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My s£norita episode 4 & 5


Authoress FG….



“What are you exactly? How did you know about this?” I asked seriously.

“What do you mean Angelo? You keep asking me this question, what do you think I am actually?” s£norita asked looking straight into my eyes.

“OK, fine whatever. I was only complimenting you for been so smart, you don’t have to be all serious about it” I snapped giggling and she frowned.

“My type of species are always brilliant and smart or you had no idea we can also be smart. Maybe I [email protected]£ this smart because I transformed” She explained.

“I had no idea so plea-se don’t feel offended okay. So what’s your idea about the problem?” I asked curiously.

“Give me a minute” She said and ran to my bookshelf, took out a book and brou-ght it out to me.

“You misplaced the nuts of the engines. Like Anthony Millicent said here, posh cars like this have s-en-sitive engines so one have to be extra ordinary careful when coming up with new engine styles for such cars so I think you just have to rearrange the nut’s setting in this sketch. What do you think?” She asked and I flung my mouth open in shock.

“Angelo!” She snapped getting me back to my s-en-ses.

“I can’t believe a birdie just taught me what to do in my job. I thought I was a genius but compared to you s£norita, I have a long way to go. I had troubles thinking about what the faults will be exactly and here you are, you just figured it out in a few minutes. Thank you so much s£norita” I [email protected] smiling wi-dely.

“It’s nothing but does that mean I’ve started acting and behaving like a human? I thought you would give me books relating on humans daily life but you gave me books relating only on cars, engines and so many maths” She pouted and I chuckled.

“I’m sorry about that but it’s my line of field and I’m not really into human studying that’s why I don’t have books relating to that. Do you really want to know what humans are like?” I asked and she smiled.

“Yes I do” She said swiftly.

It’s not like it’s marriage or something so what’s with the I do. I thought in my head with a sm-irk.

“Emm…. For helping me out, I will treat you out. Go get changed, pick any dress in this shopping bags” I instructed.

“Thank you” She said softly as she picked the shopping bags.

My heart sparkled again. Is something wrong with me. I [email protected] in my head staring at s£norita.

“Do you need help with changing?” I cut in sharply and she chuckled.

“I’m not that dumb, I’ve learnt how to wear clothes” She said smiling and she went into the room.

“What’s wrong with me? Why did I have to sound so flir-tatious in a moment like this. Angelo put yourself together, you need to save face in front of s£norita, it’s alre-ady so bad that she knows I make out everyday” I gro-an ed and ruffled my hair as I sat down.

“But why do I feel so comfortable calling her s£norita. I was against it at first and now I can’t st©p calling it”

“s£norita! s£norita!
St©p it Angelo”


s£norita changed into one of the clothes Angelo got her then she [email protected]£ out to the sitting room and Angelo stared at her a bit confused.

“Why are you putting on the tracksuit? Why didn’t you put on one of the dinner dresses?” Angelo asked curiously.

“You said I should try anything on and I picked this because you said it was freezing outside early this morning and I don’t want to catch a cold although I have a strong system” s£norita explained.

“I was planning on taking you out on a [email protected]£ but you can’t wear this to a [email protected]£” He protested and s£norita wore her jacket.

“What’s a [email protected]£?” s£norita asked and Angelo held his forehead in frustration.

“You learnt to talk so much but you have no idea what a [email protected]£ means. Forget about it, let’s get going” Angelo uttered as he picked up his car keys and phone then they head out.

They got to his car.

“This is my car and this is a car garage where we pack out cars” Angelo explained and they entered the car.

“When you’re in a car, you should always put on your seatbelt” Angelo said and helped her with the seatbelt but it [email protected]£ awkward when hisl-ips got closer to s£norita’s cheeks.

“Emm…” Angelo cleared his throat and sat back on his seat after helping her.

“I hate awkward situation” Angelo mumbled as he put on his seatbelt then drove off.

“Angelo where are we heading?” s£norita asked with her eyes on the window as she looked at the streets in admiration.

