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my s£norita episode 25 & 26


Authoress FG….

EPISODE 25…..😪

[email protected]’S POV

[email protected]!” Drake [email protected] in shock.

“Drake!” I called out in shock.

It’s not what I’m thinking right. I muttered in my mind staring at Drake a bit confused.

[email protected] what are you doing here?” Drake asked curiously and I stood up from where I was sitting then dragged him with me to a corner.

“Drake why are you here?” I asked curiously.

“I should be asking you that because this is my house. Don’t tell me you’re the one Dad is telling me to get married to?” He asked curiously.

“It seems like that but what are we supposed to do? Your dad expo-sed everything to the public alre-ady” I uttered frustratedly.

“What! What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked curiously as he looked at his father.

“We’re everywhere on the news. He told the public we will be getting married next week. Have a look for yourself” I uttered giving him my phone and he flung his mouth open.

“Did your parent threaten you with anything?” He asked out of the blue.

“Of course they did and I would prefer getting married to you than some foolish stranger with a weird attitude” I confessed and Drake frowned.

“This is totally against nature’s will. Who threatens their children to get married. We’re in the 21 century for goodness sake, my dad have never been so harsh on me like this. Why do I keep having this feeling that your parent got something to do with this. To begin with there’s no way my dad would have suggested that I get married to you out of the blue” Drake said feeling suspicious.

“My dad and your dad met for the purpose of business days ago but today they met again and my father grasped your dad’s attention by showing him the picture of the both of us in a ro-mantic position” I explained.

“Then that explains it, they’ve misun-derstood something so let’s go straighten things up. We can’t just get married because of their weird imagination” Drake protested and I placed my hands on my [email protected]!st.

“Do you think they have no idea, there’s nothing going on between the two of us. Of course they know that but our parents got bewitched with the word babies so I guess we just have to start ma-king babies” I said seriously then suddenly smiled.

“Like seriously [email protected], is this the moment to crack jokes. You know so well that the both of us won’t work, talking of ma-king babies that would take forever. I’m still in my prime age, I don’t have to be f0rç£d to get married” Drake rebuked.

“Lucky you, if I were your age my parent must have f0rç£d me into marrying some total stranger without thinking twice of the consequences so plea-se Drake don’t f0rç£ me into something you and I will regret. I’m pretty sure you also got threatened by your dad” I hinted.

“My dad’s threat is far more worse than yours and I don’t even like you, I’m in love with someone else” Drake confessed.

“What’s worse than getting married to a stranger who’s as stupid as a dimwit. I don’t like you either but it’s a different case because we’re friends and that will do. We don’t have to make our [email protected]£ than it is right now” I suggested and he scoffed.

“Why are you being selfish? Marriage isn’t just a decision you make out of the blue so st©p being selfish and think on our both perspective. We can’t just jump into marriage because our parents suggested such” Drake said seriously and I glared at him.

“Do you think I feel good about their decision but this is a decision we weren’t given options to say otherwise. I’m willing to compromise with them but if you don’t want to, you can go ahead with your other option if you don’t want to get married to me” I said seriously then went back to where I was sitting.

“Wow, this is a good sign that the both of you would be a perfect couple so [email protected] tell me, what do you think about Drake? I know my son is good looking and kindhearted, very s-en-sitive but he got his reasons” Drake’s Dad muttered with a smile and I nodded.

“I haven’t noticed any of that but I know he’s a nice guy” I replied with a half smile and Dad smiled.

[email protected] doesn’t speak much, she’s very picky when it comes to words but she’s a very nice girl and just like you said they make a perfect match” Dad said smiling wi-dely.

[email protected] what’s with the face, you should smile more” Mum whispered to me and I ti-ght£ñed my fist.

Now I’m being f0rç£d to smile. Why do I have to try so [email protected] when Drake isn’t even re-ady to budge. It’s no longer on my plate, I’ve pla-yed my [email protected] it’s left for Drake to [email protected] I muttered in my head looking away.

I don’t just expect Drake to accept such a ridiculous proposal. I thought.


Angelo and I drove down to lovers garden with a cup of iced Americano on our hands.

“Angelo why did you bring me here? I thought you were taking me out on an expensive [email protected]£?” I asked with a smile as we sat on a love shaped bench.

“I brou-ght you here so we can spend some quality time together so what do you think about this place?” Angelo asked with his arm across my shoulders.

“It’s beautiful, only for the fact that it’s a bit chilly here. Gelo what are your plans for tonight?” I asked staring at him and he looked away.

“Why are you quiet? Don’t tell me you have no plans for tonight” I added.

“Like I said, I just want to spend some quality time with you till dawn” He said softly then slowly brou-ght his face closer to mine.

I could feel Angelo breath on my face as he slowly placed hisl-ips on mine.

“I love you s£norita” He said [email protected] and I reciprocated the k!ss. I felt the emotions all over me.

I felt a strange feeling in my stomach, what’s this feeling of joy and fulfillment. Angelo is exactly what I just want.

