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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My soulmate final Episode

9 min read


🔔 An African tale🔔

🍏Yoruba series🍏

Written by: Pinky Preshy Chioma✍️

🎈Season 11🎈



Simi’s phone rang aloud.

It interrupted her from entering into the ward with Wale.

It was Yemisi calling.

📱 Hello Yemi… Simi said as she closed the door again.

📱 Where are you Simi?…. Yemi asked anxiously

📱 Why? What happened?… Simi asked

📱 Am dying! Please help me!… She wailed.

“Dying?” Simi asked almost under her breath.

📱 Dying? What do you mean?… Simi asked eagerly

📱Am very sick! Please just come back…. She cried as Simi rushed out.

She had to hurriedly take a taxi after texting Wale.


“What? Aah! That good for nothing Femi, raised his filthy hands on my daughter?” Mrs Folashade ranted as she was drove into the hospital.

She quickly came down from the car with Omotola and aunty Bukky.

Aunty Bukky was also flaring up and cursing Femi.

They were about to walk into the ward when a nurse stopped them.

“Kilode? (What is it) can’t I go and see my Pikin?” Mrs Folashade said

“Please ma’am keep your voice down!” The nurse said politely.

“Shut up! Weeree (mad woman)! What do you know?” Aunty Bukky shouted

“Uhmm… Am sorry nurse!” Omotola said as Mrs Folashade sighed loudly.

“Orishirishi… Children of nowadays!” She snorted as they pushed the nurse aside and walked into the ward.

Mrs Folashade walked straight to Femi who was sitting close to unconscious Toyosi.

She landed a resounding slap on her face.

“You animal! How dare you raise your hand on my

daughter?” Mrs Folashade flared up.

“Uhmm..Mother…i…. I… ” Femi stammered

“Who’s your mother?” Aunt Bukky screamed

“You better pray to Oluwa oo because if anything bad happens to my daughter… Heeehhh….” Mrs Folashade warned as she walked closer to Toyosi’s bed.

She burst into tears on seeing Toyo’s bruised face.

“Aah! Femi it shall never be well with you!” Aunty Bukky cried

“Just looked at what you did to my friend Femi, you disfigured my friend’s face” Omotola cried

“If anything bad happens to my daughter Femi… You will pay dearly for it” Mrs Folashade said

Femi sat heavily on the chair tiredly.

He was short of words.


Wale sat on his couch with Simi’s head on her body.

“So how is your friend’s wife?” Simi asked anxiously

“Not better but improving a bit!” Wale said

“What really happened to her?” Simi asked

“He beat her up!” Adewale said

“Beat her up? My goodness!” Simi screamed

“Yeah! He has always been a woman beater!” Wale said

“That’s pathetic!” Simi added.

Adewale filled up his glass with wine and sipped.

“How is Yemi doing?” Wale asked

“She’s very OK now! I gave her medicine and injections” Simi said

“That’s good! You know that my friend’s wife had a lot of bruises all over her body… I was just thinking of what she could use to get the marks away” Wale said

“Do you have a picture of her so that I can see” Simi said.

Adewale quickly picked up his phone and showed Simi the picture.

“Here…” Wale said as Simi took the phone.

Her eyes widened in shock.

Tears welled down her cheeks to Wale’s surprise.


Simi said in tears as the phone slipped from her hand…..


🎈Season 12🎈


Tears welled down Simi’s face.

“Babe what is it?” Wale asked anxiously.

“Is this your friend’s wife?” Simi asked eagerly.

“Yes! That’s his new wife Toyosi… Do you know her?” Wale asked as Simi burst into tears again.

“I know her Wale! I know her!!” Simi cried

“How? I mean where?” Adewale asked in confusion.

“She… She’s… She’s my only sister!” Simi cried

Wale scoffed in disbelief.

“Sister? I don’t get you baby!” Wale scratched his head.

