My sweetheart Episode 11 & 12

💝My Sweet Heart💝
#Episode 11
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
“Aunty Valerie.” He said just as he got to where I stood.
His face down.
I shut my eyes, ma-king sure I don’t remember what just happened few minutes ago.
I opened it and saw him staring at me.
“Aunty Valerie. Is. There. Something. In. Your. Eyes?” He asked.
I narrowed my eyes at him, “Nothing. Why did you asked.”
He faced down again,“Because your. Eyes. Were. Closed.” He said.
I sighed.
He won’t just get it.
He’s nothing but a weirdo.
I walked pas-s him.
“Come with me.” I said and he did.
I got into the guest room, the ensuite door was wi-de open.
I walked over and went in.
He followed.
“This is where you stand.” I said to him, as I stood there.
He nodded.
“This is called shower.” I said.
He nodded.
“And this, is where you turn the shower on and water will pour on your b©dy from up there.” I said, ma-king my english very simple and un-derstandable.
He nodded, grinning.
“You turn the tap like this, and turn it this way to turn off the water.” I said.
He nodded again.
“Aunty, Let me do it.” He said happily and c@m£ forward before I could say ‘Jack’
I shifted back to avoid him brushing on my b©dy.
He’s just too dirty.
He stood at the centre I had told him and the next thing, he tried to pu-ll of his shi-t.
I g@sped.
“Wait. What are you trying to do?” I asked.
He st©pped. He had rolled the shi-t almost to his head..
And I could see the really fair flat stomache and a lil bit hairy che-st.
I saw more than that minutes ago, I don’t wanna think about it..
But why’s he so fair and look sort of… like an half-caste?
He has cute brown eyes.
He pouted hisl-ips. “I want to. bathe.” He said.
I fli-pped my eyes wi-de open.
“In my front?” I half yelled.
I was just too astonished.
He nodded confusely.
Like he see no wrong in that.
I inhaled,.“Go on, have your bathe. Goodnight.” I said and left the room.
Jesus Christ! Save me.
I went back to my room and I was more than glad he didn’t show up for the one hour I spent working on the files.
Finally, I was done. I placed the papers back into the file, and closed up my l@pt©p.
I placed them ont©p the beside-table and then I switched off the lights. Put on the be-d-side lamp and then layed my head on the pillow, pu-ll-ed the duvet over my b©dy and sle-pt off..
**Even though I thought a little about what happened then**
You know what it is.
The shattering noise filled my ears, waking me up from my sweet sleep.
I quic-kly sat up and ru-bbe-d my eyes.
I got down from the be-d and rushed out of my room.
The noise seem to have come from the kitchen.
I rushed to the kitchen to see Joy back on me, he was kneeling down, and was hurriedly pushing broken pieces of what I could guess was a cu-p) un-der the kitchen cu-pboards.
He didn’t notice my pres£nce. Cos his back was on me as he hurriedly kept pushing them un-der the cu-pboard.
I stood at the door and watched him with keen interest.
And I noticed the pajamas really fit him well enough.
It was always big on me
His dada fell all down his shoulder.
Why don’t he just pack them up?
But wait, what was he doing here?
And why did he broke the cu-p?
How did he even find out the kitchen is here?
And is he trying to escape what he did ny pushing the broken pieces un-der the cu-pboards?
He think I didn’t hear the noise?
“Aaiii!” A sharp yell from him made me flin-ch.
He brou-ght up his head and Im sure a piece must have pierced his hand.
He held his right hand with his left and that was when he turned to maybe take a look at the door,
“Hu!” He jumped when he saw me standing there.
He looked with teary eyes at me, then at his injured hand, then back at me.
He then pouted hisl-ips like a child who is about to bur-st into a cry.
“Will. You Forgive. Me?” He said, looking at me with pleading eyes.
“Why are you here?” I asked him.
He looked at his f!nger, then back at me.
“It’s paining me.” He said.
“If you weren’t here, it wouldn’t have happened. So why are you here?” I said.
He looked down at the remaining broken pieces then up at the counter, before turning back to me.
I stared at him.
“I. I. wanted. To. Wash. The cu-p and. The. Tray.” He said.
I shook my head, “But I thought I told you not to!” I said.
He nodded.
“So why did you left the be-d you were supposed to be slee-ping on?” I asked.
“To. Was. The. cu-p and the Tray.” He repeated.
I sighed and walked over to the fridge, ma-king sure I don’t step on the broken pieces.
