowly.
After the meal, he took his medicines.
I was also done eating, Though I couldn’t finish it but he carried it and ate it all with a shy smile which didn’t only made me smile but to also admire this cute adult-baby.
“Let’s go to the sittineg room.” I said to him.
He nodded and we did.
We sat on the three-sitter couch.
“Lemme go get something.” I said and walked to the kitchen.
I took out two icecream cu-p with spoons and walked back.
I sat down beside him and stretched one to him.
“For you.” I said.
He gr@bb£d it and smiled wi-dely.
I wondered if thel-ips was still hurting him.
“I. Love. Icecream… Stella. Do. So. Much. She. Made. Me. Love. It.” He said.
I fl@pped my lashes in thought.
“Who’s Stella if I may know?” I asked.
He opened it and was l!çk!ng alre-ady.
“My. Teddy bear.” He said.
“Teddy Bear? Teddy bears don’t li-ck Icecream or anything.” I said.
“Stella. does.” He said coldly but with a smile.
“How?” I wished to know.
But he didn’t talk again.
He li-cked the icecream and focused on the Tv.
I shrugged and joined him.
“Spongebob square p@n-t..” I sang along.
They were about showing spongebob.
“I loved watching Disney when I was little. I watch it all day and night, till I got to nineteen and had to focus more on my studies.. Mom f0rç£d me to.” I said with a chuckle.
Then I glanced at him.
He was in smiles but his dada really had half of his face covered.
“Can you tell me about your childhood?” I asked.
He glanced at me, then back at the tv.
“I.don’t. Know.” He shook his head.
“You don’t know or you can’t remember anything?” I asked.
“Both. All. I. Remember. Is. Now. That im here with you. I. Don’t. Know tomorrow too. All I. remember is. Today..” He said.
“You can’t know tomorrow cos it has not yet occured. We are talking about the past.” I said.
He shook his head, “I. Don’t Know. The. Past.” He said.
“Your family? What about them?” I asked.
“I. Don’t. Know. My. Family.” He said.
I sighed.
“It’s okay.Let’s continue with our Icecream.” I said.
When it was 11:pm, I switched off the Tv.
“Let’s go sleep.” I said.
“In your room?” He asked shyly.
“No. You go to yours. St©p being a kid.” I said.
He giggled.
I spoke to Iyke on the phone.
We shared few love words.
After that, I had my late shower.
Layed down and sle-pt off
… Joy’s POV (continues …
I like Aunty Valerie.
She saved me.
She smiled when I talked..
That means she likes me too.
Just like Stella did.
Stella was my best friend… She was so special to meeee.
I love her so much and did everything to make her smile.
My bear.
James took her away from me.
He took. Her. Away.
Im crying now.. because I miss Stella.