“Toyosi is my sister…. Toyosi Bankole and Simi Bankole! She’s my blood sister!” Simi weep

“What? It has been sister all along” Wale said in surprise as his jaw dropped in shock.


Mrs Folashade wailed uncontrollably as she sat beside Toyosi’s sick bed.

“Aah! My daughter! Baby mi…. I can’t believe you are lying on this bed because of that worthless husband of yours” She wailed tapping her feet restlessly on the ground.

“Maami calm down! She’s not yet dead… She’s just unconscious” Omotola said

“Omotola aah! What is remaining naw? Unconscious and death are twins!” Mrs Folashade cried

“She will be fine!” Omotola said

“I hope so oo…. Aah! How will I call my Simi and tell her about this…?” Mrs Folashade wailed

“Maami she will soon regain consciousness” Omotola said

But maami continued crying.

Suddenly, they felt Toyosi’s finger shake.

“Mogbe! I feel something” Omotola jerked up.

“Tola! Maaaa…mi” Toyo’s tiny voice said gasping for air.

Mrs Folashade quickly jumped up, she rushed to Toyosi.

Tears were already streaming down from Toyosi’s cheeks.

She couldn’t even say a word since tears won’t let her.

“Am sorry for disappointing you Maami” She cried.

Mrs Folashade hugged her tightly.

“It’s OK my child! Am sorry for the pains you are going through” Mrs Folashade burst into tears as she pecked her cheek.

“Omotola thank you so much for being there for me” Toyosi cried.

Her face and body was all bruised and swollen.

Her face was almost disfigured.

To be sincere, she looked pathetic.

“Aah! Femi is nothing but a bloody beast! He still didn’t learn his lesson after almost beating you up to death the other day now this!” Omotola lamented

“Omotola shhhh…. Ejoor naw!” Toyosi eyed her.

“Eeh? I don’t get something here! So this is not the first time he’s raising a hand on my daughter?” Mrs Folashade asked.

“No aunty! This is not even the fourth time” Omotola added.

“Aah! What? Toyosi what do you have to say about this?” Maami asked.

“Maami he has been beating me up but I decided to keep calm” Toyosi said

“Kiloshee naw? No why did you tell me about this until it got to the extent of beating you up to unconsciousness?” Mrs Folashade flared.

“Maami it’s the shame… The hurtful words I’ll receive from people most especially Simisola” Toyosi cried.

“No! This is not fair… You can’t let yourself suffer because of what people might say” Omotola shook her head.

“That reminds me maami have you told Simi?” Toyosi cried.

Mrs Folashade shook her head in disagreement.

“I haven’t! Honestly I don’t know how to face her right now” Toyo wailed

“But you guys really need to let her know!” Omotola said

“Tola you will understand this!” Mrs Jonathan said

“Is Simisola not also your daughter maami? Then why are you guys keeping this away from her?” Omotola asked in confusion.

“Because we can’t face her! Not after what conspired between us” Toyosi cut in.

“That’s quite bad!” Omotola said not knowing what else to say.

“More than you can think of” Mrs Folashade said as she picked up her cell phone.

She wanted to dial Simi’s number but she couldn’t.

Not after making her go through hell in the name of getting married.

Not after making her get thoroughly flogged and whipped hard.

“I can’t!” Mrs Folashade cried as she kept her phone on the bed.

“Where’s Femi maami?” Toyosi asked anxiously

“Which Femi? The beast?” Omotola flared up.

“For your information Toyosi I don’t want to hear anything about Femi… Yes! I pushed out of the ward” Mrs Folashade said

Toyosi breathed heavily as tears circulated in her eyes and poured down slowly.

She just know her life has been ruined and messed up by Femi.

She knows she can’t continue with the marriage.

At least not when maami is involved.

“How do we inform Simisola?” Toyosi asked anxiously.

“I don’t know!” Mrs Folashade breathed heavily.

“AM ALREADY HERE!” Simi’s voice echoed as everyone turned around.

They saw Simi standing right in front of them with a very handsome guy.