He turned over to face me.
Still kneeling down.
“Im. Soorry.” He said.
I ignored him and took out a bottle water and a glasd cu-p to take water.
“Aunty Valerie Im. Sorry naaww.” He said almost in tears.
“Aunty Valerie im sorry.” He continued as I drank the glas-s of water and poured more.
He continued and I got fed up.
“It’s okay. Im not. upset with you okay?” I said.
He smiled and I saw that dimple again, but this time around, on his right cheek.
“Arsh.. Thank You. Aunt–” I cut him short.
“Joy, Just call me Valerie okay?” I said.
He shook his head in a ‘No’
“Are you so stubborn too?” I asked, kinda upset.
He shook his head.
“Then call me Valerie. I don’t want the ‘Aunty’ You are older than me if I should guess.” I said.
He looked at me with wi-de eyes.
“Am I?” He asked.
I chuckled at his question.
He doesn’t even know if he’s older than me or not.
I bet he doesn’t know is age.
God! what caused this?
Im certainly sure this guy wasn’t born this way!
“Aishhh.” He cried, holding his f!nger and showing it to me.
His middle f!nger was bleeding.
“You see what you caused for yourself? Why did you had to do push the pieces un-der the cu-pboards. Now you have hurt your f!nger.” I said.
“I. Don’t. Want. You. To. Beat. Me.” He said.
I chuckled.
Why will I beat someone as old as this?
God. This is hilarious.
“Is it paining you?” I sm-irked at him.
He nodded.
“Come with me.” I said and he did.
“I got a firstaid box. Actually im a d…” A thought restrained me from finishing my statement.
What’s his business with my profession.
We got the sitting-room and I told him to sit on the three sitter couch.
He did and I walked to a far side of the sitting room to bring out the first aid box.
I did and walked back to him.
I bent in front of him as I opened the first aid, took out a medicated spirit and a cotton wool.
He flin-ched and hide his hand immediately he saw the two things.
Then he began shaking his head, ma-king his dada to fall across his face, and ma-king him look like some cute little puppy.
Im wondering why he have no beard.
“Bring out your hand Joy. If you want it to st©p paining you then you’ll nee-d this on it.”I said.
But he was still hiding his hand..
“It. is Painful.” He said pouting hisl-ips again.
I sighed, “Fine.” I said and made to stand but he held my wrist.
“I. Want. it. Now..” He said in a pleading way and brou-ght out his hand.
I sighed and took out the the spirit and cotton wool.
I held his hand and applied it on the bleeding f!nger.
He let out a low yell.
“Aishh.. It’s. Painful.” He cried.
“Sorry. Itwill make it heal in no time.” I said and then I cut out a bandage and tied it around his hand.
It was good now.
“Thank. You. Aunty–” I sh0t him a glare and he faced down.
I stood up and carried the firstaid.
“Go to back to your room. Dont go to the kitchen again.” I said.
“The. The broken cu-p. un-der. The. cu-pboards.” He asked with his face still down
“Leave that till morning.” I said and walked out.
Heaven knows how happy I was when I sle-pt off and nothing, I mean ‘Nothing’ woke me up again till the next day.
#Episode 12
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
I woke up the next day and stretched my b©dy out of the be-d.
Yawning, I walked into the ensuite, brushed my teeth and washed my face.
I walked out and slide my feet into my fli-p-flops and walked out of my room to the kitchen, but that would mean, I’ll first see the sitting room and dinning room.
I turned towards the kitchen and when I got in and saw the broken pieces, then I recalled that I wasn’t the only one in this house.
I totally forgot..
Sleep could make one forget things.
I sighed, got a broom and a packer and carefully, I packed up the pieces into the trashbin, then remembering he pushed more of them un-der the kitchen cu-pboards, I kneeled down, bent my head and began pushing out the broken pieces with the long broom.
After which I also trashed them.
I kept back the broom and walked over to the counter to prepare breakfast.
I decided to prepare noodles and egg.
After a while into the cooking, I remembered I don’t have my phone with me.
I didn’t even check it.
Well, I ignored.
Few minutes later, the noodles and boiled egg was set.
I turned off the cooker and dished out the noodles into two different breakable ceramic plates (ma-king sure his own is much bigger) with an egg on t©p each.
I couldn’t fry cos I guess that would take lots of time.
I hate being late to work.
I dropped the meals on the breakfast bar, one plate facing the right seat, the other facing the left.
I’ll seat on the left.