“You have no idea how I felt the first day I set my eyes on you. At first I felt a strange connection and maybe that’s why I didn’t find it [email protected] accepting you in my life so s£norita no matter what you go throu-gh, you have to share it with me. You’re my girlfriend now so I should always be there for you just like I promised” Angelo said [email protected] after the k!ss.

“You’re ma-king it [email protected] for me to say goodbye” I whispered sadly and Angelo ca-ressed my face.

“What do you mean s£norita?” He asked curiously.

“It’s nothing. I just get emotional whenever you act this sweet to me. Angelo what if someday I transform back into a bird, would you still love me?” I asked looking away and he smiled.

“I won’t let you transform back into a bird because you [email protected]£ to me for a reason and if that reason is love, we’ve got nothing to be scared of because I will always love you” Angelo said softly and my heart fluttered.

“That’s sweet. Thank you for loving me for who I am” I said grinning.

“Come on, st©p ma-king it sound so emotional, it’s not like anyone is leaving so st©p sounding like that. We would stay together for a long time, I’ve got that feeling” He grinned.

I hope so but I don’t think our gut’s feeling always got us on the right track. I thought and our phone started ringing at the same time.

“Talk about a perfect timing” Angelo scoffed as we took the calls together.

Why’s Drake calling me? I thought as I placed the phone on my ears.

“It’s [email protected] calling” Angelo uttered placing the phone on his ear as well.

“Drake why are you calling me this late at night?” I asked curiously over the phone.

“I want to talk to you s£norita and it’s very urgent. plea-se come back home. I will be waiting for you” Drake said swiftly then hung up.

Angelo stared at me a bit confused.

“What did Drake say to you?” He asked curiously.

“He wants to meet up with me” I said slowly.

[email protected] also wants to meet up with me” Angelo said a bit confused.

“Is everything alright?” I asked curiously.


Authoress FG…..

EPISODE 26…..😘


Angelo and s£norita rushed back home and they found [email protected] and Drake at the sitting room waiting for them urgently.

“Finally you’re here” [email protected] said with her leg across the other.

“What was so urgent that the both of you couldn’t wait till morning? This is 2am for goodness sake” Angelo complained after having a glance at his wristwatch.

“Drake is everything okay? You sounded serious over the phone” s£norita asked curiously as she sat down.

[email protected] and I are in a big mess and we really need the both of you intervention” Drake said slowly.

“You didn’t land yourselves in some kind of hvge debt that will take my lifetime fortune right?” Angelo inquired worriedly.

“Why would such a guess even pump out of your head? Don’t worry it’s nothing like that” [email protected] uttered.

“Then we’re fine” Angelo smiled as he sat down.

“But whatever we’re going to discuss can’t it wait till morning, the both of you look exhausted as it is. Have you even had dinner yet?” s£norita asked concerned.

“We were so upset to even dine with our folks and what we’re about to discuss needs some logical suggestions so just like Angelo suggested let’s leave this conversation for later” Drake agreed.

“Nice thinking Drake so the both of you should get going now” Angelo smiled as he stood up.

“What do you mean by we should get going?” Drake repeated.

“Angelo we can’t leave, it’s so late alre-ady” [email protected] said bluntly.

“Why does it sound like this has been your original plan? But how are we four supposed to swart in my house” Angelo whined.

“You and Drake can just share your room while [email protected] and I stay in the room you newly prepared for your mum, problem solved. You weren’t actually planning on s£nding them back home at this time of the day” s£norita scolded and Angelo frowned.

s£norita plea-se st©p siding with everyone, when am I supposed to have some special moment with you if everyone keeps ruining that for us. Angelo muttered in his mind with a frown.

“We didn’t plan for this, we only [email protected]£ to discuss our issue but you suggested we discuss that in the morning so don’t blame me for putting some thoughts into your suggestion” Drake said sarcastically as he stood up.

“s£norita where’s our room plea-se” [email protected] asked softly and Angelo looked at her.

“Our room? You’re just spending a night here” Angelo announced and [email protected] sm-irked.

“Did she just sm-irk? I’m being so serious here” Angelo shouted but [email protected] left with s£norita alre-ady.

“Angelo your room doesn’t look fashionable at all for a guy with your taste. Your be-droom isn’t ro-mantic at all but you’ve got nice s-en-se of perfume” Drake complimented as he messed with Angelo’s things.

“Get your hands off my personal properties” Angelo shouted as he ran into his be-droom getting so pissed.

“Why are you being so stingy, just let me put some on” Drake persisted running around with Angelo’s favorite perfume.

“Give me that. About my suggestion earlier, I take it back. Let’s go back to the sitting room and listen to your issues” Angelo pleaded and Drake laughed.

“Sorry but I feel like going to sleep alre-ady” Drake tea-sed.

“If you’re feeling sleepy then go to sleep st©p messing with my things, that’s my favorite cologne in your hands so plea-se give me back my baby” Angelo shouted frustratedly as they ran around in the room.


