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my s£norita episode 21 & 22


Authoress FG…

EPISODE 21…..🥺


“s£norita!” I called out staring at her in shock.

[email protected], Drake I think we can talk out our misun-derstanding on our way to Seoul but for now let’s not argue in front of an elder so let’s get going” s£norita instructed seriously and I smiled.

“Dad we would be on our way now, take care of yourself okay. I will inform you when we get to Seoul” I ch!pped in then [email protected]£d s£norita’s hand.

[email protected] let’s go” Drake said slowly and we all went out.

“This isn’t over yet Angelo” [email protected] uttered seriously.

[email protected] are we going with my car or your car?” I asked and she glared at me.

“Why bother asking, I didn’t come with my car. Let’s get going” [email protected] [email protected] then walked ahead of us.

“Why did I even leave the car there. I feel so lazy walking up to [email protected]’s house” I whined and s£norita pushed me.

“Are you trying to make excuses not to go back to Seoul?” She asked glaring at me.

“Of course I wouldn’t dare” I said with a silly smile.

“Then let’s hurry up” s£norita said and she started running.

“s£norita let’s go together” Drake cut in as he ran along with her.

I can’t believe he’s trying to get closer to her even in my pres£nce. In your dreams Drake. I [email protected] in my head then ran along.

“s£norita you’re so fast. Wait up for me” I shouted as I tried to hold her hand but she moved away.

We got my car and [email protected] stared at me.

“What are you looking at? Go get your luggage” I said and she sat at the opened the front door.

She’s not possibly trying to sit at the front with me. s£norita should seat with me instead. I thought as I stared at s£norita but she sat at the back with Drake.

What’s she doing? Why would she sit with that per-vert. I thought seriously and I got into the car.

“s£norita why are you sitting at the back?” I asked feeling so jealous.

“Because it’s more comfortable but why are you asking? [email protected] is sitting at the front with you” She replied sarcastically and [email protected] put on her seatbelt furiously then I swallowed [email protected] as we drove off.

“Drake why are you all quiet at the back like some hypocrite” I cursed and he scoffed.

“Why does it feel like you’re feeling [email protected] about something. I’m pretty sure I’m not the cause of your frustration. You just don’t get anything right. I can’t believe you didn’t bother to check on us after we were s£nt to the storeroom” Drake said sarcastically.

“If you don’t mind can you keep mute like before. I prefer you been silent” I said looking away.

“It’s too late for Drake to stay silent. s£norita said we can talk this out on our way back to Seoul. Angelo am I still your best friend? How come you didn’t bother to check up on me last night, we had to spend the night at the storeroom because no one [email protected]£ to our rescue” [email protected] whined and I ruffled my hair in frustration.

“I wouldn’t do such a thing to you [email protected], your mum told me you were doing just fine when I tried calling you but your number wasn’t reachable and that was when I called your mom. She told me everything was fine” I lied and she crossed her hands across her che-st.

“Why would she even say that when she was the one who [email protected]£ to our rescue this morning. Why do I feel like you’re lying Angelo, you didn’t call Mum” [email protected] shouted and I shrinked.

“OK fine I lied but I tried calling you, it wasn’t connecting. I planned on calling your mum but I got carried away when discussing with my dad. I’m sorry okay, you look fine so there’s nothing to worry about” I explained nervously.

“You call her your best friend but don’t act like one” s£norita hissed and I looked at her throu-gh the rear face mirror.

Why are you siding with her? We left there together and you saw nothing wrong with that.

“s£norita hope you enjoyed your short stay in Incheon. I planned on taking you somewhere but had no idea we would be leaving so soon” Drake said slowly and s£norita smiled.

“I have some business to take care of, I’m sorry we had to leave so soon because of me” s£norita [email protected] softly.

Why’s she speaking so softly to that per-vert. I uttered in my head.

And my phone started ringing, it’s Dad then I plugged in my earbuds.

“Yes Dad, we’ve not arrived yet. Are you missing me alre-ady?” I asked with a smile.

“We couldn’t discuss much last night so I called to ask you a question” Dad hesitated.

“Dad what is it, you’re ma-king me nervous” I [email protected] with a smile.

“It’s about Ivy, your sister. You didn’t tell me about my baby girl? She’s okay right?” Dad asked and I looked at the window.

“Why are you suddenly asking of her? I’m pretty sure you know about her whereabout” I uttered then increased my speed.

“Angelo slow down” s£norita shouted.

“Are you driving?” Dad asked over the phone.