I took out two glas-s cu-ps and two bottle water and placed one beside ‘his’ meal and the other beside mine with fork as well.
I can’t believe im serving this guy.
I wondered if he’s awake alre-ady or still slee-ping.
I walked out of the kitchen to go call him up to eat so he can leave.
I got to the door and slowly pushed it open, the door doesn’t crack.
Good thing.
Wow… Awkward. One nee-ded to see how awkward this guy was laying on the be-d.
He layed down with his stomache. He was facing the other.
His two hands spre-ad wi-dely on the big be-d amost reaching the be-d edge. So also is his legs.
The two pillows where on the floor, including the duvet.
Jesus Christ. This is serious.
I slowly walked to the side where he faced.
His dada covered his face, I couldn’t see his eyes cos they were all covered in his long dre-adlock.
But I did see that small pinkl-ips of his which were a bit agape.
Okay, I saw a trace of dried saliva run from the corner of his mouth down and im sure it dropped on the be-d.
I shook my head.
I nee-d to wake him up.
… Joy’s POV …
Oh la la… Im seeing Aunty Valerie now.
She thinks im still slee-ping.. Hahahaha..
I’ll still pretend that im slee-ping.
Joy you are pretending like you are slee-ping right?
Oh yes I am..
Hmmm… Aunty Valerie is so beautiful. I can stay like this and stare at her beautiful face till I grow old.
She t©uçhed me! Oh she t©uçhed me on my arm.
I want to smile but I am pretending to be asleep so I won’t smile at all.
She will beat me if she find out I am pretending.
Yes.. Ahh she t©uçhed me again. I don’t want to smile ohhh.
Her hand is so soft like ‘Stella’ my beautiful teddy bear that ‘James’ took from me.
I don’t want to remember her. She was so pretty like Aunty Valerie.
“Joy wake up. Don’t make me go late to work. Are you in another planet!” She yelled.
Yes yes yes I will wake up. I don’t want to cry remembering my Stella.
… Valerie’s POV (continues ….
He moved his hand after I almost sweated calling his names up to fifty times.
Who sleep like this?
I almost thought he’s dead!
He pu-ll-ed his legs together, pushed his bu-tt upwards in a really funny way just to get to his kneels with his head still on the be-d and his hands still spre-ad.
I couldn’t help chuckling at the way his bu-tt was upwards.
Then he made a sleepy gr0@nsound before bringing his hands nearer, then raised his head which made him position on ‘All four’ like a tired dog.
He stared at the wall for a minute before turning towards where I stood watching his with amazement.
Surely this guy is a complete Adult-baby.
He finally sat up, but kneeling.
Shook his head which made some dada covering his face to pu-ll aside to review his face.
Arghh, Dried saliva mark was also at the other corner of hisl-ips.
“Goo..Goodmorning. Aunty Valerie.” He said calmly.
“Go wash your face, You ll find a toothbrush and a paste, brush your teeth. Make sure you brush your teeth then come over to the kitchen and eat.” I said and took a step to walk out but got st©pped by his question.
“I. wantu eat. With. You. plea-se Dont. Eat. Wait. For. Me.” He said and pouted hisl-ips.
I chuckled.
“Im running late for work.” I said.
“But. Even. If. You eat now. You will still. Wait. For. Me to finish my own.” He said.
I smiled. That’s right.
“Why do you wanna eat with me? Thought you were shy around me last night?” I asked.
He shook his head.
“I. Dont. Want to. Be. Shy again. That’s why.” He said.
I chuckled and finally walked out.
… Iyke’s POV …
Can you believe thefu-ck?
This stupid girl spent another night in my house!
Which caused me to lie to Vale about last night. That I can’t make it cos I have to leave early to work but the truth is that it’s this bit-ch sitting comfortably on my couch, watching Tv that made me say that.
This morning!
God! What does Lizzy want with me. What do I just do with her.
Im seriously throwing her out today.
I can’t take this $h!ts anymore.
I walked in front of her and she stupidly smiled.
“Hey Iyke. You up.” She said.
“You see Lizzy!” I snapped.
“See what?” She asked, staring.
“I no know we-tin bring you come my house for three days now! But e don do. Im throwing you out if you don’t respect your bit-chy self and get out of my house.” I said.
She rolled her eyes and chuckled.
“Remember I have her mobile numbers.” She said.
“And so fv¢king what?” I yelled.
She smiled.
“Remember you nee-d a hvge amount of money from her huh?” She said.
“Yes and I will get it.” I barked.
