My soulmate Episode 9 & 10

🔔An African tale🔔
🍏Yoru-ba series🍏
Written by: Pinky Preshy Chioma✍️
🎈Season 09🎈
“What? Femi did this to you?” Omotola flin-ched as Toyo re-moved her eyeglas-ses.
Toyosi bur-st into tears….
“Yes! Omotola he did this to me” Toyosi wailed
“Unbelievable! How did this happen? What happened?” Omotola asked anxiously
“He c@m£ home drun!kand I tried talking to him but he didn’t listen instead he started hitting me” Toyosi cried
“What the…. Femi is so shameless! Am sorry Toyosi but I have to be honest, that husband of yours is nothing but a he goat” Omotola flared up.
“I was so short of words… I don’t know what else to say” Toyosi cried.
“This is so annoying! It’s ba-rely two months that you got married and he’s alre-ady hitting you? I mean who does that?” Omotola said furiously.
“So I have to carry my cross” Toyosi said as she showed Omotola the marks on her back and arm.
“What? Which cross? Otioo…(No) Aah! What do you plan on doing? How about you call the police and report that bastard” Omotola said
“No Omotola… No I don’t want to report him… I don’t even want the public to know about this” Toyosi cried bitterly
Omotola wi-de-ned her eyes in shock….
“What? Don’t tell me you are going to cover up for that monster you called a husband” Omotola asked as she furrowed her brows.
“I have to Omotola! This is tough but I have to bear it….” Toyosi said
“Bear what? I don’t get you Toyosi…” Omotola blinked her eyes continuously.
“You won’t un-derstand Omotola! What will the world say? What will people say? That I got married and divorced in ba-rely two months” Toyosi cried as Omotola scoffed
“Really? You are so unbelievable Toyo…. You’d rather die in silence than free yourself from eternity bondage?” Omotola asked in anger.
“plea-se Omotola! Let this be between us… I don’t want the public to hear or know anything about this! I c@m£ to you because I have no one to talk to” Toyosi cried.
“Tch! This is really ridiculous” Omotola backed her fuming with anger.
Simi cut the fried chicken with her knife and spooned it into her mouth with a fork.
Her face was brightened with smiles all over it.
“Thank you so much Simi” Wale said in happiness.
“What for?” Simi said as she giggled
“For coming over…. You just lightened up my day” He said
“Ahh… I should be thanking you for ma-king the night fun for me instead of boring as usual” Simi said
“You know mine is more boring? And… I forgot to say you look extremely beautiful” Wale said as Simi blu-shed.
“Thank you! You look good as well” She said as they kept avoiding eye contact.
They only didn’t st©p stealing glances at each other.
“That reminds me how is your mom’s health?” Simi asked trying to change the t©pic.
“She’s well…. Thank you!” Wale said as he win-ked at her.
Simi f0rç£d a smile….
She was alre-ady feeling uneasy!
Is this how it feels to fall in love?
she kept thinking within her….
“Does that mean that I love Adewale alre-ady?” She said to herself.
Simi sat on her giant be-d pressing her phone.
She kept smiling….
We know who is ma-king her smile bah?
She didn’t even notice when Yemisi entered the room.
Yemi smiled happily.
She picked up a tissue paper and started wiping off her makeups.
“Someone is in love” Yemi said as Simi bec@m£ startled.
“Hey! Yemisi have you been there long?” Simisola asked
“Yeah! And I watched you smile at your phone! So what’s new about the phone that’s ma-king you smile?” Yemi tea-sed
“Tch! You are so n@ûghty” Simi grinned
“Am happy for you Simi” Yemisi said as she hvgged Simi.
🔥 🔥
Toyosi sat on the couch in the sitting room shaking her legs impatiently.
She glanced at the wall clock.
it was 12:53am…. Some minutes to one in the morning.
And Femi was not yet home.
Tears dropped down Toyosi’s cheek.
At the dinning was her well prepared fried chicken and rice covered properly.
It was alre-ady cold like ice.
Toyosi kept walking up and down restlessly.
🕒 30 mins later 🕒
Toyo had alre-ady fallen asleep on the couch.
Suddenly, Femi ban-ged on the door noisily over and over again.
Toyosi quic-kly j£rked up from the couch.
It was some minutes to 2am.
