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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My soulmate Episode 5 to 8

13 min read
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🔔An African tale🔔

🍏Yoruba series🍏

Written by: Pinky Preshy Chioma✍️

🎈Season 05🎈



Simi rushed out of her car and walked straight to her mom Mrs Folashade who was standing in front of the church gate.

“Am very sorry for being late maami” Simi said as Mrs Folashade gave her a dangerous glare.

“Why won’t you be late eh? When all you think and care about is work?” Mrs Folashade eyed Simi.

Simi only gulped nervously as she walks into the church with her mom..

Simi breathed in relief….

Few hours before.. 🕒

Simi had rushed into the bathroom….

She took a quick shower 🚿 and brushed her teeth.

Her phone didn’t stop ringing….

It was either Mrs Folashade or Toyosi.

She didn’t pick their calls as she was busy selecting the dress to put on.

Few minutes later, she was done…. She dashed out of the house holding her shoes with her hands.


Simi sat among the bridal train….

After the church service, they headed straight to the reception hall.

“Happy married life Toyo!” Yemi smiled happily at Toyosi.

“Thank you very much Yemi!” Toyosi said proudly.

“your husband is really so cute” Yemi added as they smiled.

Simi sat by the corner quietly.

She doesn’t even wants to be noticed at all.

Yemi walked to her table.

“Hey girl… I’ve been looking all over for you” Yemi said as she sat right beside her.

Simi sipped

her wine slowly still mute.

“Simisola are you OK?” Yemi asked smacking her into consciousness.

“Oh yeah… yes… Am fine!” She stammered

“Why are you so quiet then?” Yemi asked

“Aah… Yemi you of all people is asking me that kind of question? I don’t want anybody to notice my presence” Simi said

“Why is that? Your only sister is getting married Simi… The only sibling you have” Yemi said rolling her eyes.

“My only sister…. Yes! My YOUNGER sister” Simi said demonstrating with her fingers.

Yemi scoffed.

“And so what?” Yemi asked anxiously

“Don’t you know how my mom can be? Even my sister” Simi said as she turned her face away.

“You know in as much as I understand your mom’s attitude, I also think they should let you do what you want for the meantime” Yemi said

“That’s not what they think” Simi said softly but they were interrupted by Toyosi.

“Uhhh… Sister! You didn’t even bother to greet me or talk with my hubby” Toyosi said in a mockery tone.

“Congratulations Toyo!” Simi said softly as she drank her wine again.

“Thank you! You know am so lucky…. Femi is such a darling! He even wears my shoe for me” Toyosi said

Yemi cleared her throat in sarcasm.

“Oh that’s good of him…” Simi managed to say

“You know what Simisola! I think you should really pray to get a husband like Femi” She mocked.

“Oh that’s good!” Yemi said seeing that Simi was going to break into tears if she say a word.

“By the way, have you seen our aunts? Aunt Suliat, Aunt

Kemi and aunt Funke?” Toyosi said as Simi became visibly scared.

“Toyo why not go back to the platform with your darling husband” Yemi said as Toyosi snorted and walked away.

She has always derived joy from getting on her sister’s nerves.

Simi breathed heavily.

“That’s her! Always feeling better than me in every way” Simi said

“It’s obvious she’s saucy! Don’t mind her” Yemi said.

“Mogbe! Is that not Simisola?’ Simi heard voices from behind.

She quickly recognized the voices.

She became very uncomfortable.

“Excuse me Yemi! I’ll use the rest room” Simi said and turned to leave.

“Hey! Simisola!!” The voices yelled as she turned around

Aah… No other than her aunts…

She bowed her head in disappointment.

“Ekeasoo ooh…” Simi managed to say

They nodded their heads.

They were all putting on glasses.

They kept on stealing glances at me before aunt Suliat cleared her throat noisily.

“Eeh… Simisola do you know whose wedding it is?” She asked with her face squeezed

“Uhmm… Toyosi’s wedding” Simi said

“Aah… So you know eh? You even know whose wedding it is?” Aunt Kemi clapped in a gossip manner.

“Of course aunt!” Simi said

“Ehee let me ask again is like I forgot, you and Toyo who is the elder?” Aunt Funke asked

Simi already know where they are driving at.

