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My shining star episode 1 & 2

( ~Crazy love from a Crazy girl)~
High School Romance
“Come back here,,,you fool!!” Claire yelled as she ran after Dennis
Dennis is actually her younger brother,,,he’s in his third year,,he attends a public school as their mother couldn’t afford taking him to a private school
Claire is a school drop out,,, she is in her final year already,, she dropped out because of financial problems,,and because she’s s problem herself
Her mom is afraid and scared of her trying to go to school
“No,,,I won’t give you unless you repair the broken bicycle” Dennis yelled back and she stopped
“I didn’t break your bicycle,,, some fools did” She said,,,panting heavily
“If you hadn’t interfered into their matter,,,they wouldn’t have destroyed my bicycle!!” He snapped
“I didn’t know they were wrestlers,,,,,I only wanted to have fun” Claire replied
“Then have fun without your phone!!” He snapped before running out of the house
“Gosh” Claire groaned and stumped her foot on the floor
“Hey twinnie”Kingston said to Anna who seemed focused on her phone
“Hey” He called again but got no reply
“Anna!!?” He snapped and he looked up
“What’s it?,,Am busy!!” She snapped
“Fine…..I guess I will tell him not to cone again”Kingston said loud enough for Anna to hear and Anna jumped up
” Who’s coming???,,,,Is it Clair??”She asked,,,impatiently
“I don’t know” Kingston said and maid to leave
“Please,,, don’t leave” Anna begged
“Yeah….the whole family of Kent are coming over for dinner” Kingston said
“Oh My!!!!”Anna yelled
” Oh my,,,,what to do…Yeah,,,I have to look nice….have my bath again and put some makeup on…..”She said,,repeatedly
Kingston shook his head before walking out of her room
“Riley!!!” Anna yelled and a maid ran in trembling vigorously
“Where are the others?!!!!” She yelled and some maids ran in
“Prepare my bath…..get me some nice clothes,,,,I need to dye my hair…….fix my nails,,,,,and get me some new pair of makeup kit” She said
“What are you still waiting for???,,,,Go now!!!!” She yelled and the maids ran out hurriedly
“Fools” She muttered before lying on the bed thinking about how the dinner would go
“Ma’am,they are here” Riley announced
“Oh my!!!!….be fast!!!!” Anna yelled at the maids
Riley shook her head before walking away
“Where’s Anna??”May(Mrs Collins) whispered to Kingston who was seated next to her and opposite to Clair
” She will be here soon “He whispered back and almost immediately Anna walked in,,dressed in a simple outfit tho,,but looking hot and extraordinarily beautiful
Goldwyn scoffed knowing fully she was trying to impress Clair
” Annyeong Eomma”She greeted Mrs Kent
“Awwn,,,you’re looking beautiful” Mrs Kent commented
“Thanks ma” She replied as she sat next to Kingston,opposite Goldwyn
It’s been 10 minutes since the families started chatting except from the children who kept silence eating their meal
Clair hasn’t bothered to look up as his gaze has been focused on his meal
Anna growled frustratedly
“He didn’t even look at me for once” She muttered
Goldwyn smiled seeing how frustrated she was
“Goodnight” The Kent family waved as they entered their car and drove off while Anna marched into her room angrily
On her way she met some maids
“Follow me,,,now!!!”She yelled angrily and immediately, they knew they were in trouble
(Crazy love from a crazy girl)
Clair walked into school stylishly,,,,his hands dipped into his pockets and his headphones on and the girl almost went crazy
He ignored them as usual before walking to his private dorm,,,,actually shared with his friends
“He’s here” Kingston said as Clair arrived
“What’s up,, bro?” Clair greeted as they did side hugs
“Fine”Xavier replied with a shrug on his face
” What’s that???”Clair asked,,,suspiciously
“He found a new game,,,,,she’s hot”Chris said
**I guess you know now that Xavier is a playboy**
“Hotter than Anna??” Clair asked
“No,,,,,but she’s still hot”Xavier replied and Clair scoffed
” I think it’s gonna take s decade before seeing someone hotter than Anna in this school “Clair said
” I have a feeling someone hotter is coming “Chris said
” Then,,am gonna be the first to get into her pants “Xavier said with a shrug
“Can you stop all these disgusting talks???”Chris said,,getting irritated already
” ooh,,,,Sorry the virgin guy “He mocked and Chris scoffed
” Like am the only one,, Clair is still a virgin”Chris said and Xavier scoffed
“No,,he’s not” Kingston said
“Don’t tell me you did it with Harley before she…..??” Chris asked and Kingston nodded
“Oh my!!,,,,you never told me!!!!….I feel left out” Chris said like a baby
“Don’t worry,,,Kingston’s still a virgin” Xavier said
“Good… I can breathe” He said and they shook their head
“How about we go to a nice restaurant” Anna persuaded Kingston
“Um,,,,no….We actually have somewhere to go” He said,,,pointing to the others
“They could also go with us,,,,it will be fun” She insisted and Kingston sighed
He walked to the others
“Let’s just go” He said
“Yeah,,,am starving” Chris said, pouting like a baby
“Fine” Xavier said and they all turned to Clair
“Tell her to stay away from me” Clair said before walking into his car
“Kings Restaurant” Anna shouted to him as he drove off
“He’s so cute” Anna thought with a smile
“So,,,let’s go” Kingston said and they nodded
“Hi guys” They heard a voice behind them and they stopped
“Hi Goldwyn” They greeted
“What do you want??” Anna snapped
“I wasn’t talking to you” Goldwyn replied
“Suit yourself then” Anna replied as she threw a gum in her mouth before walking away, swaying her ass
“So guys,,,,Where’s Clair???” Goldwyn asked
“We are actually on our way to the restaurant,,,, mind coming along??” Chris asked
“Sure…..What’s the name??”
“Kings Restaurant” Kingston answered
“I will meet you there” Goldwyn said as she entered her car before driving off
TBC how is the first episode???


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