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my s£norita episode 6

💘😻…… MY

Authoress FG..



[email protected] why would you request for such a thing?” I asked curiously.

“My parent are planning on setting me up with blind [email protected]£s and that really disgust me a lot” [email protected] said slowly.

“But your parent know we’re best friends so using me wouldn’t work on them” I hinted.

“They actually think we’re a couple, I have no idea how they [email protected]£ up with such a ridiculous thought” She [email protected] and ruffled her hair frustratedly.

“We’ve been friends almost all our lives so why would they misun-derstand something like that, if this got anything to do with our get together a year ago then it’s a total misun-derstanding. I can’t even imagine taking you out as my [email protected]£ talk more of pretending to be your fiancee” I shrugged and she frowned.

“What’s wrong with me? Why can’t you take me out as your [email protected]£? Are you trying to say I’m too good for you” She frowned and I sm-irked.

“I meant I’m too good for you” I smiled and she kicked me.

“You’re so full of yourself so what are you saying? Would you be my fiancee” She asked and I kept mute.

“No” I declined with a mean look.

“Come on Angelo, you know you’re the only one I can request for such a thing. I broke up with Mack” She blurted and I chuckled.

“You finally realise how much of a j£rky b©yfri£ndyou had. This is such a great timing, it would have been perfect if the both of you were still together then you wouldn’t be putting me in a ti-ght corner” I protested and sat down.

s£norita, will she be fine if I leave her alone at home tonight. What if she [email protected] out again, who would save her then. I thought in my head looking at the window and [email protected] walked to my front.

“St©p acting like some heartless j£rk, it’s just dinner and that’s all. You know I don’t ask for a requests without rewards” She said with a silly smile.

“So what’s in it for me” I asked with a frown.

“Two night stands with two damsels. What do you think” She said and I frowned.

[email protected] what do you take me for, no more night stands” I protested.

“How about three” She asked cutely.

“OK fine but they have to be very pretty, you know I don’t do ugly @sses” I said with a sm-irk.

“That would be easy after all every female worker here will kill to be in be-d with you so what are you scared of. Tonight by 8pm, don’t be late and you should look professional like you always do” She said softly and I smiled.

“We made a deal so I have to keep my on end of the deal. 8 pm it is, you can go now. I really have a lot on my plate right now” I muttered and she went out.

“What was she thinking? I can never say no to my best friend, I just have to put myself together and get s£norita re-ady to be alone tonight” I muttered out and my phone started ringing.

It’s a call from home.

“Why is s£norita calling me? Is something wrong at home?” I [email protected] curiously and took the call.

“s£norita is everything okay” I asked curiously as I stood up.

“Angelo I think I found a more suitable solution for the errors in your sketch” She said swiftly and I smiled.

“Have you been thinking of that all morning? So what’s your idea?” I asked with a smile.

“Where are you now so I can give you my own sketch” She uttered and I stared at my wristwatch.

“I will s£nd you the address throu-gh my email, you are a smart girl, you won’t miss your way and make use of one of my bus cards. You know where to take the bus right?” I asked.

“I do, I saw the bus st©p yesterday” She affirmed.

“I will hung up now, go to my computer, I’ve emailed it alre-ady” I instructed and hung up.

Swiftly I emailed her the address of my company.

“I should have go pick it up, wouldn’t it be too stressful for her” I uttered out and sat down and Drake knocked on my door.

Here comes trouble. I [email protected] in my head and rolled my eyes as he [email protected]£ in.

“Angelo you haven’t reported your new sketch work, does this sound or lokk like a joke to you” Drake scolded.

“Why would I call my job a joke? Don’t you think you’re overreacting, it’s not like I purposely made that mistake so why are you using this as an opportunity to lash out on me? What do you want from me” I asked coldly.

“I just want you to st©p acting like you own this place, you are no better than anyone here but why’s everyone treating you like you’re the foun-der of science” He said with jealousy written all over his statement.

“And how’s that my problem, it’s not my fault that they see me in a different light. If you’re jealous then make a name for yourself” I sneered and a knock [email protected]£ on my door.

“Come in” I muttered and the door cracked open and s£norita [email protected]£ in with [email protected]

“s£norita, you got here earlier than I expected” I smiled as I stood up and Drake couldn’t get his eyes off her.