“I am” She said unwillingly

“Simi when are we going to come for your own wedding? My daughter Runke is also getting married soon” Aunt Funke added

“Soon…” Simi said

“Aah! Soon kor… Soon ni… When is soon Simi?” aunt Suliat asked

“I mean it’s not gonna be long” Simi said

“Shoo… Where is the engagement ring on your finger to show us that it’s not gonna be long?” Aunt Kemi added

“Aunties please… I just answered your question” Simi said uneasy

“Which question?” Aunt Funke flared up

“Aunt I’ll get married soon” Simi said as

“Soon can be next five years…. Simi we will be going for family meeting for your sake” Aunt Kemi said.

Simi’s eyes widened in shock.

“What?” Simi exclaimed

“Yes Simi! you have refused to give me grandchildren’ A voice said from behind….


🎈Season 06🎈


Simi turned around…

It was no other person but her mom.

“I will put you for sale so that you can get married” They said

“I think that is the best way for you to get married” Simi’s mother said

Simi rushed out of the hall in tears.

“You better go and get married…. Very soon maggots will grow on your private parts” They yelled at her.

She quickly rushed to her car and hopped in.

All eyes were on her.

The shame was too much…

She quickly started the car engine and drove out.

Tears kept running down her cheeks.

“Is it a crime to be unmarried at the age of 28? Is not like am up to 40 or so… Why are they treating me like am too old” Simi cried as she hit her hand on the steering wheel.

She kept on driving.

Even her little sister Toyo now talks to her anyhow she wants.

Just because she’s also getting married.


Simi laid on the bed weakly with a towel still tied round her chest.

She applied some cream on her soft skin.

That was when her mom and aunt’s mean words to her refreshed.

She sighed loudly.

“Simi! Where are you girl?” That was Yemi’s voice.

“Am here!” I said as Yemi walked into the room.

She was still on her party attire.

“Am really sorry about what happened” Yemi said as she pulled off her shoes.

“Am used to that already! If I tell you that am not tired of this that makes me a big fat liar” Simi said

“You know until today I never understood you but believe me Simi I know that feeling” Yemi said

“This is just a tip of ice berg to compare to what I’ve been going through in the hands of my mom and sister” Simi said

Yemi hugged Simi tightly.


Simi walked into her office with her expensive handbag and shoes.

She looked very pale and weak.

Her eyes were heavy and reddish.

She sat heavily on the chair tiredly

Her cell phone rang aloud and it was her mom.

She sighed loudly as she quickly hung up.

That didn’t stop her mom.

She continued calling and calling until she picked it up.

📱 Simisola where are you not picking your calls eh?… Mom’s voice echoed from the phone.

📱 Maami please am at work and I don’t want to talk about anything… Simi said

Mrs Folashade only clicked her tongue loudly.

📱 Work my foot! Kilode? (What is it?) what is your problem eh? Don’t you want to get married or do you want your beauty to waste?… She asked

📱 Maami please I don’t want anyone to ruin in my Monday morning… Simi said

📱 Shut up! Mojatijati (stupid)… You don’t want any thing good for yourself… Well I just want to tell you that Pastor Obafemi wants to see you… She said

Simi scoffed annoyed.

“Her usual talks” Simi snorted

📱 Maami I am not going anywhere… Tell that to your pastor Obafemi… Simi said

📱 Lies… Fat lie! You must come with me! Shoo…do you… Maami said but Simi quickly hung up.

She placed her head on the chair.

“When is this going to stop?” Simi groaned

🍌 🍌

The bell rang continuously as the drums kept beating faster.

The songs continued….

“Jehova Nissi….. Oluwa mi….. Fire 🔥! 🔥…. Fire of the Holy Ghost….” The prophet groaned as he kept falling around with his long garment and bell.

“Amii ooo…. Amii ooo!” The members chorused

Mrs Folashade knelt in front of the prophet with her eyes closed.

“Madam Fola… Since you stepped your foot here…. Your problems are gone” The prophet said as he sprinkled water on Mrs Folashade.

“Amii…(Amen)” Mrs Folashade said

“Your daughter…. Aah! Your daughter… She is married to a water spirit in the spiritual world… He has vowed not to let her get married” The prophet

“Holy Ghost fire 🔥… Not my own Simisola…” Mrs Folashade yelled.

“Holy Ghost?..” The prophet screamed

“🔥 💥 FIRE….” The members shouted.

“You need to bring her here… She will be sanctified first” The prophet said

“OK prophet” Mrs Folashade nodded


Mrs Folashade kept walking up and down the room restlessly.

“Mogbe! How I go do am? That stubborn daughter of mine… How will I convince Simi to come with me…” She thought

“How will I bring her to see the prophet? No! I will make her see him by force” She thought

Simi was at the kitchen making toasted bread and butter.

When suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door.

I walked out of the kitchen to the door.

“Who is it?” I asked as I opened the door.

My eyes widened in shock.

“Mom?” I called in surprise….


🎈Season 07 🎈


Simi widened her eyes in shock.

“What the hell are you doing here Maami?” Simi asked as Mrs Folashade clapped her hands in a gossip manner.

“Is that one a question?” Mrs Folashade asked as she pushes Simi roughly and walked into the house.

“This is gonna be tough!” Simi said inaudibly.

“So you thought I was playing abi? Well get ready we are going to see Prophet Obafemi today” Mrs Folashade said

“What? Don’t tell me you meant what you just said mom! For crying out loud Maami I have to rest, I’ve been working since yesterday night and I have to rest” Simi said

“Working kor! Working ni!! Shut up joor! Work indeed… What kind of work were you doing eeh? Were you breastfeeding your baby?” She rolled her eyes.

“Maami why are you being inconsiderate naw? Kiloshe?” Simi cried

“Incosi…eeh… Inconside…Aah! Abeg jareeh! Spare me that your big big grammar that is not why am here, inconsi whatever!” Mrs Folashade said finding it difficult to pronounce the word.

“What I meant was why are you being selfish…?” Simi said

“Selfish? Shoo… How am I being selfish? I only want the best for you…” Mrs Folashade

“Fine! Mom what do I offer you?” Simi asked as she scoffed.

“Aah! Don’t offer me anything oo… Just get into that room, dress up and follow me shikina!” Mrs Folashade

“But Maami…” Simi said

“No but’s… For the good and the peace of the both of us, don’t keep me waiting!” Mrs Folashade said as Simi sluggishly walked upstairs.

“Let her come with me” Mrs Folashade grinned.


Simi walked into the prayer house with her squeezed face.

She looked at everywhere in disgust.

“Maami what kind of a place is this?” Simi whispered

“Tch! Ejoor Simisola you better comport yourself because hmm… If you make prophet Obafemi to change his mind eh…” Maami tapped her legs on the ground.

Simi breathed heavily as she sat close to her mother.

💭 Is this what I have to go through 💭 Simi thought within herself


🎶 God of Elijah…. 🎶

🎶 Send down fire 🔥🎶

🎶 God of Elijah…. 🎶

🎶 Send down fire 🔥🎶

“Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!” Prophet Obafemi screamed as scared Simi knelt in the middle.

“Shout Amii…” The other lady yelled at Simi.

Simi flinched and breathed heavily.

Sweat rolled down her face.

“Amii… Amiii…” She kept on shouting

“The evil spirits… The water spirit… Mogbe! They have come to torment her” Prophet Obafemi groaned

“Back to sender o…” Mrs Folashade said loudly

“It’s time to chase the spirit away! Get me the Holy water and the Holy cane!” Prophet Obafemi said

Simi popped out her eyes in shock.

“Cane? What for?” She asked anxiously.

Before she could say anymore word, the prophet already started flogging stars out of her as the woman sprinkled water on her.

Simi kept on screaming as they flogged her.


Simi groaned in pain as she walked into her office.

Her whole body was paining and aching her.

“Ouch… ” She groaned as she managed to sit down.

Her body was reddish and pale.

It was due to the flogging she received from the prophet yesterday.

Her cell phone rang aloud.

It was her mom.

She grumbled in anger.

She hung up countless number of times but Mrs Folashade persisted.

She quickly picked up the cell phone.

📱 What is it Maami? Are you happy now? I hope you are rejoicing?… Simi yelled angrily

📱 Aah! Simi I only took you there for your own good…. She said

📱 Oh really? So the pains is also for my own good right? Mom please let me be!…. Simi said

📱 Simisola I know you are not happy with me and…. Mrs Folashade said

📱 Enough mom! I’ve had it up to here… Just let me be already… Simi cried

📱 Simi you know… Mrs Folashade said

📱 I just hope you stop involving me in your solution seeking any longer… It’s my life not yours so mind yours and stop making me go through pains and miseries…. Simi blurted in tears.

She quickly hung up and burst into tears.

😭Aww… I feel for her shaa😥

She bent over her head on her table.

Still crying bitterly.

Just then, she felt someone touch her.

“What’s the matter?” The voice said calmly as she quickly raised her hand and hugged the person.

it was Adewale 😍 😍 ….


