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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My soulmate Episode 1 & 2

8 min read


🔔An African tale🔔

🍏Yoruba series🍏

Written by: Pinky Preshy Chioma✍️

🎈Season 01🎈



Grab your pop corn and ice cream let’s hit the jackpot 🎊 💃 🍿🍦🧁


🔔 Ding dong! Ding dong! 🔔 The doorbell rang noisly.

“Ahh! Who is it?” The elderly woman screamed from the dinning before opening the door.

“Maami… Good evening ma!” Simisola greeted and hugged her mom.

“Simi why did you take long eh? Look at the time… It’s past eight already” Mrs Folashade her mother said as the walked to the sitting room and sat down.

“Uhhh… Maami (Mommy) I couldn’t leave the hospital besides you just invited me to have dinner with you” Simi groaned

“Eh… Yes! I have something very important to discuss with you so you will be spending the night here” Mrs Folashade said

“What? I can’t! This is Oshodi Maami and the hospital is located in Lekki… I don’t want to be late to work” Simi said.

“And so? Ahh… Just because you are living in Phase 2 Lekki and your mom is living in a comfortable apartment in Oshodi, we won’t hear again…” Mrs Folashade snorted

“But Maami… You know how much I value my work” Simi shook her head.

“Shut up! Are you the only doctor in that hospital… My friend go upstairs and refresh then come to the dinning for dinner” Mrs Folashade said walking to the kitchen.

“OK…. (under her breath) Arrgghh… Maami is really something else” Simi said as

she headed upstairs.


They sat on the dinning eating the well prepared Yoruba dish.

“Mmhhh… Delicious Maami!” Simi smiled

“Thank you child” Mrs Folashade said happily.

“Uhh.. That reminds me, Maami why did you call me over for dinner?” Simi asked

Mrs Folashade used a serviette to clean her mouth and cleared her throat.

“Good question! Did you see that on the table?” Mrs Folashade pointed to the table on the sitting room.

“The asoebi (cloth)… The two of them?” Simi asked

“Yes!” Mrs Folashade said

“What about them? The look very colourful” Simi smiled

“That red one there was given to me by Aderunke’s mother… It’s her wedding asoebi” Mrs Folashade said

“What? Runke is getting married? Oh! Am so happy for her” Simi exclaimed

“Yes she is getting married and you should be happy for her… I wonder when people will happy for you too” Mrs Folashade said as she eyed her.

Simi choked as she reaches for a glass of water.

“Someday Maami” She added

“Someday? When is that day ever going to come? And the other asoebi is Bimpe’s own she’s getting married too by next month” Mrs Folashade said

“Even Bimpe my cousin too?” Simi said almost inaudibly

“And you are here happy for them? When will you get married Simi? When? Look at small Runke of yesterday…Your cousin sister that you carried and nurtured is getting married… Are you not ashamed of yourself?” Mrs Folashade fired

“Maami ejoor (please) I will get married when the time comes… Am just too busy with work” Simi said

“Shut up! When the time comes my foot!

When will the time come? Look at your little sister, your immediate younger sister Toyosi…my very lovely daughter, her wedding is in two days time and you are here saying when the time comes” Mrs Folashade said in annoyance.

“Maami please I don’t have the strength for all this right now” She said

“Ahh… Oluwa eh! This girl want to kill me? Am I the only one that has an educated hardworking doctor as a first daughter?” Mrs Folashade wailed uncontrollably

“Maami that’s enough already! I will get married soon” Simi said

“How? When you spend all your time in the hospital? You are 28 for God’s sake Simisola yet you have no boyfriend and your younger sister Toyosi is getting married in two days yet you keep focusing in the hospital” Mrs Folashade yelled

“Mmhhhh…. I really have to go to bed early, I have work tomorrow” Simi said trying to excuse her.

“My friend come back here… Listen you are going back to your apartment tomorrow morning and you are not going to work as well” Mrs Folashade said

“Why Maami? I have patients who I am their personal doctor!” Simi said

“I don’t care! Better call them and tell them that you are not going to go to work tomorrow.. madam working class lady!” Mrs Folashade said. Written by Pinky Preshy Chioma.

“Why?” Simisola asked

“We are going to see Prophet Obafemi tomorrow… Let him conduct deliverance for you” Mrs Folashade said

“Whatever Maami!” Simi said as she walked upstairs.

“Yes! The prophet will cast the evil spirits that are delaying my daughter’s marriage” Mrs Folashade said to herself.

Simi’s Pov:

I walked into the room and lay heavily on the bed.

Ah…Maami will never kill me!

She’s giving me a heart attack on this marriage issue.