“It’s nicer than I expected it to be” s£norita smiled as they went into her room.

“It’s beautiful, Angelo doesn’t really put much thought into home designs so I guess he really put much thought into it this time around because of you” [email protected] said with a smile.

“One would say he began to put interest in certain things ever since he [email protected]£ across with me. You shared beautiful memories with Angelo” s£norita said with a smile as they sat on the be-d.

“I’ve known Angelo for 18years so I would agree to that fact. You have to promise me you will always be there for him, Angelo cares for you a lot. I can’t believe he chose you over his best friend. Who am I to whine about that when the feeling’s there alre-ady” [email protected] said sadly with a smile.

“I’m sorry about that, Angelo took forever to admit that but he always showed me how he felt throu-gh his actions. Enough of me, what’s the issue? You and Drake looked a bit tense earlier” s£norita inquired and [email protected] looked away.

“Drake and I are being f0rç£d to get married but we’re deliberating on what to do to st©p our parents because they’re not planning on changing their mind. I have no idea what my parent said to Drake’s parent that they’re so obsessed with us getting married” [email protected] explained frustratedly.

“Wow, that’s hvge. I had no idea the both of you got such a hvge burden to take care of. If they’re not planning on changing their minds that means they must have greater threat than this” s£norita [email protected] and [email protected] wi-de-ned her eyes in surprise.

“Now I see the reason why Angelo chose you over me. You’ve got some [email protected] s£norita” [email protected] complimented with a smile.

“So you really got threatened by your folks? Wow that’s not good then” s£norita uttered with her f!ngerson her jaw as tried to put her thoughts together.

“I thought of Drake and I going together to confront our parents together but with the look of things our refusal won’t work on them” [email protected] hinted.

“That was a bad suggestion. I think if the both of you accept the marriage, it would be easier than any threat they would throw at you” s£norita suggestion and [email protected] smiled.

She got some [email protected], I’m beginning to like s£norita. [email protected] thought.

“I also thought of that. s£norita can we be friends like friends for real not friends because of Angelo but friends because I really want to be friends with you” [email protected] said softly and s£norita smiled.

“Come here, you’re being overly nice for your kind” s£norita said smiling as she hvgged [email protected]

“I thought I would be the villian but I guess I didn’t get the nerve to do so and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t last as one because you’re too intelligent to be [email protected]£d” [email protected] said with a smile after the hvg.

“Don’t worry, Drake will take good care of you so why being scared if you will end up with such a great guy, he’s better than ending up with a total stranger. We will talk things out in the morning so let’s get some sleep” s£norita said softly.

“Good night Rita” [email protected] said as she [email protected]

“Good night [email protected]” s£norita uttered and turned off the lights. Immediately a beep [email protected]£ on her phone.

~ s£norita are you up? Can we talk a bit before you go to sleep ~ Angelo texted and s£norita smiled then got off the be-d.

“The both of you didn’t get enough of each other” [email protected] [email protected] out of the blue and s£norita blu-shed.

“It’s not what you’re thinking” s£norita blu-shed.

“Alright whatever, just get me the jug of water when you’re done” [email protected] requested.

“Alright, good night” s£norita whispered then went out of the room.

Angelo dragged her into his [email protected]

“We were only [email protected] for some minutes and it felt like we’ve been away for days. s£norita why did you agree to Drake’s suggestion, I really wished I would spend some time with you alone. It’s even more [email protected] to spend alone time with you for some hours without getting disturbe-d” Drake complained with s£norita in his arms.

“Why are you whining? They wouldn’t be here if they didn’t see us as friends so try to un-derstand them and good night. Tomorrow will be a long day” s£norita said and peeked his cheeks.

“You should do it properly” Angelo said flir-tatiously bringing hisl-ips closer to s£norita’s just then Drake closed the fridge seriously.

“What are the both of you doing in darkness? Can’t you respect the fact that [email protected] and I are still here” Drake uttered sarcastically then went into Angelo’s room.

“Let’s go to be-d. Good night” s£norita cut in swiftly as she k!$$£d Angelo’sl-ips then ran into her room.


[email protected] and s£norita woke up at the same time.

“Am I the only one taking in this delicious aroma?” [email protected] asked in her sleepy tone.

“I don’t think so [email protected] Let’s go witness who this beautiful chef is” s£norita said wiping off her eyes as they stood up from the be-d and head for the kitchen.

“Angelo the girls are up” Drake announced dishing the meals.

“Angelo what are you so busy with?” s£norita asked then walked to Angelo at the sitting room.

“I’m calling for the wedding planners and a tailor so they come take our measurements, Drake is ma-king me his best man. I have to look cooler than the groom” Angelo [email protected] bluntly and s£norita and [email protected] looked at each other in surprise.

“What do you mean Angelo?” [email protected] asked curiously not knowing if she should be excited or not.

[email protected] I will marry you so will you marry me?” Drake asked with a smile.

He has finally accepted o😘

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