“Then throw me out and see if you will.” She said and smiled.
I clenched my fist,
“fv¢k you. Valerie is un-der my love control. She will never believe you.” I barked.
She tilted her head with a smile,
“Oh almost did Iyke if not that I had to pretend to be one stupid Chioma, you know. I could tell her more.” She said.
God! I felt like killing her!
“What the hell do you want from me Lizzy! Why did I ever had to meet you!” I yelled.
“Ohh.. now you regretting why you met me? After you don pepper my pu-ssy finish abi.”
“Tell me what you want from me you bit-ch!” I was fuming.
She smiled, uncrossed her crossed legs, stood up and c@m£ close to me, with her f!ngerson my che-st.
“I want you Iyke. I want you.” She said as she bit her bo-ttoml-ips e-ductively.
I pushed her away.
“Fine! but why don’t you just get out of my house. You can still have me without being here in my house. Na business you wan spoil for me!” I barked.
She laughed.. “I can’t leave. Im here to stay for a month with you.” She said and I almost sl@pped her.
She rolled her eyes, “Don’t you dare!” She said.
“Go dress up for work. You are running late.” She added and sat back down.
“Lizzy you are leaving this house.” I said firmly.
“Then you are loosing your money and your millionare girlfriend as well.” She said with a grin and turned her gaze to the tv displanning Tom and Jerry.
Just then, she bur-sted into a laugh.
I don’t know if its actually the cartoon that’s the reason for her laugh or what I said.
I fumed a little and stormed back into my room.
I got to deal with this girl.
And very fast before she do something stupid and make me loose the hvge money im about getting from the dummy, Valerie.
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
Joy c@m£ back few minutes later and gently sat at the opposite sit.
I indeed waited for him and used that opportunity to s£nd a message to Iyke but he haven’t replied.
I’ve also called two times but he didn’t pick up.
Im worried and scared.
Another thing, I made an immediate order from a close mall for two shi-ts, two bo-xers, two pairs of trou-sers and a cute sli-ppers.
For Joy.
Which will be here in no time.
“Eat up.” I said and he began eating.
I followed up but my mind was drifted to Iyke.
Why didn’t he pick up his calls?
Oh he told me he’do leave very early to work.
I guess he’s alre-ady at work and really busy.
That’s why.
I shook thoughts outta my head as I ate my meal.
I was glad he didn’t talk till he finished up his meal.
Even though ‘his meal was way more bigger than mine, He finished up before me and drank down the whole of his bottle water, without even bothering about the glas-s cu-p.
“Thank. you Aunty Valerie.” He said.
I rolled my eyes. “I will beat you oh.. Are you so clumsy to un-derstand that I hate being called ‘Aunty’ ?” I said.
He shook his head.
“Im. Sorry. I will. Learn. It.” He said coldy.
His face have been down all the while.
He sat still till I was done with my meal.
He then stood up and was about taking the plate when I st©pped him.
“Drop it. ” I said.
Just then, we heard the knocks on the gate.
Im sure its the Delivery worker.
I stood up, carried the plates to the sink.
“Don’t dare step out of here till im back. Get that?” I said to Joy and he nodded.
“Good.” I walked out and over to the entrance door, pu-ll-ed it open, went out to the gate and I opened it, I was right. It was a delivery guy.
With my orders in a cute fancy red bag.
“Goodmorning ma’am.” He said with a well practiced smile and I returned it with my own smile.
“Come in.” I said and he did.
We got the door and I opened it.
“Come on in.” I said with a light smile.
“No ma’am. We deliver just at your doorstep.” He said and stood.
“Oh.. Then, lemme go get the money.” I said and closed back the door.
I rushed to my room, took out ten twelve thousand from my be-dside-table drawer and rushed back to the entrance door.
I opened the door, gave him the money and took the bag which I peeped in just to be sure It was what I ordered.
“Thanks Ma’am for buying from DAzzle.” He said, turned and left, I followed him to close back the gate.
When I c@m£ back, Joy was out, in the living-room.
Standing like a tree and staring at what I held.
“I thought I told you not to step out till I come back.” I said.
He nodded.
“Take. Go take your bathe and wear something new.” I said and he took the bag and looked into it.
He then smiled wi-dely, looked at me with wi-de eyes and a wi-der smile.
He looked really cute. Eva was right. I just figured out..
Gosh! I saw what was coming, but before I could restrain.
He was alre-ady hvgging me ti-ght.
What the heck!!!