She heaved a sigh as she walked towards the door.
She opened the door and Femi pushed her r0ûghly and stormed in.
He reeked of alcohol.
Toyosi covered her nose due to the stench of alcohol.
“You idiot! Didn’t you hear me knocking?” Femi staggered
“Femi take a look at the time! Is this when a married man should come home? You are such a….” Toyo said as Femi landed a dirty sl@p on her face.
She opened her mouth to say a word in tears.
But Femi pounced on her….
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🔔An African tale🔔
🍏Yoru-ba series🍏
Written by: Pinky Preshy Chioma✍️
🎈Season 10🎈
“You know too much work can make you get wrinkles” Wale tea-sed Simi.
Simi placed her head on his l@ps as they were seeing a movie together in Adewale’s ap@rtment.
They are lovebirds alre-ady 🥰
“That’s not true! You’re just being n@ûghty!!” Simi laughed as she sp@ñked him jokingly.
“Am being serious here! Working a lot can make you grow old” He laughed
“I work a lot because I don’t want to feel bored that’s all” Simi defended herself.
“Oh really? How can you be bored when am always here to cheer you up?” He smiled
“Then why were you teasing me?” Simi pouted her mouth.
“Cos you look more beautiful when tea-sed!” He win-ked at her as she chuckled.
Adewale’s phone rang aloud and he quic-kly picked it up.
It was his friend.
📱 Hello man… What’s up?… Adewale asked as he feed Simi with the popcorn.
And Simi smiled happily.
📱 Am in de-ep $h!t mehn… His friend said
📱 de-ep $h!t? Why what happened?…. He asked anxiously
📱 It’s Yosi… She’s in the hospital right now… His friend said devastatedly
📱 What? Damn! Don’t tell me you did it?… Wale said angrily
📱 I wasn’t myself dude.. I was… He tried to defend himself
📱 Enough alre-ady! I wonder if you see her as a woman or a punching bag… Adewale said
📱 It’s not my fault Wale… His friend said
📱 Who’s fault is it then? Mine?… Adewale ranted
📱 Fine! Just come over man.. Am alre-ady feeling worst right now…. His friend said
📱 Which hospital?…. Adewale asked
📱 St Martin’s hospital… His friend said and Wale hung up.
He breathed heavily.
“What happened babe?” Simi asked anxiously on seeing Wale’s countenance change.
“It’s my friend and his wife again?” Adewale said
“What about them?” Simi asked
“His wife’s at the hospital… I nee-d to be there baby! You can just wait for me here” Wale said
“No! I want to go with you” Simi said
“Come on baby just stay” Wale said
“No way! Am coming with you” Simi insisted
“Alright…” Adewale said.
Mrs Folashade laughed heartily as she gulped down a glas-s of wine.
“Am so happy for my daughter Toyosi… That Femi Aah! He’s a good man!” Mrs Folashade said happily.
“Am happy for you my sister! At least before the year ends, you will be sure to get a grandchild” Aunt Bukky… Mrs Folashade’s friend said
“Bukky am so excited… At least none of my friends will laugh at me cos one of my daughters is married” Mrs Folashade said.
“Errrmm…. That reminds me what about your eldest daughter Simi?” Aunt Bukky said
“Mmhh… I don’t un-derstand that girl! Aah… Oluwa ejoor… God help me for that girl case” Mrs Folashade said as she ate the apple
“I don’t un-derstand… Kiloshee?” Aunt Bukky said
“She just doesn’t want to get married” Mrs Folashade said
“Aah! Raraa ooo… Why now?” Aunt Bukky asked
“If you ask me, na who I go ask? She’s giving me problems but otioo (No oo) she will not succeed in giving me high blood pressure” Mrs Folashade said
“Are you serious? This is not good at all” Aunty Bukky said
“It is not oo and I pray that with the deliverance she received from err… Pastor Obafemi, she will come back to her s-en-ses” Mrs Folashade said
“I hope too” Aunty Bukky added
“That reminds me how is my goddaughter Suliat?” Mrs Folashade said
“She’s fine! Just getting re-ady for her exams” Aunt Bukky smiled
“How is she coping? Life in secondary school and….” Mrs Folashade said
But she was interrupted by the loud knock on the door.
“Who is it? plea-se come in” She said as the door was opened and Omotola walked in.
