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My shining star episode 9 & 10

(Crazy Love from a crazy girl)
“Didn’t I warn you not to cause any troubles??,,,huh??” Mia asked,,dragging Claire’s ear
“Eomma,,ah…ah” She winced in pain
Mia dropped her ear which had gone red already
“I warned you not to meddle into the matter of those rich,arrogant kids but instead you went against my words,,,,do you know I can get sacked for what you did, huh??!!” Mia yelled and Claire groaned
“Well,,it’s a good thing you’re suspended for a week,then you can make me some money” Mia said before walking away
Claire sighed and sat on the cushion
“Clair wait up!” Kingston called after Clair but he kept walking
“Fuck” Kingston muttered and ran after him
He got to him and held his hand making him stop
“What??!!”Clair snapped
” Why are you avoiding me??!”Kingston asked
“Am not” Clair replied not looking at him
“Is it because of Anna?” Kingston asked
“Thought I told you to tell her to stay away from my sister,,,you know she’s the only creature I care about most,,but instead she keep acting bitchy around her” Clair said
“OK,,am sorry,,Am going to talk to her,but can you not ignore your bestie??” Kingston asked teasingly
“Whatever” Clair said and Kingston jumped on his back
“Carry me…let’s go” He said,,pouting like a kid
“Get off me,,you fat as” Clair said,trying to shake him off and they both burst into laughter
“Gosh, I really had a hard time washing those stinking toilets” Kingston said and Clair laughed out so hard
“So,where are we going?” Kingston asked
“Of course,,we” Kingston said and that made Clair laugh
“Am hungry” Clair said,,pouting
“How about we go to my restaurant?” Kingston said,,proudly
“Yeah,, it was built in my name….come on let’s go” Kingston said as they both ran to she parking lot
“Let’s race”Clair said
“You knew you are going to lose” Clair said with a smirk before entering his car
Kingston entered his car and they both zoomed off
**Where are you??**Chris texted Clair
**On our way to Kings restaurant**Clair texted back
**OK,,we will join you guys soon**Chris texted back
Clair pressed on the ignition and it zoomed off
He got to the Restaurant before Kingston and decided to wait for him
Kingston got there some minutes later and met Clair leaning by his car
“Hey buddy” He greeted and Clair shook his head,,,Kingston hung his arms on his shoulder as they both walked in
They walked in to the VIP section and sat,,ready to place an order
Kingston signalled to an attendant,,a guy standing in front of a girl backing them,,even though they were far from there
The guy nodded and tapped the girl and she turned and they were shocked
“Claire” They both said to themselves,,,she was looking extraordinarily hot in that uniform dress,,,,It fits her perfectly,,her tiny curves are revealing
Claire sighed as she saw them,,,must they come here??
“Just ignore them??” She muttered
She felt some eyes on her but didn’t care ,it has been the same ever since she’ve gotten there,,,those lustful stares
As she was about to go to them,,the others came in and their eyes met**Goldwyn**
“This wouldn’t be easy” She thought
“Claire??” The others asked as they got to Clair and Kingston
“Yea,,,We were suprised as you guys were” Clair said
“She’s coming this way” Xavier whispered and they all looked up to her
“Hey guys…..What would you like??” She asked,,acting like she didn’t know them
“Claire ,,,it’s us,,, Why are you citing formal??” Xavier asked
“Can you just order what you want?” She snapped
“I will take some fried cheese with yoghurt” Chris said and she wrote it down
“Just some harmbouger with some chips and some yogurt and a pizza” Clair said and their eyes widened
“You wanna eat all that?!” Xavier exclaimed
“It’s none of your business” He snapped
“You??” She said to Xavier
“An harmbourger will be okay”Xavier said and Claire turned to Goldwyn
” Am okay”She said,,slowly
“Just some fries” Kingston said gently not looking up
“OK,,I will be right back” She said and left
She came back some minutes later with the ordered food and placed it in front of them
She was about to leave when Goldwyn held her hand
Claire turned and raised her brow
“I…Why..Why are you here??,,,Are you not coming back??” She asked
“Of course,,Am coming,,,just waiting till the suspension is over,,, Thanks for your concern” She said with a light smile before walking away
“What’s wrong with you both??,, thought you guys were friends??” Clair asked
“She stopped being friends with me” Goldwyn said slowly and Clair stopped eating and stared at her
The others saw this and knew he was angry
“It’s nothing,,she’s gonna come back” Xavier said and Goldwyn nodded
Almost immediately,, Anna walked in with ,,they all recognized her scent and turned immediately
“Why’s she here??” Kingston thought and turned to Clair who was burning in anger
He held his hand under the table,,pleading with him not to do anything
(Crazy Love from A crazy girl)
Anna walked in and Kingston sighed before standing up,,he walked over to her and dragged her out of the restaurant
“What’s it??” Anna asked as he dragged her out of the restaurant
“Anna, what’s your problem??” Kingston asked,calmly
“My problem??,,For coming to my dad’s restaurant?” She asked and scoffed
“Anna,,Can you please leave??” Kingston asked.