“I’m taking you to where to know a little more about humans but you’re not allowed to talk about being a bird when we get there. You’re now a human and you should be proud of that” Angelo said softly and s£norita smiled.

Angelo drove to a club house.

“Angelo this place looks busy” s£norita commented as they got to the club entrance.

“Your card plea-se” The bouncers at the door asked and Angelo showed them his VIP card on his phone.

“And who’s she sir?” They asked and Angelo smiled.

“My [email protected]£” Angelo said with a silly smile as he held s£norita’s hand.

“Your [email protected]£?” They [email protected] in shock as Angelo and s£norita walked in.

“What’s going on? He has never come to this place with a [email protected]£ before” The bouncers gossiped.

“Angelo this place is so loud” s£norita shouted so Angelo can hear her.

“Don’t stress out your voice, if you have anything to say to me you can just whisper it in my ears” Angelo said in s£norita’s ears and she felt ticklish.

“This is going to be fun” s£norita [email protected] out with a wi-de smile.

“Angelo!” Some of the clubbers hailed as Angelo walked in.

s£norita watched as everyone danced and had fun with the colorful club bulbs.

“You can’t stay here, I don’t think I will be able to look after you if we stay here and I wouldn’t like the idea of any j£rk trying to take advantage of you” Angelo said in her ears.

“But why did you bring me out here if you’re not going to let me explore” s£norita asked and Angelo smiled.

“Go ahead and explore, I will be watching you from behind” Angelo uttered and s£norita went into the crowd as she started dancing.

“Angelo I’ve missed you” Angelo’s girls uttered s£dûçt!velyas they took him to their usual pri-vate sp©t in the club.

She will be okay right. Angelo [email protected] in his head a bit worried as he went with the girls.

s£norita danced around attracting guys with her dance moves.

“Hello beautiful” Some guys surrounded her as she danced and she had no idea what was going on.

“Can you move a bit you’re obstructing my view of the DJ” s£norita shouted pushing one the guys aside and the others [email protected]£d her hands ti-ght.

“Who are you that you think you can snub us” one of the guys fired and s£norita [email protected]£ scared because of their threats and mean looks.

“Paulo get those j£rks off my [email protected]£” Angelo shouted as he switched off the music and some bouncers dragged the guys surrounding s£norita out of the clubhouse.

“s£norita are you okay?” Angelo asked as he got down from the stage and the music went back on.

“I’m fine” s£norita [email protected] catching her breath.

“Let’s get out of here” Angelo said and held her hand gently then they went out.

“What was I thinking when I brou-ght you here, this is so foolish of me. You wanted to know how humans behave and I brou-ght you to a clubhouse” Angelo said remorsefully and s£norita chuckled.

“Thank you for bringing me here, all thanks to you that happened to me. First time in my life people are noticing my pres£nt. Let’s go” s£norita said softly.

Now that’s a weird satisfaction. Angelo thought with a half smile as they entered his car then drove off to a restaurant.

“This place looks like where we can fill our tummies” s£norita said childishly and Angelo laughed.

“Should I place an order for you or you would like to have a try in ordering for anything you find delicious” Angelo asked and s£norita nodded as they walked to a table.

“Angelo!” Maga called as she [email protected]£ infront of us with her friend next to her.

“How may I help you?” I asked coldly and she scoffed in shock.

“This is how you treat me after lying to me you had no girlfriend” Maga uttered [email protected]

“I didn’t lie to you, you chose to believe whatever [email protected]£ to your head and I don’t remember offending you, you walked out on me Maga so don’t pu-ll any strings here. s£norita plea-se have your seat” Angelo said switching his attention to s£norita.

“Who’s she?” s£norita asked with a shrug.

“A friend from college but don’t bother yourself about that” Angelo said coldly.

“She’s just a college friend and yet she’s overreacting like she’s your girlfriend. What’s she trying to imply with her nosy attitude” s£norita shrugged and Maga ti-ght£ñed her fist in frustration.