“Yes I am and about Ivy, she would come around soon. I’m so sick of you and mum asking me about her? She offended me big time and I don’t think it’s time for me to get over it” I said seriously.

“Why are you so angry? We’re not forcing you on doing anything against your will but she’s your sister and your little sister at that so why make it a big deal forgiving her” Dad scolded.

“Dad can we talk when I get to Seoul, like I said I’m driving. Bye” I muttered then hung up.

Ivy! Ivy! You silly child when are you planning on coming back home? I’m so sick of getting nagged by our parents. I [email protected] in my head seriously as I increased my speed even more and I didn’t realize when I hit someone.

“Angelo!” Everyone screamed then I stepped on the [email protected]

“I think you just hit someone” [email protected] uttered nervously and swiftly we all got down from the car.

“She’s bleeding so much” s£norita panicked as we ran to where the victim was lying.

“What are you waiting for? She may lose her life if wait anylonger. [email protected] call the ambulance” Drake instructed as he turned the victim around and I got shocked to the bone.

“We should try st©pping her bleeding first” s£norita suggested and I moved backwards in shock.

“Hello, plea-se can you come to the address I’m about to s£nd you. Someone got hit by a car and she’s bleeding so much” [email protected] said over the phone then hung up.

“What do we do?” Drake panicked but s£norita used her scarf to place on the bleeding [email protected]

“Everyone step aside. We should head to the hospital ourselves, it may take the ambulance forever to get here and there’s a hospital close by” I said anxiously and I carried her into my car.

[email protected] go with Angelo, Drake you too. I will come with the taxi” s£norita instructed and walked forward to st©p a cab.

She got a cab, s£norita was about entering the taxi and she gave me a very sad look before getting in.

“Angelo let’s go” [email protected] reminded and we drove off.

We got to the hospital and the nurses brou-ght a stretcher.

This world is so small world just like the size of our palms. I can’t believe I got to meet Ivy in this manner.

“Ivy you have to survive this, you will right? It’s not time for you to give up, we haven’t reconciled yet” I [email protected] out anxiously as we went in with the nurses.

Why’s s£norita not here yet? Why can’t I concentrate my mind on one thing, why am I so distracted… What’s this feeling? I thought nervously looking around as the nurses took Ivy into the emergency room.


Authoress FG…



s£norita took the taxi home. She got to Angelo’s place, her sight [email protected]£ blurry as she looked around.

Immediately she helped herself with a [email protected] of water.

“If this wasn’t one of your plans then why did you allow me fall in love in the first place. I’ve never experienced this before so why are you being so cruel to me”

“If you want to take me back, why not do that silently. Taking away my memories is so cruel” s£norita uttered out coldly then she took out her phone from her purse.

Angelo I’m sorry, I have no idea what’s going on either. s£norita muttered in her mind.


“Angelo what do we fill in her details or how do we contact her family?” [email protected] asked curiously and Angelo stood up from where he was sitting.

“That won’t be necessary. I’ve filled it alre-ady and that’s why they’ve started the treatment. Drake have you heard from s£norita? She’s not here yet” Angelo questioned.

“I’ve been trying to reach out to her but she’s not picking up” Drake answered worriedly.

“Maybe she dropped by at home, I will go check up on her” Angelo ch!pped in.

“What about the victim? She’s still fighting for her life in there? Her condition isn’t stable. How can you leave like that. Angelo you did something terrible. How could you fill in fake information in the patient’s details. What if her parents or family members are looking for her and she doesn’t look like one who [email protected]£ from a low [email protected] family. If anything happened to s£norita, we would have gotten a call so don’t try to run away from this” [email protected] scolded and Angelo ruffled his hair, kicking the wall frustratedly.

“I didn’t just fill in fake information in her details. What do you take me for” Angelo blurted looking away.

“Angelo what do you mean?” Drake and [email protected] asked a bit confused.

“She’s my sister Ivy, my little sister” Angelo confessed just then the nurses rushed out of the emergency ward looking for a doctor because Ivy’s purse was going down.

“Nurse! What’s going on? Is my sister fine?” Angelo panicked but none of the nurses gave him listening ears.

Angelo, Drake and [email protected] ran to the emergency room door to check on Ivy only to find out her pulse was going down on the BP machine.

“Ivy you can’t leave me yet. You haven’t apologized for leaving me before so you’re not allowed to leave me again without my permission. I’m sorry I’m ma-king you go throu-gh this, I’m so sorry” Angelo [email protected] in tears and [email protected] pats his back sadly.