“No,,,am not here to cause trouble” She replied sternly before storming into the restaurant
The others sighed as she approached them
Clair held his fist trying hard not to punch her
Claire watched as she walked to a seat different from theirs and she smiled
“Where’s she??”Kingston asked as he got to them and they pointed to her direction and she sighed
“Can’t she just leave??”Chris asked,,glaring hardly at her
“She said, she’s not here for trouble”Kingston said
“It better be so”Clair muttered
Claire smirked and walked over to Anna and they all turned to their direction
Anna sighted Claire and she smirked
“What’s the school bitch doing here??”Anna Asked and she smiled
“Miss,,, What would you like to order??”She asked ignoring her question
“Wow,,,you are now an attendant,,,how cruel life is for you?”Anna said with a dry laugh
“Get me a cup of water”Anna said and Claire raised her brow
“What’d you hear,,so dumb,,, you’re lucky am in a good mood”Anna said And Claire rolled her eyes secretly before walking away
She came back later with a glass of water and placed it in front of her
“Can I leave??”Claire asked and she nodded without looking up
Claire turned to leave
“Wait”Anna said and Claire sighed before turning
“Get me some ice”Anna said and Claire rolled her eyes
“Can’t you say please??”Claire asked and Anna looked up
“Fine,,, I will go get it”Claire said and took the cup back with her
Claire smirked as she took the cup back to her and she dropped it on her table
Anna took the cup and drank from the cup before spitting out all the content and everyone burst into laughter while Claire tried her best to contain her laughter
Clair and the others wondered what happened
“What’d you do?!!”Anna yelled as her throat were burning
“Oh,,, Sorry,, I think I brewed you some hot tea”Claire said,mockingly and Anna stood up angrily and tried to hit her but Claire held her hand
Anna jerked her hands off angrily before sitting down
“Please get me a cold water”She said,, slowly
“Whatever”Claire said before walking away and Anna smiled
“What just happened??”They all asked, simultaneously
“Claire and Anna???,,,How did it happened??”Goldwyn said, obviously sad
“Thought they were enemies”Kingston muttered
“I still can’t believe this”Clair said a
(Two days after Claire’s suspension)
Claire walked into May (Mrs Collins )office fidgeting
She opened the door slowly and her heartbeat increased immediately she saw Anna sitted magnificently on one of the couch
“And she’s here”Anna said with a smirk immediately she sighted her and May raised her head up
Anna bowed before muttering a *good morning*
“How are you Claire??”May,asked with a smile
“Fine ma”Claire replied
“Have your seat”She said but Claire shook her head and she smiled
“I understood……..I heard you and my daughter here are really not on a good terms and both of you are always involved in fights,,which led to you getting suspended for a week…..Is that true??”She asked and Claire nodded
“If you girls are not on good terms,,,,do you both think fighting is the solution??”She asked,gently and Claire shook her head
“Anna here told me about her encounter with you on your first day at school and she’s ready to apologize”May said, glaring at Anna
“Ma??”Claire asked surprisingly
“Yes,,,, I want you both to stop this fighting of a thing and become friends,,,can you do that??”She asked Claire giving her a warm smile
“Ye..yes ma’am”She stuttered and Anna scoffed
“Good,,, No more fighting again,,,and you, Anna,,,I told you what’s going to happen if you ever get involve in a fight with her??”
“Whatever”Anna muttered
“Claire”May called
“Whenever she picks a fight with you or anyone in School,,, kindly report to me,,,That day, she’s moving to Italy”May said sternly
“Mom!!”Anna yelled
“Ok ma”Claire replied
“I learnt from your mom that you’re brilliant,,,unlike someone here”She said and Anna rolled her eyes secretly
“I needs to please tutor or help her in any difficulties she might be having in her studies,,,,Can you do that??”
“Yes ma”Claire replied with a smile
“Ok…I”She was interrupted by a knock
“Come in”She said And Mia came in,, She was suprised to see Claire and wondered what her offence was
“Here are the files”Mia said placing it in front of May
“You girls should see yourself out”May said as Mia sat down
Claire and Anna walked out and Claire burst into laughter which took Anna by surprise
“Never knew you had such a dead brain,,now I got to be your tutor and your watch dog….How Sweet”Claire remarked and Anna scoffed
“Whatever,,,Enjoy being my watch dog”Anna said and Claire smiled
“Whatever,,, Meet me at Kings restaurant tomorrow if you need my help,,Can’t stay with you alone in your room,,,I might suffocate”Claire said before walking away
“Of course I don’t need your stinking leg in my room!!”Anna shouted after her
“So,, What’s your problem with this cheap question??”Claire asked Anna showed her a question she doesn’t understand
“You call this,cheap???…. I almost suffocated trying to solve this particular question”Anna said with a scoff
“Wait,,, I thought you have a brother,,,Or he gat some dead brain like yours??”Claire asked and Anna scoffed
“I bet your little,small brain is nothing compared to his,,,he’s the most brilliant guy in Kent high school”Anna said proudly and Claire stood up
“Then go meet him”Claire said and turned to leave but Anna held him
“Please don’t leave”She begged and Claire smirked
“You want me to stay??”Claire asked and she nodded
“How about this,,,you Don’t say a word throughout or else I leave??”Claire asked and she nodded
She sat down and Anna smiled secretly
“Wow,,,,she said *please*”Chris said suprised
“Can someone tell me what’s going on??”Xavier asked as they all stared at Anna who was quiet throughout as Claire explained to her
Clair watched in awe while Kingston kept wondering what was happening
Goldwyn was silent as she kept stabbing her food throughout
“And that’s it”Claire said as she finished solving the equation after a long period of time
“I hope you understand??”Claire asked Anna who stared at the book blankly
“No,,, not even a thing”Anna replied
“What!?!!!!!!”Claire yelled
“Somebody kill me”She muttered,tiredly


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