“Did you just call me nosy?” Maga shouted and poured s£norita the [email protected] of water on the table straight in her face.

“What the hell is wrong with you Maga” Angelo shouted as he tried to wipe the water off her face but s£norita slowly lost consciousness.

“s£norita!” Angelo called anxiously as he tried to wake her up but she [email protected] alre-ady with her face on the table.

“Maga” Angelo yelled glaring at her as he swiftly carried s£norita on his arms.


Authoress FG..



I rushed s£norita to the hospital and the nurses rushed her to the ER.

“Maga why are you here? You still have the guts to come here” I yelled and the nurses around signaled me to keep shut.

“I only poured her a [email protected] of water and she [email protected] Of course I will be worried” Maga uttered.

“It’s really no big deal so you should leave before s£norita wakes up and see you here. You don’t even share any connections so why are you acting like you care” I shouted and the doctor [email protected]£ out of the ER and I ran to s£norita’s be-d.

“Doctor how’s she doing? Is it something serious? ” I asked curiously and the doctor looked at her.

“Her heartbeat dropped and it seems like her blood level dropped. What did you say happened to her again?” The doctor asked and I hesitated before answering.

“Someone poured a [email protected] of water directly to her face. Doc it’s not something serious right? Will she be fine?” I asked nervously.

“Her case is a bit complicated but she will be fine after some rest” He added and I had a sign of relief.

“Angelo!” s£norita called and I turned to her swiftly.

“s£norita, how are you feeling now?” I asked curiously and she stared at the doctor and I had the feeling she wants us to be alone.

“Doc can she be discharged tonight?” I asked and he nodded.

“Of course, she looks completely fine. She just rehabilitated for some minutes and I found it strange that her heartbeat dropped when she’s totally fine. It’s good she’s fine now. I will take my leave now”

“Thank you doc” I said with a half smile and he left.

“Angelo, why did you bring me to the hospital? Are you not scared the nurses and doctors will find something strange about me” s£norita said and I sat next to her.

“When ones life is in danger, we lose our s-en-se of thinking. I lied to the hospital that you lost your ID but how are you feeling right now? Why did you [email protected] out of the blue?” I asked curiously and she sat up.

“I lost one of my feathers” She said slowly.

“What do you mean? Is that something good or bad?” I asked staring at her and she placed the feather on my palm.

“If I’m having signs like this then that means I’m missing my mission and right now I have no idea why I’m here and why I transformed into a human” She explained.

“Losing feathers in birds isn’t a good thing but why did you have to [email protected] out when Maga poured water on you or are you allergic to water?” I asked curiously and she chuckled.

“You sound like this is some kind of fairytale. I [email protected] out because I’m allergic to water going into my nostrils and those are one of my features as a bird. Can we go home now? Our outing got ruined” She pouted.

“You should see it in a different light. You’ve visited some places all thanks to tonight’s adventure. Are you hungry?” I asked as I helped her out of the be-d.

“I’m so hungry, I missed out the restaurant’s delicacies” She said cutely and I smiled.

Why must everything on earth have consequences? We can’t even tell what it means for s£norita to lose feathers. I [email protected] in my mind looking away as we head out of the ER.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m pretty sure I will figure things out soon. It’s probably no big deal. Losing feathers in birds is normal” s£norita snapped me out of my thoughts.

“You must have been an human in your past life, you know so much” I complimented and she smiled.

“It feels so good to be complimented” She added as we got to the receptionist nurse.


[email protected]’S POV

I was putting on my jacket about heading out for the office when my doorbell rang.

“Coming” I muttered and got the door.

To my surprise it’s Mum and Dad.

“Mum, Dad, what are you both doing here?” I asked curiously as they walked in with mean looks on their faces.

[email protected] come sit with us. We’ve got a lot to talk about” Dad said seriously as they sat on the sofa.