“Angelo your phone is ringing” Drake reminded and Angelo brou-ght his phone out of jacket as he took the call.

“Hello Mum” Angelo uttered over the phone as he sniff in his running nose.

“Angelo what’s wrong? Why does your voice sound like that” Angelo’s mum asked curiously.

“Mum, it’s Ivy. She got into an accident and unfortunate, I was the cause of the accident. We’re at the hospital right now and she’s fighting for her life. I will s£nd you the hospital’s address. I’m pretty sure she needs you here” Angelo explained in tears.

“Oh my goodness, I will be right there” She responded nervously and he hung up.

Angelo’s dad’s call [email protected]£ in immediately he hung on his mum.

“Hello Dad” Angelo uttered slowly over the phone.

“Angelo is everything okay? Did something happen to you?” His Dad asked curiously and Angelo hesitated before answering.

“Dad I met with Ivy” Angelo pursed holding back his tears.

“That’s great news then but why does it feel like you have something else you want to tell me” His Dad inquired.

“Ivy got hit by my car on our way going back to Seoul. I didn’t see her coming, she suddenly appeared in front of my car. She wasn’t watching where she was going” Angelo explained and he Dad sighed.

“Are you trying to cover up for what you did or you’re going to s£nd me the address of the hospital alre-ady? Of course it’s not your fault, you’re a good driver but that doesn’t mean you’re innocent either. I will be there soon” His Dad @ssured then hung up.

A beep [email protected]£ on Angelo’s phone but he didn’t notice. The doctor and some nurses rushed back to the emergency ward and pu-ll-ed down the cottons on the [email protected] door.

“She will be fine. The doc will try his best so let’s just hope for positive results” Drake comforted and Angelo went back to where he was sitting.


Angelo’s parents rushed to the emergency ward panicking.

“Did you two come together?” Angelo asked a bit surprised.

And they both looked at each other with grimace.

“Of course we didn’t” They both grimaced.

“You seem to be in a better mood, what did the doctor say? How’s Ivy doing?” Angelo’s Mum asked curiously.

“The doctor said she would be up any time soon but for now, she’s out of danger” Angelo explained with a sigh of relief.

“That’s a relief. I got scared to the bone after our call, I can never think of life without my baby girl” Angelo’s dad uttered as he sat down and Angelo’s mum rolled her eyes.

“She hasn’t been around for a while now yet some people didn’t notice so why come here to pretend like you really did care” Angelo’s mum rebuked.

“Maria if you have a problem with me, we can deal with that outside this hospital so st©p showing everyone what you really look like” Angelo’s Dad sneered.

“Enough, enough. I didn’t call the both of you here to come have a quarrel. You haven’t seen each other for eight years but you’re behaving like you saw each other yesterday. We’re all here because of Ivy so keep your issues aside, she’s not even awake yet and the both of you are behaving like this” Angelo gro-an ed then walked to the emergency room door.

I haven’t heard from s£norita yet. Angelo thought then turned on his phone. He found s£norita’s text at the t©p of his screen.

“She texted me hours ago” Angelo [email protected] out and swiftly tapped on the text.

~ Angelo this may be a good bye message or a thank you message. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me and for accepting me for who I am. Nature’s giving me a short call so I don’t know if I will come back. You have to take care of yourself while I’m gone. Good bye Angelo ~

“s£norita!” Angelo [email protected] out in shock staring at the elevator.

Don’t go. plea-se don’t go. Angelo muttered in his mind as he heart broke into a million pieces.

Angelo ran into the elevator without telling anyone where he was heading.

He got to his car garage and drove off.

Angelo got to his house.

“s£norita!” Angelo called out almost in tears looking around but found a feather on the couch with a little note.

~ I wanted to go to so many fun places with you, I hoped so badly for the day you would tell me you love me. Too bad none of that happened. Good bye Angelo….. s£norita cares ~

Angelo re-ad and couldn’t help it as tears roll down his cheeks. He sat down on the floor feeling so heartbroken.

“Why did you have to leave so soon? Why” Angelo screamed.

“s£norita I’m sorry I didn’t meet up your expectations but I promise to treat you better if you give me a second chance. I’m so sorry I was such a slowpoke”

“s£norita plea-se don’t go!” Angelo screamed with his hands on his hair.

“I’m sorry it’s coming late but I love you, I love you so much s£norita so don’t go” Angelo confessed slowly.

“Do you love me that much….” A voice echoed and Angelo’s eyes wi-de-ned.

plea-se don’t go

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