“Our neighbor gave me a lift with his car, he was heading this way and he insisted, I couldn’t refuse” She explained.

“s£norita look around okay, I will head back to my desk. Angelo see you later” [email protected] cut in.

“Thanks for showing her in” I said and she nodded then went out.

“Here’s the sketch” s£norita said and handed over her sketch.

“That must be your new sketch” Drake ch!pped in and snatched the paper out of my hand.

“This looks a bit complicated but nice, it just requires concentration and focus to put it together” Drake complimented.

“Hope you’re satisfied now” I shrugged and he smiled looking at s£norita.

“Who’s she?” He asked.

“Don’t tell me you have such a pretty little sister” He added.

“Yeah, she’s my kid sister s£norita” I lied looking away.

“How about we discuss about our next plan over dinner or late night snack” Drake suggested seriously.

“That won’t be necessary, we can just discuss about it tomorrow morning here at the office” I declined.

“I don’t agree with that, see you later” Drake cut in and went out without waiting to hear my reply.

“Suit yourself” I mumbled and s£norita sat down.

“s£norita how far can you memorize or calculate things? What’s your limitation?” I asked curiously and she looked around.

“I don’t think I have limitations, we just have to find it out what they are, like your colleague sitting on the middle desk putting on a blue blouse failed to meet up a project” s£norita uttered without even looking and I stared at Anna from my office.

“And how did you know about that?” I asked curiously.

“Her table was a mess and she looked disoriented, it could be something else disturbing her but the main source of her attitude is because of her project” She explained and I flung my mouth open.

How did a bird end up being so intelligent, she has a [email protected] of a prosecutor. She’s so smart and she doesn’t even know it. She can be of great help to me if I don’t do things right, I just have to teach her some basics. I thought and nodded.

“What’s the nod for? Are you planning on doing something to me” s£norita snapped and I giggled.

“Why would you think of such? You’re too smart to be fooled although you still have a lot to learn but how come you’ve learnt a lot over night?” I asked curiously.

“I watched so many dramas last night on the TV. I can’t believe humans act on everything that happens in their daily life” She uttered flvstered and I chuckled.

“They were given script to act that way. Sometimes movies tell lies but their truth is very basic and can be useful a lot” I smiled.

“Just like our lives, it’s just like a movie. A bird transforming into a human” She laughed.

“I wouldn’t believe it myself if I had watched it on TV” I said as I stared at her secretly.

“You must be very busy, I should head back home” s£norita added and I stood up swiftly.

“No need for that, you can stay for as long as you want. Just let me finish this and I will drop you off at home or we go home together” I cut in sharply and she smiled.

“OK but can you plea-se give me something to be busy with” She requested and I swiftly gave her a heap of magazines.

“Wow! So you’re a fan?” She asked and I nodded.

Didn’t know princess’s handwork will be helpful someday. I thought.

Seven hours later….
I looked at s£norita after finishing all the programming on my plate and she was fast asleep.

“I bored you to death right” I [email protected] with a smile as I went closer to her, staring at her de-eply.

“Let’s go home, s£norita” I said softly and I covered my mouth with my palms.

Angelo, she has only been with you for two days. Don’t even think about been sweet. What’s with the soft tone? You’re such a flir-t Angelo. I thought in shock.

I carried s£norita gently on my arms and took her to my car, everyone at the company stared at me in surprise.

We drove back home, she was still fast asleep, I swiftly freshened up and put on some nice suit for [email protected]’s dinner.

“s£norita if you need anything call me with this phone and don’t stay up, I will be back late” I wrote on a piece of paper then placed it on the table with a new phone.

“Take care when I’m not around okay” I whispered and ca-ressed her cheeks then I went out.

I got to the dinner site, [email protected] was there alre-ady but her parents haven’t arrived yet so I walked to her.

“I arrived earlier than I expected” I smiled and she kicked me but my phone started ringing.

“It’s Drake, why’s he calling me?” I sneered and took the call.

“Angelo it’s me s£norita. Drake is at your house right now” She said and I kept mute.

“You said what!” I squawked and [email protected] stared at me.

“I will be there in five minutes” I said swiftly then hung up.

[email protected] I’m sorry but I have to go” I uttered and ran out of the restaurant to my car.

Such a per-vert! I cursed then drove off.

Jealous o😲😂..

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