My name is Simisola Bankole…. And Simi for short.

Well am a doctor… a workaholic! I hardly have time for myself and I don’t even have a boyfriend.

All I do is to go from work to the house.

And my younger sister Toyosi is actually getting married in two days time.

Since then, my mom has been on my neck.

I breathed heavily as I kept staring at the ceiling fan.

I can’t miss work tomorrow…

I have to sneak out tomorrow.


The next morning…..

it was 4am in the morning 🕒

I quickly took a shower and dressed up.

I picked up my shoe and handbag as I tiptoed out of the house.

I was about to open the sitting room door when mom screamed at me.

“WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO?” Maami’s voice yelled.

My heart skipped…..


🎈 Season 02 🎈


Simi stopped and stood at a place in annoyance.

“Where do you think you are going to eh? Didn’t you hear what I told you last night?” Mrs Folashade screamed at her.

“Maami I have got a lot of work to do” Simi said as she turned around.

“Work kor! Work ni… Your mates are in their husbands house taking care of their beautiful children and you are here talking of work” Mrs Folashade sighed

“Maami can we please visit the prophet another day” Simi said putting on her shoe.

“Shut up? Kilode nah? (What is it?) Aah! I can see you don’t want me to have grandchildren abi?” Mrs Folashade said

“Maami this is my life and I’ve got to live it the best way I can… Please mom just let me be and not to worry… I’ll get married soon” Simi said as she rushed out of the house.

“Hmm… Tch! Aah… So this girl is speaking all the oyinbo big big grammar for me? Anyways I won’t rest until the evil spirit that is preventing my daughter from getting married will be casted…i trust prophet Obafemi!” Mrs Folashade said as she picked up her bible on top of the table and started screaming her prayers.


Simi drove her Honda jeep into the estate and straight to her apartment.

It was already dark and she was done for the day at the hospital.

She walked into the house…..

“Girl… How was today?” Yemi’s voice echoed from the sitting room.

Yemi was sitting on the couch busy with her cell phone as I walked in.

Simi sat heavily on the couch helplessly.

“So tiring!” Simi replied as she sighed

“How was the meeting with your mom?” Yemi asked as she scooped some ice cream into her mouth.

“The usual issue everyday… Yemi am so fade up with this… I mean am tired of this” Simi said angrily

“But you know girl, I don’t really blame your mom…. You don’t even have a boyfriend to start with neither do you have a lover” Yemi said

“Yemi just don’t start with me oo… Have you turned to my second mother?” Simi laughed

“No! Am just seeing reasons with your mom! All you do is work! Work! Work!” Yemi said

“But Yemi you should understand right? My time is dedicated to work” Simi said

“Simi it shouldn’t be that way…. Just at your younger sister Toyo getting married in two days time and me…. Take a look at my finger, am engaged” Yemi said as she sighed softly

“I mean you should try going out…. Parties! Just socializing! And tonight Dele and I are going to a friend’s party so you can come with us” Yemi said

“I don’t think I can… Am exhausted” Simi said as she gulped down a glass of water.

“I also have a work Simisola, am a company worker so I am also exhausted but you just need to do somethings” Yemi said

“Fine… You won!” Simi said as Yemi jumped for joy.

“It’s party time! Don’t worry girl, I’ll make you up” Yemi said happily.

“Whatever! Weree…..(mad girl)” Simi joked.


Simi sat in front of the dressing mirror as Yemi applied some makeups on her face

“You look absolutely stunning girl!” Yemi smiled

“Am feeling very uncomfortable with this whole arrangement of yours Yemi” Simi said

“Come on girl! Teni told me Mr Tijani is really a gentleman” Yemi said

“This sort of date arrangement is really pissing me off…. I just hope it turns out well this time around” Simi said

“Quit being pessimistic” Yemi said

Just then, the door bell rang aloud.

“OMG! His chauffeur is here to pick you up” Yemi screamed in excitement.

They walked downstairs and opened the door.

It was Mr Tijani’s driver…

He actually came to pick Simisola up

Simi hopped into the car and drove off waving at Yemi.

🚗 🚗

They drove into the hotel and parked at the garage.

Simi walked into the house with her heart racing.

She picked up her phone and dialed his number.

📱 Hello… Where are you? she said

📱 Aah! Shoo…. I dey for the second table for right… He said with a local accent

💭 Haa! What kind of man is this? 💭 She thought.

Simi walked closer to the second table.


He waved at her smiling revealing his brown decayed teeth 🤮

Her jaw dropped in shock…..




One word for Mr Tijani? 😂 😂

What do you think Simi will do? 🤭

Should she stay or leave? 🤷‍♀️

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