🎈Season 08🎈


Simi raised her face….

Her eyes were heavy and reddish..

She quickly hugged Adewale in tears.

Some minutes later of weeping in his broad shoulders, she disengaged the hug.

“Am sorry….” Simi said as she quickly picked up her handkerchief and mopped her face with it.

“What happened?” Adewale asked calmly to Simi’s surprise.

“It’s nothing!” Simi lied

“You know I heard you speaking to your mom over the phone” Adewale said

Simi burst into tears again but she kept wiping her face.

“You don’t understand my predicament Mr Adewale… The feeling of being disliked in the family… It’s killing me!” Simi opened up.

“Believe me I know that feeling… I understand everything you are saying! I keep feeling that way everyday when it comes to my dad” Adewale said bitterly

“My younger sister is always been seen as the best… No matter how hard I work, I can never compete with Toyosi” Simi cried

“Toyosi? Hmm… My friend’s new wife’s name! Anyways this is Yoruba for you! Names everywhere!” Adewale.

“Yeah right! You know I never knew you smile” Simi said as he burst into laughter.

“Really? Am I that cold?” Wale said happily

“Yeah! Much more than that… That I wondered the kind of beast you are” Simi teased him as they laughed heartily.

“I’ve not always been like that! Just that my father and I doesn’t really get along with each other… He’s an eye sore to me” Wale said

“Eye sore? Why?” Simisola asked as she furrowed her brows.

“We don’t see each other eyeball to eyeball… And I don’t refer to him as daddy, I call him by his name Mr Oladipo” Wale said

“That isn’t so nice!” Simi said

“I know! But I can’t seem to bring myself to forgive him for what he did in the past” Wale said

“It’s okay!” Simi said as they smiled at each other.

And shook hands…

“Friends?” Wale smiled broadly

“Friends!” Simi smiled as well.

💖Friendship 💖


Simi was preparing dinner in the kitchen and singing loudly in excitement.

Yemisi walked into the kitchen still in her work attire.

Simi didn’t even notice her presence cos she was busy singing.

“Hmm.. Seems like someone is so excited today!” Yemisi screamed and Simi flinched.

“Oh! Yemi welcome home!! You startled me!” Simi smiled

“Sorry about that but you almost sang the house down” Yemi said

“Haa…Yemisi ejoor… Just let me be” Simi laughed

“Oh really? Hmm… So what’s the secret of your happiness?” Yemi nudged her.

“My goodness! You’re so unbelievable… Nothing! Am just happy” Simi said as she fried the fishes.

“You know you can not deceive me right?” Yemi said as she gulped down a glass of juice.

“Well uhhm… Am going for a date” Simi said shyly.

Yemi popped out her eyes in shock.

“A date?” Yemi asked anxiously

“Yeah a date!” Simisola smiled revealing her white sparkling teeth.

“Oh my gosh! You never told me you’ve got a Prince Charming?” Yemi shouted

“Prince Charming? Of course not! Adewale is just a friend… And it’s a friendly date” Simi said

“Ughh…. That’s how it starts! From friendly date to couple date” Yemi teased

“Can you please go upstairs and change… Stop bugging me already” Simi screamed at her.

“Whatever! I can’t wait for your… Uhm… What’s his name again?” Yemi asked

“Get lost Yemisi!” Simi shouted at her playfully.

“Your… Adewale to slip a ring into that finger” Yemi said as she rushed out of the kitchen.

“Naughty girl!” Simi groaned

👠 👠

Yemi walked into the room.

She saw Simi’s date clothes on the bed.

It was a very beautiful long gown.

Army green gown and a classy golden heels.

She laughed heartily.

“Finally dear Simi will soon get herself a lover! Am so happy…. Save her from further embarrassment” She chuckled.


Toyosi walked into her friend’s apartment.

She was putting on glasses.

“Hey Toyo! You didn’t tell me you were coming” Omotala asked anxiously.

“You won’t understand girl” Toyo said with a teary voice.

“Are you ok? What happened? Why are you crying? Did you get into a fight?” Omotola asked anxiously

“Too many questions” Toyosi said

“So tell me what is it? Have Femi seen you?” Omotola asked

“Actually he’s the one am crying for” Toyo wailed.

“How?” Omotola asked

Toyo quickly removed her eye glasses.


Black eye? 😳😳….



What’s up with Toyosi and her perfect husband? 🙄🙄

I don’t care sef 🚶 🚶

#TeamAdesimi 😍 😍

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