“Ekeaso ma!” She greeted the two ladies
“Aah! Tola how are you doing my daughter?” Mrs Folashade smiled
“Am fine maami” She said
“Why not join us? With the apples” Aunt Bukky said
“No thanks aunt! I have an important and urgent information” She said
“Urgent information? Aah! What happened?” Mrs Folashade asked
“Maami it’s about Toyosi” Omotola said calmly
“Toyo? What’s up with my pikin?(child)” Mrs Folashade asked
“Uhmm… You see Femi beat her up so badly and she was rushed to the hospital” Omotola said
“Ehhh?…” The two ladies screamed in unison
Wale pu-ll-ed over in the hospital garage.
As Simi and himself hopped down from the car and rushed into the hospital.
They walked towards Wale’s friend’s wife’s ward.
Wale walked into the ward.
Simi followed up and opened the door.
She g@sped….
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🔔 An African tale🔔
🍏Yoru-ba series🍏
Written by: Pinky Preshy Chioma✍️
🎈Season 11🎈
Simi’s phone rang aloud.
It interrupted her from entering into the ward with Wale.
It was Yemisi calling.
📱 Hello Yemi… Simi said as she closed the door again.
📱 Where are you Simi?…. Yemi asked anxiously
📱 Why? What happened?… Simi asked
📱 Am dying! plea-se help me!… She wailed.
“Dying?” Simi asked almost un-der her breath.
📱 Dying? What do you mean?… Simi asked eagerly
📱Am very sick! plea-se just come back…. She cried as Simi rushed out.
She had to hurriedly take a taxi after texting Wale.
“What? Aah! That good for nothing Femi, raised his filthy hands on my daughter?” Mrs Folashade ranted as she was drove into the hospital.
She quic-kly c@m£ down from the car with Omotola and aunty Bukky.
Aunty Bukky was also flaring up and cursing Femi.
They were about to walk into the ward when a nurse st©pped them.
“Kilode? (What is it) can’t I go and see my Pikin?” Mrs Folashade said
“plea-se ma’am keep your voice down!” The nurse said politely.
“Shut up! Weeree (mad woman)! What do you know?” Aunty Bukky shouted
“Uhmm… Am sorry nurse!” Omotola said as Mrs Folashade sighed loudly.
“Orishirishi… Children of nowadays!” She snorted as they pushed the nurse aside and walked into the ward.
Mrs Folashade walked straight to Femi who was sitting close to unconscious Toyosi.
She landed a resounding sl@p on her face.
“You animal! How dare you raise your hand on my daughter?” Mrs Folashade flared up.
“Uhmm..Mother…i…. I… ” Femi stammered
“Who’s your mother?” Aunt Bukky screamed
“You better pray to Oluwa oo because if anything bad happens to my daughter… Heeehhh….” Mrs Folashade warned as she walked closer to Toyosi’s be-d.
She bur-st into tears on seeing Toyo’s bruised face.
“Aah! Femi it shall never be well with you!” Aunty Bukky cried
“Just looked at what you did to my friend Femi, you disfigured my friend’s face” Omotola cried
“If anything bad happens to my daughter Femi… You will pay dearly for it” Mrs Folashade said
Femi sat heavily on the chair tiredly.
He was short of words.
Wale sat on his couch with Simi’s head on her b©dy.
“So how is your friend’s wife?” Simi asked anxiously
“Not better but improving a bit!” Wale said
“What really happened to her?” Simi asked
“He beat her up!” Adewale said
“Beat her up? My goodness!” Simi screamed
“Yeah! He has always been a woman beater!” Wale said
“That’s pathetic!” Simi added.
Adewale filled up his glas-s with wine and sipped.
“How is Yemi doing?” Wale asked
“She’s very OK now! I gave her medicine and injections” Simi said
“That’s good! You know that my friend’s wife had a lot of bruises all over her b©dy… I was just thinking of what she could use to get the marks away” Wale said
“Do you have a picture of her so that I can see” Simi said.
Adewale quic-kly picked up his phone and showed Simi the picture.
“Here…” Wale said as Simi took the phone.
Her eyes wi-de-ned in shock.
Tears welled down her cheeks to Wale’s surprise.
“TOYOSI?” Simi said in tears as the phone sli-pped from her hand…..
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