“OK I’m coming” I stuttered then locked my door and walked to them.

[email protected] what are your plans with Angelo?” Mum asked looking at me.

“I don’t get you mum. What plans are you talking about?” I asked confused.

“Have you forgotten the promise you made to us when the both of you visited a year ago?” Dad asked staring at me with all seriousness.

“Did we make any promises to you?” I asked not getting anything they’re saying.

FLASHBACK*** “Father, mother, [email protected] and I will make sure to fulfill your dreams and hopes for us. I will take full responsibility of [email protected], I will always be next to her so don’t worry” Angelo said as he raised his [email protected] of beer up.*** FLASHBACK ENDS.

“Dad, Mum, Angelo didn’t promise anything other than been next to me and he has always been next to me so what are you both implying? Can you make it snappy, I will be late for work ” I reminded.

“Let’s st©p beating round the bush and go straight to the point. When is Angelo planning on taking full responsibility of you?” Father asked and I laughed out after hearing his statement.

“Don’t tell me the bot of you traveled all the way from Incheon to come say this to me. You’re not talking about marriage right?” I asked still laughing.

“What’s so funny about what we’re talking discussing? [email protected] you should never forget the type of family you [email protected]£ out from. You need to get married soon” Mum said seriously and I frowned.

“Mum I’m only 26. Why would I be thinking of marriage at this young age. There’s no such plan called marriage in my plans of plans so cut it. I’m running late” I said seriously.

[email protected] you will be turning 27 at the end of this year. If you’re trying to cover up for Angelo because he’s not re-ady then forget about him, I’ve set up blind [email protected]£s for you” Dad said.

“Dad we’re in the 21 century for goodness sake. Women my age only concentrate on their career and that’s exactly what I’m doing. You don’t expect me to end up with some loser” I shrugged.

“You either speak to Angelo about your marriage or go to the blind [email protected]£s I’ve set for you. I have no idea what you’re doing with your pretty face, you can’t even pin a guy with that. Honey let’s go” Dad said seriously and he stood up.

“We will be waiting for your call and you know how impatient your dad and I can be” Mum said seriously and they left.

“Like what the heck. I can’t believe my life have gotten to this cli-max for my parent to f0rç£ me into going for blind [email protected]£s and who the hell told them Angelo and I have a thing. We’re just best friends” I [email protected] out frustratedly and picked my handbag.

I got to the office and couldn’t get my eyes off Angelo’s office as I watched him work so [email protected]

[email protected], you’re not allowed to look at Angelo in that way. Don’t forget you’re his best friend” Princess whispered in my ear from behind and I put myself back together.

How do I say it to Angelo? He hates the ideas of [email protected]!ngalre-ady, how do I say it out to him? I’m not trying to act desperate but I can’t ask anyone else to do it for me, he’s my only option. I muttered in my mind and picked up my phone.

“Are you busy? I want to have a word with you” I texted and he replied immediately.

“Alright, there’s nothing as important as you. I’m always at your service” He texted back and I swiftly ran to his office.

“Angelo can I treat you out for dinner tonight?” I asked nervously and he laughed.

“You would never ask me out without a reason and your reasons are always dangerous ones. I don’t want to get b!own up at the dinner or choke on the food so spill it out, I’m listening” He said smiling.

“Angelo can you pretend to be my fiance tonight?” I requested with my eyes closed.

[email protected] did you forget your ba-lls at home?” He [email protected] coldly.

“Don’t joke around, I’m serious as dead so plea-se can you?” I asked holding his hand and he j£rked it off.

[email protected] have you lost your mind? You know so well how I hate [email protected]!ngor pretending to be in one so why are you doing this? Are you trying to make our friendsh!pan awkward one” He [email protected] swiftly.

“I know exactly how you feel but I’m in a ti-ght situation right now” I said slowly.

“No [email protected], I can’t pretend to be your fiancee” He said seriously.

[email protected] don’t come and spoil the upcoming love story before it even got started 🤧

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