They gasped….



🎈Season 13🎈

💋 Final episode 💋


Tears welled down Toyosi’s eyes as she watched Simi walk in with Wale.

Mrs Folashade bowed her head in guilt and shame.

Simi walked in staring at them disgustingly.

“So why can’t you guys face me? Why are you afraid of telling me to my face that your very perfect daughter got married to a wife beater or that your very special in-law have turned your perfect daughter into a punching bag?” Simi rolled her eyes.

Wale patted Simi’s shoulder softly.

“Simisola…. My child! Please am very sorry… Forgive me!” Mrs Folashade fell on her knees.

“Maami you made me pass through hell just because you wanted me to emulate your perfect daughter right? Now where have she ended up?” Simi shouted.

“Simi it’s not what you think” Mrs Folashade defended herself

“Then what is it? You made me look so inferior…. I was insulted and humiliated at Toyo’s wedding” Simi broke down.

“Simi I know you don’t want to talk to me right now but I must say this.. Am very sorry for how I humiliated and insulted you” Toyosi cried

“Toyosi you’ve always been maami’s perfect daughter…. The one that does everything the right way. You mocked me and talked to me rudely because according to you, Femi was the perfect man for you” Simi cried

“Simi please find a place in your heart to forgive them” Omotola said with pleading eyes.

Simi turned away her face still crying bitterly.

“What goes around comes around” Omotola added.

After all the humiliation given to Simi, who would have thought that Toyo’s so called Mr right was actually a wife beater?

“Simi please forgive me!” Toyosi weep

“It’s OK! I was never angry with you…. Cos if you and maami hadn’t done what you did, I bet I won’t have met my love” Simi smiled

“Love?” Mrs Folashade’s frown turned to smiles gradually.

“Yes maami! Love….” Simi said sharply.

Wale hugged her tightly.

“Aah! He’s really handsome” Maami laughed as Adewale greeted her.

“Is he the one? Adewale?” Toyosi asked anxiously

“Yes Toyo! It has been your sister that I’ve been telling Femi about” Adewale said

Toyosi smiled broadly.

Simi hugged maami and then Toyosi.

Omotola clapped in excitement as she watched them bond.

“There is something I have always wanted to say” Adewale broke the silence.

Everyone turned to him.

To their surprise, he was already on his knees with a box of ring in his hand.

“I’ve always had this ring with me all the time waiting for an opportunity like this to propose to you…..” Adewale said

Simisola popped out her eyes in shock as she covered her mouth with her hands.

Tears welled down her face.

“Simi I….” Yemi rushed into the ward and seeing the romantic moment kept mute smiling.

“And finally my friend is engaged” Yemi smiled within herself.

“Simisola Bankole please be my lady forever?” Adewale said smiling.

Simi burst into tears of joy.

“Yes… Yes Wale” She said in so much excitement as the ring was slipped into her fingers.

They were applauded as they hugged each other tightly.

Femi walked in with his face bowed.

“What are you doing here?” Toyosi asked with her face frowned.

Femi quickly went on his knees.

“Toyo I know I don’t deserve you but I want you to give me a second chance to make things right…. Please forgive me!” Femi pleaded

“So that you can beat my daughter to death?” Mrs Folashade asked giving him a stern look.

“Maami please I want to make things right… I’ve turned to a new leaf” Femi said calmly.

“I can’t go back to you Femi… Not after what you have done to me” Toyosi said

“Toyo please just give me this one last chance… I want to make things right please” He begged

“Pleeaaaase….” Everyone begged Toyosi.

Toyosi smiled broadly.

Femi quickly hugged her tightly and they all clapped.

Simi was clinging to Adewale who held her tightly.

They group hugged.


Few months later….

Adewale and Simi got married while Toyosi and Femi reconciled.

Mrs Folashade have learnt her lesson.

They lived happily ever after…. 💕



Lesson: God’s time is the best…. Parents shouldn’t force their children into marriage.

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